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5-9 Beach and Company Hour 1

May 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Oh hello what is -- -- I'm sandy beach at last night while I was watching B draft I've come Webber great second job for myself OK if I ever need to. You know supplement migrate my meager income here it ever got his but I am I do I'm gonna -- water bottles the Johnny -- well. He went through like twelve or thirteen of them. -- the here's a problem if your nickname is Johnny football you know the cameras are going to be on you the whole time right now no one knew exactly when a -- -- would go in the draft. I could be at any time there were questions about you know of this and that the other thing. But you know the cameras will be almost time and after every single team that passed him by which was what's when he won I think. I he would open a new bottle water and I am thinking. This guy is he must have they Blatter but camel. I mean because if you what you wanna do is you wanna make it look like you're taking this casually but you can tell that the they went after team after team after team I started routing form. And that myself rooting against it because I wanted it to go really even longer than Matt because -- -- is certain enjoyment watching people's arm. But -- easy -- -- the frozen face on at the beginning less frozen. As the night went on and finally I went to bed when Cleveland chose him I was already a no -- land which is finished for sleep. But the Gaza they finally picked him however we got a chance to us examine watts and -- first though -- choice number four in the draft. Seem like a very decent grounded guy seated and you know didn't that didn't seem outrageous or -- seem like a real person. So good for him and and ugly video that they showed. I don't follow college football but the video they -- last night look pretty impressive. And the oral many good receivers out there's so that he was the first one Joseph ankle though Mac -- that like him too and -- he was chosen. He is available won't we won't weird chose. A lot fifth so we got eight top five good for him good friend are you guys I assume watched the draft. Yes I did I watched up until the bills picked an island -- social media to get done everybody's reaction -- everybody's reaction. I'll watch a little bit more on that point about why. They blowing the commissioner retiree walked to the podium is not a popular I guess not what he gives some fines or suspensions or something that -- some people leave Indonesia. Because normally I wouldn't think the commissioner would be -- body was -- not mistaking who's who blog last year wasn't he hugged everybody yeah that's the thing is that the thing you got to hug the commissioner. James in Arizona for years. He's -- he's married instead of course. I'm so it was nice of you guys -- politics stay up to watch what so when did you go to bed means wasn't picked yet when I went to UAW yeah I didn't see that I'm usually in and out of the drafts because -- drives me crazy to watch the Talking Heads for -- off. I cut out time and out. At the -- will be made. I'll go away for about seven minutes Watson and hockey game. And I go back -- about three minutes despaired usually your your basically it's a wealth of you guys know how much I hate Ray Lewis okay I mean I -- A not a real -- football. I I despise him and now I got another person hate I wanted to go out and ran a bus -- -- over Mel carper. I just really wanted to I know he's a big name when it comes to the draft and everybody looks up -- like a draft god but he was annoying to me I just didn't like him at all. He used to be out considered draft god I think I'm like me arc is -- -- always surpassed them no diapers not been accurate in the last several years -- I can watch he has opinions. Our coverage and more watched and -- phone network. Just ESPN has gotten well. I watched out of jockey and I like him because he's he's got a certain flamboyance about him. But -- I didn't like. And it definitely don't agree Lewis now tonight. They finish round one last night Yasser guidance to 32 I figured I don't know if they've finished wanna figure they go -- through them before robbery. Because remember a couple of years ago when the 31 it confused everybody OJ that -- so today and if your people get chosen not to chosen. Basically. How did you. -- -- yesterday -- you post that on our FaceBook page Chris and I both. Believe that that they needed. Weapons for the offense needed help EJ Manuel out we did not believe that they would move up to get a tackle. So when they announce that they need to trade are pretty much knew it was going to be a wide receiver. And we book report that the attitude of well we have we love Watkins but we don't think he's gonna be there any chance that he would be available when the bills are your. Hedging their bet now you're saying that what you posted. Actually had some contingencies Stewart. And now you're trying to weasel your way out of the actual choices that were posted risk I don't. -- -- the -- in regard. To the attic that's as is as close. Well remember there. Remember linking Asia on Johnson was this merger permanently he wrote a book -- all. Throw me the damn ball well today I can't I don't why inscribed in the same position. I mean it's great to have. A guy that can catch a football and run and do all the things necessary however again I got instructions here. In order to catch the football. You have to have somebody throughout the football that isn't lying on the ground. So -- yeah so that's the -- and if I interviewed Watkins I asked him a question of when when your if your wide receiver or -- yes but especially at wide receiver. And you're waiting to be drafted. In your head you've got to know which teams you want to draft you as probably teams that have a quarterback who was very much and into the aerial game sure -- like Tom -- have some concerns. Guys like that exactly so I'm thinking that more than anything else you're thinking if you're going to shine especially in that position you have to rely on a lot of things that are beyond your control. And so. What do you think about -- ice ice that those those asked them that. He said it was from a it would implant them in college and respect formats would you expect -- -- republic. -- that -- come -- as a draft a quarterback -- EG worked hard in the offseason and spoke last yeah exactly. But that's him. He was wearing sneakers. Randy Randy bush over was our official draft critic. Randy. A guy that microphone around to what kind of sneakers. Was Watkins wearing because I didn't see -- -- myself from the waist up. At the brand name adult thing and I'll be just describe bright orange -- orange tiger orange. How come all let's go figure reminds you this bottom from a mile away you -- -- -- from. How does. How it feels going from playing in college to suddenly now you're drafted and you know the next step of the contract. And you know that your financial -- are behind a -- -- with that you need to cartwheels at that you know I would too I have gold sneakers. It should be bright red or blue ball dot -- -- -- -- -- what you like that did you offer to be his manager Aaron. -- through way about a thousand. Yeah that's I'm thinking. Well good luck to him as it -- very nice guy. You know what you can tell from a short interview this was the first interview he did so boom boom boom. I think the we sounded great -- good to have. And now what do you think as we on the second round and actually think about that because with the brake or come back. Will kind of pick the brains of Chris and Tony I don't follow college football so you know they could have been you know Roland on nose tackle. But they were very excited about and so they're excited about I'm excited about will be back -- Ask your question now think before west of its own because once you get right. What is the first name. -- your neighbor that you play videogames -- occasionally go out to eat like -- and I'm just thinking. If Sammy Watkins marry him he'd be Sammy Watkins Glen. Not likely to happen but I'll I don't think in Georgia can introduce them oh thanks and now as you guys a question. -- -- and when you're like Johnny football and you're supposed to be real hot shot there may be in the top two or three or five. Ought to be drafted and you go around 21 and 22 don't -- got drafted. Does that cost him millions and millions of dollars in in negotiating. Stances though with the new team -- -- those cost the big money it doesn't cost -- though was marches. They used to because they have the slotting system now. Back what 34 years ago before they put in -- the top overall pick my -- like fifteen million dollars but now it's around 20/20 five so. You can only pay a certain amount for draft picks or. He still losing money but at least he's not losing like 45 million dollars -- more like fifteen. I was just wondering because -- -- sitting there drinking and opening another water bottle because your government chosen yet. That you're watching money and on the drain as well as the water earlier on the show. I'm really not so sure he's gonna make it in the NFL. While he's there because he's short and that doesn't mean and that's always double voting yes -- Doug Flutie but you can shut them down. The shorter quarterback a scramble tech's quarterback. They need to roll out there were only able to take advantage of passageways you'll aren't in the middle yes so if you can shut down half the field. He's it's going to be difficult for him to -- team. I know about Johnny football is that -- target bottom. And so I decided I'll watch it because I don't watch colorful okay I'll watch a game and after it was at all like god this guy is. Don't we have them at the college is okay well yeah I think -- any of these guys you you find out that. I I think that the -- skills. Are the ones most tested. Another words catching running and passing. I think the other one. You -- -- nose tackle chances are your nose tackle and it's at the end of Ellis still going to be it you know imposing but not as imposing. As having to deal with the speed of the people of defending against you -- that sort of thing. I think the defensive lineman especially. Would be a similar -- Offensive -- might be different. And there are a lot of them taken in the first the first round it's a tackle outline mean deep draft so it was a it was -- thing. Although I I think they take too long but I can understand why they need the time. In the first -- between picks that's cut down in the second round is -- I think I don't think they get as much time I think that it's seven minutes and the -- around and -- it goes even last for a third and fourth in so we'll see tonight though are we expecting big things -- the Buffalo Bills we didn't expect them to draft down I mean did you. To break down move trade up actually. Leaving a surprising event tonight. Yeah anything can happen it that's one great thing about the NFL draft. I think the bill's staying at their pick and I'm looking either at tight end or tackle in that spot. Also a bit tight and at a wide receiver are so it's more people throw -- and as I said. As long as he's standing up and can actually throw the ball things will be good was there any thought that -- Johnny football is available we have traded up a week we should get him no no -- mean sees that you do you think that EJ Manuel. As a better future than a gentlemen -- if he can stay healthy you that's Acadia and as the -- I don't care how good you are you're injured you're injured. He added that doesn't it let's go to the best what do you think a man's if if you want a coach. And keep reminding Emanuel hasn't been that long and you had a choice between a Johnny -- men's -- EJ Manuel -- Right now I'd stay with -- manual only because he's been in the league for year he's got a very strong arm. He's bigger demands allies but believe the unknown man's -- looks great college and I think he could be a great pro. But neither one of them is really -- was editing of the NFL level so it's kind of a crapshoot -- the -- as -- equities. Yeah I you know but as we know the history of the Buffalo Bills how many times have they have they brought a quarterback cam. Either drafted or. Or traded or whatever and stuck -- them beyond what we thought we could -- -- -- -- I mean we had a handful of of great quarterbacks. Iron gloating obviously Jim Kelly. And that Jack Kemp for an earlier time. And a flurry I don't you know like but -- I thought it was pretty good. But how many quarterbacks that we've dealt with where we stuck with -- -- long. And we never went anywhere. That's like the GP lost yeah exactly in the Johnson's you know. Especially Johnson because we -- number 25 million bucks. Just stick around that loss on the same thing nice guy but didn't didn't cut it I think we have a history don't. I think the one thing is is you can look for them to stick with each day off for at least the next two years after that who knows all right what about now here's a question. What about Stevie Johnson. That's -- conflict. Will he blame god promised. Now in the -- will be able to continue his NFL careers and can't feel -- -- from you still get paid REI. Probably got a few bucks in the bank. -- would haul it -- -- so -- now bases in the last year of his contract right and if there was questioned whether you would be -- anyway. Right so -- a replacement will. -- guys start yes he was -- as well start start reviewing. Yeah -- start and then he got those two young guys that we had last year robber -- -- -- he's good when you've got three very young wide receivers here that do a little different things -- is doing can be your speed guy Sammy Watkins who go down the field to a lot of screens in college and Robert what's good possession receiver last year so what's -- like you got a good Max. You know -- and what a wide receiver got drafted last night they'd show a video highlight real of his college days some of those guys are incredible. Some sketches. There was one guy at least at least an hour hour and a half -- of a draft I forget which one he has a small guy receiver. Man he I don't like six tackles and one play. He was just like a pinball. And it was incredible the the athleticism of these guys is just remark. The one thing that I loved about watching -- footage of Sammy Watkins was his ability. To get separation and define room to get open. Then after he caught the ball he's so strong that he's able to show -- side defenders and go the distance that. Explains why my ex wife was never drafted by the bills she couldn't get separation and was never open. Support I tell you close the season by. And the famous line not this year I haven't heading. Well. It will take a break wherever Beijing government -- there -- greater and I'm thirty that says WB yeah. -- WB and wherever you go with a WB -- iPhone -- powered by the final out left the best defense railings and -- Elliott back revision governor have sandy beach everybody's little bleary died today from staying up too well watched the first round of the NFL draft. Now over a first -- as I -- as I mentioned I'm I don't watch college football so to me I watched it as an events and see who the bill's shoes. And see what's going on there just -- kind of have some fun as a casual Bjork. However people that follow the draft follow the draft it's not like one night or two nights of three nights it's 365. Nights it's every night. And even my compatriots on the of us on the -- they know all about who's wearing what kind of year they had and that's in that event. But something in the broadcast itself. Was not designed for me. Are simply because it was information overload. First of all on ESP and you had floor Talking Heads. Chris Berman I like Chris Berman but that is all our guys. Then there is too cool banners running. One banner runs on what's gone on so far in the draft and the second banner is what's going on -- this tech and this club. And then they're talking about something totally different. It was like there was no way to process all this stuff it was just totally overwhelming. And and everybody would -- it was almost like a everybody wanted to get the final word they throw in a last -- And then you'd see the you'd see the commissioner Goodell walking toward the podium. And they would announce the pick and and they do a brief read for these amendments are an excellent. I mean that brain could -- at the end of a day like this. A deep could you guys process all that stuff -- you're you're or you're your ride was traveling at the same speed as a platform a mine wasn't. You know I'll follow along if I'm interest in the team or the pick coming -- like that and it's you know later in the wrong in let's say that. The cowboys are up or whatever I'm not pay attention of our eucharist as -- process. Yeah I follow some -- it but it's a lot of garbage to me pages. When you listen to the analysis sometimes I just think they're just making it up -- it. -- time minister bill is gonna speak. About complete nonsense for the next ten minutes and nobody earlier column because they're looking at the bottom line in that might not be completely paying attention anyway as. There were very critical some of the -- not not nervous or some of the skill of the person -- But some because they thought it was a wrong bet it was the wrong club for the spurs in the auto. But I had to laugh on the front page of the USA today. 01 might get things that I always look for in sports is. The nobody expected us to win more last week it was just us against the world but we did it he showed you when Nana Nana Nana OK I laugh when I hear actors every athlete's. You know nobody believed him -- but Casablanca. A but anyway on the front page of the USA today is the guy. -- what's his last name. The defensive end of the year rushing quarterback prospect. -- about a cloning -- clown clown he says. While he says I wanted to show everybody they were wrong now keep in mind -- was picked. -- First Act. What are the expected the expected mean to -- for the draft started. Maybe while he was once -- was actually on the playing field -- him I mean come on -- And it's pretty it's pretty ridiculous when your chosen first. And -- yeah I'm gonna prove everybody wrong. Well in that case you might prove everybody wrong because you were chosen chosen first but I -- ideas you know but an -- gold rush the court applied the -- but let your play do the work. Right now we got something to talk about and to be honest -- -- is something that people are talking about to have a great. Lawn. I usually. Wembley go with a subject. Idea researcher says the Orleans again. And I read what I can kind of think about it. And I come up with a position. I can I can reinforce. -- position I can defend. Occasionally. There are times when I just have to admit that OK this is the subject of -- a separate people talk about but. -- Have a firm grip on this and it's about the -- -- legislature. Asking of the county executive and the sheriff of Erie county. To come forward and it's and explain how they're using. The stingray. Or king king finished. What this is its its equipment it's a surveillance a piece of equipment that. Can I get information gather information from cell phones. Now I have two stories in front army both explain. That the legislature. -- -- the money to buy this and that in order for them to do that it was explained to them they would use that. It's hot again. Here we go again man. They would use that. To obviously. Fight crime or Karrie -- me on that right. And then suddenly it's like right out of the blow came out of nowhere. When it was suggested that maybe that equipment. Can get information from people then not under surveillance. Just inadvertently picked up. All kinds of information on your cellphone in your texting and things like that. And so the legislators that low paid a minute we didn't know could do that now we've got to find out exact. -- what's going on now I understand the sensitivity because of the the headlines we've been getting a nationally about those surveillance we were not aware of by the NSA and other groups. Ever since it -- went public where now we're looking over our shoulders to find out. You know somebody listening to us as somebody watching us and for good reason -- as we find out. But now they seem to be very nervous about the fact that law enforcement would have this kind of equipment or they do put -- heat on I'm. And they're at a gonna smokers out zoning items exist ideas like it went from coal and comfortable to a thousand degrees just like. I was so now we know law enforcement has as equipment and now they want the sheriff to explain. How it's being ghost Ed if it has capability of doing things that we've all wanted to go and -- I've this whole thing I don't. Not first of all of the equipment out there and the sheriff's department department has it what makes you think that somebody else wouldn't happen. You thinking that if the sheriff's department doesn't have a nobody will have let it will be a lot safer and I think it has to be a basic mistrust. Of how it is being -- and yet there have been no allegations. That it has been used improperly. So this is a subject that. I don't have a handle on here is what I do have a handle on. I have a basic trust of the Erie county sheriff's department. I have a basic trust of the Erie county sheriff. So I'm thinking that in -- you have. Some kind of a believe some kind of agreements that you can put out say explain this to me hotly you've got this information and a wasn't legal and I was I was up. I don't know how this is going to proceed. When we come back I'll go over my a couple of stories here it will try and figure it out together. Meanwhile telling -- here we go again it's fourteen minutes -- -- tan and if by 10 o'clock. This heat has not gone away and we will revert to a showing of -- I'm just saying I will remove this year. Hi it's easy to remove the shirt -- a three buttons on. I practice at home just in case it's it was a little warm. Is hot or what you guys go down in my boxers us all grade grade him UB arrest it was a missed -- now all. -- I will be back remote beach in company under Israeli and I've voted every via one thing I like to do I like to collect odd names. -- boy if you want odd names I think the NFL draft is good place defines them. There's actually god it was a there was drafted by the Packers. Now obviously the first part of his name is a nickname. But that's how he's known and that's how they were referring to him. As the crawls would come by as The Who was available best player at this and the compositions. His name is hot hot. Clinton -- That's his name hot hot Clinton index at I was hoping the bills that they ought to hammer please say you know it's at five or ten times again he's a safety. And I'm I'm just thinking that's going to be up on time at the old ballpark government Lambeau as -- Usually it's democratic nomination. I've got to put hot hot on his shirt and an excel. He's at defensive back so as opposed the intercepts that ball. And the turns around cameras see uninsured hot won't be taunting won't want to throw the flag. I'm just you can't -- hot dude take the wallet and somebody else true so I think eclectic but I think it can be a little bit of fun. What we wonder where some of the names come from. My my favorite. One was in the early days that Monday Night Football the Cleveland Browns wide receiver named fair hooker. And I'll never forget Howard Cosell the first time you had to give that name because -- -- it doesn't names those gifts from the gods. When somebody's -- fair Parker if it's a bad game boring game you can -- fund in army. All right but the -- county legislature I don't have a handle on this I'm sorry we're all concerned. About surveillance. We're very aware that our government has been spying on us for some time. And oh vote the are kind of information we're getting can be disturbing. But I don't quite get the angle on the legislature calling on the company executive and the Erie county sheriff. To come before them and explain. How they use of this stingray or king fish equipment. What it is basically it's a small little package type thing. That did you -- it used to garner information from your cell fall. And -- one would assume that they would ask that information if there was some kind of allegation are concerned. Regarding our complaint. That it was being misused but I don't see that so far so. My first thought is if the sheriff's department has this. That doesn't mean that nobody else can have -- anybody else forget and I would I would assume so why are we looking at the sheriff's department for this we have a basic distrust. So I'm going on the basis that. Yeah I'm as concerned as anybody else about surveillance but. I trust the sheriff's department as best I know and until I give me a reason not to a trust the sheriff as best I know. Until I get a reason not to and so far haven't seen that so here's a couple of -- of stories that we have. Your account lawmakers growing concern about the cell phone spying equipment used by the Erie county sheriff's. And -- Here's the deal Betty Jean grant we know Betty -- and we've that are on the show many times. Who was a member of the legislature in 2008. When it was approved unanimously without debate the purchase of devices described in the legislation as cellular surveillance tracking equipment. Using -- from part of Homeland Security grant lawmakers were told the equipment would enhance law enforcement's ability to protect the citizens of Erie county. So so far so far no foul okay let's see if there's anything further down here. While it's -- that the devices can help cops catch Crocs. It also lets say it has the ability. To monitor cellphones within a one mile radius. Of videos of where they are so -- they can get cell phones information within a mile of where the device is. As that would include obviously. If you if you draw a circle. Dead today in close the total mile it would be other people's phones. That we're not being surveil -- it would it would gather all that information. If I could catch a criminal we never thought it would be used that we never thought. And that we could -- -- To you. -- -- -- program a strike again if I could catch a criminal we never thought that it would be used. You've. Do Allen now that's a quote I'm try -- quote. This is the Koran and not make -- does that format -- having it a -- will try again Betty. If good catcher criminal we never thought that it would be used or could be used to catch innocent people. Well I guess most of the words are MacWorld but. What she's what she says it was it was misquoted his. Okay we know wouldn't catch the bad guys -- about it we never felt we could catch the good guys well with that or be able to monitor the good guys while I'm thinking any. That could be used for. For any cut any type of I'll vote the tool that the joke the sheriff's -- would you -- -- she was asked this is W legislature have thought about it she says in hindsight you're absolutely correct so what did it is as. It's something they know could be useful law enforcement but they think it has the possibility to -- she goes is that is that as best I can do with this. I tried to make this a purse on the cells the year with a quote but that's the best I can do I'm sorry. And so I'm asking you if you have a basic distrust. Of the sheriff's department or if you have a concern. That this piece of equipment would not only monitor bad guys but might monitor you don't. I don't have a concern. Not that I'm I'm willing to give up the concern about surveillance that I'm not familiar with. -- on the surveillance all day every day every time we go into a gas station or a bank. Or public buildings were under surveillance. -- under surveillance will have. We have the cards we used to get -- -- -- way. And one under surveillance when we use a card at the grocery store were under surveillance all the time. But until they come up with some kind of an allegation. That it's been misused I don't I still don't yet. The urgency of the situation maybe somebody can explain to me and I'd be very grateful to learn it but I don't know what now I can tell you that. A newsletter about thirty it is preaching company and still gonna figure a strategy plans quote. -- I read it again. You have. It could catch a criminal we never thought that it would be news. To -- innocent people. OK I guess that's a reply to somebody's evidence. But it doesn't flow over well -- we'll be back Le Figaro on news radio I'm thirty W via.

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