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5-8 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

May 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBS. It's. I walked down upon you with great big thing. If you go to the hole looked -- more -- anxious and -- -- And welcome to the New York City. If they are big extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York. No one -- with an assault rifle. No no. And flew. He is about time. Tom hourly. Column in the went to. Now with everybody now linking it. -- -- welcome. It's life it's local happens to look at the start. People wouldn't. Looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly. And into the film and if they. Are right it is. Hourly about twelve years old -- that -- money from time. Anyway. We're talking about something very very serious about which I it out to be immature and that is. Frankly your freedom. And and our national if you know the national song is supposed to wrap presents. Our nation to the rest of the world. The all land of afraid. Rory Hillary. Only the free. Is that why the within a mile radius. Even local government has the ability to pick pocket every bit of data. Out of York cell phone. That's not worry. That's totalitarianism. And it is in direct. Contravention. Of the Fourth Amendment to the constitution. Of the United States. And I find this to be exceedingly. All terrorists. And folks -- told Joseph. When the Second Amendment is considered. Infringe a -- The Fourth Amendment must also be considered inviolable. Shall not be infringed is in the Second Amendment shall not be violated. Is in the Fourth Amendment. These I guess we're simply suggestions. Not to be taken seriously is that the idea of because that's not the way I've heard about our government. It is twelve minutes after six news radio 930 WB yet we still the land of the free yes or no. If we're not what we will. What do we do to ensure that we pass on to our children. The freedoms. And the blessings of liberty I lived during the bicentennial. 1976200. Years celebrating America's declaration of independence. And it was a very patriotic time. Even though the United States was at a period of malaise even them before Jimmy Carter. Inflation. Out of control. And folks. So much has changed. And not for the better. In my time even since 1976. I believe that your rights have to be bought for independent every single day. You know the old expression freedom isn't free. Freedom is also not the natural state of government over their citizens. Never has been never will be that's what America. Was the exception in do. Putting into real words. What our founding father considered to be a natural rights. These rights are given to you by the government. These rights are put into words by the government. These rights is our founding fathers all them were natural rights given to west by god. The creator the supreme intelligence of the universe however you want a phrase. All they did was put it into words what they considered to be sacrosanct. Human rights. And our generation of politicians. Believes that those rights are by a global. I find that. To be. Just deplorable. What our generation has allowed to happen to our constitution. And it's little things to. Were you alive when the seatbelt laws came into effect. You know. I remember doing shows when they raised the drinking age from eighteen to ninety. And then nineteen to 21. And then they raised well in addition of that -- Shoot it. Then the as I accurately predicted the seatbelt laws came out you will Wear a seatbelt law. And remember folks at first the seatbelt law was supposed to be an add on a charge you get pulled over for speeding you're not wearing your seat belt aren't you get a seat belted a two. -- reading a quote one of the newspapers to that effect by about but it will find that quote since but I remember. And what are we see now seatbelt checkpoints seatbelt stop seat -- revenue raising. It's none of the government's damn business whether you Wear a seatbelt in your car or whether you Wear a helmet on your motorcycle. If you are an adult. I do I don't have a problem with child seat laws for children. Because kids can't consent. Kids are stupid. We're suppose well. You know I mean as stupid made their their their kids. Maybe that's been consistent I don't know. And I remember the crusade against smoking and I said folks Merrill limited restaurants smoke free. And I said folks this is just the beginning don't you get it. Go to understand that this isn't just about. A smoke free restaurant. Eventually it's gonna be about what a restaurant can serve you. And how many calories can be in your meal. And Michelle Obama has proven me to be a profit. Almost equal to Nostradamus. Actually Nostradamus is superior. Actually he was a fraud I know that because I watched the Smithsonian channel on demand. It is -- but Merlin was real -- sixteen that news radio 930 WBBM. I don't know. That's what you want -- today in Amherst that thank you Joseph were covering by. My brain I must spying on my cap upstairs by the witnesses I'm like cats and SAA and the my cat right now is. Upstairs having a good all time on the chair I put out for her she's having a blast nothing like -- and a cat on a chair upstairs in the hall. Look at those little kitty -- this is what the government can do to you. Here is they began Dave. You're on WB Yemeni cat -- All right I think we're talked about Woodrow Wilson yes the president a hundred years ago. Again Hillary actually was responsible for signing the Federal Reserve into that you law. The private central bankers that control the money. The event soon half of their that a higher ash OK that they're collection agency and -- -- after that fortunately. Got us into World War I. We are talking about how. People can be control. Because they know everything out sure now. I I believe you can be either crushed or control. All politically. And I believe will -- may have been allegedly he had a mistress. And I am that they are using that it's black -- on him to either side. You know beat the reserve reactor or via an entire answer but what have you. So my concern is. And again those who are -- Is its. It's these private central bankers. Need to go better control an -- behind -- And it shell that it's easy to do we need. President and -- congress. Yeah well don't make the trip and return to constitutional -- Event all right I mean look I -- I'm with you. I think what I need vote today and thank you very much for the call. I need we we need baby steps. Who you're talking there about something so monumental. And so huge. That it if it's like you know before we climb Mount Everest. I think we got to get to the bunny hill. And the bunny hill right now is educating people as to what is happening in uniting patriots. Locally. Because it does you no good to have patriot friends and -- and if you're in buffalo. And they you know what is about to hit the fan to your house. Believe. The government can. -- call up twenty or thirty guys just like -- You don't you need friends. You need allies. You need people close to you to have each other's backs. Against what I see as the insidious. Creeping. -- ever advancing. Tyranny in America. Call fascism. Call -- totalitarianism. It's all about control baby. And it's all about -- brigade in York writes as a citizen. Of this country. Everybody wants to rule the world and never has it been so easy as right now. I just posted an article on my FaceBook page about your TV being able to watch you. Ladies. Just about temperament. Your home smuggled with your husband things take a terror. How do you know that there's not some jerk at Samsung on the other line at the other end of that cable. Pleasure himself. To your private lovemaking. And what do. What you're a politician and they say you vote this way -- were gonna put this tape on line. Lot of people would be embarrassed by that even those the -- husband. My response would bay. Dude give me a copy it was hot. Right now let's find out about traffic. Here's Alan Harris. My god if if if you could run as fast as you do traffic reports you would -- the Boston Marathon holy crap out tonight mostly. I know there's only happening there's nothing happening you can at least drag it out for five minutes give me a little break. Up mild tonight with a shower or thunderstorm around the overnight low will be 58 because he doesn't work hard enough between -- the mornings and the afternoon traffic -- -- get more out of Alan you're -- that. Mostly cloudy and warm tomorrow temperatures will approach the record but shouldn't get -- 79 rain and thunderstorms. And right now it's a 75 at news radio 930 WB yen and I did officially proclaimed earlier today. We'll ring ahead. Which is good because my Alley don't. A game. There are growing and growing and growing in their starting their starting December up that shoot. Which ultimately it will result in giant blue balls. Well actually the more like purple balls. Look up online -- AL LU. DE. A LL. IA you end. Elliott and I think mine are called globe master Elian. There is enormous. And if Dr. Seuss invented a plant. That's the plant he would invent Joey you look at it right now is isn't that doesn't it just scream doctors -- -- that's why level. You can't go wrong with Valium at what some people do after the original bloom -- break in and silver. Just to confound people like me I will stop and knock on the door and say. What does that. That could be the apple. Let's get back to the calls here is. Not there was on yesterday. Sorry. Here is. Ban in silver creek on WB and -- high. They Tom I don't senate. I am living proof that that this is not -- industry. Only in this day and age of the person who never harmed an innocent person. Be convicted district felony. I don't know now I think I know who you are but I don't know how specific you wish can be. Not too specific at this point I'm just. As a topic really struck a nerve with me in. I don't know it's just it's frustrating to believe that. Some like this can ruin a person's life. And is ever -- -- and you honorably serve our country did you not. In uniform. So you are one of the guys who put on the uniform of the United States to support the constitution. And now all that constitution. Means essentially Dick. They'd be exactly and that's the so -- breaking part of the whole thing I literally fought. Dramatic stuff for the constitution our support and defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic I thought that it literally. Then. Continuing fighting the fight for -- and this just heartbreaking that it doesn't mean anything more. Well you know. I have to ask you as somebody who has been. Prosecuted and persecuted under a certain statute which I know but I don't wish to get into because I don't wanna get you -- hot water. Would you like to explain to people what it's like. What is like to deal with big government when the government wants to make a point against you. Did it was impossible I mean it was an uphill struggle always. -- -- I'd like to get into some specifics that you -- it's gonna have to wait -- percent think. Yeah I I know. There's a lot of things I'd like to talk about that prudence. Also has me. I mean it's impossible it's impossible played a machine like this when you're one man and it will -- that may be even more heartbreaking. Is this -- that you know everybody says like a picnic. -- I will not complies sticker over the place and and you know sort people sort of trial. Then that you are basically I a said the exact same words today myself I need to put you on hold that is why I brought up the idea. Of local patriots because you know what. -- you live in silver creek I live in Williams real it's a fifteen minute drive for me to get down to you. And you need people closer to you'd have your back. Well and I eight. And I know people -- in these. Obama I wanna I wanna talk you more after the break -- should not have done that right before the break that was unfair hold them we're gonna get you on the other side and WB yeah. -- -- He's got to prevail tonight. That's just an enormously. Talented enough precaution us as well as being a phenomenally talented singer. I notion -- I wanna hit but she -- lot more to her than meets the eyes. Especially thirty years after only yet anyway it is 634 news radio 930 WBE. And it's -- father time catches up with his own. It catches up with every one of us are -- get back to -- in -- silver creek and -- You know Brenda is an individual who has been problem. Are you there. Are -- it got is suddenly it's too loud for me to talk to keep you on the air. I don't know if you're the wind or you're a truck or a lot but. You have been prosecuted slash persecuted. And one of your frustrations was the people who said Europe patriot. I'm a patriot we have your back anything you'd need you can depend on us. Basically weren't there when you needed them. Well pretty much I mean I I understand it in people have to work and like -- There -- a lot of and so I would like to have gone to when I was working and couldn't because I couldn't get time off and I understand there. It was just it was really demoralizing to see you know for people so. And other and bring it to present camera store opens but -- there. Well it doesn't make it easier that -- in silver creek area and I'm not -- your choice your choice of -- where you wanna live as your business but. I again it's. It's a -- for people you know to get the silver creek for most of the listening audience you know like at the hall to get the Albany. Read the court without NATO which is even farther right but they can expect what we're talking about earlier you know vocal patriots and people really understand and -- -- the sort of record. And I've been talking to people is -- -- amendment coalition still in. A lot of these other grassroots organizations. This regroup then and others. And they put on these visa. Events and also while in different areas and try to move around a lot and when they went to the want him as a they said Paterno really wasn't all that great I mean. That we spread the word. Farther than I know you're always reaches a long distance. And I'm. I guess what we need to explain to people as effective. As saying again in you know you have my support. People need to get more involved and they really do I mean it it's on our tests. The point of saying well I don't like this I disagree with. Well it's it's way beyond that now and I'm that are really going to take for -- -- I lost my job on the -- to sentencing right. -- because you became a convicted felon. When I thought I thought I said you're waiting for sentencing. -- cut time out of place that you're waiting to be sentenced. Glad not to say after the conviction the last I -- -- -- mean sense on the thirtieth. Aren't you glad you fought for America. I would not allow my kids to serve his country at this point because I think it's a fraud. I'm I'm sorry but I would I wish I didn't have to say that. But. You can ask you -- -- cannot -- family how the Marines treated him. -- and are older we're done. Here pretty sure about you this country and took place this country and nobody here -- The only time they hear -- -- when -- compose with a picture up for a picture with you to show everybody how much they care about the troops. Went in the final analysis. If they if it came to a choice between five votes in killing you they just as -- off you. -- -- I know that's a cynical view to take that's just a personal opinion. Well I. I'm on same -- now I've been thoroughly demoralized to this -- missile PO I have lost a lot of its in country. And you know defected you know -- -- fight for your country and lead their country and come home and then you know you belong in the year under the -- whatever audio. It. They don't belong in this group and one man standing up by himself isn't gonna get us out from under. Well maybe somebody can help -- witness is there an organization. Is there a group. Is there an organization or does it need to be kept clandestine. Where if you live let's say -- top of one in 14150. You've got a list of patriots. Where you could just hit chargers right quick email sent to ball on the list and give it out here to let people well Nancy. I think some I think some stops about the hit the fan here. There are different organizations out there. And I have gotten a lot of good a lot of good support from the regroup there and you know locally. Second Amendment coalition that took the evil. The most out of this little investor in my estimate which oil because in order wanted to stay quiet it's. -- Well that's the best way I look I know how frustrating it is to. Want to tell people your story. To want to tell people the truth but to be told by attorneys that it is not in your best interest to do so. Until a certain point in time. I know what that is like. -- -- you do I have quite a good idea. Went went and the press. And we. All along that you can say that it didn't vote. -- All I wouldn't know anything about bad. -- -- -- -- let you know eight or at least what -- happen it may be. At least what happened to me when I got basically called a mental patient and by the way have been a long time advocate for the mentally ill. In a very unethical front page story in the Buffalo News I called my mom. And my mom's reaction was Tom. Everybody at church said congratulations. We didn't know your son was such a big shot. I just thought I'd mention that. Really pissed me off the most well the picture they used was like thirteen years old. Then there's not red smoke and hot picture me and my FaceBook page that could've gotten at least some action out of the deal -- around that one. And under. Our brother thank you don't let the bastards get too down because it's only they got me down. Well I know -- -- -- but bad don't let it get too down. -- it head on and -- with balls. I'd like -- Thank you were calling. Her that -- of my brother. If I get a -- I've done my job for today. Anyway. Not seriously folks we. Must. Understand. Bad. Social media which has been used so effectively by the left and by progressives. We need to start using it better ourselves. And again you know what. I don't need to be repeating myself here. But when somebody says hey I got your back. Anything any well if you live in Wilson New York you're not gonna be able to do anything for me. I'm not going to be able to do anything for you know it's gonna take an hour and twenty minutes to go up there you need somebody in Wilson to help you out. If the point it's the fan. And what I say help you out I mean -- little things showing up with cameras to record things. That might have made news last week in buffalo shoring up with cameras to take pictures making sure the individual is not Bundy. And it's but you've got to have people that are like five minutes away from you. If you live in Boston New York. I can't help you because it'll take it too long to get there you need somebody in Boston to help. Rick it it you understand what I'm saying here folks. If you're a patriot and you have that feeling like stops about to go down. In your neighborhood. You -- to be able to reach out to people close enough to -- be of help. And there's a lesson there. Let's get back to the calls. On the WBBM. Let's go to. Well let's go to Franken north buffalo area frank -- for the -- show. And now are you know on all I am I could not be better sir. Well my my ideas that comment that I grew everything that we went out here and that. But I think you're going to be in defense and we've got to be pro active as far as with the media. As far as I'm concerned the ultimate news is the public enemy number one. And these -- if you don't care law's going I would take a page out in court. We've got to find -- way you guys live out of the bigger the big guns and the ultimate news of the world local. We have big we have to go right to our right to their home as they do with the. You mean like the do you mean like the gay lobby did to what Jimmy Griffin is placed on -- state basically surrounded it and then these two lesbian checks started making out the front of the mayor. I mean I wish -- would -- it at my house but then again that's a routine occurrence of the matter. And and you know we have to be proactive as far as item on the plane. And bring you up we've got to start having these journalists are both here in the public in a way that we're America welcome to all this propaganda anymore. I DRR when they don't let the news. What do you think OK here's -- here's my question don't. I -- maintain now for several years I don't watch the 630 newscast anymore because to me it's a 630 fairy tale. I don't bother watching it it's a waste my time. Think the 630 news has the impact on America they think they have or it used to have. -- I don't watch NBC ABC CBS. There are irrelevant to me and I wonder how many other Americans just don't bother they get their news elsewhere. In the nick here -- my -- -- -- and it's and Obama aren't so sure. And and Hillary Clinton to be rated. How will probably be UK's. One of these. Main anchors on CBS AB CTV. There -- the middle of one of these product I mean these stories and got them a Raspberry Pi and you know it's amendment base and -- Your life and and here's the New York mayor would be great. Preparation and. No you know what did it twenty. Because all that is gonna do is it's gonna backfire on us that makes people like you and people like me look like morons. What your first thought when you hear about somebody you like being pied. The person didn't know I seriously -- we are better than that I mean first of all let let's recognize our real enemy and I've I. So I have to say this our real enemies right now are in Washington DC and Albany new York and everywhere here were people have this wet dream of controlling everything people do. Well I agree down to a wide right into the whole thing is being orchestrated and are being promoted item item by the judge you're about -- -- media. Well it's no doubt be promoted. But what isn't it better though instead of putting up high. And by the way I like pie pie is my favorite dessert and I really if you know I think high abuse could possibly be a felony under sank. But I think that are we much better. Making arguments. That bring the other side in two. Philosophical. Disrepute. To educate the American people or do you think we're past that point where no longer can the American people educated. Because basically they've been. They've got their bread they've got their circuses. They've got their two houses they've got thirty got. They've got they're sailing they've got their two cars. Now -- is clips. And they really couldn't care less about the larger issues of freedom. But but the kind of related and I've come to become aware of it like on FaceBook where right where I go do you different groups who are right. Are you when -- when you when you mostly true. All they do within the only opposition in the liberal look actually progressives Communists and -- of -- -- yes all they do is they attack you as a character and now we're talking about the issue the issue whenever part about her is the source. All in New York union park new door you know -- that you're you're you're in a parent and and and. All you're using -- hourly and don't you know -- -- Exactly or or a place they all law law and and you could hardly unique. A character text but they never talked about the issue. And look what we what I'm trying to period how do we -- initiate the normal wakeup call for people are paying attention. Too you know because artists and my idea -- you know it will argue -- with a pie it was but I think it would make new ones. I mean and again and Diane Sawyer is going to outline and the nice I think Ellen may denote and then from -- you can you know. And you can't move or they won't call well. Well I could be wrong. You're gonna do is generate sympathy for Diane Sawyer. All you're gonna do is generate sympathy for the person who takes the -- Ed you're gonna generate sympathy for the pipe for me if I ever mention how much I love -- Coconut cream banana cream chocolate cream. Apple with a little bit it -- and go ahead I'm sorry I was started and it frankly I was starting to get a little excited thinking about pot. I'm glad you called -- thank you very much. Up -- may be the perfect dessert. Just enough sweet to make it interesting and off soft to make it nice and -- and fun to play with. And enough crunch to give it some character. Pipe may very well be the perfect -- Yes no. Are right for reply or cream pie. Cream -- oh yeah. All you give you get you know you if you put a cream -- rate in front of me. I cannot guarantee that in ten minutes the whole thing about the on I have no self control whatsoever. Rice put -- that's about rice putting may also be a perfect dessert. Oh my goodness it's awesome all right it is -- 649 at news radio I'm thirty W. EE and does this mean I have to stop at the Camilla is on the way home though. I want to -- All right let me get a quickie thirty seconds in here. I can't see the name of the guy in line for. I know that's not. New. -- drop off anyway. Well I might have time then do go to any other phone calls will it look I do wanna thank you for. All of the calls today. And I am somewhat heartened. Bet I am not the only. Person who sees what is happening. To the country I love -- And I'm afraid that I have to put that in the past tense. Because. I don't like what I see happening. Has nothing to do with liberal or conservative. It has everything to do with state trysts and complete control. Over your life. By the government and their ability to monitor your every move. To track your every move and to make your life a living hell if you are -- this center. They will try to destroy you. The higher the profile the greater the effort against you. So folks. Keep your eyes wide open. That's all I can tell you and thank you for getting. Thank you for understanding. A one -- Obey master control I want to thank John Sherman at call screening angle of view which words. No. You or. Self. About there.

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