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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Khalil Mack Goes From Buffalo to Oakland - Paul Peck

Khalil Mack Goes From Buffalo to Oakland - Paul Peck

May 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's welcome our next guest on the live line -- Paul pat -- play by play announcer for the UB bulls football team is also -- financial advisor for. Action advisors -- Paula good morning and thank you for joining us what a morning. It -- And it worked pretty. You know while bills fans are all excited about getting Clemson wide receiver Sammy Watkins UB football fans even casual fans who don't know much about football. Have to be excited. Learning WB bowl lineman Khalil Mac was picked fifth in last night's draft. And he's heading to the Oakland Raiders how to play there with those kind of talent wind up at UB. Well it is kind of an interesting story is that -- Coolio was in high school. He got hurt playing basketball so he didn't play football he's chewing your your high school that you really the year with a college is sort of recognize who they think is going to be good players they're gonna offer scholarships to sort of politically astute he's also crack. So that nobody really makes him an offer -- scholarship and then as he goes to his senior year he played football and played very well. A couple of teams kind of jumped on them let's. Such school for -- -- a Liberty University which played a lower level than you'd be offered a scholarship. And then you be hired in the system from -- to calm the buffalo and that coached at -- -- took a look at extol -- -- -- he might. He might be somewhere -- actually did. And that's what happened -- gold looks that opportunity scholarship and their point of diesel leak. Division one opportunity to play for all that's -- we will -- they are immediately or -- -- about 210 pound. Kid when he got the ball low -- sort of built in so popular. 250 pound guy that he is now. But it'll athletic legal skills to holy spirit and back how this all comes out the Indian should stick to the draft. So -- do you think he'll have a smooth transition to the NFL. I think sort of political question wouldn't you play at a level we're UP reforms that we took a little -- -- teach -- Alabama to the world but. But. -- colonial was always very consistent went on the occasions when you beat you play like Ohio State. Last year I mean that gene that was that she's little prep for UB electrical outlet where she'll. There were plenty of other. Players stripped off at Ohio speaking including first rounder. So -- -- -- -- to the NFL quickly and he goes out about well keep the you'd be at the level of the American -- -- because it via cell. -- put himself on the map nationally would -- performance against Ohio State early last season was the guy that was highly scouted before that game. I think that opportunity to clear could have left UB and gone in the NFL after peculiar year that was very much stock. You know you might have been you're second round draft pick it had happened. Because he hasn't quite developed and the -- -- fell in the tiebreak he told you beat world wondering whether he's gonna come back or not and not. It at colonial model teacher and I think him getting his degree tradition that college education is very important -- And that was part of the -- in the week and and and now textbook example. A while you watched ecology of the year because here he goes from the -- might have been the third or optic. To beat the strip overall pick in the draft a lot of it had to do with the perhaps seeking -- it -- because actually NFL wanted to see how good this guy really let -- They call one more question for a before we let you go. While all the attentions on the -- a -- anybody else on the bulls squad likely to be drafted. A couple of guys who have a good shot probably not tonight but more than likely tomorrow Alex YouTube to wide receiver to Grand Island native folk who wanted to -- -- -- Achievers in school history not a shot. Because act in the world around in the brain and Oliver -- which will actually and also from Florida they'd been sort of you know when the that you can that you -- career again the all time leading rusher in school history. He'll have a shot at it could be a court it's -- round seventh round draft pick. Opel plant will be paid attention a little bit not shattered capital. OK Paul good to have -- with -- -- -- the ball -- the play by play announcer for the you'll be able.

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