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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>WR Sammy Watkins Good Fit - WBEN's Chris Johnson

WR Sammy Watkins Good Fit - WBEN's Chris Johnson

May 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Very quickly let's stay on the sports beaten welcome. Our own WB injured Chris Johnson. From the sports department. On the Sammy Watkins from my Clemson we don't know sinking Chris. Wonder if Sammy Watkins won only passes from Chad Kelly. -- he nodded as he did it would be a practice Chad Kelly was dollars obviously not there anymore but he was. Working out to be the starter a year ago and I wasn't the starter. Eventually denied being restarted it was Taj sport but he may very well because of passes and Jerry Kelly and work out -- in spring games and stuff like that. You know it's funny to hear that he says he was a -- -- The interesting thing about that is -- -- Florida it's not like he was a kid from Pennsylvania or Western New York or even in the northeast he's a Florida kid. He added a -- the bills because of video games which is shouldn't be too surprising with with people today. He liked the -- -- when he was growing up the Buffalo Bills Drew Bledsoe Eric Moulds peerless price the -- is very good video games and and out real life of course as well. -- -- in price and as a receiver he loved both those guys in -- Bledsoe Serena debris for the team. And you know what else is nice to hear the fact that a lot of people in the league are looking at those guys is low maintenance is a real nice guy had to deal with. He's not full of himself that speaks a lot to get some of these guys in the NFL or even before they get to the -- -- and are getting into trouble -- -- That's true these guys do get picked apart we talked a little bit about tight and Eric Ebert yesterday as a potential rather the bills -- taken nine. And there were reports that he was a me first personality and he had some problems you don't hear anything like that with Sammy Watkins who had months to pick these guys apartments one thing. You never heard about this guy so it's not going to be editing you're gonna have to worry about. And Natalie is that great. From the standpoint of just as a guy he's not an arrogant guys -- easy -- for Skype. But when you bring that into the locker room is going to be very smooth transition as -- gonna bought as -- anybody is gonna get along with the other receivers seemed there was some of these guys CJ Spiller went excellence and they've played together but their alarms so they know each other is excited to play with easy manually play in the same conference. And Stephon Gilmore play in the same conference out from as well they might have even gone head to head if you take a look at -- at the years but -- It's it's just it's refreshing to see a young guy like that he's twenty years old come out of college and kind of have that attitude not really nothing you have to concern yourself. And they're they're describing him as little maintenance that's always -- -- especially when he's on him a professional athletes professional athletes in general. Fair or unfair have that side you know mark on them that their dealers and it might not be fair but everybody's gonna have to deal with it regardless of whether or not -- they -- -- and Epperson Nathalie -- -- and it's good that they're. Are people going out of their wages head coach going out of his way to say this guy is great you know I can have any problems of them at all. And we are looking forward admitting -- person he will be in the studio. Sammy Watkins well with Susan and me. Around 8:30 this morning of that time -- we'll keep you posted so you can tune and be sure to listen.

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