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May 24, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

WVM presents your home improvement tip of the week with me down a court she's brought to you -- tell -- -- senators -- easy. Shock value. In our last two reports for the month of may. Let's talk about pro style ranges you don't need to be an Iron -- to fall for the allure of a pro style -- Let's take a look at what you need to know. Few things define an upscale kitchen like one of these brawny beauties. With heavy cast iron grates between -- and handles high BTU burners the pro style range has become. The modern day -- a dramatic focal point in the home's main gathering place of course. One of these serious told him booster cooking problems. Not to mention the home's resale value. Industrial style appliances started gaining ground in the eighties when homeowners began hankering for restaurant ranges to get more burners more power. More pro features like built in riddles and grills. -- add up to 36 inches from front to back. These behemoth didn't fit neatly into the average -- space they also lacked Brothers and became dangerously hot. Enter the pro style solution scaled to fit the standard depth counters these models won't burn up the house. Thanks to beefed up insulation but their biggest burner still blast out eighteen to 25000. BTUs. -- of basic 121000 at a range. For steering and such -- while they're smaller burners delivered gentle summer's price for soups sauces in the opening barter. Now of course a pro style range is no small investment. We'll take a look at some of these as we walked through our report the first thing you wanna look at. Is the BTUs the signature feature of any pro style range. Is one of the more one or more burners capable of super high heat for searing -- being perfect and -- spoiling. But don't get too hung up on the number of BTUs. For most home shops. 181000 BTUs is planning hot. Remember too that a bigger number doesn't necessarily translate to better performance it all depends on the quality of the burners and the controls. And lastly for this week. Equally important is in a burner is that it can handle delicate tasks like simmering. And -- -- pot of -- all afternoon without bringing it to a boil or burn. Different manufacturers used different technologies to achieve a steady but eve even typically putting 350 to eight or fifty BTUs out. So be sure to test December before you -- Now in our next report we'll talk about popular sizes and colors. And we'll talk about some of the important tech tips of installing them properly. Be sure to tune in and tune -- at 10 o'clock camera time comes your way celebrating 25 years of home improvement advice here and WB he had.

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