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May 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Double the yen present your home improvement tip of the week would -- -- to court he's brought to you by a value on senators -- easy. Shot value truth listening last Saturday at this time. You heard B talk about pro style ranges -- report continues. When we talk about them in terms of what size should do by now most pro style ranges come in standard -- 303648. Or even sixty inches. The larger with means -- more burners where other cooktop options such as grills and grills and more -- in space to. The oven in the 36 -- unit can handle catering trades 46 in sixty inch units can -- to haven't. They are expensive folks you can pay anywhere between 3520. Grand. For pro style -- depending on the size features and the motto now expect to at least get twenty years out of your investment. But teachers like electronic burner ignition can be costly to replace when they fail. In finding companies to service some lesser know -- known brands can be a chore. Having the debate about gas or electric while pros fell burners are always gas they can be paired with a gas or electric oven. The later option is known as dual fuel. Electric ovens off for more cooking models and more even heat but can add as much as two grand to the cost. Some cooks -- gas -- for their moisture heat. Most pro style gas ovens don't self clean. And those that do cost at least a thousand dollars more. Now from small to supersize colorful traditional. These pro style ranges. Will make any kitchen shy about something in a red hot color this splashy all glass. A bare toes he range dresses up rugged stainless steel with fire engine red enamel. If thirtieth size has for its field burners and gas convection ovens. Available and six other -- get ready for the price. Four grand to be prepared to pay if you want a pro style -- missed any of this report or even last -- -- hear them all again. At WB EN dot -- to then at 10 AM. Hammer time comes your way celebrating 25 years of home improvement advice here on WB --

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