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5-8 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

May 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Dead Americans what I'm -- I protest with it because -- guys out for a walk one night decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got help after -- it. Then you can keep your plan if you're satisfied with a. Our lady and I don't know I didn't put. -- -- People know and it's alive. It's local. It's Tom how early. Away at a white women that news radio. I'll read that it is our land is ready -- my authority WBD. And on a Thursday. Sarah look good is speak and -- when it is constantly -- -- that this problem -- just constantly disconnecting with Google. And it doesn't. Would core bit. You know it's almost like you got to speak and then wait ten -- -- the words actually show up and let anybody else and that issue. Here is that no no of course nobody else has in Asia because as the Bauerle electronics curse that's exactly what it is if if there is a bit of electronic equipment to be bought I will take the one that is not going to operate according to oil gets you remember times. I'll be in the -- mid sentence and Google cannot be reached at the moment. Well I idea then why don't they use a different server. Or am I supposed to do there. I don't understand. These -- cellphones quite frankly are beyond me most modern electronics are beyond the other event. Knowing how to use them at least a bare minimum. You know I wonder how many of you can actually exists. Well for -- more than a couple of hours without you were up without your cellphone I -- -- -- this game a little bit stilted in my speech because then. Doing the old logging in to eighty different account saying which -- had already done that and the computers frightened I'd do it again so. It myself a little bit like -- OK he's stalling for time your absolutely. Right I am. All right well I think just systems are up and running now law. And that would give you as much serious that I you guys want that heavy duty stuff first of all it's actually shorts weather this marks the second day in a role. I have worn shorts to work since the summer of 2013. Second day in a row hopefully you are enjoying the warm weather that we are having. And it's so nice to be able to if you want to walk outside without a jacket. Or without -- Parker or without a lot of help feeling the need to build an -- every fifty feet as they shelter on your walk around the block. That's a good feel like. But I think I heard city beat us edit feature of this morning I didn't -- have a chance to judge the whole show I was involved in -- and other matters. But. I got a player -- it insults me as a taxpayer and it should -- saw you as a taxpayer. Bats. We are pot bring. Let's get this right 130. Million dollars of your money money that is stolen from your pitcher Jack. And we're basically giving it to billionaires. For building that is used eight days a year. For entertainment. -- -- Then they talk about wanting to build a new stadium for a football team got to see this area at its priorities straight. I have an idea maybe this is bubble but whoever buys the Buffalo Bills let them buy it. And build our own beer and stadium. Let them build this stadium we can't afford the stadium. And Sandia the other day and I don't Rush Limbaugh has talked about this is well. Talks about the hidden taxes and how upset you guys would be if you actually had to write a check instead of having money withheld from new. If you take a look at your project -- John I've payday was -- few days back. If you look at your check. Now can you mentioned receiving the fall out of your check and whatever taxes you had to pay you physically had to write out a check to New York State. Like -- the order of New York State 150 dollars. Paid to the order of the United States treasury. 378. Dollars if you had to do that every time he got paid you would understand -- you're getting Balt but you don't. It's called withholding its -- the money you don't see it so you don't feel when it's gone and the idea that some of you basically are willing to bend over and say efforts were. -- -- What Colorado moronic. Attitude is that. Couldn't you use that money for yourself when your own family. How about being able to investing yourself so you could be as -- -- one of those NFL owners so you can be is rich is one of those NFL football players. I mean before they knocked up eighty different women and then have to pay child support for the rest of their lives which they never pay anyway because five years after signing they're basically in prison. So wouldn't you like to be able live like that the reason you can't live like that is because they take that money from you before you sit and they got rich guys. And welfare queens. It's corporate welfare for billionaires. It's disgusting. And whether or not I'm into sports is really immaterial. I like movies. I don't expect the government to build a movie theater I did Jesse regal theaters. You know what. But alas we are just not enough to add it -- they got a tax abatement for BCI idea I don't know if they -- -- and I think I DAs are wrong anyway but that's -- show for another Derek. But I happen enjoyable -- I happen to enjoy places with live music. Like -- how -- Now holidays is an entertainment complex it's on main street in Matt Williams go slash Clarence. It's and it's -- place for entertainment like a stadium news. I don't barber the CEO of saudis he -- the building Jack Fowler. I don't remember Jack or the people who all that building -- Erie county saying. We need taxpayer money to provide entertainment or word of a -- this elsewhere we're gonna move it to a Memphis. Entertainment. But top it's free publicity for the area -- got it. And you wanna tell -- tape allegedly what good that's done since 1968. Because the population has declined. The population has gotten older and poor in this area and in this state the outflow of people far -- is the inflow of people. All of whipped an NFL team. So come again and all those intangible positives I'm supposed to believe them. Which are nothing but excuses rich guys used to get your money like they don't have enough of their own. So out screw the bills the next time they wanna build a stadium let the new owner build -- -- -- stadium. I really think withholding is a horrible way detects but the government is Smart. Because they now that if you had to write a check like my mum is obviously -- as the work. So she asked to write a check to the government every single quarter. For money. For real money she has to say they check to uncle sand. And her body is used of course to provide people with their Obama phones. And their food stamps. As well as the military. Which. We all need until they start using it against us. But. They take that money and they redistribute. The wealth. You know from mom and they do the same thing with -- And it just never fails to amaze me how when you bring up a sports. You know suddenly people's common sense goes up now. And they're willing to just say or have my money have my money it's for football it's for the NFL is for the girls here have my money here -- more you need more here take it. Let's say the same thing about the Buffalo Sabres you don't wanna be here goal. -- something else. We did a chimney but did anybody -- this season that we did have hockey. Did did anybody died that year were everything up truncated. Are right. -- I live through it Joseph you live threw it right without hockey you use survive correct and -- huge hockey fan. -- an even bigger hockey -- he survived. Let's survivor a movie theaters. In other things called books. As Brian Griffin on Family Guy says it's like the Internet with trees. So all there's this whole idea. I mean again we live in this upside down world folks where some of the same people call -- to bitch about how highly taxed we are. Immediately think with -- Other heads instead of -- with their brains. About your money being used to give to a sports franchise. In a leak that makes you zillions of dollars every year I'd just don't get it I honestly don't. But then again. What are -- ago. Now I do know a few things. What are two that I about a couple in the way it. You know we've talked a lot. -- well relatively recently but not in the past couple weeks -- in general terms. About where you see the United States of America -- Over the course of the next though let's say five to ten years or maybe longer. And I ever real simple question for you today. As we approach Independence Day July 4. I realized were couple months away from met but. Is America. Truly the land of the free. Is America truly the land of the three. And will it stay that way. Because I will tell if something I have been worrying about -- A lot. I have been very concerned for quite some time. About the direction the country is taking whether it was George Bush in the White House. And my failure to speak up against the Patriot Act which I should've done I supported it instead like an idiot. Because I -- failed to heed what Ben Franklin sent. About giving up essential liberty for temporary security. I should elicit a Ben Franklin and -- Tom -- I should have. Not supported the Patriot Act I screwed up I won't make that mistake again. But I wanted to -- is something in general terms I do not view freedom in this country. As having a long lifespan whatsoever. And I think it is going to crumble before your very eyes faster that you can even imagine I believe the process is already. Underway. I do not believe the United States is the land of the free anymore. Well well -- -- That's the problem. The United States. We were freedom's last -- We were the last bastion of government by the people and for the people. And now all we have metamorphosis. Into. This. Post constitutional. Republic. And these -- the -- big of technology. Is simply enabling government. And the powers that be to control -- to monitor you every single day more and more. For example folks how much data be -- your FaceBook page. Let me ask you. Hot hot college did did you put out there. That's my question. Many of these sacrifice a lot of your all and privacy voluntarily on FaceBook. While I liked The Beatles. I like the BJ's. I liked. Rodriguez. A really good like searching for sugar man. But. -- the point -- try to get at here is you put your birthday a matter where you went to school you're friends with who went to school. They can tell with whom you were talking if they choose to do it may be big government. We now know that even at the county level your cell phone is considered fair game for government to basically pick pocket you. Ladies and gentlemen I don't like what I am seeing developing in the United States of America. And I've told you previously. Bat. What you have to look out for. And god knows we've done a lot of shows on the Second Amendment you know we did the water to show is on a New York -- we just wanted to. -- eat eat eat eat but. Folks. What governments like this will start to do. And you need to be aware of Paris. Anybody including you and who is active. As a commentator. And all opinion maker. On FaceBook who starts developing a loyal following of people who like your posts. You need to look out I am not telling you to be paranoid. I'm telling you to be aware. I want you to be aware that everything you put on FaceBook. Is going to be looked at by somebody. Especially. The more influence you game. And the more Cogent arguments against the establishment. The more you will draw their attention. And what a totalitarian. State will always do at the beginning. Is go after the people who conceived through the BS. That is job one in any dictatorship. Elimination. Of the intelligentsia. You either kilogram or you throw them in prison. You either kill them or you play it evidence with them and you arrest them that is lesson number one in totalitarianism. That's what they do that's how the game is played. Now when you start hearing about. People who had Internet sites that subtly. Get service denied and you don't know what ever happened to them. When you start hearing about a talk show host here -- talk show host there -- talk show host over there. Running into trouble with the IRS. Or worse. That's the government at work. That's how they played the game. It's all about trying to discredit the opposition. That's what -- totalitarian. Nation guts. And I know I mentioned this yesterday. If I would have told you that the IRS. Would audit 10% of people who gave it to Tea Party organizations you would call me crazy all the lunatic probably bonkers. Look at Drudge today. 10%. Of donors to Tea Party causes have been audited by the IRS. I know one local hero who is now -- bit audited three years in a row by the IRS. Folks. Its not even a question of it coming to America it's year. You need to be made aware of do you believe we are still a free country. And where do you see the threats coming from. Folks we're not gonna be conquered by potent. Will not be conquered by China. We're going to be sold out by our all government. No colossus will strike the ocean to invade America. Our death will be by suicide. 8030930. Our national debt not debt 8030930. Is opponent started thirty on the cell phone 180616. WBM. All right it is at 334 news radio on I thirty WB and it has -- simple question. Is the United States still the land of the free and do you see it staying that way. I do not. I absolutely do not and I'm gonna go a step further. Technology. Has enabled your government to track not only your every move. But York every political spoken. Or written -- fought. Anytime you text anytime you email. And it is only my friends a matter of time. Before you start hearing. About. Shall we say dissidents. Having your run of bad blocked. How the game is played folks. You know three don't like thirty. Starting at 3180616. WB EN. Did you ever think you would live in a land. Where the Second Amendment even had to be question. Did you ever think in your lifetime. That we would have to seriously remind government about the Fourth Amendment. That doesn't get to go on fishing expeditions. Doesn't get the just pick pocket you can see what you're up to. That's about the founding fathers' intention. Was not the spirit of the constitution. They didn't trust government. If they were alive today and they saw. What is being done. I think they would be I think debates start lining people up against walls. Let's go to a jury in Amherst. Here's maybe a little belt cheat on that WB EN Gerri are we still the lid of the three idiocy of staying that way. Well you know I think we have to strike problem the other day that The Who has one of the programs they NN where that cup place in the world to live right now. They had similar number one Norway numbers to sweeten the retreat in the world United States -- that number 31. Thing going down. Well that's based on which criteria. Well -- cost of living. Places to live with crime. And things of that nature. So I think it's the kind of -- lake you know. It does look good. Well I mean I guess I would need to know more about it started because it really depends on exactly what you're trying to measure. For example. Finland Norway it was -- -- country -- Sweden Finland Norway Sweden are -- For example. That was long an argument the left in this country used. But wait a minute Finland Norway and Sweden they all have taxpayer funded health here look they should be your models look they don't walk around with guns should be our models and deceit to -- that's not -- model. You know what though it's up the debate is that most of the people they're basically take care of themselves than me -- -- there hell they. Pretty out of not a called exercise they go to school -- pay attention but it there in that sense I think we don't have -- We don't go to school we don't pay attention we wanna -- from the government. And they don't really -- -- take for the government the basic idea. New York state health care and so forth but then again they can take care of yourself and really take care of itself. You don't need it like you know like the people that are now -- situation where. You know the young people running -- signing up so like 80%. Of those countries. People under sixty do not used -- virtual you know -- like to think -- do. Well -- I'm not so sure about that because I know few people from Canada and today they have no issue at all with recognizing -- hip -- -- and -- and everything Uighurs and appreciate the sinkers. -- -- In Canada they drink beer and have a lifestyle that they had great weakness in those other countries in the very good -- The it's like 80% of people over the that they do. You know it's issue and I was kind of step with his diet and everything like that is really about serious about 20% of the people that paid for this system that. That's considered likely that the government pays for everything. That's no -- let me ask you something right specifically then let's let's forget about lifestyle and whether people smoke or don't smoke or whether they use health. Insurance or government health plans whatever forget about that for just a moment. Do you believe that we are the land of the free can you -- from the examples of why you believe we either are or are no longer. Oh well I believe we are shipped -- Vietnam. And I hit -- you know I went to school like studied but it was what -- school he's studied as we have a pretty good lifestyle. But if you don't. Know we're not talking about we're not talking about circuses. -- Brad we're talking about freedom. -- you know what you can have a great lifestyle and. And you can be not current. Padilla gets it terribly this year right at that point. All right I that thank you Jerry -- okay let's not confuse lifestyle with freedom. And I suppose that could see the subject of another shell but. We're talking about your rights. And freedom as in America. Are simple question. Are we stole the land of the free. When you look out 510 years from now. Do you believe that you'll still considered the United States of America to be a free country I do not. And -- its -- site use of examples of how. Totalitarianism. -- are trying to control you. A totalitarian or try to Detroit you have to work in New York City trial with that soda pop men. -- sixteen ounces or more. You have the campaign against the Second Amendment which is never ending. You have the IRS going after people who donate to Tea Party causes 10% of them being audited check Drudge Tuesday. You know that is what I'm talking about. Not what you got two cars in the garage and a chicken in every pot. You know I've I've told you guys before. About -- Roman expression bread and circuses. That's what you do to keep the people just. Lazy I am happy enough so they don't realize they're being fattened for slaughter. You give -- Brett you have enough to get but. And you make sure they've got something to distract their minds. -- when the doctor holds the doll in front of the kids face when the doctor then gives the kid shot in the arm. To distraction. The circus bread and circuses the government does it. And we is society do it but just on a much larger scale. The government. Once you stupid. People. People and I said the government I -- people in power. Want you to be stupid. They don't want -- think. They don't want you to understand how the game is really play. I think Paul -- a couple of months ago. About. What they didn't teach you in school that you had to find out on mural. And if you that was the show during which I mentioned at the movie Serpico. Which is about a real New York cop in frank Serpico starting Alpa chino. And that my friends. Is a lot more common. Than you might think. -- option is common. And ladies and gentlemen I guarantee you there are people in power who would sell their souls to the double. If it -- tickets to take one step up the political wrong. If they get had just a little bit more power a little bit more control over your life. They be more than happy to do. They're cheap. I sooner -- Barbara Bush the first talking about a new world order. I still don't know exactly what that means. New world order. Does that mean that -- land of the free. Will be the land of the thought controlled. And I hear about things like Google glass. Hillary. Basically turning people into android's. It's bad enough for their cellphones. Might actually it's called a Droid Andrea. All right it is at 343 are we still the land of the free or do you see that changing. I see -- rapidly changing. And and I got to -- it's not. I always haters if it's not some nebulous cloudy. A serial concept. Friends of mine. Are being audited out the ass by the IRS. Because they gave to the wrong political candidates when I say audited. I made audited year after year after year after year that's persecution. It's absolute persecution. The IRS is being used as a political assets. And I'm not overstating. Nobody knows what the tax laws really are an America nobody -- how could you. There are too many of them. You call the IRS and asked for information on filling out your return talked to ten different reps with the IRS you'll probably get five different answers on the same question. That's one way they can get you. They'll find a way to trump up tax charges against. Rush Limbaugh is another example he talks about yearly being audited by New York State hasn't worked here in years. And still gets audited. Folks are we still the land of the free. And do you see. Good times. Bad times ahead. Do you see a wave of freedom or do you see -- creeping insidious totalitarianism. Taking shape. What I hear Rush Limbaugh using the word fascism. And national radio show. The same word I have used. And for what it's worth the comedian Rob Schneider the top aides. Even he has awakened. And says he -- fascism. What what's it gonna take folks to wake people up. Well unless unless you just don't believe me. Unless you think that under some kind of whacked out conspiracy theorist. I know my history. I know how totalitarian. Governments always operate its always the same way. First of all your crush dissent Heidi a crush dissent. Either kill the dissenters where you put him in prison. Here is -- -- experience. In the buffalo WB EM Brian based rowly you happen to have any pollen allergies -- tree grass allergies beer. -- It well it it is it is it is I'm willing to suffer the consequences sporty convertible but it what's up. -- what I wanted to see first up I want. To a public apology I I ya I was here they were you last year are about to Sacramento and just keep order around. Well I got -- -- Some -- Erica. Well I I noticed this -- the mission pre. Both the constitutional court is probably the most important document that ever been written. In the history there. -- and I I know. Are -- in in government is what. People government take money from one group which we're not turner overdrive. -- -- -- -- First of all or where you're you're actually apologizing to me -- I got here with the a couple of -- -- understood that. -- soul. In -- I would sure like all the iron out here it would mirror your whole. VO want. -- -- -- -- What major I'm curious what offensive major rethink that because. 1 of my central themes talking about the safe -- wise once legal after the Second Amendment believe me. Every other amendment is in jeopardy and we've already seen the Fourth Amendment now even locally. In any questions please go ahead. Apparently -- and -- that that's what's -- -- and the -- -- whose radio. It should be you know or should be modified and it is being their their -- -- And or are seeing now. We're with what's been going. News is it it's injury it it's it's -- -- understand. Look you know you were I was told by eight by police I don't need ya are shorts are. Booklet that I -- it. And I pray I never well. However. I understand. In order are you it's all right. Meeting here and -- -- arc from there but it's -- that you are like the giving it if you're. You know it it is it's built into you know -- the bowl and sugar -- Your your mission that is of course. There and they beat. Out driving anyway yeah and in the calculation that the keep. You know. The dirt dirt dirt just chipping away at it stop. Well first of all it takes a man. To call him and say what you said and I will say that our. Honor must meet honor and I -- not only accept your apology but I will also tell you it's unnecessary. You were and are entitled to your opinion. I'm glad -- but I'm sad that you are now seeing a the press eons of what I said over a year ago actually taking shape as I predicted it would. You Gerstner are unable or it's -- -- but got to get you know also bring stricter. -- there aren't partners of however being told by the -- awful -- but I don't every constitutional rights. This is very typical except. Our. Well without without fully knowing the content the market -- Well it one at that I want to thank you -- for the phone calls her thank you very much. I really appreciated. Without the context of his story folks -- the story about the kid who took one or two extra pops when he got busted and that was the big anti cops scandal of the week last week. The worst part about that was the cop trying to steal the governments. Don't. He know he'd been videotaped. And thank god the guy who took the video at the street smarts to swap phones with somebody else. They guided in swap with somebody with child porn that would see gotta be mild it is at 349 at news radio 930 WBE. All right thanks Alan and AccuWeather going to be a mild like that I've put a shower or thunderstorm -- on the overnight low 59. Are thunderstorms got a romantic. Well in those have you with a significant others don't like to smuggle up largely streaks of lightning and listen to the under. I don't know other third kind of return on I mean innate in an intellectual way. Mostly cloudy and warm tomorrow temperature approaching the record of 82 set in 2007. But -- it's approaching the record. So why even mention it three degrees. Really. 78 I -- Friday. Right now what does it -- 75. Theft ought to check out sports at news radio 930 WBBM. All right it is at 353. Its hourly are we still the land of the free. And ladies and gentlemen. I have grave. Concerns about our future as a free country. I believe our bill of rights and our constitution. Are in grave. Jeopardy I think there in critical. Condition. Meanwhile. You're busy taking their kids to soccer practice and hockey I know I was in the same boat it's easy to get distracted by other stuff in your life. That's my job to tell you what's going on my kids are older -- so I've got you know more time to be a rebel browser. With my radio blunder -- as Jeff Simon would put it in the news. It is coming up on 355 a little break now and we're gonna get back into this in the next hour my friends. Are we still the land of the free. Friends I don't like what -- perceived to be the future. Of the United States long and the short of it is I believe we're heading toward a post constitutional. Non free non republic. Technology will enable it faster than I had anticipated. Meanwhile most Americans will be. -- drug to know what's going.

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