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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Possibility of New Football Stadium - Bruce Fisher

Possibility of New Football Stadium - Bruce Fisher

May 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Talking about football and talking about some comments at the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell made this week he stirred the pot. This week with some comments about a possible new stadium for the Buffalo Bills and joining us on the WB Ian White lines -- -- is Bruce Fisher political consultant. Who lately has been teaching at buffalo state college -- good morning. More you -- good also this week will do what we have to to keep the bills in Western New York in the new stadium is needed and as possible. We'll get it done. Is that pretty much a done deal to you to think we're getting a new stadium. Pay close attention when the commissioner of the soapbox. That the -- We saw a great drama and huge problem very expensive but I'll play out in Minneapolis. For the Minnesota Vikings last year where. City Minneapolis but -- 180 million dollars -- -- legislature went into overtime to come up with 500 million dollar war. With some natural the other -- content. So. And the focus is. Whether it is going to be interested in but. Where it needs to be. Might work spreading the economics of these issues. Over buffalo state college have brought political consulting the test failures. We look at the input output models let it. The pattern of urban development. And frankly of the doing normal that do. Focus that we are putting stadium's right. We're the other and the centers for an entire region. My book that's near the power baseball that in its near where -- balloons putting a couple hundred million -- of his own money. Into building a hockey complex. It's their what we used to call it just BC arena. And that -- downtown buffalo. OK we also have yet another group that wants to develop whole waterfront stadium will also soccer. As a hotel in the convention center of these people wasting their time mr. Fisher. Unfortunately they are. When I was deputy county executive we've looked at so waterfront development determine issues that correctly. You can't. Locate something on an island. The point of talking about it new stadium. How to integrate that stadium into the fabric of the rest of the comic book that's why downtown Pittsburgh. This privately that they all the talk in the what all. Suggest that the outcome Pittsburgh business district that hotel district. We have the hotels we have the hospitality service and the restaurant saloons. There -- certain partners structured parking it's all there doubts about slow putting this stuff far away from downtown. It's what killed central city. When all the effort stated make. All the effort that this community is making I really doubt that the next investment on the Buffalo Bills is going to be a week in the city. But you think it's gonna happen. I do think it's that that's the economics of the of the -- -- the power of the league. And frankly there's this opt out clause. A few years from now. That might take this very small market team. -- here I think the political leadership of the State of New York is not gonna let that happen that's putting my politics. Economics of this are better served for the entire region but centrally locating that stores choose sites to go back Lola. The paperwork that I looked up and urged it's ten years ago. At these sites that you can you can you can see what the footprint could be that the -- projects or that the -- -- But it room it would work to benefit the economy of the central city -- worked about it that the economy in the region. You better track and for the all important Canadian fan base that is only gonna grow -- Western Europe embarrassment stay stable. It makes perfect sense to do this but it also next political and political something economic -- and you know what. When those two star line. That's where things. Bruce were glad you could join us this morning thank you. That's Bruce Fisher from buffalo state college.

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