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5-8 Beach and Company Hour 2

May 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I always you don't you two guys are so much into the draft I think you should each post on the said he beat -- FaceBook page. Your choice for the number one draft of the bills. And then the last go listeners to -- -- go to our web page. Via FaceBook page and and choose bears and see if you can out pick the audience what you think all right -- will get an idea don't give it away here on there. -- this'll just be. On -- so hot are fits Wear -- now I noticed yesterday Tony you may want a change your choice because I noticed yesterday. That you said that you thought red grange would be our first choice. He doesn't have a spring in his legs like he used I mean he can't go deeper anymore well. He can only go six feet that's. And that's as big as red reds gonna get. And does so I've maybe maybe you wanna change that to somebody who's actually in college now all I -- under the eyes of the before the end of today you post and have Chris post. We think our number one choice will be for the Buffalo Bills in the draft that will put something together good. Let's go to -- Stevens. WB yen. I'm -- Dave what do you think about the stadium deal. Probably going there next to. Horry and now about him Paul -- Probably need at least put. India that they decide -- -- -- one it. You would favor Vanilla what do you think. -- for because they're putting its money into the -- If they have to go Wednesday lineup but it. Yeah video I I guess everybody will be vying for their own favorite places some -- ever mention our Niagara Falls which I'm sure as Tony mentioned that Millstein will be very Rovio blow land there. And there's some developments in the city I don't know if there's any room in the city for the parking needed and whatever but. -- you will see award goes -- If if the new owners have any Joe's it's going to be at the beginning during the buying process so we'll see if they don't like your choices they've thank you. The bottom line is we're putting a 130 million dollars into this stadium. Which is already been described by Bill Polian as one of the best in the media. In the NFL I'm not saying we shouldn't have wanted to -- it. This is. A difficult situation. Because no matter where that check comes from it starts with you. So are you ready to 130 million for this one and I don't know what the current glowing. Price tags are new stadiums but I do know -- that he at Texas Stadium. It was over a billion dollars that I think it was the same thing -- Dan Snyder -- the and Mario Washington Redskins. So if you're looking at a billion dollars possibly for a new stadium depending on what it's bill work it's bill what kind of stadium and is whatever. That's a lot of lot of taxpayer money. In so maybe you have some Jews and getting a the owners to throw something and but basically the taxpayers are -- the most realistic. So the two stadiums against bank of Texas and Washington are both billion dollar plus and not us in this initial places and that's nice. But the bottom line is we have to be somewhat reasonable. In our expectations. As a nice shiny news toy it'd be nice and that we got the route sitting there with a 130 million dollars. -- tell you should do. They should go and yet a 130. Million dollars in cash. And put -- -- -- fifty yard line tomorrow. And invite the local TV stations there to fit it through video. Single C 150. Put it in normal bills five you know ones fives tens and twenties and hundreds okay. -- -- to see what what a 130 million dollars looks like that's your money as being it was -- something we know is going to be obsolete nine years absolutely. I don't have a problem. Let's go to frank and I'll -- frank -- WB yeah. He. The they're the same problem that you -- that it's an awful lot of money and it seems like every. Five to seven years to seek another 150 million dollars -- its like to refer appreciate it out they were taken all that money. To begin life support important stay that way that we get something to talk about. Black. You know you -- right I heard that statement back deploy again. About what you said this is -- -- the vessel openers stadiums in the country you know the public likeable too blatant intentional. There -- -- -- house in use any word -- idiom. There is an epic. Its seat I mean to pay and if you don't like sitting up high or whatever. And you know what also the new stadiums while we see the price tags on them they reflect a huge ego a Dan Snyder Jerry Jones each has to outdo each other they're both in very vibrant metro areas were a lot of money and a lot of a lot of support. I think if we do it. I guess we have to do it if we wanna keep the team it seems like there have been dye has been cast for that. But the bottom line is it seems like a wasted do that now when we see you all gonna have to do -- -- -- row of what what all use Ralph for there frank. So it -- like -- I think -- they think they're very -- in a row for. High school reading your throat they're gonna use -- for college or play opposite what ever he felt like it seemed like a spirit BC. A pink elephants sitting out there a little ordered -- -- -- we're -- an accurate they're tutored chills. I say. It boasts five women. That -- all of that yes. Themselves right the rest of chills. Probably. I would get the lies were popping at. Each warrant them because -- that killed the gold. Yeah it's. If they they've taken that it is an image your way and that no matter what you say you can't look -- -- the same -- right now the bottom line is we're always probably the legal paper issued yesterday were read part of on the air. We find out that there were lots of benefits a lot of positive things including. And it's elective surgeries. And you can guess where that went. And so basically it seems like it's kind of spoiled it's kind of not like -- laws. Absolutely I think they took advantage of the situation with Ralph Wilson dying and I think -- April or may be wreckage Richard. -- America very horrible time here where. You know what restore its way -- which in which it jump behind it right now. The separate these illegal and they didn't we can look out for three million dollars a piece here. L and and I can't elect expects he'll bring her some girl that works. -- are involved with the generals now. Big -- -- you all were the root there lies ahead for the rest of them. Yeah especially if they have been at the bills if the bills on pony up in and let's say in this column by Denise eulogy she says. In the in the NFL professional cheerleading remains the goal for many young girls who get their start and pig tails and balls now I don't know if that's true I don't know if -- The young girls even have. Access to watch the jails at the game may be and some -- event outside of the stadium. But I don't think -- via you know made they set an example for all young girls. Now -- -- my daughter which would spiritually we're growing up. Watching the ball -- separating my daughters were the cheerleader and I -- I order order term. Ambitions and aspirations the lights -- to be up awful -- or any thing she -- -- congress about. What apparently sit there with their lives -- to be a -- cheerleaders. Yeah I -- thing that after college -- -- the formal way it's over thank you frank thank you very much they wanted to start. A thing here. At the radio station did you know that only they had they try to -- they want me to be an intercom -- 44 public service announcements and things like that go out and raise money for charities that I can to Syria as -- -- come -- Where the issue is -- -- curl up with a Bellamy a minimum I think it would be a good thing I I can't do the splits and more like I used. Although you do have a picture in a similar I don't I do actually in a couple of holes that one yes -- -- to -- dresses and elf would then never but -- was for the Salvation Army. It was not for crude purposes I did have a hot -- and hit it. -- after visiting us we're talking amongst ourselves about the location of the stadium. And of the basic question is do you bring the stadium where the people are or do you put the stadium there and what the people vote go to yet. What you're looking for a large expanses of land which you need for parking and whenever he need the infrastructure of roads that can get in get out. A sort of a lot darker bubble we're asking the new stadium are do you favor and where should it be. It's was running a 130 million dollars. To refurbish this stadium and in nine years we know it's going to be vacant. Essentially. -- so I don't know but that future use of that stadium. And where should into the stadium big if we do have one and regarding the -- that he acclaim yesterday you know and -- -- -- a paper. That indeed. They're not getting any help from the Buffalo Bills -- -- their lawsuit against the well the dissident. Cheerleaders -- lawsuit against the management team basically and others. But they're not getting any help from the bills and the -- question is would you miss them if they were gone if they were not here. Would you willow concentrate on football and not know they're gone or would you say no I'm not enjoying myself as much as I used. That UNESCO to align three which is still in buffalo failure on WB yen. Yeah I think you're about see old -- Indian oh what an ethnic Canadian newspaper. -- -- -- look better. You know soccer stadiums are filled by law. And. And here we take the stadium and rebuild aggregate and as Elmo wanted a bridge from Canada on the west river. And that we could pull one of those huge transport. Supposedly speed -- that are -- the boat through you know the Western New York. Building new printers and the republic transportation. On the granite island and peace between big city. There -- very that it should say well hold an opportunity or take our fault if people want per cent of people on public assistance. Maybe that's what -- -- city. You should be an urban usually urban planner -- of -- spots like that you are troublemaker. Is a public meeting standing up and causing problems. Negative -- -- by the great things like that. I don't think you have to think about it Europe possibly scoping out and keep in mind the governor. Has put together a committee to look at through future stadium where and things like that you have to think of infrastructure true. I'd just because you have you know section of land you might think would be okay. You have to have roads to get there roads to get out so he could be talking about some major money. About were asking how do you feel about a new stadium is pretty clear that the stars have come together. Because Roger Goodell every time he talks to a politician. Whether it's Cuomo should world Poland cars mentions that the new stadium is necessary. Goodell says that this is this 130 million dollars is a temporary fix. So yeah I wish we had known that. Because remember when it was announced that it would happen -- 130 million dollars. The bill said you know I'm really gonna notice a lot of changes are not a okay well that's nice. But the bottom line is the bottom line and no matter what -- writes that check for the stadium you are financing it. It is your financial decision to make. And basically you're gonna get the bill for. Whether it's the state whether its economy whether it's the municipality which would be highly unlikely. Mainly it will be state are you gonna get the bill. So bared their dining large. And a big check arms and they say yes you can take their forks. Well I don't mind so much to -- kicking in money because we had to kick him money for the Yankees to get their new facility. So New York City benefited from national let's in the city help us out of. You know what's funny is where all where I'll talk about. The same expenditure of taxpayer money and we talk about the billion dollar budget for buffalo schools might well I -- About best. For one year away from Leo budget for the buffalo school system one year away we could pay cash for the new billion dollar stadium. So here's my suggestion being the great thinker that I am a kids a year off. -- -- -- -- -- and that's why we're expanding your summer vacation it's going to include all force that was this year and we take that billion. And we don't we apps -- we go to seven Alley or somebody and we said hey build us a stadium here's a billion bucks and we pay -- short there's no debt service. Now this is great things like that. The put as well Saturday. Let us go -- -- Joseph wanna sell Joseph you're on WB -- -- I'm fine Joseph I think that they should really. Poland and studio right what you don't want -- terror that's -- on the go under or beside the old beside you roll like that sort of put a priority done that. Now Kansas City does that -- other I think there's at least a couple Morris does that do what they usually baseball slash football once baseball and football. I would I really. Think that -- one way to -- money. Are you happy -- spending 130 million on this one Bill Polian says it's one of the best now. Wow now I'm we're beyond we've used so well what about the -- would you be unhappy if they disappeared from the sidelines. I think they're gonna damage and I got to -- game to watch football not the robs them. I feel I really am as much as I I I don't like to see an attractive woman I really go to C football to your -- on the same page thank you. The it's it's funny because a lot of guys. Who would normally if you saw the jewels like at 7-Eleven. You know in line for -- pretty you go now very attractive you know. However at the game you really go to see the game. In -- -- the you don't wanna be if you go to a bills game to look at the girls. The women. I've you don't look at the women there -- not a real football. The only time I really have repaid any tensions because I knew somebody that was on the oh you wanted you here and I say hello to her that was about it while when I lived in town Boston. One of my neighbors was GO. Original. And I still will go to Boston although I didn't like it and could end up there are some time my lovely atone Boston's great place. Oh and -- -- right there. And guns and well -- back tomorrow -- company under -- straighter I'm thirty -- go to our city beach FaceBook page find out what Chris and Tony are picking for the bills draft choices and to put your -- on this -- -- match up against these guys we'll be back after this. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 80309. Series cell calls are free and -- 938 or toll free line is 1806169236. Good basic -- out there posted on our FaceBook bags and be traced a major Chris and Tony who are draft mix. And know a lot more about who the bills my draft that I do certainly. Have posed a very big dare to go where no man has ever traveled before they are predicting what the bills will do. And it's on our FaceBook page so you wanna check that out do that and also add your own a while you're there give us your -- -- you do against them. A meanwhile got every everything is revolving around Roger Goodell. Cuomo says that I talked through the commissioner Roger would he says it's important the -- -- in lawsuit or however you need in the stadium. And Schumer yes I've talked to Roger Goodell and the -- said about we're gonna make sure the news. Poland -- yes doctor Roger Roger is a very busy guy. And mayor brown Byron brown. A long time ago said he favors. At least discussing putting -- -- as stated in the cities so. Cuomo Schumer -- cars around the -- All of them. Favor a new stadium and I have no problem with a new stadium except for the fact it seems a little illogical about a 130 million dollars and of this stadium. When the Bill Polian says while the best now and then knowing no playing -- in nine years it's going to be obsolete -- weeds growing on the fifty yard line. And though we'd like to all of you can think of any alternative uses besides high school football which I guess could be used that. I'm Tony is just a long time ago maybe UB ego there. But that we wanna know where you think the new stadium should be and shouldn't be an open air stadium adult retractable what do you think. Also the generals say they're getting no support from the Buffalo Bills do you care they fade away EC. No -- say it but I just have the feeling and that's all it is is the feeling that the bills justice and see the jewels go away. And kind of drift away but the -- don't wanna do that they don't want that they ought to kick them out because the negative PR. They they they don't want that image however I think that if they left on their own I don't think -- tears shed at one bills just my own opinion. Let's go to Mary and Williams though merrier on WB yen. Wounding whom you can ticket holder with my sister. And we competitive the last few years in particular road trips to different stadiums opened and -- and silicon mini vacation Cooley then. And two New England we've gone Atkinson at -- Others hit summer let them look at the oil to see Indianapolis Indianapolis. -- they went to Chicago we've been in Miami while they let him this summer we're planning a road trip to see. And the Panthers and Carolina. What did you think of these stadiums when you -- for the first time. Well Islamabad who looks really ornate and everything out checked out and look you know really up to date. But this thing that I don't blight is the fact that there are these cities and parking is acute problem. Onside with the traffic and getting to this stadium. So the parking is really expensive and it'll be like 45 dollars higher compared to. What we're paying while -- also there's no room around now that we're -- team and now there's a lot of road. There's a lot of tailgating going and -- and at Chicago. Or when we went to Cincinnati. The parking is so tight that the cars -- like. Are being you know kept together and had not been -- -- the experience from -- at -- -- This stadium. And even though the team doesn't do well people go for the experience where blue collar town people loved the experience they -- that you know getting out at -- -- -- -- they weren't you probably would except Miami that was they at this -- there. But all the other stadiums. It was. You know you -- the experience in this in buffalo experience. -- what it is it's -- -- it's an event more than a game the game is part of the event but as you said tailgating a camaraderie with friends of the whole the whole experience -- game days and it takes a whole bay. Bank picked up if people look forward Connecticut started asking people. You know explore the top of the people and -- lead over your -- thing like that yes. Football elite British -- from Philadelphia and what I really love this year. We don't have this much fun and it was great so it will -- -- Stanley angle that it guarantees that even you know you have a team that. It's not winning that doing that well is we love coming here. Well what do you think now that you've seen a lot of NFL stadiums. What do you think what type a stadium did you see that you say I wish we had that in buffalo. Well I I'd like to Lucas Oil just because of the way it was shut out it was a nice stadium. Inside of the stadium and Mexico are I think -- -- you definitely need the updated. With the restroom -- in -- in the food court now that. But Lex further bills when you go to a game you can bring snacks and food and other stadium leaking -- It can't do that you know hands. That luxury of doing it when you and England now he can't bring any. And food and you got to via other food there and all that really expensive articulate -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the -- of -- -- -- -- -- 150. Each endure at the top of the stadium moment. Right so here you know in -- these other stadium. That the tickets a copy a lot of times will go. Under increasing and the coast. You know -- -- to build our owner of the winning team for people to get up you know which it exactly that kind of experience. But. You know it's at -- data they weren't that they had just a lot of people who -- let me who would. Why keep coming and into the stadium NC a living part time. I -- -- Is specially since it's not -- experience even if it's lesser than other teams one quick question before we say good -- is if the jewels were not there Mary. Would you miss them. Now not a -- -- a. And that tag -- it. You know people around the it's like -- -- -- about. It and calories. Well we're and it's sort of -- pop. Well I'm Gasol Mya -- told us about jury or jogged around through different stadiums thank you are much like a school. That's a fun thing to do I remember when I first started as a producing the bills games it was always go for -- of Arabia was always fun to go to a new stadium and see him and they're all different and then it's really cool. I'll -- -- you talk about party whatever idol when I worked in several Cisco I didn't I didn't go to the niners games but I went for the raiders games Bobby Chandler is get me tickets. And the part good part about that as you get on the Bart. You get on the -- right there. And there's there's a station right at the stadium you get off the Bart you don't have -- parked on the worry about that after the game to get back on the Barton the wrong. Yeah -- at a bar was crowded obviously during the games but I I love watching the raiders in those days and and Chandler had some some good years there has not won the Super Bowl -- nothing -- lunatics. And what they look at all the -- stuff they weren't on with it but not as bad as they have been in the last few years they were winning I think. The more winning -- has lunatic you have to be to stand out yet they want -- super wal which was which was really great. And media need it and and cliff branch was injured. Of the year Chandler joined. He was their number one -- wide receiver the year Chandler joined them after being -- by buffalo which was 1980. And guess what I'm listening in the game once and they didn't go to in the cut five wash my lips five TDs in one game. So if he was an instant hero. And it was good it was a good experience because you know the war budget car driving patrols at this -- on the Bart. Watch the game get on the -- again gone will be back after this. The bill like there. Well yes or Cuomo thinks we need a new stadium show our thanks we need a new stadium -- cars there will go along whether it. Brown thinks yes that they do what we'd like at a buffalo they all talked to Roger Goodell -- Roger said the same thing. I'm gonna do my best to give the team in buffalo whoever buys it. But you need a new stadium and so while they're saying you need a new stadium we're spending a 130 million dollars in taxpayer money to spruce up the existing stadium the Ralph. And a Bill Polian says it's one of the best stadiums in the -- NFL right now -- asking if you favor a new stadium and if so where. And if we do that what use will always have for the Ralph would like to know that -- and the -- Say they're getting no support from the team do you care if the jewels. Fade away and we also came up with the idea or wanna know too if you wanted to dome retractable or open air stadium. Came up with the idea of our our our iconic restaurants that we have here. In Western New York should have a presence at the stadium instead of the usual. Maybe things like a -- should be there -- should be there mighty taco should be either John or Mary should be there alone -- should be there watching should be there. And and this is by no means no means a complete list there are other places that should be their 20. But what I'm saying is to be really cool to have our famous restaurants right there. The stadium so when people come from out of town -- -- at the sampled the best of what buffalo has to. Of course if that was the Jacobs family the -- there were. To come out as the owner they are concessionary -- think we -- -- those other -- -- they -- concession -- and they they -- concession contracts with racetracks and baseball teams and football teams and we didn't get the right I guess we have the Jacobs murder. But I would like to see them up by the team because I think there -- class act. And good community citizens and the head of the food -- to the Ralph right now they're -- base of that will be nice so well we're just we're just dreaming about a year. Now let's go to. OK let's go to bill on a cell phone bill Iran WB again. Video organized the -- is my first time parlor so this is out of my element but nonetheless some here. Well I'm glad you're here what do you think about the thought of a new stadium we like it or not. Well -- well let let me play whoever straight so 125 million dollars into a stadium but the intentional leaving. Instead of the brain examined. Why wouldn't you just what would just run the course of this stadium -- earmark that money for the stadium. That's that's a good idea if they got nine years that's going to be empty and they're putting a 130 million into. -- of our money. I I don't know I don't know music and this is typical New York State's top. Listen there's nothing wrong with that stadium. Always -- -- then. -- there's -- Iran would always are true then. That stuck it up this -- this site levels in the stadium itself is absolutely perfect you have these -- replaced and so what replaced it. Epic and the always is not an office space for physical therapy in such things like that both things can albeit to -- Where it was. -- via third of the money build on stadium but -- but but god for -- this is New York State so he wanted to guard point I've made in the building the stadium. They're gonna do what they like anyways but that -- as far as I'm concerned you don't need to replace that stadium everything is. And should not their you know history has mentioned that if if you switch the subject the baseball now. Mr. stadium I don't think baseball where Austin all. Which is which is. -- -- A guy who are -- that there are I'm green monster and and left field but -- -- sense of that. It is outdated quite a -- built a new one of course they won't -- very Smart you know the other one Chicago Cubs haven't been there. Those -- -- stadium that you pay attention to baseball almost of two places you -- of New York. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The music you're gonna have the same cost to go to new stadium grab your tree. Because you know New York Yankees now can't sell a lot of mostly because they're too expensive or nobody showed because the other. The kids sit there and I don't shell that's common knowledge so you know understand what you want stadium you're gonna have increased cost. If there was a new stadium would you prefer open air retractable or dome. -- obvious -- retractable. Did you enjoy more flexibility and that we got to think of not the -- we got to think of via highway system that would support the kind of traffic needed. For an NFL stadiums so there's a lot to consider and it's all big money. -- some nice large. What he called last. -- steel -- around the top of the stadium right now you covered three quarters of it permanently leave it alone and that there's a lot you can do with the existing stadium I just on the weather headed here but. You know what let's keep the built in buffalo whatever whatever turns out it I won't be irritated -- and. About the gels blast shot the board of what about the joke would you residents there are gone. It isn't about the deals. I had tickets that Jim Kelly came in their. And they've lost thirteen years and fourteen have lost track not those. I was falling asleep -- the game like that I'm like please don't make. You might only entertainment. There -- an institution. And I will tell -- no connection to the GO whatsoever but I will tell you -- them every professional. Yeah yeah nobody's saying that it's just that they are not getting any support from a team now and -- I think they're feeling unloved. I all I I would I would trip I'd agree with that totally and I tell you what. For all the aggravation of -- isn't that right up through -- what did Jill apostle because of the -- -- -- And I hear you loud and we'll -- -- -- -- so -- vigils thank you thank you for your golf what we're back with more -- governor if you wanna see. How Chris and Tony think the bills are going to do in the draft starting tonight. Is there -- picture show our are posted. Oddly sandy beach webpage and -- go there to the FaceBook sections and post around we'll see how you do against them will be back.

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