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May 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

WEN presents your home improvement tip of the week would meet on -- he's brought to you by the value on senators -- easy. Shock value will welcome to the month of day and here's the checklist to get to started. Move house plants outside now after the last frost and wants nighttime Temps reach fifty. It's safe to start gradually -- meeting pet plants in the outdoors. Over a period of a few weeks. Be sure refresher old paint precious cleanup dried paint price soaking rushes in hot white vinegar then washing them in soapy water. She'll wooden floors from the sun prevent uneven floors floor fading by repositioning furniture and area rugs. Summer proof your grass thinking ahead here but giving your -- deep watering once a week -- -- strong growth group root growth. That will help grass withstand summer droughts. About touching up your exterior paint before heat and humidity said -- refresh peeling and scuffed paint and -- trim or front door. And lastly check your -- -- Grind can interfere with a tight seal so make sure to clean McCaskill regularly with a damp -- Test the -- by closing the French and a dollar bill then pulling it out. If the bill slides out easily well in May be time to order a replacement CO from the manufacture. Also about cleaning your screens it's time for some fresh air I think we were all would agree. Breathe easier by busting scream grind beat the grind before you throw up -- open your windows. To wash remove the screens and scrub using dish soap and respond or soft bristle -- Then rent you can't if you can't remove your screens try. Bottled outdoor cleaning attachment to your hose to spray them clean from afar and lastly. Wash and protect your outdoor furniture by using my all purpose cleaning solution. A quarter of bleach. Two thirds of a cup of Mac soap made by UGL available in value in three quarts of warm water scrub and rents and enjoy life. Missed any of this report. You're lucky you can check it out online and WB EN dot com. -- -- at 10 AM every time comes your way sobering 25 years of home of the home improvement advice here on WB ES.

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