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May 17, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

WBM presents your home improvement tip of the week -- -- -- Ortiz brought to you I value of senators shopping easy. -- value it is garage sale season and is that garage sale find worth your time well let's talk about it. Great deals on secondhand furniture our -- Foley our tails but don't allege that wing backing your card just yet. Make sure you're getting a piece worth restoring. With these tips that -- give via here today. First of all assess the bones high quality pieces are often math beneath a layer of ready torn fabric. Carved wood down cushions and coil springs are good signs. That you founded jam in the rough you leery of a wobbly frame repair repairs can get costly. And steer clear of pieces that were stored outdoors. They could have mold and that more may be some termite damage. Next do the math before you buy measure of the peace to make sure it will fit in the -- you have in mind. Call around to -- a rough quote on re -- string depending on where. You are it can cost between 350 to 700 dollars to restore a large chair. In -- a grand for a so far down including the costs of the fabric and lastly. Know what to expect if you hire a pro make sure the price includes the installation of new padding and the labor of re tying coil springs. If you're attempting to tackle this project yourself. I do recommend a new manic state park and hand a poultry -- which you can buy. No sewing savvy no worries there's actually very little sewing involved. He mostly just smooth and staples of rabbit which makes the prospect of restoring that win back. And that -- deck chair a lot less daunting and good luck if you -- should attempt such a chore. Need any advice on that tune in at 10 o'clock every time comes your way salary 25 years of culprit advice here and WB.

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