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5-8 Beach and Company Hour 3

May 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I think wording -- you are not listening closely is ocean OCE. A and ocean I think yes ocean just on the spelling -- We're talking about the new stadium. Because that's when everybody is talking about front page news and of course every every one of the politicians goes and talks to a Roger Goodell the commissioner and then they come back and -- I just talked to Roger Goodell. He's very competent devils to -- buffalo. New stadium this one is a temporary effects yeah Cuomo said that Schumer said that -- Lagarde said that. A mayor Byron brown is in favor. Of alias a city lay out for a new stadium and were asking those same you're paying for all of that weather though a check comes from the county the city. Or the state it's all your money they do not print up a dollar. A because it wouldn't be federal money so when dated even more federal money be still you money you gotta remember this year of flipping the bill here. Are so do you favor new stadium. And if so where ordered -- what would be would it be -- -- would it be retractable. Wouldn't be an open -- like we have now. And where would -- -- we'd like to know that also future uses of the current stadium this is what we went through when we left the rock -- And that was tough because those rock pile but this is still going to be a decent stadium. So I don't know beyond high school or maybe you'll be what we would. I think it was last year the ball -- news' Hannity. An article on what would happen with the stadium. And the thought was then it'll just get demolished -- even named some companies and local amateur level -- talk while was content to lawfully allowed. Way and then they'll probably would condos and there think about like this. If you're spending a 130. Million dollars which is what this renovations going to be and -- -- we were told well ahead of time that he can really notice a huge difference. And so they got to put a 130 million this knowing in nine years from now it's going to be vacant. I did that that really bothers me to be honest. All right let's say let's go to a Chris first of all a couple of FaceBook posts and by the way to policy Tony's picks and chris' pixel Aaliyah. The big draft tonight with a Buffalo Bills or go to the FaceBook page they are post what he decorous. This is from Brian -- are out these improvements now because even if we get the new stadium the current Wendy's the last another five to ten years. A new stadium we're also need to be centrally located and used for other functions. God does have to because if I don't like this right now the bills get all the revenue over anything that happens out there at that stadium anything. But there aren't that many events that were aware of you know it's not packed every weekend and in the offseason. Maybe. Who knows if we had a retractable roof -- dome. Could get more winter use. But it seems long ago I I've not heard about a lot of things going on out there outside of the bills. And keep in mind this is the scary part. The only way. Short of playoffs which means forget that they don't play games. Eight games OK the -- -- three hours age 24 hours a year a football out there. And that's -- that's coming commercials. Are a the games are actually an hour the actual games or an hour so that really is eight hours a year. For a billion dollars. Today when you look like that when you get logical about instead of getting crazy about it it's from its it's a daunting number it was put it that way. Let's go to like Kevin and panels and -- Kevin thinks -- Jeff. V what's that -- the order to -- Points are on its cities if you put it right in the last point York which are local to -- you through -- -- a day and our record for sport in relation to the studio. Look. I would think that -- who want I don't care. Couldn't -- what do you want to do -- -- in -- The corporate actions green up but he all right oh okay do you think -- -- they're mean this. I'd say it is ripe open planner for -- coming here and how. If make do you which side the residents around here it marketer properties and you would secure the pocket if you because it all is wrong -- humans there. I think that you know it figured it was people look at price did so -- all have been -- -- not much. If any other planners who would like to abide in my house I -- I don't quite have enough land to houses stadium but maybe a hot dogs and will be good. Yeah -- so that's whether it can do no relation to the -- that floor you know. A lot of of course that it if they don't you know it doesn't matter what did they or not they know what. More year who would we represent those ex generals now -- density to mention to bring in -- Rosa Parks and all of that. -- well there are certain rate hike won't and that is bikinis. In the back of the box. -- Rosa Parks was. Where urgency -- I did not see that are would have picked up on. -- -- -- that. -- back home. Dennis Michael. In them and it would get a boat from our report -- but just how she how did you really Rosa Parks of that. Actually she was being interviewed its currency and that morning. Accuracy in order right -- did shields and all that and sort and it's important or you know it was a part. Didn't come into the sort of bought these goods that we just it was a part of our column Paul believes seen -- you know it's so sick. All that's it that's rigged the first rise ridiculous the only thing I've heard they were having -- we're Rosa Parks is that both were in a bus at one time that's about Rosa Parks was all different in a different ball game. Yeah exactly exactly but any we ever got so what you're supporting and son interprets what you would say it's early next month. We go to -- its semifinal in a little property that Tony. I'd like yeah I like your enthusiasm and I'll be rooting for the red white and blue -- you guys are pathetic thank you thank you very much yeah the World Cup. My idea of the World Cup is Pam Anderson. That's a World Cup. It's a fake -- right. I don't like -- don't score a lot just like they don't score a lot in soccer however -- exciting whether they score -- not. Crisis it's about -- Clinton more but you know movement out of hawks herself -- hockey is there now how does a soccer game last. About ninety minutes ninety minutes and there might be right goals. In a -- watching so marker while watching game with me. No -- shouldn't. You explained it well you're not -- Jim Schoenfeld marks Cashman through the boards. A win one punch I'll give Jim McCall was if you save your children under and -- found and when I was. I was playing poker with Jim -- throw in his rookie year and I beat them out of hand and we're playing catch he would Canadian money we have US money. I had him sign because I -- signed a dollar bill that he lost to me. And more a but I just haven't signed the one because it might be rookie of the year I had to go find him again and I I didn't know where it was. But I'll never forget the time he's he turns to my old boss norm -- And he shows -- his cards and he says what does this beat. And he had four queens in his hand okay. Sure outlook that is it was out of hand and said all malls in the thing. -- but he didn't -- -- in that -- and I saw that I -- frame it as you should put the ball well take a break Schoenfeld a great guy. Love shall what what a terrific person. We have a moral Beijing company under is great and I'm thirty W via. But did make it. Yes -- they dare to go public with their picks. Tony and Chris have both posted via draft picks for the buffalo. Bills on tonight. OK we got 9019. Picks. Seven exits have a -- they have seven picks. And does so they've already posted them and you're like see what they think go to our FaceBook page and then post Jerome. And Tennessee -- you do against of these guys who are draft next. I love for Bubba -- you really have to pay attention it's so far one guy is questioned -- -- judgment. What that's like questioning your manhood I think you should -- you should you should challenge enjoy dole. Slap in the face what I -- achieve what you think it would be -- if I'd known I haven't outrageous French accent and it's hard. And so eco questioning your general nobody knows until it happens souls that one question do you think they're gonna try and -- up. No no I haven't since 1982. And that doesn't mean along now you haven't had sex since 1982 either doesn't mean that -- that and try to knock it I don't tried to trade outlook. Hey Chris what do you think I think they're trying to about Indiana and the prices probably going to be two aren't. Is there any chance that we would take -- Mac. If he were available. Yes there would be a chance I'll -- -- I mean when you see Patrick Kane playing in another city. When you see people we're good locally and and didn't catch on with our teams it's that you think -- -- -- -- I don't think so I agree -- -- -- if he was available we take him but if the -- trade up I don't think he's -- if you wouldn't trade up for him object. Because I really liked what I saw him last night on national TV. When he was talking about polls set -- -- was the buffalo and and his team UB of course and it's nice thing that's refreshing. It wasn't about -- Mimi -- in the blank. It's about how he really likes it here I thought that was great. In one of our all listen to our listeners. Hoping to be proud parents. At their son could be drafted that's Alex notes wide receiver from UB. In from Grand Island so there's good chance he could -- goes well wow maybe not tonight maybe. I would say maybe Saturday years. Can you imagine waiting for that phone to ring or however they communicate a debate -- each other now I'm really sure -- -- it. Item waiting for that they haven't because some very famous NFL players didn't get drafted when they thought they were gonna get draft has government the out. Yeah that's right I mean he turns out to be one of the best of all time. Yeah in this famous footage of him from ESPN. The almost fall asleep on his -- call -- that I do that -- and I was never draft that I keep waiting for them -- indoors yes -- -- your -- I know and I didn't even get a cookie from the general manager call me broke my heart. -- think. I've been back sixteen years you would think that -- he would remember who was and -- I get a cocky. Don't you think I should get a cookie -- left the couple -- they had smiley cookies I don't know what they're a smiling about what they were having -- everybody but they missed me and Tony Chris Lofton. Congress may be yeah he may be normal cause they offered him -- Chris did you eat our cookies while they did -- on the job today for me and John that -- -- now I know -- armada hot guy. It's -- when the manager offers you a cookie you'd take that even if you don't you that you'd taken the Sino. Loyalty let's go to Gary Williams though -- on WB again. Certainly. Who take your math. And do a little widow of mass panic OK let's Villa. K let's say the new stadium -- the last point five Beers. Billion dollars regular season game that's five million dollars a game. Of taxpayer money. Yeah that. Glad to come back to the community or they're gonna go to the. That that's a pretty good point how much does come back. There's always been a question of how much any pro team adds to the community as far as giving back him in churning those dollars over. And it's questionable. Okay so with that in mind I think that we should build. The new stadium. Right next to the old stadium. Build it exactly. The same little. And you name it tax payers stadium. So that we can -- ever see the Ali of wasting a billion dollars. You know I'd like you one question they came up 20 I'm not taxpayer but. The stadium as Ralph Wilson Stadium right now when the new owner comes down and the taxpayers of -- flip a billion dollars that it. Is there any chance it would be change I mean there's precedent for our rob. Joe Robbie Stadium where the dolphins play. Change the name after Joseph Robbie died is there any chance you think Gary that they would change the name. The only elected think would be. -- -- Like all transit road in and trends are. All BV and beat me. All right I don't. Know how about all soccer and new soccer stadium. On that thank you divide. What do you. This thing is there any chance because. Let's face it the stadium name was given to Ralph Wilson as. Thank you kind of thing he didn't pay for. Is there any chance they would take that name in and change it when they go to new stadium. Yes I can see it changing when they go into a new -- they can still do dedication to Ralph Wilson in a way. -- -- section of the -- or like Jimmy Griffin hasn't but at the ballpark downtown or you just -- elected to invest more than in the court after -- -- -- of -- Ralph Wilson yields -- the -- have the -- -- field -- a little -- you know such and such job random -- basically -- to be disrespectful to -- -- really know what you -- -- Yeah it's a touchy situation because he's just died but I I have often thought to even when he was still around it which it sold the naming rights. The San Diego Chargers are believed needed some stadium improvements. And they didn't have their naming rights -- they sold them and put all their money back into the third allow. Yeah I've makes sense to do that remember the original -- stadium was pile of it was -- was rich stadium. And ruffles and did not wanna call it stadium even though rich corporation paid a million dollars for. And all the broadcast media have to refer to what they were required to refer to what. As orchard park stadium in the national TV contract local radio local TV. And then finally after that ran out. I was kind of given as thank you Ralph Wilson -- to Ralph was not thrilled to be calling -- stadium anything. Except in the and Ralph Wilson Stadium that's how that's it and up. We're going to the go see the Tom Parker knows from next. Named after strangely enough mark whitener will be back -- -- -- -- -- I'm thirty we are WB yet. Your hearing the voice of -- -- WDN. Call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and starry -- journey and our toll free line is 1806169. 9236. This out of somebody how Holloway went on a school board have three names -- you noticed that I mean here's a sitting on the -- school board as of July. -- -- -- Three name's Barbara seals never goal three name's Sharon Belton -- three name's Mary Ruth cap CX three names. Teresa Harris fig three name's Katrina -- I think that's the key to getting on the bargaining three names to it doesn't -- Or maybe for our names. -- -- It over about 301806. -- 606. 930 let's it would Davis thinking in Mecca and more -- of -- on WB yen. Good morning -- empowered you feel like I couldn't be. You know when I was in Cleveland only. And there were three times. I was on the -- but perhaps -- I didn't with a little dip but I like this statement that was built the waterfront. Right on the water -- -- yeah right on the lottery -- if from a hall of fame there. Exactly it's practically all paying respect to know I know that there was on the train and we were going to speak. All the pain but now I'm like -- and I'd -- you know as they -- they're gonna play and I'm not. Buildup stating what -- had to go to the -- about -- don't. Yeah especially if it has a dome a waterfront could have year round activity without much of a problem yeah I if you're gonna move America. Take a grand step as long as it could. The infrastructure -- -- goes with highways and things like that's kind of limited right now. Ingress and -- but. Yeah I like that thinking and does so thank you I don't I don't -- water gas. Another thing no other equities are pretty vocal -- -- perhaps that it would be probably. To our advantage to a remedy out of the rapid transit in this stadium park but -- whatever. Rick you are spur from the transit better and that's what I did. And then when you have just taken down there have a rough time. So opposite brand and people get not a Big Apple would not get wet and they go into the stadium -- Well what we need is of the things you're suggesting -- comprehensive. Plan and other words how to get people in how to get people out. How many people can -- whole what kind of facilities with supported nearby there's a lot of things against that are especially when you're gonna invest probably a billion box I like your ideas they have thank you. Ability as I said though one thousands of Cisco II went to the raiders games all the time which required a bar cried the other -- -- There -- airs video station right there they get off the Barton there's a stadium and it doesn't get any easier than that. And then coming home same thing these put on extra trains of course going in and out on game -- is it. It's easy you don't -- about finding your car you know the worry about driving your car. And it's just an easier way to do things are right the new stadium we wonder if you're in favor of it. And what would be the use of the old stadium doesn't make sense this two spent a 130. Million dollars as they're doing now to spruce up the Ralph. When indeed everybody seems to agree that in nine years or less that is going to be empty. I am today. A hundred dollars told Cuomo he told Schumer told falling guards he told brown yeah about a big fan we want to keep the team there in the set and every one -- -- To keep it viable that's always a that's a key where news of football always has the key word this is viable. And flexible is usually pretty good word competitive. Is the word duo for. Anytime they want -- raise ticket prices on the so we can remain competitive they raise the ticket prices are still coming to us about the sabres. They have the worst season they've ever had practically since the invention of hockey the dollar payment and Iran on the ice that melts and they still raise ticket prices. So I guess a success on the ice that's like going to a restaurant that serves you bad meal after bad meal after bad -- and they raise the price of the bed -- Not a real fortunate you -- -- nice up what was a 4% so it's not the end of the world but it's a thought process that goes into that. What you can understand if they want to be part of the revenue sharing. They have to do that yeah have you ever noticed that in order to for them to get more money from someplace else and this -- just talking this happens a lot that they need more money from you. Is that like the same old deal. Where some flam flam man comes up and says. I just found this bag of money. And I want this year would view. And if you give me some money. I'll share of the money -- just found my answer to that person would be take mine out of the bag. And then give me -- share what's led to me than that -- that. But they always can revenue share with the league or other teams or whatever. If they get more money from -- Ever forget that -- is that like a forum clammed kind of deal home I think -- Chris what are we have opposed it on FaceBook -- this one comes from Steven he's is that we should move the team to Niagara -- -- an -- will stop throwing money at the bills in the NFL should have to chip in some two. Well I live in Niagara county but just barely in Niagara county I record just have my house moved across the creek I. Yeah I don't. I don't know why I I just feel that the thought of a new stadium isn't foreign to me. But the thought of spending a 130 million dollars which were doing now as we speak. For this one knowing it's going to be obsolete is. Sometimes wrong one another -- this one comes. From -- He's as Erie county has an extra billion dollars for stadium I just don't see the reason for an industry they made nine billion dollars last year tax free. To get more of our money. Well -- out where we're talking about that off the air. It seems like a big goal of the commissioner Roger Goodell if you look at it seems to be year round football. I've said before that in the NFL is enormously successful. By far and away the biggest sports league in in our country certainly. However. They seem to just getting they're getting bloated and bloated bloated I think they could implode I really do a lot of under their own weight. And you mention you guys mentioning that they wanna increase. Things like the draft. They wanna make it into a bigger event become mind do you think they're heading that way to try and grab more and more -- a year around them. But it out there were a lot of experts have said that this is the goal of the NFL. -- to expand to year round in to a financial become global. But I think in order to would you agree with -- actress yeah it's always looking it's annoying because I mean the fact that. The draft is in May this year is the first time it's ever been and may I hate all me after weeks of speculation that we've had there was fear god should show in my mind. I think a break. From anything you like whether it's banana splits. Or the National Football League make sure want it more when you come back to it. If it's year round I mean you dilute the product as far as I can understand as far as I understand it. It's it's the kind of thing work you need a little time off to come back recharged rejuvenated ready for another season. If they keep dragging it out and drag in -- gonna miss that. I would rather see more and more gains -- events like. The draft in the combat account by -- do acted completely do away with but I would rather have a longer season to be able that. Have attitudes toward football or they have a spring season where you have a developmental league I would get into that but this the way that they're trying to drag out is just turn me off. Our problem I would have would that is it's a point of diminishing return because of injuries. The human body no matter how well -- Needs rest periods you talk to anybody that works out of the -- as as you certainly have experience in that. They'll tell you that you can't do it every day with the same muscles you -- Give -- A relaxation her and I think it's the same thing -- athletes even if you paid a more they would want to be playing football year round simply because they'd all be on injured reserve. Did you see that. A Peyton Manning says he has not totally recovered from his surgery narrow that so -- he had a pretty good last year until the last game. Soul will see what happens this year we'll take a break on those radio I'm thirty WB yeah. The bill like that. Yes they commissioner Roger Goodell has a couple of good jobs. One he's the commissioner of the National Football League second job he's married to Jane Skinner which is a good job. I'd rather have that job NB a commissioner of the National Football League and in this article and he buffalo and those written by policy OJ skirt escape congratulations today on being -- new dead. And Robert McCarthy. The last sentence says. The commissioner's comments made one thing perfectly clear. He is committed to keeping the bills in buffalo said Chuck Schumer. While you shop except that a little asterisk there as long as there's a new stadium. And and does nothing inherently wrong with a -- a new stadium if you can afford it. And you get the right there on the right place and the right backing and all that but I just -- -- not to waste. And it seems like just a waste of what a 130 million dollars now as we're talking. Into this stadium and in nine years and it could be earlier what was the -- seven years before via the lump sum has to be paid and it is the first seven years. So a lot of that's when will want your android so wouldn't it be like six years and where it's possible with somebody to pay the get away -- and I think it's like 2019. Is -- -- it -- -- aren't. I was so this is Ortiz that's five warriors so that think about it at the cutoff point. It could be moat and a stadium could be entity. And we're spending a 130 million for those of you don't think 130 million sounds like that much. Because you heard the billion dollar stadium in Texas a billion dollar stadium and in Washington. The palace in New England all of these places with guys with huge egos and big bank accounts. -- it's still a 130 million dollars. And it's Jesus in Italy's 139 million dollar -- yeah that's exactly what is temporary. It's like it's like a little bridge loan until of course. You get truly important stuff. And keep one thing in mind because people forget this no matter who's got the big check -- the big cardboard check it says we're building a new stadium. It is your money. Your money whether it's your money -- sent to Albany and some of it comes back. Your money is and of accounting and summer comes back your money sent to where they build it and it comes back. They don't have led dine without you. It's all yours so you should get more to say it seems like there's a stampede now with every. It players have -- almost like a home board game every politician. Como Schumer Poland cars brown. Touching base with the commissioner and coming back glowingly and out of breath saying he's committed to keeping the team there. And then off camera -- ago Wednesday. You know and that's going to be at least the billion -- -- -- looking as a major money floating around billion for the team a billion for the stadium. Could be major major money. Our Chris a couple of Mara FaceBook towards the sun comes from Joseph he says I think in New York politicians to give up their pensions that help paper new stadium haven't put their money where their mouth that I like -- thinking I don't like affecting even though it's a little -- delusional. I -- like that because that's how they spend their money they not only spend your money but then there looking for applause for other you know I mean. I guarantee you have an announcement is made that there isn't new stadium going to be built blah blah word here. The politicians who raced to the microphone and take credit for what are they doing. It's like your wife goes on the spending spree earlier in your kid goes on a spending spree and then comes back and want you to thank them for. That's exactly the same thing yes I was responsible. Thank you very much we get the big cardboard check here. And of course up thank you for supplying the money. That's the way as they want us to thank them for spending our money. -- work. Another one please Chris this is from a Christie says there was still dumping millions of dollars into the Ralph and -- want a new stadium ever had to build that we need an ironclad agreement that the team would never leave. That's true an idea I've made a decision we have too many Chris is on the issue. We have this -- just quoted a Chris I was watching is being Chris mortenson was there. My favorite hero Christopher Columbus too many chris' crisscross. I didn't like sailing at all. But yes there's Criss cross member crisscross. Remember. John Jones song you know thank you very much one more if we could. RI -- one -- -- -- And decide between doing here we're gonna go without Michael he says I would support a stadium. If we got a good return on investment but -- only play eight games a year we greater issues in this state that should be addressed before we start talking about a billion dollars for Tuesday I'm glad you brought that up because they do play eight games a year. An actual football it is eight hours short of them being in the playoffs. Pardon me just. Our arms armed beer commercial we don't know -- -- about no playoffs playoffs guys in here. Eight hours a football. A year. 13. Of one date a year would be in the stadium in it'd probably be a billion dollars and think about that. One thing I would love to see and if -- if they wind up getting a dome stadium. Is to be able to have the state alternate sites for the New York State. High school football championship right now it's held at the Carrier Dome every year well why can't we get a piece of that and having all the teams come here to play. Bring in their family in their friends is spending money and our economy. Well it makes sense that it makes more sense to have the Super Bowl here we have I don't stadium as it does to have them play at Giants Stadium. There in in the open this year. They locked out last year remember a you'd -- really Loch Ness is -- bad weather report bad weather after about. -- during the game there were okay it would make more sense to come here and have an international. Flavor to -- with -- right there if we had a dome or you know -- retractable either -- fine with me. So bad about that we've settled that. Because remember after the show today I am going to call Roger Goodell and our report tomorrow bed. Right at nine that he's very much in favor of keeping the team here at our house a stadium thank Roger for that total commitment. Roger doesn't have a New York State will not contribute to of course. I don't think you in our group bureau thinks that you lives in Jersey protect. Wherever he lives it lives -- -- dinner which is the job I. Maybe when he retires I can become that. Policy tomorrow morning at nine I -- later on I thirty way RWB yes. We'll we'll. We never has to needs to be used she.

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