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5-9 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

May 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

The whole movie. Muslim -- and my brother. They can keep going for it and it's. It's easy to clean -- But the same publicity. With which -- now let's -- Tom hourly barreling back to lucky charm he's alive -- -- local. My dad introduced. The fact that it's Tom hourly you may well I would -- that. News radio 930 WBE. But it could be construed as to -- It's why -- we ultimately have to really. It cannot benefit report news radio I'm thirty WB NS -- -- review and I usually I saved the happy ending until the last hour of the show but really every day this week has been one seriously after another so I decided you know what let's do the show at eleven promising. My peeps and that is the annual vacation Cheryl and this year we're doing it early enough so people oddly enough can actually make. For places they'd like -- ago this summer time. So I want your one tank or so trips. For couples singles people with kids. And a jury he met -- occasions. -- your dream vacation might think this is a I know -- option go to Disney four times a year. Now my version of -- in Jamaica. That came out. Yeah exactly how we wanted to but one quick point about the Greek islands. There there's more to going to the Greek islands there just getting hit on -- a good looking game. By the way it was really fun because it was a -- right. And he's putting this necklace on. And I'm there with a a hot young lady. I'm looking at her she's looking at me. And she starts to -- cocked her head as women sometimes do when basic things bad. We need to start realizing -- happening. And I realized the reason she's giving me the look is. As this guy is putting them -- on me. He's taken a long. Time. And his hands are on my neck and it's just it's like he was. Like massaging them next to get my necklace on so as we're walking out. I look at her and I -- and by the way I bought the necklace is still have a actually it's a shame to be you're there it's a medal HA. But I look at her and I shared. -- imagination or was he just totally hitting on me. She said why do you think it's giving you the look. All all right slow on the uptick but the Greek island that was on me you know. Which is a beautiful place there's also roads are HOT. He asked phenomenal you've heard of the colossus of Rhodes. Mythology one of the old age of wonders of the world. Are absolutely sensational the islanders after -- folks you'll never see -- sky. The same color as the sky over the GM. Over every Greek island and even over happens when you can see it through the small. Spent a lot of time it happens if I were you I'd spend as many days as possible seeing the islands. Each are beautiful and each has a separate and distinct personality. So it to really is not -- can -- of -- is not creek creek is not roads. And -- one more thing for those of you were into the Bible and the holy land. If you ever go to the Greek violence to places you must go to number one the island up close on which. Christians believe Saint John wrote the book of revelation. The other place is ethicists which is in modern day Turkey most cruise -- will take a stop here. If you have a chance go over here you've read in the new testament the letters to the up the -- well the officials were real people they'd lived at a place called ethicists. And folks when you walk through the streets of ethicists. I I have to tell later. I'm not a religious person as you know very spiritual very deep faith and god. By. It was mystical enemy. To walk on the streets. Where the same people walked who were in receipt of the letters from the disciples. In the new testaments. Via the Asians I was I thought I was I was. It was a feeling of like any feeling I've ever had. Except when the gay guy hit on -- on -- let's go to Mike inject a -- on WB astronomy you guys Mike in Cheektowaga on WB and Michael talked him. I -- it was about one of your best don't want that tank trips I think is that is that my shuttle to Ithaca, New York. All baby now you're talking my language yes. Well I get -- feel like you can stop rocket candidate walked go to racetracks it's all these run for a little while there make your weight down 96. It's what people really -- state trip wanna stay -- your bed and breakfast out there. Just don't pick up that talkers when you go by the panel of by the pan. The product entry so -- well you got it properly the New York is one of its small how to sell their. We just realized stepped up -- I look acceptable. Our our -- again. But the crowd -- the -- excited to enter the New York. The first all weekend of August is the so called possible. You know I know that this might not sound ethically proper I can eat it. And I would never be able to drive home. That okay -- all the sauerkraut festival now here's a problem when you go to Ithaca you're going into uber liberal territory between the -- college and Cornell a friend of. The district that's what we're familiar with the area. Understood a friend of mine at her car vandalized she had a bush bumper sticker on her car it was vandalized. Now the other place I think you need to look out for if you're driving in Africa. When I say the word Truman's -- to you what do you think. -- that pictures or without us thank you. We are recommending your machine out there about an hour because they -- -- -- all -- We are so on the same page Mike we have achieved. Mind meld it. Ladies and gentlemen if you go to Africa and you go through Truman's berg Truman's berg is a giant speed trap. That this is trying to me like a course suburb of typical stupid that's cool restaurant and bookstore stop. What -- flowed out when you go through. You know nothing about Ithaca Mike is a lot of -- Beautiful gorgeous huge -- places. All of the all of bookstores against any what you want what to around the cabin you can easily spend the day in the comments. Yeah and you're close enough to the Finger Lakes where if you. Obviously. If if that's your thing I'm sure you can hook up a fishing charter or a boat rental or whatever it. If convicted a nice quick trip to what you'd like to appear in treatment -- We like about 450 miles away from Bob Watkins Glen -- It's a quick trip and then Truman's -- because the quick trip's gonna get -- first breathing. Tablet like that is what about 21 other trip this. That you might find very interesting. Oh yeah okay it does involve Jamaica. Don't. It politics in New York City and Atlantic City. If you ever get the chance to take the ball. From the bottle of the Port Authority bus terminal at New York Atlantic City I know you're enjoyed seeing all the underside of America. It. OK from the bowels of the report. Are right Port Authority. And I mean that's like duke and number one what it is like in the basement of the Port Authority. A -- to Newark and an effort to Atlantic City. -- -- -- OK and just observe the people were around positive people you'll you'll meet at the posture and that the western open at a hotel in Atlantic City. I will make that trip with David Bell -- on one side of me and a buddy of mine from the CIA on the other side of me making sure that I don't get killed on the way is that a good idea. That's why is this sort of -- All right thank you very much minute radio call Mike by the way we've achieved mind meld does that kind of freaky. I don't think that they thought they sometimes. Our brother thank you what you know of my ex wife and I it's the funniest thing is we were just talking about Truman's berg. Because my niece came down not with meningitis but with a really bad appendix situation. And the whole family obviously we're concerned about. And -- they had to take her to a hospital in or near Truman's bird and I looked at my ex wife I said sandy. Truman's -- she looked at me and said oh my god you're right speed trap. So be careful in Truman's -- folks. Now speed trap look they've got speed laws there in forced just that in Truman's -- they enforce them. That they make ten world to look like like curtains. Pitchers we yank -- let's get back to the the is either or is not there he's not there -- light his eyes as names on the street this is highly perplexing to me. 803 all right thirty is the phone number. Due to wanted to change topics guys usually elected show would have the show -- -- it for -- today I can talk about something else. Usually I go and usually this is one of those shows I get so much. -- on but if if they show it is no longer good I can just put it in the in the -- -- and not do it anymore. I mean seriously I -- and that's that's up to you guys on the alternative. You know DB about it obviously it looked I think it's a great show I think it's a great way to give people an idea as to where they might wish to go on their vacation but. If it ain't working it in -- go to work. So I won't make that determination here over the course of the next few minutes. And if you're just joining us you guys usually loved this and this is usually show I get so much feedback I can't even keep up with it but. Dream vacations. Is very dream vacation for couples. For singles may be for families. And is there a one tank or so trip for couples singles and people with kids otherwise known as families. Ithaca I think -- families can have fun at -- definitely not on the high end of the budget. The Adirondacks of course but his larger got to go to the Adirondacks I'd probably just that little. Further -- to go to Vermont. There's a difference between them mountains in New York the mountains in Vermont and the mountains in New Hampshire. It might sound really stupid but unless you've actually been to those places you cannot appreciate the difference until you. The Adirondacks are not the green mountains the green mountains are not the white mountains you'd think a mountain is a mountain is a mountain. A rose by any other name now. Each has its own distinct and separate personality. So if by you -- -- offer us your travel your trip idea -- I've got so I don't like talking about mine. 8030930. Start at 3180616. WB -- I also don't wanna pour into tears here is that what's. Right out here is ladies and gentlemen Alan Harris with traffic. And AccuWeather beautiful up wore out it's 81 degrees right now the load tonight will be 57. Expect a thunderstorm this -- tomorrow's going to be breezy. And only got 68 so a little bit. -- -- almost fifth fifteen degrees cooler and then Mother's Day will be the best. Day of the weekend -- so they claim pleasant with sunshine and some clouds and the high temperature of 73. And this is my happy ending show and I'll as far as you guys want me to do but if you guys don't want me to do it all I believe I've always got a zillion pairings are on my mind. Are OK people are getting into it now now you know that I regularly go to Gettysburg I haven't been there in awhile because I've been using every vacation -- -- possibly can. Frankly on a goodwill trip. Well it's a goodwill trip to. -- grilled Jamaica. To spread the wealth and spread each year in the grow happy little place. Let's go to love. I'm so attempted to be sarcastic and do something from the guy with their ranch. But I won't. Because somebody would tell you the wrong way even -- just trying to be silly here is rich and Orchard Park on W of the blocking that here's the point the point is bad. Jamaica is in mostly black place. I've never felt more at home that I do in Jamaica. Which might sound weird if you're in -- listener to the show -- you believe everything you ever read about WB yen or its posts I -- Jamaica and I love the people that are hardest working people of a -- Now rich -- WB and hello. Thanks for agricultural. Heartland but during vacation with -- me I want to look to their penal law it would go to a yacht. Are -- the -- -- on I can't count on -- the army and he's certainly are all part. That would be -- Well I have to tell you. The brown bears are very common there I don't know how sporting event would be. All I could make it as well. And I would like -- Reality. You know what one day and I don't know and and maybe when people go with sandy beach to Alaska -- they'll go to the same place I forget whether it's catching -- can't wait. But the offer a helicopter trip to a glacier. Are right. I will never forget the morning the helicopter took off from the airport and within thirty seconds a lift off. This -- bear is just watching our helicopter standing on two legs like a human being I thought it was what it was up. -- -- When -- out there so yeah. Not so you don't mind obviously sleeping in the wild no running water you're a manly man as opposed to meet who is in Tooth Fairy gardening. All I'm I'm short -- anyway so I'm so they're sleeping. You know what we can argue. Well I know how does your son feel about barely be into that. All of just heard 140 BE RB that the air tomorrow on ER they were honored -- he's one out of five children at least -- that would definitely love it. Okay southeast Alaska brown bear hug and -- one tank or so trip that you and your wife can do is a couple of occasional watcher twentysomething kids hang around. -- did you. Want to get some of the biggest -- like this. Shoes. A three dollar -- -- early good. Oh there's nothing wrong with that then it's the ones who regard any thing well you know -- -- Yeah thank you very much of ledger called. Are right one take trips and dream vacations. I've been last -- the question is -- I go back the answer is no I'm glad I went. But I would go back. And now what I think you should go at that you should go with it impeach. I think your gift or even cabins available they muscled out I don't know but. IE I enjoyed it I really do that there's a lot of places I enjoy it but all liberal activist. Just because you find places that do for you more. Are we although what -- it's 425 in his radio -- thirty. WB. Either on a dream trip or a one tank or so budget vacation which. I don't you know people who haven't been away for about twenty years but I sure do monies are to come by for a lot of folks. -- Like they give us. All right that I walked right into that one what a nice day and -- -- Good fun all in good bond. It is out for a 35 and Israel had thirty WB yen it's -- -- -- Our -- out where would you recommend it to my audience to go on vacation. And I told her if you haven't just it would dream trip. Only once in your lifetime. The Greek islands I don't think you go wrong. I've never had a kind of a ten. From which are returned from the Greek islands. Having -- my body it was just a deep brown tea. -- it was just beautiful. However compared to other cancer burns everything we just. This I don't know what is the -- the -- the whiteness of the buildings the Greek islands just beautiful. And our historical you stop that -- most used up sent to really you stop at that emphasis which actually is in Turkey so I mentioned earlier. That's a dream trip but all over the Caribbean. A bit YE. There's a lot of these places to which I can relate some I cannot. 8030930. Start at 3180616. WBBM. Wait like sandy beach -- fascinated by the wild west. You know what really surprised me probably not but I'll tell -- anyway real quickly if you ever get to Arizona southern Arizona. Tombstone. Arizona. Ladies and gentlemen. I went there alone 199394. Somewhere there. IA stayed the whole day. I was absolutely taken with the place was one of those places were I immediately felt that all have had a place like that seriously. You know you've found a great place to vacation. When you feel immediately hole there. As I did the very first time I set foot in Jamaica I felt like god -- hole. Even in the airport customs I felt well I'm all weird. All right. Let's go to love. By the way it's pretty hard to be here it's pretty hard to hear racist but he go to a place where one of the few white people. And I -- wired by Jamaican Brothers and sisters -- Good people meant of people here. OK even they've given they've thou -- they -- Kingston Jamaica I would not recommend Kingston. Here is Eric in buffalo on WB and Eric K Europe WB via. -- turn out that you are aware what people forget about it but it's -- -- archive at the bit more to go in the last few years. My girlfriend we elongated and like here if you all agree. Restaurant a simple shopping. An era in which there ought to be where to get by theater or rent a little bit sykora and. You know what my I totally forgot about Montreal but you know what you're right you're only talking about five and a half maybe six hours to get there. And did you hear Eric all the horror stories the first time you're going to Montreal did your friends say they don't like Americans made all like Americans don't like people don't speak French. -- that never had a problem just like a portable electric generator friendly and corporate speak English. I think that are important. You know and they're expected it is very yet and it that -- more English speakers. There's an awful lot. So I don't have a problem at all in my I think it's going to be purely trip -- up we really enjoyed. Your pity that it's -- -- -- QLB lecture. You know there were ten million other people but it. Very interest they did you have a chance to take on a short they called the cult of metro in Montreal and they've got a public transport train I don't call exactly what -- -- We didn't feel any particular way to stick out I'm what I'm in the old. Actually much -- tell us that you can read a bicycle or like Xbox Alter it here for the weekend. Ride a bike should drop about these. That they have or block and exploit it in -- walk anymore or the city. -- they did not Obama. And it's right by old town and the Notre Dame basilica. And old -- Montreal I've forgotten. All about that. It is a world on to itself what a great idea Montreal. I would definitely say that's the couple's place I think my kids would have been bored out of their minds. At the bit off. Or aperture is that a couple -- error at restaurants but. I don't -- -- but for couples should not being in the night like they're like they're dealt. Well I like the nightlife baby. Thank you very much recall I you know what I've forgotten all about Montreal but the nice thing is to. You can actually do that and a four day you have swing you can take Friday and Monday off. Leave Thursday night enjoy Friday Saturday Sunday come back Monday -- good as gold. All right thank you very much course if you ever want to be reminded how close Montreal is to buffalo. Go to Buffalo Sabres game when they host the Montreal Canadians. Delighted to go to traffic jumped. Are -- to give me the look. By the way John Sherman is a master control. Joseph gamers contracted a mystery Friday ill illness Ryan gates is your call screener. Now I think I think Joseph you know what -- seriously there are some nasty stuff going around I know so many people don't you with the mode of my body Rus Thompson. Team New York rust has a horrible case of pneumonia. Rush get well soon you'll be fine. They gave him disease khakis and as FaceBook page. -- for routes to get pneumonia now. There was some lady in the building hacking your lungs out between -- and the stomach thing that is going around it. I've been immune but I know a lot of people have been down with bat. Well stomach thing sounds better than explosive diarrhea. Anyway it for 41 news radio 930 WBP and hourly with you on the radio got you know what that's interest in this. -- limited to ramble here but about this I'm seeing people getting sick in May with stuff they usually get in the middle of winter. And the irony is I was so -- during the winter. From Dominican Republic. You have no idea what that economy. No idea I had guides. It was bad I don't until it was horrible. That's why -- will never go back to the Dominican Republic. I don't think I'm ever gonna recover from the -- -- candy when Tuesday. Not that that's a bad back. -- -- Shut up job now that's the good let's go to two. Wrong. On WB EN and the Quito Ron is talking to him well around this. Going out there are probably I think. Agree with you about Greece. Had our -- media opportunity to travel to Italy. And -- greens and instead of following the yeah. Well -- -- islands the archipelago he did I am not good enough on an island called are you or early which I -- there where they -- that there are so. Sounds like what I had in the Dominican Republic it is spelled out. I carrying. Yeah are Utah it's stable -- but we're gonna have fallen back worked wonders -- and when Mel. That's yeah. That's OK okay good guests. And I bought because it hurt you ought to bulk -- because Turkey -- around Turkey. Went to the port of I took the order to opt. Out -- -- play -- you guys are really works. I was more it was more western Europeans and the mentally I have no doubt. How long did know how -- forgive my interrupting but how long ago did you go to Turkey. Morgan left wouldn't want abducted. Unfortunately my understanding is things even includes a dossier which is the port from which would go to ethicists have changed for the worst because the religious fanatics. Are those too bad because. I've -- the more Western European and not been totally wipe everybody don't look now Larry -- was chaos seemed ever again blocked off. There was -- there are satellite dishes on every -- -- really fascinating little place I enjoyed it all a lot. I can't I did too and I'm I'm I'm -- it's too bad though is here's what bothers me into the they've -- they're -- attacks on synagogues in Turkey. I mean I thought that stuff was really under control but unfortunately. Anti semitism and anti western -- has reared its ugly head. You know being brought -- with their families. And until parameters we grow. My place. Remember however who probably wanted to arm. Yeah. Yes well when -- travel light pole -- And I immediately broke out into this -- sort of aged 47. Gesture. At some seats on the he wanted to on the way out. Apparently there are some longstanding you don't -- -- -- And the ownership almost violent. All dude dude at -- are median about the Turks and time. -- -- out because I have less of important weather information they need to pass on to guys in if you're caught up in this storm. Basically if you are in Niagara counties we have based. We have right now a severe thunderstorm warning for Erie county. And Niagara county it will last for the next 45 minutes. And as of now severe thunderstorms capable of producing damaging winds more than sixty miles an hour and are going from Lewiston to Lake Erie beach they're moving to the east at 45 F forty miles an hour and the strong winds are pushing out ahead of the thunderstorms. And expect rainfall lightning. So some of the locations were talking about here Grand Island buffalo the Paul's -- one Austrian born Sloan panel to new Maine Elmo whales that are middle port. And obviously. Take cover. Not a good day to like hold an iron rod skyward as the as the storm goes over you that's a bad idea. Now we're talking about church -- it. I see I love the Turkish people and when I was clear and unfortunately again maybe this is a misconception. But my understanding is. That the Islamic fascists have reared their ugly heads and that. Their intent they intimidate -- they're like gangs -- intimidate the other Muslims. It was really I mean it really had a delightful time absolutely. Hello Max factor and that was then and yeah what they originally. All well interior of the country even you don't want to law. Probably would have a harder miles and -- -- that yeah. Iranian border -- a great great time all all alone. Caribbean. And I am -- about actual -- And believes it. I had experiences where I live in Barbados. Last. It was actually all the walls -- All of that and I went to university of West Indies. More fun go to school -- I do live in my life like Iraq Starr. Well hello -- are part of school. But anyway I once I -- some all planning a trip to Ecuador. I am all gonna go to the woman cooperative we're gonna go to that level how alert. Were there I was like ERY. All's well that -- -- you want as a wild wild but often the reason I own them going to end up being time. Albeit one that go all the all the -- commodity actually need to vegetable. -- I think a little late in Cheektowaga used to do that with a deer and the ones in Cheektowaga. Around. Her name a guy yeah -- I remember. What a great call thank you very much around the world. All right thank you. Yes I would door goes have you bought any short wave radio when you're a kid never tuning into radio Ecuador from keep. What are under the that they at a town where each one has come down and tells people beat them every day in June. Well we do that -- it's called the Obama administration. You know our guys are made and make sure your headlights are on to give yourself -- -- following distance when you drive because that. Yep out comes down and ports that you guys on your bikes all my gosh well you know what to do on a motorcycle. I don't you do. Have too much of a coward to get on a motorcycle obviously. We've got. -- -- -- -- -- Four today tonight a thunderstorm this evening we have in fact a sip of beer. Thunderstorm warning taking place. And breezy and mild the rest of the night a couple of showers at any time 57 tomorrow it'll be breezy not as warm clouds and sun 68. Mother's day of course will be the nicest day pleasant with sunshine and some clouds for mom 73. Right now it is holding at 81 I'll look -- there's thunderstorms and at the start rattle. Your windows and knock on your door is nature eager to call of the workers get real bad were you are. I think Bob Dylan the had similar words in the times they are a change of anyway here's Jim in Amherst on WB the end Jim hello. -- are you -- there are always great. A little -- all election true Lundberg survey person because try to make it clear racial -- not -- shall believe it should be out. So looking 1819 and twentieth to support important anniversary of earlier wage guerrilla troops possible you can dance Shanda. -- -- Doctor circle -- here a couple or of sandwich it's a great place to come out strong that there were tipped ball movement that has sentencing order let's. There are independent people there article on -- -- -- -- -- they have workshops for the kids. In the end they're from and that -- -- football -- from our local summer -- -- conservative. They don't believe -- independence -- their territory all the government there or not so there are currently. Maybe they are conservative teary ends it's just that nobody ever explained to them the division you know seriously. There are based -- to be like my kind of people conservative areas. My friend I have to break I'm under strict orders to break but if you wanna talk more about. Truman's -- and the grass roots music festival I'd love -- -- year but the weather has taken a turn for the -- with these thunderstorms more coming up on news at news radio 930 WB -- it is our.

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