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5-8 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

May 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EN yeah. I -- down -- the -- would Cory Bennett and then yeah if you go to the whole movie. Muslim tensions and my -- They keep going for it and it's. It's easy to clear my name -- the same publicity. With which -- now let's. Tom hourly they're only -- And it's live it's local. It's Tom hourly you -- well I would do. Our news radio 930 WBE. It is -- Landers radeon 930 WBE. And it and thank you so much for regularly a part of your life I do appreciate it. I don't know you guys make that -- -- go by so quickly psychic I dread the -- living here in the afternoon position is not my natural thing. I think I should be cutting all right now. But you guys make it all worthwhile thanks to -- ever master control thanks to John Sherman at call center central. And thanks to you. And ladies and gentlemen. I I know this is a heavy shell but it has to be done. And I really don't care. If anybody. Wants to call me paranoid. -- usually. Or of course -- the -- way to try to discredit people we think he might have some mental problems. I don't. I think my work speaks for itself. I think my application of William Hopkins raised or during the Malaysian plane incidents. Spoke for itself hell I think even the way I do ghost shows speaks for itself. So they all that that's one way they try to discredit people okay now. This if the signs of totalitarianism. Again. Every totalitarian. Regime first takes out the dissidents. By discredited and arresting. Or penalizing them with agencies like the IRS. And go to Drudge today folks I should actually put a link up on my FaceBook page Matt doesn't need anymore -- I do. But. I did put up the -- I did find what I was talking about earlier ladies and gentlemen I don't know if you're where there's. And this is one of the things that I want you to know. If I would have told you five years ago that your TV could watch you and everything you do in front of what would you call. Yeah I would call myself that -- What I call myself up and probably a no good. Not to mention -- But there are a lot of things that would call myself. And with reason with. With the authority. But -- this is actually -- story folks I'd never thought I would read to you but just to make my point. Nablus angers. Some right weighing it cruel crazy talk show host well actually it's NBC news. Samsung's. 2012 top of the line plasmas and L. EB HDTVs. Offer new features never before available within the television. Including a built in that internally. Wired HD camera -- and the microphones. Face tracking. And speech. Recognition. Can allow hackers or even Samsung. To see and -- you know. And your family and collect extremely. Personal data. So ladies you can be making sweet love to your husband on a Saturday night in front of yours Samsung TV. And somebody. At Samsung could be watching everything as it's happening. And I suppose if you were a political enemy of the state. The government could be watching them. Making tapes that. Hey maybe you're with somebody other than your -- the front of the TV imagine the possibilities there that shut you up. Folks. Be where technology I'm not saying beat Ted Kaczynski. That I think. Were creating. What is the Yiddish early -- they get respect Golub. It was at a soprano season one. The Frankenstein monster everybody always corrects me every time I say it screwed up. -- let's get back to Gary in Williams WB EM Gary I know the freedom is important to you it is important to me. And by the way -- I -- you. Oh OK I thought you might be another fellow but please proceed. -- Back. Summarize our comment of the previous few moments when he -- both agree. That society is inebriated with what they call the sweet elixir of apathy. And something happened in -- thirteen that you probably know because you are on top of things. We just ended our record year era. -- taxation. And during a hundred years. We effectively K the government. Without much of a party. The permission. Or any reason should take the product of our minds and our bodies. And block it they call it taxation. Also. Talking back to the beginning of the country do you know what that actually want that caused the revolutionary war and the separation. From England. Then it was fractional. Yeah I'm very well. I got out of that by saying fractional on PS2 percent of them half of the person that I did not know that but all except 2% as an answer. We were willing to go to war and I or -- per -- And that day we end up over fifty. Yes -- I believe that. The same people who had the mindset. Back in 0813 and thirteen. Are still present. The matter back I think Hillary Clinton spoke up one time and -- yeah -- not regret like here when he Turkey and whatever debate. Speech. I believe that. They're continuing forward. And we are considering a new era I believe this will be here era conference station of personal property. And the point of -- gun. Yes. If not you know what there's another way they can do. Remember something big government. It did you -- -- conversation would -- over yesterday. Okay -- and that you have to apologize my friend over and oddly enough I have a life outside the radio stations. Sometimes I even get lucky but. There's postal after. Thank you thank you ask your wife anyway. Sorry had to get that went in there but and anyway the long and the short of his there's no need to apologize. End of the issue here is so big. It's not just a question of taking your property at the point of a gun. The government has the ability and this is what freaks me out of our conversation with very -- yesterday. Big government if that identifies you as an enemy okay they can actually get into your computer. And make it look as though you are the biggest sex pervert in the world with illegal porn. An end the minute they say. We've just arrested so and so on child porn charges well you know what the legitimate reaction to the community is outraged and it should be a disgusting thing. But I have to tell you something if I was sitting on a jury at this point. I don't think I would believe -- damn thing the government set about somebody involving technology especially if that somebody happened to be an outspoken government critic I would say you know what. This is BS. And there's another way they can do it in addition to planting evidence electronically and physically. They can simply decide that you're in violation of XYZ of the tax code. And they can just confiscate your wealth with the point of a pin and a court order. And unfortunately. Because of the consumption of that sweet elixir of apathy for a long period of time. We voted for this. I did not. Unfortunately. Most people did the problem is my friend we don't have an opposition party anymore. We have a bunch of state terrorists some of them call themselves Republicans some of them call themselves Democrats. There is no difference between the two. And anybody who would definitely over the bill of rights is a trader in my book. And other associated. People I. Be well we're we're on the same page and what we need our local patriot groups have each other's backs. So -- You know let's put it this way if you live military -- Williams real you know you should be able to reach out to people who can be your place in five minutes to back you up if you need it. If you believe that some bad stuff is gonna. Or is about to go down. Right where I guess Berger Austria -- our conversation. Maybe go to the cellphone obviously it's the NSA's fault or could just be cellphones. -- thank you my friend I'm glad you called him. 8030930. Are we still the land of the free and do you see that continuing you know Michael Savage. He talks about there's a lot. Even a Rush Limbaugh. My heart. Tingles every time I hear him say we are heading down a fascist wrote. Because -- haven't used that word for so long it taken so much flap for. Now people are finally starting to wake up. But what do we do about it that's my next question. If you agree with me that we are heading towards totalitarianism. What do we do about it. My job if god gives me the strength that the creator gives me the ability. Is to unite everybody of every race creed and color in a common devotion to liberty and freedom. That's what I wanna do. But I don't wanna be a politician. No I really don't but if I was a politician. I told you guys this before used the same approaches -- doing radio I used the Madonna approach. I make no secret of my personal life and I'm not ashamed of it in the least thank you very much right now let's find out about Alan Harris with traffic Allen. The word was golf wanna thank listener mark I think mark. Might be Jewish thank you mark I appreciate the help with that Yiddish. Mine has been a little rusty since I. Stop to a BUB and since I haven't been NYC you know while I usually pick it up pretty quickly but thanks mark -- all. I shouldn't forget that word ever AccuWeather mild tonight a shower or thunderstorm around the overnight -- about sixty tomorrow up to about 79 but clouds maybe a thunderstorm and if you missed it earlier folks it's your favorite day of the year I finally get -- say. I may eighth -- -- with special dispensation. From my eight friends and a certain community thanks guys I love you. Were ahead and it. I love saying that -- it has to be done in that voice it's a tradition. And you know I love everybody. And I don't -- they need to do might you might hold disclaimer thing you guys you guys know my heart. Let's go I actually have one believe it or not it came as a shock to some people you're all gonna WB EM -- ready. -- action currently I still believe we are the greatest land of the free and yes I believe we are rapidly. Eroding and I 55 or ten years are gonna be in real -- Now if we just take some contacts such as jump back on New Year's Federal Reserve. While that would let it all started we know how it evolved in Asia started giving out the bread crumbs. And then K street lobbyists are actively took care big business. And then we move forward to the emphasis on education our children and we started and taunting -- with these. Professors that at a whole different agenda yeah. -- we take three generations and skip to worry -- present day and ironically with the greatest access. Two technology through news media tweeting web -- works. All of a sudden these kids are knuckle heads. Because there -- so on and formed because there at a point of their comfort level is look what they want they got out. Easy easy way to go. And at least units. -- -- -- -- -- could -- -- therefore. We have in the three generations slowly. Evolved. -- we're going to lose what we. -- For so long to learn and it's so ironic. That as the ability of technologies improve. The ability to collect that information and really process it it's just dissolved. -- I wanna continue. I love the way you speak I have to tell you we have. Passion and bad air you addition and you have -- basically. Salivating over every word that many aura tours do -- except of course Obama he just makes me tingle up my leg. On Syria that's a stream down my leg as I consider the future after Obama but he's not the cause it started a long time before President Obama. He does not get sole blame for taking the country in this direction. In no way -- performed to I believe that. I think he's accelerated that I think. His party is the party of the status totalitarianism. Is a totalitarian but frankly the Republicans are. Nobler Patriot Act George Bush. I'm ashamed that I supported the Patriot Act. I'm ashamed I owe you an apology for. -- You know what it. As well -- Let that play for a while -- -- -- talk -- I gotta be here 534 is ready and I birdied WB EM hourly on the radio. Quick question. Is this still boat landing of the flurry. And you might be picking yourself because you may be thirty or under. Wall -- youngster way you're talking about the Fourth Amendment what does today's question I have to do with that. The amendments to our constitution the first ten are known as the bill of rights. Goes rights as George Carlin warned -- years ago are proving to be not rights. They're proving to be what George on the war -- us they work. Temporary. Privileges. Which can be revoked. Any time. Or as he said about the Japanese Americans the United States government under FDR a Democrat interned during World War II. In the detention centers of course the Japanese had rights right this. That's what George Carlin sent an email. And ladies and gentlemen for just joining us those of you who have been listening to me for awhile understand. That I have been. Outspoken in my defense of the Second Amendment. And not only that I have been outspoken in my defense of your other freedoms can confidently with -- Because I've told you. Over and over. Odd that. Probably -- nauseam. -- it was an odd in that might have but I've nauseam may be better. That the Second Amendment. Day that's what that. The Fourth Amendment. What why not why not give it a share or an NSA. Be able to pick pocket every little bit at data you've got -- yourself ball. That's wrong. Government has no damn -- business and yourself ball. None. Unless of course. They warrant based on oath -- affirmation. Is present. Showing probable cause why your cell phone. Is being used you know by the ghost of Pablo Escobar to smuggle tons of Coke and -- -- United States. -- We live in dangerous times I have seen this coming for years. And I've told you. Are we still the land of the free. What can we the people do to make sure that America states the land of liberty. And I'm embarrassed would bet there's -- real hard time. With our national at them the land of -- free. Because you know what. Some restrictions may apply. -- -- -- I don't like. Let's go to new. Department does go to Jim Silver creek on WB -- Jim welcome to the buy -- show high. This afternoon. One of the strengths that I I believe this is it. Damaging terms are a lot writes -- lost luster writes regarding her property. Sure zoning regulations and local ordinances we lost. Most of our rights dealing with private property. And they've been confiscated without compensating people in the UK who put on your house in order asking -- interpret for permission. And they're the right the Sri ownership of property -- -- the fundamentals of the street society. And explain to me exactly. How zoning yeah I mean you -- Say let me just look at this is a homeowner I'm a homeowner. Let's say it my neighbor also is a homeowner. And they wanna use their property as the tiger dumps right now extort him they have a problem with that because that's interfering with my enjoyment of my property. At risk slippery society and older should visit when -- we talk about that. But what are we -- -- -- original founders more -- -- your own a piece of property which part and parcel why they fought the revolution. Was a three ownership of property was -- they didn't have to ask the government for permission to do so up and what truly zoning and and that the police power. -- it collect at least strip the rights of ownership from people without compensation. If you stability -- that -- -- of the week that did the holes and and it's talent represents boat individual. Rights. To ownership. And every time there's that new look ordinance or new zoning code is passed a whole lot of those still go strong to weed out there. They don't compensate you for. I understand the benefits of clean up zoning in terms of collective benefit -- got a little out of hand in terms of bits and I think that's part of the conditioning process. There's people just automatically defer to the government. You mean like telling farmers in California Sean Hannity calls at the land that -- forgot. That they wouldn't be allowed to irrigate their crops anymore. Well not just. You know if you -- clear piece of property or some other use your neighbors basically more. All right see your property. In terms of the signature you what do you do as a taxpayer. And importantly it will -- remember the idea that all we know that property are gonna protect my property value was. And I -- all and -- -- real analysis because. It -- -- does that government can't. Your private property than you do. You raise an interesting point and I had not thought about that in the context of today's show. I do think we need zoning restrictions. But. The question is. You know we we get back to you know my right to throw well my fist kind of stops -- your nose ends you know what I mean. And so yeah I think this is the the original Genesis for voting may have been. You know look -- and -- but it's gotten so far out of whack now. Especially with local ordinances and look what EP go to people and a wetland there. Confiscate basically all your value of that property without compensation. For the cyclical underway. And you got no right. You know basic recourse. This fight the government when it comes to property and that that it but if you go back to your view the original. Idea of the founding fathers. The government had no say in which you can do your property. They couldn't figure right. The Internet until now that they couldn't. He couldn't go that is still. Because it would it would. In -- -- greater there than master plan sleep. A year so -- you I I must tell you raise interesting points and I don't wanna give a premature opinion on this without having had a chance to weigh both sides of it is that fair enough. Yeah but I just it's it's been an -- erosion. And people don't think about it and people don't realize what they've given up. In an extra sinister nature of this open week. Lemon at your local color or total war as the law. Nobody seems that they could affect the border affects everybody. Takes the weight so that they previously it as a right. And it and how it got so far that people just think it's going to always -- -- ground. Going into the western New York State and it wasn't the right of the local township to tell somebody will. All right let's say I. They understand that I mean I I get your side of the argument but here. I don't expect this to be talking this long about this but I commend you on a making me think in a direction they hadn't previously thought thank you very much for that I'd appreciate. I appreciate that stimulating various -- used areas of my cerebral cortex. But the other side of that argument. I was the guy. I was the only buffalo media person who gave a flying -- about the people in Attica New York because -- had the misfortune of being between two media markets buffalo. And Rochester. Are right. And nobody cared because they're not the ratings book. What difference does it may well made a difference to me. And I saw. How an entire community was adversely affected by one the business that had no business doing what it was doing so close to where people were raising families I saw the dust. I had on my fingers it was lost it was awful and the smell sir. Believe me it was every bit as bad as I said go ahead. I do understand it but let's start I mean -- us. Well and one's only. Zero what you personal rights to your -- that you bought it for. And you know it's -- you know fight at this as an insidious process that they're if. If -- -- back from nineteen under inside what you had to do in order to build a hole. Through all the regulations and codes and everything else you have to adhere to withdraw or go to -- got to be kidney -- proper. What because instead bet that slow. Creep in -- society. Everybody's willing and without without thought to give up rights without protest yes there is it -- Part of the conditioning of this poll. This whole -- I believe that that it's all part so the same thing. Nice call looked terrific calls Sarah I want to thank you very much you wanna get some other folks out for got a break next but I'd appreciate heard from him and thank you. -- 030 lead thirty started 3180616. WB -- question are we still the land of the free. And if you believe as I believe that we are accelerating. And and every single day. We are getting closer and closer to full government control over virtually everything you do or put into your body watch or read. Got to tell is something I have to ask you what we do about that. Because that's not America. No. -- the issue is if America goes down. Where we go for freedom. Where else are we going to find. The bill of rights as designed by our founding fathers where else. Good luck. Lloyd in buffalo on WBBM hi welcome to the program. But it kept the legal proceedings here. We have because this has been such a happy go lucky show already. Yeah I know you've heard of something called. The Internet identity eco system. This with a bill that's being put together right now that we're required you and me and everybody just -- a licensed. To operate a computer has stopped all. Or any other electronic device so every transaction you make regardless of what -- it's. It's straight directly back to you so goodbye anonymity. And can you give the via a link on the skin is sending an email to let me know more about it because. I I had not heard about the news. I I heard bill. Actually I heard this so that was so it was in the podcast on the Internet I can probably look it up for you but. I don't really have all the information that I just know that they're calling it the via the identity Internet identity he. Well don't I just it's just -- are cautioned not to all believe everything you see don't believe everything you read don't believe everything you hear unless of course I -- -- amenities beyond reproach. -- Thank you for the call. Seriously dude -- the late Tom at WB EN dot com. Are all around. Are we -- we call. My brother -- -- my thirtieth news radio 930 WBM I must break I really wanna give you guys a happy ending to break through. I don't know if I'm going to be able to do it two days without a happy ending. Friday's going to be explosive. And Hillary is simply say that spraying have. -- it's been a great -- tonight tonight the overnight lol I always like this when the overnight low is going to be 59. Degrees. Tomorrow -- be cloudy and warm 79 but we will pay for with some rain maybe a thunderstorm -- god forbid we get a sunny day it's eighty and end you know no reiterating thing. Always got to be something and then Saturday the rain should end by early afternoon. So maybe just may be I'll finally be able to mow my lawn and a trim my bush. Right now it is fifty. 75 degrees at news radio 930 WB. The end. Robert Joseph I generally lead for I read from left to right. Now I told I try learning Arabic I haven't even tried -- But that's right to left so remember I still do left or right just to say you know. Sorry I rag on joked it's done out of love not out of you know spite believe me we have fun here. If we did that on believe me he wouldn't bother coming here is independently wealthy. Joseph Bieber is actually is the CEO of Bed, Bath & Beyond he comes in here to work with me every day because he loves me John Sherman. Is actually the brains behind hall. Thinking of everybody everywhere and he still comes and the work -- John Sherman is the master John sure of what I'm saying is he's -- its Posey us. Our pact that calls on the WB -- here is a day in camera is Dave. My question is are we still the land of the free do you see it stay that way and what do we do to make sure it stays that way. I barely land of the free. I agree with what -- -- saying a 100%. I think we have Baghdad by. You know cool and why. Day -- do we actually -- hope you mentioned yesterday and the history show. You know about sorrows. Obama. Clinton Soros -- the powers that be behind Obama on. I guess I would say. We critical missile that figure out that who is it's a martial. All the people that -- goodwill that wanted to open about it. You know what people are talking about a hundred years ago with feed the BI error arrests the Federal Reserve. Woodrow Wilson. Intimately involved in all this creation. Or overseeing -- this presidency also. Taking a cynical World War I all three of those things together for. It in and -- scary it is with the technology you were talking about at virtually everything that you say. Or third or put out an email is is out there. By concerned that. That this cheap meal over term legislatively here after the ballot box did and everybody is potentially blackmail or book price bubble. It and -- fact. Would be going back a hundred years Woodrow Wilson. I need it all. I've I mean. And I and I want to be concise here because most people don't even know the Woodrow Wilson was the president of America during World War I is just the name from history but they have no idea who we want is so after the break just. Let's just bottle this and put it up at a nice ball it's easy to understand for everybody. Ease in communications simplicity in communication and that's not a criticisms are there it is it's just I do this for a living. And he got to remember we've all been dumb down and your Smart guy and sometimes it's tough to make your connection because everybody else has been bombed out.

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