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Sammy Watkins - Newest Buffalo Bills

May 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And we are pleased to have in studio with us this morning. The newest face on the Buffalo Bill Sammy Watkins retaining you're welcome to buffalo. This round Greta I have no -- today which stones and it is. Now are you pinching yourself this morning due to realize what's happening in the last 24 hours last twelve hours. -- have said they have but right now I'm just so excited to be a part the Buffalo Bills and it's great being here. -- to get started with the great players and great organization. -- of the Buffalo Bills gave up a lot. To get choose how does that make you feel think -- -- great that -- both logos for -- and believe me my abilities market it. System lesson to some beer prices earlier to be planned for the team I -- 1000. When I was town as this group is great -- and we do start to tell us more about that you say you love this team the Buffalo Bills and you were a kid growing up tells us that -- grown up boy you know used them on video -- and run at tomorrow's. Into the code as the new white and blue. Two minutes or they -- -- -- on those guys and of course it was government games sharply more time. And that's when I became a great fan -- -- Buffalo Bills. Well if you where at radio city last night who was with him. My prayers my agency -- high school coach -- -- and it's those two days flat with the buffalo. Of our parents actually do room marketing there. What was the first thing you said to yourself pretends to somebody else last night at radio city when when they picked you. To every -- and I was like I told you because I mean you come -- is and you just softening games in the coaches. Give -- our praise and make you like some some how when they kept telling me it was gonna give me. And of course on this laughingly. Common just thrown out -- -- when it May Day for him become the fourth pick in both of those who -- given. We hear who's described as sort of low maintenance guys. Your very very shy -- these things you learned at home growing up. Not -- Point is one of my life for our -- talk too much -- got to about a five to talk -- talk. His as a -- priest so humble in this position and I just always been looming this. The -- this -- that wears. Now -- fancy just normal James -- Susan and that he. What do you know about buffalo. Not too much but I can't wait to get started to learn his -- buffalo. Though it's been a great program is -- for many years. And I just can't wait to be a part of -- organizations. -- I have been a snowy. I mean been in Clemson is -- a little bit and has been called many times wounding 301819. But I never seen a lot of snow it. We're talking live with Sammy Watkins the -- Buffalo Bill drafted last night. Do you believe Twitter followers you had yesterday or just in the last few weeks. Are around six is sending thousands and now is moved up 3040000 okay. This is remarkable ought to be in a position to known as everybody's watching me so. Are gonna be leaders I don't not only -- myself -- Two teams out there and the coaches. I look this morning at a 102000. Twitter followers and I was thinking boy I'm sure that shot up last night. Either gently mood up our own national animal everyone in my social religious sites. And eyes are on is just to see everything just looks so far -- around this afternoon. To know that's. You RV do around the world and that you are being watched many people -- -- general Wilson stadium. I guess there are seen it by having many and I can't waited days to visiting gorgeous out of luck and tell us what kind of music you liked what kind of food do you like movies. Moves on my action -- -- I love to watch funny when he moves -- so. Food I just -- -- here. I've achieved trying to be healthy. And just always trying to trying to do the right thing with with being right. And don't right thing and I can we do it actually -- it going going to the stadium and move around and just. See what Buffalo's have for me. -- went to Clemson and CJ Spiller. Came from Clemson there have you talked to him yet. I haven't talked -- -- actually the following implement right I -- -- -- coach when he come on face arms. Has -- blue screen and the key is in the background is this is a pleasant view part of part of something which a fellow alumni clubs and yards and -- meets Chris Hansen so much as this and wouldn't -- our. What about your family what do they say when you said you're going to buffalo. I was proud of course they didn't they think of my dad mom on that that was my talents in monopoly with them. Is a blessing to see them Smart -- best known for isn't this port and a half from me and any effort and I can't wait to move around and they meet the coaches. And get everything started. You don't yesterday's was a huge day for you you remember this forever today could be. A big day for a year older brother Jalen right. This -- army he ticks me our last and I. Give me compliments and I are proud to those of me and can we -- watch him. Golf aboard this time of today. Its number of us from both of us to be in this position. Because we know works so hard against each other and towards he's goes and we've been working towards one common -- our life. Tell us about -- and when what part of the track to see expected to going. Greg guy -- produces the same I am. We all work together delusional and he got to work -- He got the mentality to physically physically and mentally. And I'm producing it around. Second round hopefully you know I'll buy it there and I know this is capability of plan of playing football he's a student of the game yet and now it's enough. He's willing to -- and sacrifice divided on defense. That was just we -- for your parents because here there with you. For -- first round last night and -- back in New York tonight. For what we only have to say we got same data in my pants are -- momma must have that down here who support me. This is going to be good group has been my brother and now. We can work together -- my dad anything I mean you have. -- -- I got to ask you you're described as a top shelf wide receiver premier college wide receiver. Have you been thinking about. The NFL the Buffalo Bills and our quarterback EJ Manuel is going to be throwing passes to you. Almost definite I'm -- -- I really don't feel. And particularly team in the -- in. I mean when we don't completely -- -- -- -- The whole game he maintained his poison. And put the game you lose up to 2000 for the record he came back and -- And two is being the one RC was this now Stevie Johnson -- he's doing. Robert Woods in degrade. She is villain vacuum so this problem -- -- me and I would play. What you date and elect today. One -- busy Euro -- and that's what I wanna do. Gotta we must have thought we get started America and we -- need coaches who argue those guys as this is Willis is on them to. I'm sure you've got -- a big day ahead and -- haven't had much sleep Cindy thanks for coming in this morning. -- -- think -- never nice to meet you welcome to buffalo this thank you that's Sammy Watkins stayed pick last night by the bills wide receiver out of Clemson the newest Buffalo Bill.

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