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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Sammy Watkins Pick "Bold" - Mark Kelso

Sammy Watkins Pick "Bold" - Mark Kelso

May 9, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Bills color analyst mark Kelso is with us on the WB and lifeline to size up last night -- mark good morning. I don't worry you're a great a lot of excitement over Sammy Watkins what are your initial thoughts is -- good fit for the bills. You know I mean it certainly hasn't needed. -- -- regular cigarettes here is currently in and an immediate. More production certainly uncertain and that a production in the red area and in both areas where they process -- not perform very well last year. In the running game was great but the -- but the passing game. I need some help print and the maturity of some of those younger crowd are listening and that wouldn't. And now yeah yeah it's been reluctant and that I didn't. I didn't know that those that do coming into us and talk it straighten out but let me either dynamic and and a great production grade replicates you know so. I think I mean bill's fans couldn't be happier topic with that particular -- -- That was a bold move by the bills and end you know they look up and got -- -- that will make an immediate impact offensively for this year and. You say it was a bold a move mark now they gave up a lot to get Watkins fourth over all those. It worth the risk. Well I think opening days in this receiving pool. -- sinister characters. -- go to the threat particularly well a lot but. You know also so there again is probably no more than I do about the about the draft itself from the players -- in the my understanding is that the talent pool at receiver wasn't. Extremely deep this year. And that but he was head and shoulders the boat with with Israel after the that you ability -- ability to hear that football you know -- Other Berkshire order. The Balkan analyst immediately with a string passengers. He's a powerful running nose drops sure a lot of -- try to avoid tacklers he can try to run through at times as well as as great acceleration so. And I think he was depicted. There's certain guys released signaled that scares going to be the first guy off the board. In his position group and Anderson again it just look. -- off the pages resources production have been able -- -- fourteen aren't part of the question Clinton. And there an end. And an appointee that's had that interest career but but it took that dynamic talent I think getting -- malls. Most of our personnel people around the league and head coaches feel like it is again it would make immediate impact. -- it seemed it distracted by -- and yeah I think the bills obviously felt the same the world to trade up to give -- -- rights. There's a love you and things happen. Different times -- mean. And the remains to be single happen in future years political group but ultimately required account back somehow and if they get together as we need this year was. The last year's draft was terrific and they are even even a free agent pool that the question was really really do it. If they can duplicate similar success this year and then that the operation that they need to. Protect you where there are trying to go again and then fourteen years. Butler draster receivers robber was a -- is Goodman last year and now they have -- -- this looks like it's a pretty solid young receiving corps doesn't. And Williams you know it sideways and Nazis and Mike Williams and he's ET. Two young guys as well so -- mean they have an extremely I think the productive. I was really young receiving scoring and you have everything you need coming here guys that can stretch the field vertically. We have guys that that they that they catch the ball really well and gets the ball outside of -- for him that's the one thing people that are less than we want to see -- catching the -- That are really uses body much to catch it is gonna get the ball -- it all the time. And and eat it seemed like guys -- so overtly -- -- in America -- that you take hesitant. Who can run after the catch and any records that he's got a little thicker body to -- Watkins doesn't. Saturday night and you start to run a cluster formation and and we can create great separate the glass scrimmage extra -- and -- the man to man defense and give him the ball at the last scrimmage and and you can find room to run and -- you know fix ups blocked from his other receivers and understand it you could be here -- -- dynamic this combination receivers there's no question about that and and the production of those the running -- last year and if they can and I think they they really want an -- and additional offensive tackle as well that they can do there around two I would think that's where they go. If they can do there and then you know things that started very very well for Ford built here -- couldn't -- it doesn't -- He mark Howell will look like Watkins help EJ manuals development. Most acute he leisure opportunities the -- -- -- the one thing about college receivers as. When you get guys seem to have great production and talent that I mean that. -- setbacks. Mean that there's a lot of lot of talent that is -- that's impacting college that they. They don't have the maturity at the line of scrimmage and that there are like archer defense is actually a pressure at the line of scrimmage and and try to impede your progress -- you know the ball snapped in him what happened there and get near -- get guys that are very able to that patient the last scrimmage and and it doesn't provide early opportunities for the quarter that 'cause there's not. Early separation -- to the receivers are covered initially. And I try to read in the press structures it is it's more fierce than you're used to in -- so yeah you read that football and if you're unable to do it and in you know in and 32 and -- three seconds and you're gonna have some problems and kept the the scramble -- rather throw on the run there. -- -- -- -- I think it's the most skilled and be successful in particular and put. But what kind of fortunate like Alex interlocutors in March because it was great last year when he was playing because he's quick -- the line of scrimmage and keep secret amateur actually last year Robert Woods was. Lester it was probably that you -- point is seeing your -- you consider the best receivers. Coming out of college football that year but but his production more equity crazed people it's not so he's. They are dynamic combination think guys that are quick at the line. Content can get separation from -- -- the banks early in the ground and that means the quarterback you have. Great opportunities as soon as he dropped withdrawal and and that and that and that certainly an entire and that happened that's gonna make it more successful because he's not the -- in the pocket. And that they wanna stretch from -- than he can he you're an extra blockers and and then people think as well. All right mark great stuff thanks for starting -- south this morning. -- Okay its bills color analyst mark Kelso.

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