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5-9 Beach and Company Hour 2

May 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

How backward Beijing -- -- seven -- don't forget the movie show starts at 11 o'clock today the legislature would likely -- sheriff Margaret coming along with the county executive order colony to. Our come before the next Thursday and explain the use of stunning array and kissing fish. Apparatus. Which are used to capture the bad guys but also inadvertently. Captures anybody within a mile range. A regarding their cellphone and and things like that now I'm as concerned about surveillance and privacy as anybody. Truly. But there has been no allegations that this was used for -- on the wrong purpose. I don't know of anything that would separate. The surveillance was a direct wiretap. On a person's house and nobody uses of those types while now nobody but very few VW does that have on anymore. So I don't know how you separated to be honest review and my basic question is do you trust the economic sheriff's department. With the equipment that can monitor cellphones including the good guys. I have a basic trust I am not a conservative -- something's brought up but if somebody gonna explain to me. Why this is going on I'd like that I'd like to know. I'll get the calls in just -- second. The second story right now vote when the Erie county legislature. Is channel two's story. Unanimously approved cellphones surveillance equipment for law enforcement in 2008. The language of the resolution said it would consist of quote. Tracking equipment training and maintenance to enhance the ability of the Erie county sheriff's office and other local law enforcement agencies -- -- We were told that Ed -- it was a Republican in the legislature that this equipment is going to be useful law enforcement purposes to go after criminals to go after child abusers. Indeed the devices -- is staying right in king fish. Can collect cell phone data to help catch suspects. But it also can be used to collect cell phone data from phones within a mile radius. Leaving thousands of innocent people's phones. At at risk. Calling up their history and the things like that. Well my first thought would be. That if anything was learned from someone they weren't directly surveilling I don't know if that could be used in a court of law. That'll be interesting that's a legal question but the bottom line is is a -- It's like fishing in catching some dolphins in your net. It really is I don't know how you separated. I don't not a technology geek I don't know I can say. World we're gonna listen to a bad guys if it has a mile radius and you're sitting there listening or. Or recording or doing whatever you're doing how do you separate the wheat from the chip on the -- not sure. Lets us see what Lee and thanks William a cell phone here on WB -- Hello hello William yes thank you for holding. Your thoughts on this technology are you concerned about lack of privacy or. Or interference from government or what's your concern or do you have a concern. Market -- year. It very 4600 club. No I'm not familiar. Well good place 600. It is the matter where it is well actually set a new equipment. Well I know I remember when cell phones first came out I had a scanner that picked up cell phone conversation. And then they they stop selling them and I don't know if they sell now or that change frequencies or what but you don't hear much about it anymore so this this technology could've been purchased. By civilians online. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Look at yourself. I saw some a basic question is what's the upper lower than if if anybody can buy yet. And anybody can use that why do we distrust the sheriff's department more than we would destruction next door neighbor. Well we've -- its. That the government is that that they had to attack dog had been out every -- -- back when he they had the 82 radio. All right so I understand what you're saying and we all have a concern especially after finding out. The kind of surveillance we've all been under for a longer than we thought. And and okay I'll give a give that that we should be concerned about any kind of surveillance were not aware of but that thank helium. Remember having I know I've always had a scanner always that was in the police calls on and fire calls sometimes. It's interesting and I've had him for years. And then once cellphones for start coming out. I would put it on search. And suddenly -- things would start showing up aren't. Wasn't my intention to listen to cellphone -- like weaker less which is and his alma but then they stopped selling that. There's so that you couldn't get one if you wanted one like that -- reading a story about that. So maybe they change frequencies maybe just camp by Emma used to go by -- but the key is what what he just said. If you can get the same type of equipment on Google and anybody can do it. I'd be more afraid of vote of neighbors and things not my neighbors certainly. But if I had neighbors or spying on me the first thing I'd do is give electronic surveillance system. We have. -- lots of cameras and I've put lights in the trees I'm just saying that I would cover I would have high Def. A visions and -- they would record -- force them and that's all it would be too. Course -- don't slight don't have that but the bottom line is if anybody can get it why are we only aftershocks department. That's a good question I'm not here to be a PR flack for the sheriff's department but I think I've -- basic thought process is this is law enforcement. Is it perfect no obviously. But if they're using it for the right purposes and inadvertently gets a modern information I don't think they immediately use it anyway. IE I would doubt very much of that if that without some kind of court our order. Some kind of had noticed there'd have to be some way that they would have to jump through some hopes. In order to use it. If it was something that you didn't want. Revealed. I'll tell you what before going over call us -- the break a little bit early Tony and they'll come back as we got a bunch of phone calls know -- answer them. On news radio I'm -- about basic question is do you atrocity Erie county sheriff's department -- equipment victim monitor everybody cellphone within a mile radius. I have. I have a basic trust so. I'm saying I'm not willing to dismiss any concerns I have about surveillance but this one I don't understand. We'll be back for more -- beach and company. Ever wrath is quoted in this articles I would trust of his serve as well as all the other county officials who testified at that time. It was unanimously supported on both sides of the -- by the county legislature. I stand by my vote because I'm sure this is being used just strictly for criminal and law enforcement purposes. Come neo Nazi. A shot -- in the assemblyman said he plans to send a letter to assure powered demanding to know -- Authorized the payments and in the and the things wants more information. I look forward to hearing from the sheriff and other officials at my public safety. -- committee meeting said -- -- so I was saying. If there's no allegations. Of misuse. It's almost impossible to believe it's something that could tracked the bad guys cell phone wouldn't be able attract anybody cellphone that's not rational. It's a question of whether -- they via. They use any information and garnered whether they even explore any information that doesn't relate to what they're using it for. If there are allegations of misuse. Stepped forward show them -- almost a bottom. But it is not that I still don't get this I don't get it. I basically trust the sheriff I basically trust -- apartment and what you've been proved differently. To me let's go to. Thomas and buffalo Thomas you're on WB yen. Yes Thomas is this Thomas. Yes hi Danny welcome to big face the nation they were gonna talk about tightening up here. Bank or. Where do we get these windows. That houses act. The only still drunk from last night following the draft in town drunk says snakes are BA's a couple of equipment -- in -- scary they're out there they can be back in back of in the line right next to the grocery store or any votes may be to. I don't get what is act was anyway -- -- was let's go to Gemini side gem here on W. Yeah I. Green in the official government news station. You really. What you're talking about yours and non transparent government you're going to look for abuses in the government that is transparent. Eight don't understand why you wouldn't say let them get awards. And I don't think you should and so you're -- Say -- Whitman Whitman. -- -- -- -- I'm itself the lowest. Well OK here's the deal if you got an allegation bring it up. If you've got any kind of proof bring hip hop. Don't just sit back there like a George -- -- 3 in the morning claiming you've had a double probe from -- the latest visitors from Venus that crap doesn't work on this show you got something we've got climbing ever have -- those and plenty of opportunities. To discuss that purposely you -- -- at your house with the blinds closed pretending that the world's against you do it it's not. The way I wanna leave my life and until somebody comes Florida and says. But here's something. They they got this information when they weren't looking -- and now they're using this information for whatever preparers are you have a legitimate beef. But nobody has done that. Nobody has said that. But suddenly you are the government radio it's as. Isn't that convenient -- nobody's more of a critic from the government that I am for crying out -- get your head out of your targets and and pay attention. The bottom line is I don't see you know what I don't see I don't see people in trees. I don't see people sneaking around with surveillance video on me. I Alito and I've fairly normal life and when you leave the house believe me you're under surveillance from -- time -- -- -- the time you get home you go to -- grocery store you're under surveillance or go to a drugstore you're under surveillance go to a gas station here under surveillance get on the threw -- -- under surveillance you're under surveillance all the time. You have any kind of cards you used to travel from point a to point B you're under surveillance that's the bottom line but just finding go -- everywhere just doesn't cut it -- -- the actual little old. I'm past that you know I'm saying that if you got something bring it forward on its commonly call up our shot up. Two idiots starting the show is not is not my idea of a fun day on the radio. You think I'm covering up for somebody got a great mystery everything is -- it's planned gas and it's hidden. It's like we're living George Noory in the in the daytime now. Critics -- pretty sad and pathetic. Meanwhile if you got some then shall let Mr. Big mouth shell it. And -- back on and tell me what it is I'd like to know Cendant and above on those send it to channel 2047. YNN. Get it out there instead you're living your little cloistered life. Finding all kinds of things that don't exist is an exciting. And you think where covering up all yacht where the right cover up just talk to any politician tell mom a delta Emerson lawless. They don't -- believe me -- So just because we're not in your little conspiracy camp where everything is a plot and everything's -- Jack Bauer mystery. The world isn't like that surely we have examples of things we don't like but you know what happens they come to light something to bring to light right now bring it. On let's hear it it's yet you don't or you'd -- said something you're not call a talk show acted like an idiot and then hung up. That's the way you lead your life lead it that way I don't like to leave my life from the shadows. Until you have something that you want to point to say this is that look here's an example. There's no examples and even when you read the things from the county legislators they don't claim any thing. All they claim is that would be your ability to tap the bad guys cellphone. Also is the ability to -- anybody cellphone like jobs we couldn't figure that out. And the first caller I had says you can buy that equipment on line. I'm looking forward he said it was global. Was he gave us and a name port which I did not jot down. But if anybody can get the equipment why oh why do you think it's a special case of the sheriff has it. Is this one of those cases where the -- shouldn't have something that everybody else says I don't I don't get that. As this sheriff done anything to to deserve business trust I don't think so not that I'm aware of it's so enlighten me would you please but I don't like these kind of calls -- really don't you know why there's no substance tool. When I come on and I say I don't get this. Don't get this if you explain it to me at the capitol to. To listen to you and discuss with you come on my show and tell me where covering up for anybody. Boy have you got the wrong guy if you think that that's me because that is the way. I roll. The two YouTube. I'd say that's the way I roll on mine makes me sound really much dollar in Europe and the I don't get the mindset of collar. I don't either and we we don't cover up for anybody know where his ball as open as you can possibly be now I don't have any dogs in his race I could care less. But -- -- -- a bomb but I don't say that if somebody's -- It if you don't have anything what is it just allegations. Is that is that with the -- gotten to now we can we can allege any thing you're saying yeah hearsay that's why I'm saying that if any. It's likely catching fish and there's some dolphin in your fish net. If you catch anything is not there is probably wouldn't be usable on court line anyway. Because there was no warrant for. But we got those out there who'll think the world is all about the spy on their junior lawyers exactly you know watching too many shows exactly will be back remote beach in company news radio 930 W via. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WGN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and -- 930 in our toll free line is 1806169236. -- back where the -- -- they have sandy beach. Stress one thing on this issue. I am not Tom morally. An ice -- I stress that enough. -- Because I guess he posted a couple of days ago if the allegations. Are true from channel true. Then he's discussed that well first of all I have the channel two pieces right -- there's no allegations of wrong going. All -- is is is a situation where they say it picks up anything within a mile there's no allegations of wrongdoing. He says that if in to -- the allegations are true then he would feel be trained and drug Bob blah blah blah -- it's all crap. You know I scrapped because it's a such a false premise that's like me saying Tony Caligiuri if you killed four people last night. I don't want should be the producer of the show anymore. As stupid because you didn't kill four people and I I I dare anybody. I challenge anybody. To come up with -- allegation has it shown up on a court case as a defense as a defense attorney. Claim that the information was illegally gotten by this machine of these machines and used illegally in the court of law. Not that I ever heard of no. But if -- the type -- processor or how good would your blinds closed and and to make these kind of wild accusations. I'd say the wrong guy. All right Todd does what Tom does for the Toms reasons those are not my reasons. I think I'm fairly logical. And the bottom line is. I I am not going to condemn the Erie county sheriff's department simply because they have a machine that picks up -- all of the cellphone calls not just the ones. That they are trying to get. How do you separate that is there a machine in the world that can do that. I'd probably not. I don't think there -- a machine can differentiate between good guys cell phone and bad guys cellphone but here's the difference I'm not here to start the mock. Or to present myself -- somebody you should turn yourself in four that's that's not the way it works with me. All right if you wanna have a legitimate discussion about this I'm happy to but now I know where those personal calls came from. And that's not that is of no interest in me. The bottom line is there have been no allegations of misuse. There have certainly been no examples of ms. shields. So until then I thought we were all innocent until proven guilty. So he's willing to say. That if indeed. Those allegations are true when there aren't any allegations at all except for the fact that the machine can pick up up to a mile. And that's not an allegation. That's a statement Novo fact. All right the machine -- -- up to a -- If it was misused and somebody could step forward and say here's why it was misused a defense attorney saying like my client got railroaded because. They got information. I'm that they should've gotten over that when that goes through. To a judge they threw out. If indeed they did not get the proper authorization from the court it can't be used and it inadvertently they get somebody else how do you separate them. Would you rather have. Law enforcement have no. -- no access at all to surveillance. Is that would that make you feel better. -- it would make me feel better. As I said I'm his -- after this NSA stuff as anybody else. Regarding surveillance. But let's be -- Iraq our rational and real showing. We do not live in George Noory land nor do I live and Tom -- And if you if you wanna be doing that if you want to bathe yourself and that would be my guess I feel sorry for the best what is. Let's go to bomb Clancy who would be next and driving. This would Beilein wanted is John and Lancaster John there on W via. I that problem I think is why not they they. -- but it is -- the purposes but when you are well aware that you. That's one of the balloting. Does warrantless wiretapping would -- now you're recording my elbow it's -- probably you know. I have to have my concern that the way except for a lot of say only one person has no but recording of the. Plus -- plus when you call us. All bets are off we didn't call you -- and. Right but because with the currently in is that when a lot or about wiretap -- less -- They're doing a lot for the purposes whether or not they take in our practice is you'll warrantless wiretapping. It was another bank that's why they're only -- record somebody. Which it shouldn't be but it did it in inside their word that they will they were guarding somebody without their or make it without their knowledge. Well look at this case in Los Angeles with the owner of a clippers. He is -- alleged girlfriend. Obviously was the one recorded and obviously was the one who turned it into the oppressed and we've vehemently or against that that we we suggested -- be prosecuted for it. Because yeah because he he's he's suffered great loss on something that should have been made public. But there's bailout and like Britain art can record you or collier a record -- -- let you know. Lot of companies will let you know -- that accurate -- I ordered that -- you don't have to let me you know buying you know. It's it's written it's written by one party -- the record -- Then the legal. Well one radio stations or radio stations call out we are required to tell you who we are right at the beginning where references if I were going to interview you. And you didn't know I was so with WB -- and I told you at the end that doesn't cut and I'd have to tell you right at the beginnings of it the disclosure laws for broadcasters is our ever Shrek. -- -- -- -- Is saying is here's a problem I have nobody's made an allegation of any wrongdoing. The fact that that the fact that machine can differentiate between a good guy and a bad guys cell phone. They have a warrant for only well only one that would be the bad guy. A machine can't be expected to do that differentiation. And and to just just -- baseless charges on the on the if come that if they're guilty as -- totally irresponsible. But that's with a warrant and the like if you're criminal and an award it was your -- and I are right now court they're gonna hear me but because they have the war. They have throughout the -- let me ask you -- they don't have a -- and they record but right now I don't Freedom of Information Act like I net that this sure. I recorded my all. There were at least they're bailing me and I would -- the -- violation. Well RB -- the obvious answer for me it would be. How do you know we'd understand what traditional wiretapping -- and as a -- affect its treasured -- -- get a little more more information on that -- a father in law's an expert on wiretapping and he's a criminal defense attorney and something that. He's a handle for all of his life. The that the playing field is changed because it's not hard wired phones now almost everything is cellular. And so as we said at the beginning when cellular phones first came out you can get hurt you could get a EO eighties scanner and listen to him. I have a listener the first one -- called today said that you can get a device on global. That will record what record -- I didn't even know that was available but -- what I'm saying is I'm giving the sheriff the sheriff's department. A reasonable doubt nobody has come forward to say that anything was misused. Not be even that was recorded they just wanna know once they found out that it in the machines had the ability to be recorded. That's that's why that came out thank you for your call Persian. I'll take a break we'll be back -- more -- beach and company on news radio and I thirty WB yeah we're back Abidjan company my basic question. Odd because I had if I had to. Phrase the question like this because there have been no allegations. Of wrongdoing. All right nobody has said that this this equipment that that the sheriff's department has. Is -- has been used illegally. And because there have been no allegations this as a simple or questioned by the by the state led by the county legislature. To just explain what this these two pieces of equipment though. And does so it's it's annoying to me to be honest with you that the accurate these natural -- to. A place would be that is being misused. We don't know what's being misused nobody says a nobody has claimed as being issues there haven't been any. Judges of the DEA. The issue anybody. Saying that they're misusing this equipment it's likely just learned -- this equipment can now capture anything within a mile of its of its location. And I have as much concern about privacy rights and intrusion by government as anybody else but I'm not a nut job about it. All right I think -- more rational about it. That yeah -- we don't we don't want the government spying on us. But the thought that there's you know -- -- -- two behind every tree and in every backyard and everybody wearing a badge is up again this is not. That's nuts. All right so what I'm saying is if anybody's got any any even I'm not even asking -- -- I am asking for simple allegation. Nobody has it. So unless you live in George Noory land which I chose not to I'm sorry I I would like to see something. Legitimate. All right you got something to say say step up let us know what happened. Did go with some information garnered that it was used against you and and and the court dismissed it because there wasn't a war and were you arrested unjustly. Because of something gathered illegally. If you have something like that would be capitalists into would be happy to a to announce it and talk about it but -- baseless. Baseless. Charges. That are not that I have no foundation as of now not as of now. We don't know that that there's any based on those charges. -- in the indictment charges at all. The only the only thing that has come delight is the ability of the equipment to capture within a mile. The information on the cellphone that's what's come -- And so to say if indeed. They're doing this and they're spying illegally. That blah blah blah blah blah that doesn't cut it at all. Because as I said if I said the Tony Caligiuri if you killed two people yesterday I don't want to producing the show tomorrow. Well that's a legitimate point of view -- however the one thing left out is he didn't kill two people. Now we're gonna have any responsible conversation it has to be just that not ramblings of a blow obviously delusional. And that misguided and perverted points of the Euro. If you're going to have a rational conversation it's got to be a rational conversation. Not everybody with a badge is out to get -- not every politician's office -- although that wanna might have to defend. Believe me we've spent our whole career is talking about people we don't like him in places Obama authority. And misuse of the public trust believe me will be happy to discuss that. But if you're just gonna make stuff up out of whole cloth. And then it takes a life of its own especially William. -- the the -- things like that presenting things as fact that aren't facts is not helpful. Presenting -- -- one thing everybody is right -- that I guess you can say that. Whatever you want to -- and that's fine and we don't want that change. The bottom line is you can't be making allegations. When they don't exist he can't make a mop. And you certainly can't do the great disclaimer of if they're doing this here's how I would feel about it. Are they doing. Well let's say let's let's show some growth let's show some allegations. Not just while meandering. Kind of stuff is very distressing to me now Tony you spent a lot more time a social media and I do. You know as well as I do that once something gets planted it takes a life of its own weather goes viral or not is just a matter of numbers. But you know as well as I do I think once something is on there than people take it up from there and suddenly. There are total miss. Misuse. Of of something as simple as. And as a bit of information as opposed to an allegation because that is the spark that sets up by your course and there are people. Who loved the sparks. That's what they do they set the forest fires this is what they do I guess it's a way to say hey look at me I'm on the cutting edge of this matter whatever. It's irresponsible. Irresponsible as the nicest word I can you rose. On on the radio. Off the radio maybe I can find some other words. -- if if you're going to if you're going to try and get things accomplished you have to do it and rational sense. If you. Listen to some of the quotes from Ed wrath. Says I stand by my vote I would which was to authorize this of the money for these things. Because I'm sure this is being used just strictly for criminal and law enforcement purposes right now. OK so this is Ed wrath. Good name solid citizen that's what he feels. And that's how I feel you can count me in the same category as that -- And I'm not going to not going to have to go any further combat. Wild speculation. If if if if get rid of hip pop out this is the fact. This is my allegation. Or this is my proof or this is even my suspicion. But nobody's done that nobody's done that at all. Today what we're talking about is -- is something that's concerning to all of us. No especially -- the revelations on the NSA -- spying and things like that. We've come to become very suspicious and I think a healthy suspicion is good. But an irrational suspicion. Is I I think that's a mental health concern as far as I'm concerned. And so if we stick to the facts as they're known as that this time I'm within wrath. That he sure of that equipment is being used for the purpose it was designed to be used and not for anything else until something else comes up. And if it came up I would I would examine it and if I had changed my position I would change it. But my position as of now as of this moment is. It's not real. It's not there because there are no accusations. There is no act there's no smoking gun there's no proof there's not even a suspension of anybody. Except if you wanna -- them in a distant land far away. Cameras aren't that about wraps it up of of this the movie show is next -- like that will be a little happier in that section. Under Israeli and I'm thirty WB yeah.

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