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5-9 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

May 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Wolves down upon the he would rate this thing. India the hole looked out my husband and -- The fact he has yet Ford dead Americans what I'm -- I protest with the because of guys out for a walk when not decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got help after all it. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. Our lady I don't know how to put -- Good. People don't think it's alive. -- local. It's Tom how early. There wet eyed women that good news radio. It says check my email and somebody says open line Friday. Neither do I snow you've got the wrong sure I'll graduate bustling open line Friday. He does every single Friday I until an open line. Stuff. So 000. Wait is it about me yours and about. Out of -- -- -- well. Well. Okay all right sorry guys I just look at this I thought it was directed at me I think somebody's at the wrong email. Some recently -- a hate letter to Rush Limbaugh. You know it's not that I get my own hate mail it's. Athletes are on FaceBook but not like to take -- was. Why should I take savage is to -- on an -- Author. Why did you speak -- central and happy and take the orders up. Of them and I get let it proceed with the odds and I can just take a hate mail that are way down whether -- Our. Anyway welcome to the -- and you know -- I've entertained the idea up at some point doing an open line day open one hour the problem with that it will there are a lot of problems with it and has nothing to do it effective at a -- brought to communicate -- your -- It has everything to do with the fact that I. How would say this a delicate sometimes people bring up things are so obscure as to only be interesting to them. And when you say open line and that you don't let those people on -- you really call -- open line. Mika but -- seriously folks you know. Because that would be kind of not really true advertising because there are people calling from time to time who. With all due respect and I think you know that mental illness has been a big our cause of mine since the 1980s. There are people who from time to time will call and the and they will go in circles and they will ramble and you'll say things that you know are just bizarre. And you can't really say. It's fair to other people to let them on the because. You know a -- even have to say it. I just -- are calling something open line when it really wouldn't be open line the only. Mentally ill person on the show is many. I think that well that's pretty obvious go up -- I wanna make very clear from the get ago I mean you know one of the compete with that view. Don't think so at all. Obviously -- just haven't some footage that -- FaceBook page for additional information on that. Anyway folks are thanks very much appreciate you being here appreciate your time appreciate you making me a part of your life we have been met so burglary -- This week the way I wanna bring something to your attention I did receive a note. From sheriff Tim Howard along with an official statement from sheriff Tim Howard. I think it's fair to say that I won't be unsure powers Christmas list. But I am a gentleman and a man of my word and if somebody sends me a private communication I regard it as private. I will not share the private communication from -- powered or my response to the private communication from sheriff -- -- I will not sure that I did post the official statement. Sent by the Erie county sheriff's department are regarding the cell phone program. And I would just add one thing. And this I was not well. He is not going to talk about this anymore he won't answer your questions about it he is not going to talk publicly about this I think he's regular big respect. I really do. And you know ladies and gentlemen we got to show yesterday. On freedom. And on the fact that what I see happening in America. Is a creep toward it totalitarianism. And a creep away from the fundamental. Rights that were enshrined it in our constitution we go to for our show and that. By the way guys thank you so much for all of the nice email. Are -- -- I I can't tell you how refreshing it is to know that there are people out there who care as much as I do about freedom who care. About the future of this country and who are. Educated enough and not naive. That is a big struggle. We all face is dealing with they meet made -- pay. Of a public that was educated to believe that the country is supposed to be one way yet it's going in the totally opposite direction. And then when you pointed out. Don't let them get away with calling you delusional. Are paranoid don't let them get away with calling you. Out with odd hominem attacks simply fight them with facts that's all you have to do let me give an example here folks. If if somebody gives you an issue because you are skeptical about the cell phone program. Now whether it is the and -- a out of Washington Virginia or whether it is. I sheriff's department or local police department. It doesn't matter. You can't trust government. You must verify. What government is doing fundamentally folks government has more power -- you have any idea it adds. The government can screw you will. It has on the limited resource is behind it and it can make a criminal out of view anytime it wants to do it. You have to understand that. Boardwalk camrys -- said that to -- years ago made a tremendous impact on my life I've talked about this previously. Because he was talking about the value but defense attorneys in criminal cases. Because a lot of us of course think defense attorneys are much of slime ball -- market so I used to think that. And we did a show about changes in your thinking. And one of my big changes was abortion I used to be abortion on demand guys and I'm not anymore. And I think at I've made -- pretty obvious during my show I do believe life begins at the moment of conception I also believe that. The way to deal with that. Is through education. And not making another criminal statute. Because I think we already have too many laws. Although I did propose one this week revolving around auto -- duels on credit cards. But to my defense I also said we need to take away -- laws for every knew what they put on the books but folks. Just give a couple of examples years. To use when people a huge view. Being some kind of free for not trusting the government. And I don't even have to dig to the fort Laramie treaty. But I'm going to. In 1869. The United States government sat down and this was right after the civil war. At a well if you will. With. I believe it was the Sioux Indians. And they were at -- made it. It's good luck. The Black Hills the area around the Black Hills sacred to you as long as this summarizes. The river is well run. Well this -- stopped rising of the rivers dried up the minute somebody found gold in the black holes. Suddenly got swat. The America and found out that you could not trust the government. Because the government -- the American Indian out of the black holes why -- all. Didn't know there was golden -- our roles but it's and it how quickly that treaty was simply abrogated. So that's why when people start talking about -- and you pray at. I -- I look and I I -- only because I know that our government has done the same damn thing. It says one thing for years later it dozen other. They have power you have not. Do you understand that. So. Our great starting point ladies and gentlemen for your education. Is before Laramie treaty of 1860. And that tell me tell you should trust the government. To follow through with -- its work tell me why you should believe. That the government is above board beyond reproach to I think you're naive if you believe there. I'll watch again this came up yesterday and it comes up every time I talk about why you need to be skeptical of people with pot. The movie Serpico. Are just -- -- Yeah it was a movie based on the actual story of a guy named frank Serpico. That's what made it's a powerful. The reality that corruption was rampant in the new York city police department over drops. And it's the same thing told over and over again drugs you keep them illegal the price is out of control. -- make a fortune. You can buy a lot of cops for the kind of money the cubs it would drug racket. And believe me. But what hopefully. Her research about all the corrupt cops over the years have been busted. Basically helping drug lords get their product into the US turning the other way. Watch that -- gangsters while most of the movie well yeah Mickey Cohen was totally overblown. And I don't know whether it's true or not. But I know that it's been true in other cases where. Cops. Have turned away as drug shipments gave them why it because they got their -- wet and so -- you can buy real cheaply. Some of them the drug lords -- that how cheaply they sell their souls others are a little bit more demanding. So. Watch that will be Serpico. And understand that happened in your lifetime or pretty close to. Cites examples in recent memory. -- should make any reasonable rational intelligent person. Dubious. Whenever the government says hi I'm from the government and out here to help you. Sure we just a quick recap I think we should. Does the lowest -- beat anything to your. Okay. After Dubai. -- after -- about this -- finally well as the fact. That the IRS. Is in fact a political tool. And it is being used more than ever by the Obama administration. To persecute its political adversaries. We don't know for a the IRS. Routinely. -- buy it or postponed. Granted tax exempt status to Tea Party organizations. And their affiliates. I was at the raving of a delusional madman now that's back. Unless you wanna call congress delusional madman and frankly you might not be too far off. So we know that the IRS got caught lying we owe the IRS has been used for on ethical persecution of political adversaries. Matt Drudge yesterday had a story about -- 10% of the people who donate the Tea Party causes are audited by the IRS. I've mentioned yesterday that Rush -- discussed on his show. He gets -- audit letter every single year from New York State despite the fact he hasn't heard a penny in New York State -- that -- -- tiger went down the floor. New York -- still want that piece of what New York State. In fact ladies and gentlemen in your -- type within the -- it came out. That. Our government your government of the people by the people and for the people. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now I say news reporters it's not too much of a stretch folks to say big government goes into the computers of people. It regards as threats whether it is Atkinson from CB yes. Or whether it is somebody who is a conservative talk show host if you think big government. Which we already know what's -- reporters computers. If you think that doesn't really happen. I honestly don't know what you've been doing with yourself the past few years in fact let me just give you approve of what I just said. It -- so egregious what the government was doing and is doing. That even the Buffalo News called for Eric holder's resignation. But clearly my simply saying these things that are by the U. Clearly. I have an issue. Folks is that these are facts are not. Ramblings they're not made up or not cut out of whole cloth these are facts. And if you -- trust the government with technology. If you believe. That government is this benevolent uncle. Out to look at too especially if the guy with the power has the go ahead be my guest but history has taught me. That. Skepticism. Of those in power is always the best course. One of the few people who will also tell you be skeptical of me. If I say something and you say I think that's bull I think that's baloney. Look at up. Don't take what I don't take what I say is gospel truth. Do your own research -- your own homework right and encourage free. I want you to do it. Not many people. Not -- talk show -- say that. Don't believe what I say look it up for yourself if you have a problem with that or you don't believe it everything I've just set. Bonafide -- Absolute positive reality not this is not fiction not delusion and reality. But we live in an era and I think back to CNN and the Malaysian airline. Folks. What's it's CNN. I forget which media outlet -- ones. That posited the theory that glitzy. The Malaysian airline flight somehow landed in the ocean. As if landing in a choppy body of water is something pilots do every day without -- Does anybody remember Sully Sullenberger. Who landed in the I was at pods that are the East River -- Anyway that was not a -- Atlantic. The reason decked out it was such a hero is he pulled off the virtually impossible. Not only did he and the big bastard in the water he did it without a single injury or -- Let me. So you think that some pilots get it -- that the middle of the ocean to off load cargo. Now Barack is bizarre thinking that's irrational thank. Do you think you went into a black hole that was another CNN here remember that one well what do you make of the black hole theory. And I just wanna remind people that during the whole Malaysian aircraft mystery. Who was the person who kept applying. William of guns -- you're. Which is basically a logical series of deductions to -- entire incident. And I told you. It's going to be a routine plane crash caused by pilot error mechanical error or combination of -- That is these statistically most probable cause. And chances are I will be right. So. Again -- I don't say stuff unless I mean it. And I don't say stuff unless I believe it. And again if you are catch me saying something bad is patently wrong. Pelfrey is an email and you don't have to insult when you do it but I will always make corrections if I'm wrong about some open folks always. Because I don't want to be as bad as the people I criticize. That would make hypocrite. And I choose not to live my life. Publicly in a different ways I -- it privately. You know. So anyway. That was your educational lesson for the -- Class dismissed. Would you like happy ending. Mean give you have the end -- UP coming up on news radio 930. WB and I do have a say that a long time before Jack came along so I didn't steal it from them no they didn't steal it premieres of the funny expression. Yeah. I'll say how many years did you think you heard that. As soloist is that song was out and done by the clash that ethnic and knew exactly in this morning to work how one management. OK so if hourly review me give you so happy and think. And down. Not just want to ditch. Just for a second about. Your vision as you get older -- would you allow me how many of you have about a zillion pair of Reading glasses. Okay everybody over the age of forty. You have reading glasses and supporters of 43 year old sorry I don't act your time's gonna come. So anyway mine vary between one point five and one point 75. It depends whether it's body and the barometers I workers cloudy the bombers blow as to which is gonna work best bet. -- Which one is deliberately -- worked at. The ones that don't work. Unless the weather is doing something different. And have you ever noticed it's the ones that you need at the time. That have gone missing into the black poll. Say hold black hole theory in a funny story here but at least it's funny to me maybe your family has a similar one but. The all black whole story is funny because for years. In the -- fan. That is our explanation that has been our comedic joking explanation. For everything we -- place. How many of you lose your car -- routine. Man I do it's up but I can't find one key I can always find what McKee. But that second key always goes missing I don't know quite where it's you know well actually I do the black hole. I was looking for a hammer. A wooden hammer with that big battle about it dignity. I couldn't find that. The only logical explanation the black hole and that when you finally do find that it's basically staring you right in the face. So the black hole theory has been the a joking part of my life for many many many many many many many many years. -- a black hole. I can't find team America world police bad I don't know what happened to the dvd I guess that would have put up. That hole. I can't -- slap shot. Have you checked the black hole my ticket to close to the black all it will swallow. Missing good point. So be wearer. Anyway. -- mothers' day's coming up I'm torn between doing something small C and not. I -- idea. Because I I don't wanna spend a lot of time today right. Now talking about Mother's Day because I've got something that I promised you a while ago. But everybody does these small -- -- they show is about. My mother was so sweet she used to be home baking cookies waiting for us every day after school. Giving us a hog a pat on the head you know and god bless moms like debt. Nobody ever wants to call in about their mother from hell. And I know that some view when not as blast as Iowa -- my mom walks on water and have you noticed I'm pretty sure my modest Jesus or pretty close to. She may be the virgin Mary I don't know. But that's a way -- always regarded my -- she walks on water. And I have heard over the years some stories. From people. -- up their mothers. That would just curl your eyeballs. Literally. Literally is that possible though. So if -- a story about your mom. Being the world's worst mother who has ever walked the face of the -- Don't send me a book but just sent me like. Four or five sentences. On what made your mother the queen of the shrew mothers. And I will give view -- Bible may view I won't out -- But I will read what you write on the year. Without giving your name if you have a story a body and your mother from hell. There are some people who don't like there is what I mean what can I say John. No you don't know anybody -- that are right you do art art was sold 50%. So argues my current 50%. Now. This my email address by the -- Tom at WB EN dot com Tom at WB -- dot com I should point out that that's one of those questions I would never put on FaceBook. Because. You have to put your name on it. And nobody -- out their mom by name as being the world's worst mother. But -- out there there is the world's worst mother somewhere out there just. But. It is now early may yesterday it was today I declared the official springing of spring. Don't make me do -- again. You're gonna make me do it again are at this the final titled do this in 2014. -- -- This was first heard yesterday right around this time people live for this every year. Or eight I had. Thank you thank you were about OK -- it affect your vacation. And we did about a half hour or on this. Even last week the week before I promised you at the time that we would revisit this. I have some ideas first of all. OK let's let's just divide vacations up in 21 tank vacations. And that dream trips. I don't know many people for whom a dream trip is going to be a one tank vacation seriously. But let's narrow it down because I'm gonna consider one take. Or thereabouts vacations. To be as budget friendly as you're gonna get. So whether you're talking about a couple just the tour view. Whether you're talking about a family or maybe you as a single person -- sick of people travel all the time. I do all the time I've been the single supplement I don't care. I'd rather pay the single supplement and hang out with somebody with whom I don't wanna hang out and went. Really -- really honestly it's not mine but. There are what take trips there are dream destination so for couples. Couples for family is -- I say families I've been a couple. Or a single parent plus kids -- kid friendly you know let's say family or kid friendly vacation. And that singles up -- singles down. I realize that most of you in the audience are not single I get that. But there are few who are who deserve to have some recreation. As well as our families. -- the couples do. So there are one take or budget vacations I'd like to know where they are what you would recommend. And then there are those dream trips either places you have been there -- places you would like to ago. And it. Now I know city beach is taking a group to Alaska. Which ought to be a lot of fun because what he's going it's going to be. What do -- 822 hours of daylight in Alaska. I have to -- That is so cool that is party time big time. 22 hours although there's something to -- said I must say for a vacation destination. Under in the twinkling stars at night. Frankly. When by the Jamaica. When it's about 11 o'clock 12 o'clock at night. And I about by the pool and there's no body else around it is just your humble host. -- able to stare up at the sky. See shooting stars seek constellations. In different places that I used to seeing them here in buffalo seeing a few brand new constellations that never seen before. And just reveling in the majesty. And the pageantry. Of the stars of the planets. Above. There's something so relaxing. About. -- let me give me the -- number 8030930. Start -- thirty on the cellphone 180616. W via. 8030930. Start at thirty and 180616. WB yet. Now some view like the cap some view your dream vacation would be walking the Appalachian trail. I'd never even heard of the Appalachian trail until I was at my twenties. I definitely was not exactly -- -- have come to think of it I'm not exactly a camping out of guys. For me to feel like I'm on vacation it must have -- running water. Be running water sea running water. Deep inside sanitation. Have I made myself clear yes thank you very much it's got to be hygienic. Call me a girly man I really gotten up and I can't counter that argument. I enjoy completely. When a little better and I wanna go to bed feeling as though I'm fresh as it is -- I don't wanna feel as though I've gotten -- it on my butt and in my feet and out my hair I don't wanna sleep that way. I'll save that for the brave men and women of our armed forces. Thank you ladies and men for doing that for me I don't and doing it in dangerous terrain thank you for that because I wouldn't even what to do it Allegheny state park. There's no reason for that. My brother bill used to go camping. At Allegheny state park when he was a young man. Now you have to understand. Back then the definition of camping was hey. Let's rent a cabin chances are it's not gonna have screens worth a damn let's get so drunk we passed out outside without our shirts out of and that let's come home covered from head the. -- with mosquito bites. Ladies and gentlemen I'm not telling tales out of school. There was one day circa 197374. My brother Bill Campbell from Allegheny state park. I kid you not his entire back you could not find the spot on his back that had not been sucked from a by a mosquito. Course the mosquitoes probably died of alcohol poisoning shortly thereafter but seriously. Our Barbara putting cal might gloat -- tell my lotion on him it was so bad now those that we didn't key Benadryl around the house on the edit ensure they made Benadryl. And my parents were too cheap to buy something like Benadryl cream antihistamine cream which would it ease the -- right away but -- -- brother. Up this of the he put the fear of god of camping infamy. Seriously. So. That's my dream vacation no not camping my dream vacation that I mentioned running water and endorsed invitation that I mentioned that. I wanna I've got so many suggestions I can offer you as first places I'd been both for one tank where there about trips on a budget. As well as trips that are a little bit extravagant. And -- been all over the Caribbean. I've been pretty much everywhere in Mexico I don't go to Mexico anymore up barriers. I have been two -- Big trip. That surprised -- Tremendously. I was expecting to love London. I was expecting to love Paris. As they have in the world water and sanitation and stuff but. The trip that blew me away in its beauty. You've got to stick is -- to stay tuned for this I have never seen. Skies as blue. Buildings as white. And water as pure. As a certain spot on this earth from which I know many of my listeners. Originated their families originated I will tell you all about it coming up after the break what spot is -- of which I speak but. As much as I'd like to hear myself talk. Because oddly enough whatever I speak I know we think it's a brilliant. But -- I want your stories. I want your good -- you know what there's also worst vacation stories if you really want a muddy the water. Good we've all had a vacation sought. I have you have ever -- yet but I'd like your recommendations. And and the reason I'm doing this folks. -- undermine her name is Karen. She listens to this show every single time I do it which is like once a year when I do the poll poll all out show. And she actually booked a vacation. Based on this show. Well not in Asia over the show a few years ago. She actually heard a place where she wanted to take her parents and she and her kids at an absolute blast. So believe -- This show helps people. It will open your mind to -- well -- world of vacation. And recreational. Possibilities. Which you might not have even considered. 8030930. Is the phone number 8030930. Start I -- thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB EN -- it is -- hourly welcome to Friday. And thanks for having me in your life. Now what pitcher S in the line 8030930. Start I'm 3180616. WB EN. I would have said Fannie but that I think your chocolate. Well Fannie Farmer that's where that was going on WB. And AccuWeather forward today the -- to. Ball up thunderstorm around this evening did you hear the one last night. Bothers Austin that was great I love thunderstorms do you have thunderstorms some obscure but I loved. Thunderstorm around this -- otherwise breezy and mild a couple of showers anytime overnight low 57. Ball tomorrow breezy. 68 with clouds and so on and Mother's Day pleasant with sunshine and some clouds 73 degrees say now. I got a complaint here. Of course the best weather today where you -- most get things done outside is the day you're committed for five hours for Tuesday. Just like Easter Sunday it was gorgeous. Meanwhile the weeds take over. Got to get your priorities straight life. Weeds did the big kettle. That's what's important and -- well. Now at 353. -- radio and security WBBM. I had described earlier a dream vacation now I don't know how much this costs now. Back when I did -- twenty years ago it was even adjusted for inflation today it was a bargain. Folks how many of you have been to Greece. Turkey and the Greek islands how many of you. Raise your hand how many of you have ever thought of going to Greece. Where the Greek islands or Turkey. If you ever have the chance. If you ever have the opportunity as a couple as a single probably not with kids. Because I think a lot of it's going to be lost on kids. Kids want riots. Kids lead the adrenaline rush and for as much as the part about as fun. I care it's gonna look at it and say welcome all these cats -- -- but. If you have a chance take a cruise. Flight happens. Taking crews out of. Happens it's called the other -- -- opened saying that right by Greek pronunciation is awful but. You will stop hopefully in such places as major notes. Were this gay guy hit on me so bad. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But I was there was somebody day I couldn't have done it discreetly you know it you know it would it would have been on the Internet everything so yeah. I know we are I know it would it it I know would've been a career booster I get that I know that but. I want to talk more about the Greek islands dignity. There's a reason I just object coming up on news -- 930 WB yet but I want your ideas I want your suggestions gang. Because I do in this alone. You've -- places to. Maybe you've been hit on by gay guys are where have you been hit out by a gay guy 803 on my third.

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