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May 10, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Happy Mother's Day WB and present your home improvement tip of the week when the Democrats he's brought to you -- value on senators shot PC. -- value DIY lessons from ho about -- forget about all that Father Knows Best stuff. Some of the best tips have come from around. And here's one from Jodie -- from Portsmouth Connecticut she writes. My mom was a single parent who worked full time so it wasn't uncommon for her to work on home improvement projects in the evening. I recall one time being woken up well after midnight by the pain from her nail gun. What she was using to frame out a -- floor for the bedroom he was building in the basement. I went on and yelled mom what are you doing her response I gotta get it done. You must have been up till for this day I can't stand to see a project have done it makes meet it -- Another one. From James Duncan from. He ridge Arkansas he writes my mom was born in 1920. In -- and a farm. Her older brother new electrical work and carpentry and he passed some of that knowledge I enter her. It came in handy when as a teenager I had to go under the house to work on -- plumbing projects the soil was saturated. But I crawled under the house dragging an old style extension cord that had a receptacle talks about it all the court was -- And touch something wet and I got quite -- shahak. I was scared to -- I crawled out and my mom showed me how to take the box apart cut the bed wires -- brand new connection. And -- the end of electrical tape. Years later. I became a licensed electrician. Good for you and our last one. Melanie cheaper from Washington DC writes. Standing five foot four with the head of show head of shoulder length blond hair my mom didn't look like your average carmaker. But indeed that what's her profession. When I was young she taught me the proper way to yield all sorts of tools. My favorite was her hammer she dubbed him Clyde I showed if I showed hesitation in my swing. Mom would demonstrate with -- exaggerated gusto to prove to me that there was nothing to be afraid of let the hammered it -- he'd say. Recently when my husband was out of town I got caught up with this sloppy DIY job by homer my home's previous owner had done some drywall. So I grabbed my sledgehammer. And just like Paramount taught me took a few big swings. That'll all didn't stand a chance I missed any of the report you can hear it all again Ed WB EN dot -- to an end in at 10 AM. -- time comes your way sobering 25 years of homer to a device here and WB yet.

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