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5-9 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

May 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And yeah. And he would write this thing. Yeah hold -- -- For a few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing America's use of Russia. Al-Qaeda. That Russia. In the 1980s are now calling asked for the foreign policy back. Wherever and whenever I can pick up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do when that happened didn't. -- -- -- -- -- It was an amendment. Tom hourly about it even though is. I think it might back -- it's live it's local -- -- It's Tom hourly -- with cool whip completely cool whip who lived there and on news radio 930. If you're getting slammed by the way. Right now and -- safely call -- -- as well again BA being the idea being if you can safely call and a cure all and you wanna set -- pictures of what it's like outside your window. I'll send them to meet Tom at WP EN dot com Tom Kat WB EN dot com. I'll pay -- -- dollar if there's a picture a real picture of a towel blowing through your yard right now. I'll pay a dollar for that but it's got to be a real picture nothing from the movie twister nights. A dollar c'mon -- dollars a dollar. I realize that even Pete Seeger sang a dollar bill go by I would use to -- what used to buy what it used to back in the 1930s and forties. And it's even more relevant today but still pockets of -- up anyway -- -- this always for making me a party light. And I appreciate -- -- a -- little dysfunctional family. And you know I got to tell you. I feel very comfortable in singers. Don't. Ever believe something. Because you heard me say it. To. Have a say this for years to your old research. To back up what I said. I'm not afraid of that whatsoever. Veritas baby Veritas truth. All right it is eleven minutes after five news radio 930 it would vacation show. But I think that since the weather has gone ahead and haven't -- its. Ever since you started talking about -- young. And god is best. You can give us a call and let us know what your ideal dream vacation. Or your ideal one tank or so trip and folks are very sensitive to the budget issues many of you have. Many of you weren't really really really tight budgets of some really really really awesome people with big brains who can't work because -- disability. Who really you know they just think they can't do. IE. I understand it's tough sell. If you ought to make a recommendation on one tank trip or thereabouts that's kind of a low budget trip -- upon. That's cool if you have a recommendation for a dream vacation. I'd like that as well. -- whether you're part of a couple where the year somebody with kids traveling with kids or whether you're a single. But a lot of single traveling at say 75% of the traveling -- has been as a single guy and no and it's not just a hook up it's just. Nobody I've ever known could ever afford to do the things I like to do and I'm not about that buys a friend of vacation. Like I might love yet but I you know pick your trip. 8030930. Start at 93180616. WV EN does that make me bad person job. Yes it does just. Our job I'm sure it's a master control Ryan gates was not treated at a saint Louis blues he's right here at WB ENN. But again vacations and a severe weather calls and if you have pictures of the nasty rain. It is Tom at WB EN dot com. I'm over the rain we had two weeks ago Saturday with African -- on a Saturday morning early afternoon. I got a picture of me weren't flip flops with -- all around me talk about buffalo anyway gang thanks again for being here with me I couldn't do this without you. And -- your support your loyalty your love over the years. It's really it's meant so much. And you guys honestly have made me a better person. And I did not realize. This -- sounds sappy. 'cause I know that I really pissed off some people sometimes but in general -- I didn't realize how much love there was. Until just a few months ago. And it was a mind blowing experience so thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you and no I did nothing over which I'm embarrassed or ashamed at ball. End. Dot dot dot dot dot he says where they smile at the end. Now let me get that. Amber UV and now it's funny because you talk about that serendipity. My ex wife who is as you know one of my best friends. My ex wife and I were just talking about Truman's bird because. Our -- had a bad situation met with her appendix. And they took a picture of -- And what would she said Truman's Bert I looked better we looked at as she looked at may and we both said at the same time spring. So I was affected Jim in Amber's -- earlier talked about the grass roots music festival. Which. This sounds very interesting to me Jim. The way you describe the people who go clear sounds -- Tuesday because I'm convinced there are a lot of people for the conservative aryan movement who don't. Null what it is yet. People who are conservative in a lot of ways like hey if you're gonna take my money. At least spend it on something worth while don't just give it to people to buy votes and let's not worry about what other people do with their genitals or will they love. And people who are libertarian kind of except I still believe stop signs are necessary. Conservative area and is -- might think is a nice blending while respecting. The bill of rights in the constitution so if there are people like that there we can do away with the dichotomy between conservative. And liberal. Because I've told you a million times it wasn't just the conservatives who stormed the beaches at Normandy it was the liberals too and it was the undecided voters to. And conservatives do not have a monopoly on patriotism over time the American liberal movement the -- used to -- It's kinda like the American conservative chair and movement today that's how far politics of -- and overall from the left. Now Jim. You're gonna say something else about Truman's -- Second -- -- remember senator darker beer but hasn't but repeat spore and under our our -- don't know like you know. Basically the grassroots up elaborate -- don't want every year for forty -- -- -- for one -- sometimes struggle all four days. Can I think people there -- some of these -- older couple younger. Well what are gambling that -- somebody activities predictor. In the end what they do what they police some sold on the workers -- There's a political -- slip actually into the proper frame and then they try to leave the place better than the -- there. And that's -- the airborne and that's not corporate. I think you're great money for another view of some things like that but it's not a corporate border trying to soldiers could bring your -- -- right. I'll look into that gym the grass it's the official name is the grassroots festival in Truman's -- The grassroots. Social music and dance. Actually if you go to Donald looked awful -- bill must bolt that won the grassroots under summer schedule. They'll also worst. The critical error and comfortable and Truman Cooper New York in the fourth of July weekend and very similar little smaller but that socially and try to put. -- article bluegrass independence. Then that's what wonders of sovereignty took some of the week ended July. Wanna see great parents don't care about the music I want to see those big. That -- looking dinosaur birds. -- the cure go to the dollar football or backdrop and the tour they still don't. Nobody just pop up. I'll put the links up on my web page you don't have to -- -- you know at the -- other people's web sites. There's only one that matters about hourly FaceBook page at W the end. -- -- really enjoyed national interests and you can bring it to Q now on Saturday that not only teenagers but virtually. Well you know what America that our sister play but apparently went camping area under torture fair wage -- You know where -- don't know -- -- -- urged not to be afraid that you can bring their children that are -- -- actually sort environment in which bunch of -- or Mitch. -- nature what article bluegrass agents are abusers. OK I got a lot -- -- all right thank thank you I appreciate the call when I now feel as though I've learned more about Truman's Bernard. And entertainment. Aspects of Truman's -- That I ever knew existed so thank you very much for the call that's why we do this show usually the biggest entertainment I've seen in Truman's bird is. -- the cops have somebody else told over. Let's see who this person is. All of the all white lady that's unfortunately. I would like to play the game when somebody's pulled over and I can't see you with a driver is our right is -- going to be a black I want all the -- -- -- -- -- That's unfortunate it's my daughter. 8030930. Start I had 3180616. WBE and the dream vacations budget vacations. I want your experiences folks. And also if the weather has taken a severe dump where you are. I mean -- for the worse you be sure to call ought to get a picture to get safely take a picture. I'm. My email address Thomas WB EN dot com now coming up snow is gonna tell us all about Monte Carlo. I used to fantasize about going there. Either that -- she's calling from a Monte Carlo. But let's find out the very latest in traffic consumer gonna be right with you Garland here is mr. Allen Harris with -- -- on the wet roads. Yeah it today it was a great drive all the until a severe thunderstorm nonsense started you know what I mean let's go to. The forecast for the rest of the weekend and I'll get back to the thunderstorms burn up. Tomorrow breezy not as warm clouds and sun 68. Guess they will have to mow my lawn after all and true in my bush. -- Mother's Day. It'll be pleasant with sunshine and some clouds 73 now -- -- or -- -- 81 degrees there was still an 81 while that's surprising. Given nosedive but we have not. As far as the as severe weather statement is concerned when it is given the very latest we have. We do have a severe. A line of strong thunderstorms moving in to the area doppler radar showing. Straw a billion strong thunderstorms capable of producing wind gusts of up to 45 miles an hour these storms are located along the line. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Middle port of -- to fourteen miles west of Salamanca. Moving east each draw the winds are pushing ahead of those thunderstorms. So the win. Is gonna start before you get the rain and the lightning which are usually happens you know -- -- -- That's what they say when they -- the storm is brewing yeah well I felt that my back last night all my goodness did you. Anyway up. Just being advised obviously them take shelter in that dangerous situations. Didn't you know last night it was going to be bad those -- -- with various arthritic got parts of your body. I broke my back and 89 fractured several vertebrae are just sit there and got rear ended. And even enjoy it and out. I made my back has never been -- and an -- last night especially I knew it was going to be nasty today. I got out like -- twice -- -- like -- my you know all NG IE I'm -- you when he had the same -- good news is my little -- that I broke last year this time. Is fine and imperial here is now. Oh on WB and so you've got a dream vacation we almost hear of it. It was loudly. All don't just leave last night dinner a little further. I went to your -- felt -- strand and spent time in Monte Carlo or -- content. And it was you know are however extremely expense as well. Gotta keep a riff Raff out you don't want black polyester stretch pants -- -- smoke in Virginia slims. And quote willful -- But it is -- -- tell I had a -- experts that the casino last week -- -- -- Now it wouldn't -- so expensive that I couldn't even afford insurance at some body count on it there. -- the funniest line. And why I need a hundred either that I got an ashtray -- that money out and different magnet. It cheaper to buy car that said Buddy -- like GM. -- But it does every everywhere you look Lambert -- -- Ferrari's. Just unbelievable that actually cabins where Mercedes sedans sure all the beautiful piece all. Everybody heady guy and their yachts and lose in the -- you'd have fallen. Speeches were often you know -- -- out -- over there he had nobody cares -- really great breaks -- Accomplish -- let's go to a place for people that demands and actually go fully naked. -- else. I beg your pardon -- you know I know exactly what you just said. By -- elementary indicate that and I probably will never be able to do that again now. Wow. Well okay. -- question for you and this is not intended in any racial hatred away our right. But did you see a lot of people from the Arab countries in Monte Carlo with the oil money when you mention the ferraris in the labor detainees. -- -- because I don't -- injuries I bring that up is I know that that's been an issue with English in London because they'll bring these cars over or -- -- or and then they basically treat the streets of London because they're young men with untold fortunes. They treat the streets of London like the drop free. -- what have you got more to say I'd love to talk to any chick who just -- don't consider it like that somebody I need to talk with more on news radio 930 WB -- I'm driving home with convertible wide open cranking that song but that would really be counter intuitive given the weather. Okay that was about scanner is last laugh every given life. And by the way I wanna -- of a paid commercial. But people notice that a little sloppy lately but not as stuffy as previous brings. I used to use what -- wingers least favorite thing to ever hear about on the radio Aden FT. Now I am -- is old school are right. Basically. Don't use medi pot folks in ain't worth the brain infection those things have been known to cause. I have switched I -- recommends is actually to a product that is just. It's -- a lifesaver simply stately. And there are different varieties of it and the difference is it's not many it's -- You know it works on the same principle -- irrigate the sinuses. And they've got like -- nighttime formula and it got a regular formula and the bottom line is it reaches all the crap. Obvious -- that you're particularly. Allergic to stuff. And I'd rather do this than go through the allergy shots. And -- pocket and paid for this but I just feel like it's my duty to say to you guys that is simply saline stuff is just awesome. Especially the right time formula which I use before and during the show. Just got sent at a city features perfume allergies I've got perfume allergies. But I'm discovering this year -- ago and asked the pollen allergy. It's a big deal it's -- it's a nuisance it's an inconvenience. Has just talking about that I realize how stupid -- now because you know right now it's a hospital there's a BB with a brain tumor in here Ryan pitch in about sinus allergies hay fever. You know makes me -- -- you know I'm trying to -- everybody's got worse I'm simply saying that. This is some seriously good stuff. Really it's all right. Oh there's so many places I'd like to go with where I just was. All of them would get in trouble. I'd just go back to the calls on WB. If you're just joining us folks if the weather is going to hell were you are right now. In terms of -- rain the wind cows flying through the year water towers going through the year small villages going through here. Make sure you can safely photograph them said the pictures to meet Tom at WB EN dot com and I will get them up on FaceBook just -- quickly of icann but do me a favor make sure you tell me where the picture was taken. Don't just say here is a way you know here's rain where and -- that would be important and well thank you for that level when you guys help us with that. And there was one other thing the main topic in addition to if this rain is causing huge traffic delays. I wanna hear about your dream vacations this is my happy ending for the week. Already state full topic coming up it should be pretty obvious. I urge all looking at me with that look of what the hell is he talking about. What you're you're looking at me like you just saw a picture be with your mom was what does what does that look. Get to the call get back to -- was that would that work is. Okay it's got to be a drug reference. No it was my zipper dump. Here with us. Who -- has been the Monte Carlo. The funniest line on the program today was uttered by sue when she said. It is so expensive she couldn't even afford the shirt that said Monte Carlo that's how expensive it was I thought that was funny -- -- Anyway -- Monte Carlo southern France never been there. Don't plan on going there. My French is atrocious. And plus it wouldn't be heard the other guys but you're on a WB Ian. Now you know. Yeah it it's just. I don't know what -- -- the typical time on the ever do it again. But. Again. That they science and years to be able he effects that are just so. Where else where else have you found -- pick a place and I may very well have been they're -- budget vacations as well as dream vacations because that's how I just I choose to spend my money I live in a crappy little house. Yeah well I think Florida and around that's that's. A dream after the winner we just had. Florida. All you're going to be in Florida. Where. Melbourne beach on the Oceanside. All right well let's price there's a whole corridor there of of fuel with features. I know I'm really looking forward. My button and have a drink my hand. I'd definitely recommend putting Powell down first but that's just made. Up our rights to. I I can't believe you go to Florida just take the extra -- go to Jamaica my dear. Well over the Stanley and so. Never my enough said. -- all right still say hey you know what it's a pleasure centers pictures from Florida I'll put it up on my FaceBook page I have no pride. All right thank you stoop all 8030930. -- -- 3180616. WB EN. See that's a beautiful part about being honest with you this is of the -- name. Of those secrets. It's like you're somebody you know what I forget about his steady so where what's said. That to our president Kennedy. They had a picture of JFK as a young man at a beach. With a suspected Nazi spy who's had chick and she's you know bear with JFK -- -- -- thing about. And they were all concerned that might affect his presidential chances. So candidate looks at the picture and says yes you're beautiful get a copy of that. I love that attitude I'm sorry I loved it. When people think they can blackmail you. When they think they got -- that I get the single best defense is the truth yup I did it it was awesome that it was not. Here is Chris. In north. Or why I'm WB Ian hey Chris you're on -- Sir thank -- Yeah just auto all the moms mothers stay on. Them very much you don't. I'm so glad you mentioned that this mom walked on water to you because my mind does to me. And while. -- but my mom was never my mom was a rock. She is a machine is. She's a rock. Now. Tell us about your dream -- budget vacation brother. All right -- so I -- sort of like sister -- destination wedding. And our wedding turned into my dream vacation about it for everybody -- their -- they decided to get married on the I went out in -- about 121000 north of saint -- This place called -- -- And we'll I've heard of on -- well I've never heard of and we'll. And realized 08 and GUIRO. Day. Geez I haven't either but it it sounds like something I would contracted I'd have to take -- broke -- you're going. You know you're by debris everywhere in Europe. About I would look at but we -- -- place it was about probably. It -- million dollar. On it went multiple buildings. I'm just. Overlooking. It ought to try to describe -- so I've -- he's got the beach. When you look out towards the beach area it would not look like. Out of a problem with a little open. Into the water. About my -- you could see saint Maarten. Water was crystal will so it would hurt different levels that you went got to -- well they're just beautiful pool the next level. There is a jacuzzi. Armed Pakistan -- where every morning when you walk out there isn't -- fortunate also looked into it but they got married everything there but we we would have practiced outside. -- once you shoot well prepared food overlooking this stuff and it never -- giver electorate stream vacation Caribbean -- street rebels. People find that it developed using the pitchers -- you'll -- we are but I all over the world. But it truly was one of the most spectacular places I've ever been and I I don't wanna go back. Well I can't but it was also ridiculously expensive as. Well yes that's you know that's one of the things and try to be sensitive to. And you know what I do their show I kind of feel and I really wanna be honest with you -- carried. I feel bad because I don't like it when media people. And I'm guilty of theirs and I I plead guilty on theirs when media people say oh boy you know I went here I went there the that was expensive. And then I realized that a lot of my audience. They have not even had a chance to get out of tone that. In twenty years now some of those same people though who say I can't afford a vacation they think nothing about paying 3000 bucks forgotten. And it's a question of priorities. Absolutely not but I don't Strobl and I -- -- -- -- -- -- it's not the coaster week. Do what you would love it's it's it's so hard part and Hewitt at the time you're like there -- Okay what is there and Costa Rica that I would not find in Jamaica which is my whole away from home I -- the most popular white men who have there was ever walked in Jamaica. All week we've lost to the Panama Canal -- you have by the Caribbean on one side you have the Pacific on the other you have. Rain -- you have volcanoes. You have ever -- everything that Jamaica has I'm. And two and an extra ocean and. And there are a and it. Second funniest line of the it's from a Holler you guys are eating my lunch or today I'm being all my. -- audience. Well no no I'm not trust the probable nobody should be regarded destroying beat today. Our itself and Wheeler and that at any special spot in Costa Rica you'd like to recommend. All I what I got I've basically actually stayed around -- they actually believe it or not as I've gotten a lot of dental work -- -- a lot of money there are. You can go to the NASCAR and also took it. I don't -- it different different micro climates in grocery yes I'd let the beach you can meet their court. But it does say there's great sort of hop group and each is quite edgy feel. -- All you know I I can't catch enough of catching a wave can't get enough of that. He says sarcastically. -- hey look that great call funny lines plus you get an extra ocean that's that's good that's it that's African brilliant thank -- RI II shell that's -- are yanked so Costa Rica. Dental work in Costa Rica real. I think I'll stick with the buffalo dental group and doctor board -- Colbert at the buffalo dental group but maybe that's just me. Little free plug here for sponsors should I take another call or should I break. All right he's -- Mueller a better break folks were doing the really happy ending and this is the show I promised you where we set aside a whole bunch of time to talk about dream vacation spot as well as one tank or so trips that you have taken that you enjoyed. Whether you are a couple and you want a romance thing whether you have kids and let's face it you know we've moms and dads with kids and -- single parents with kids. I got -- terrier sandusky Cedar Point you can't go wrong with kids that was a pilgrimage made with my kids every year. And even though I I can't go on rides give them up right about. -- Just people watching is worth the price of admission seriously. Just the people watching. All right I've translated to break -- it back to Europe calls all send pictures as long as you can safely taken of the lousy weather just let me know where you took the picture and said that -- Tom at WB -- Dot com. And the special weather statement from the National Weather Service basically we've got that -- the thunderstorms and it is a lion and it's moving oddly enough. From west east the weather seems to do that. A lot around here I'm -- -- -- that over the years so look out. Now before the rain here -- the wind will hit you -- the origin of guest of his Broadway and I wanted to get it. You're not stupid so -- take pictures if it's really bad. I don't want to be really bad but pictures of you know big rain like big -- are always interesting to look at. Thomas WBM dot com is my email. John Sherman back in the eighties we used to have something called big here and no you don't wanna know everybody has torn up those pictures. Where they had big here. Here's. Williams build day about WB and hello. Hello. You throw we retired. And my wife and I decided -- river Cruz comment and you miss. -- -- -- I -- cannot even begin to imagine. The beauty. Can you just mentioned some of the countries and or cities through which you went. We started in Nuremberg. And we went through this canals Colbert right. And you -- -- picture all over twelve hours if you can't go to only thirty or forty lacked. And Minneapolis city called. -- Eleanor -- showed it where all the if you really -- stuff because it will remember it peacefully shut off trying to go into the canal. But yet on the critical can't tell you hear the music. Now I was gonna say there's nothing to start of a vacation just the right way you like watching -- refurbished old triumph of the will mean at that just -- you -- good mood right away. Up poll that sarcastic humor David and I can do better of German ancestry hold up I wanna talk -- you more about it because that's kind of a dream I don't like cruises anymore but that one sounds fun could you hold on. All right we'll find out more about cruising. The Danube or is said -- Deutsche dawn now I think I'm WB.

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