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5-8 Beach and Company Hour 1

May 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All hello what is Beijing company and I'm sandy beach how how is really good until I walked in. In the middle of a conversation between. Tony -- and I I'm sorry I didn't all I heard Chris say was. I'm hoping for a tight end and I'm thinking he must have some structural procedure doesn't always about. Maybe to -- fill us in on what's going on in there. It's not gonna happen -- may have main criticism newest member of arts and amen di is and -- -- may not that I was looking at it I'm just saying that. I didn't see anything out of the ordinary by these hoping for tonight. Whoa what's going on yeah he's talked about the bills and open the bills draft. And draft there's -- glass like mean everybody's talking about it yes and will we do this -- -- and all of us and that we need this we need that -- he needs that item that's all right that's good. Out of our house quarterbacks which is always the easiest question. What position is in the most demand coming -- -- these guys both via I would say offensive tackle. And wide receiver. Yet this year it seems to be usually I I would think job. Lyman are huge problem that you -- it's. -- our military craft toward you're always looking for you know via the pass -- the end admitted the big offensive tackle the comply again. I think -- year by year. The demand usually is based on. What's big in college right now Iceland's -- -- are there they're not a great deal lineman available if so then you're gonna see a lot of them go receivers seem to be huge this year to gonna hear a lot of impact. And of trends and how things change even a traditional sport like football first that was like the -- -- they -- what do you know we don't sit and now let's run backs you would think that is it because quarterbacks are also many dink passes now. Their running backs aren't held an Irish team mark you don't -- a lot of running backs. No they have -- then devalue and I think the increased in their passing game. Are you running more plays so you're throwing a lot more. And more teams are going with multiple backs you know medium or bring in a speed back for this situation -- Barrett power back on my short yardage situations. Do you you'll agree with that you have and a lot of times because of all the passing you're looking for Baxter and catch the ball a lot of the -- -- -- and you're not using the guy to run 25 times a game like you would maybe a Thurman Thomas and Emmitt Smith back in the day. And I bring up a question now that you guys both your sports nuts but I bet you haven't brought it up on the air okay. How has the game now that the game has changed according to our Christian said and what Tony just said. How have these quarterbacks that's changed. Because that you wish debate it was either pass or run now it's almost always a pass that turns into around but the -- Uga Uga the quarterback gets the credit. He throws five yards a guy runs ninety yards he gets -- 95 yards past how does that affect the stats compared to be a like the Bart -- of the world -- the of the prior quarterbacks it seemed like the current quarterbacks get more of a break with that because a lot of those runs a a lot of those -- -- passes which are fairly easy to complete. And up and long run. Well it it definitely has an effect on you look at Joni is time with the jets in the year that the -- won the Super Bowl. A lot of his throws were deep -- name was that's right he's gonna go deep you know -- when we saw the West Coast offense common especially with the 49ers. And Joseph Montana where you could throw short passes to John Taylor or Jerry Rice in the were taken taken the distance. -- but then offense starred with Paul Brown in I believe the sixties. So it's been around it's just know he's really utilized it like Bill Walsh beyond after the forty 'cause. Every time I watch my favorite quarterbacks play like Peyton Manning okay I want him to complete those little thing passes because it'll really pad -- stats. I don't know why I wanna pad his stats but not that he needs any help from great but I'm just thinking the game change and so the way we of the wayward review. A stats as changed as well what. Yeah actually -- a look at how the game changed in the seventies when. As people 73 or 74 when defensive backs were no longer allowed to mug. Wide receivers so if you're among the wide receiver short you know you have no short passing game you have to go long. Well I I would have been bored to death -- with the Green Day offense when they were doing the up the middle the middle of the that's not. Any excitement for me so I'm glad it's gonna change to a more passing or -- again. Hey guys I'm worried I'm worried you know usually I don't worry about things I -- more today because I know how to read the -- I really Obama good reader of the Rome. Greg Reid did not offer me your cookies and now all right radar manager why do a lot of jokes about. Because he's a storehouse of comedic opportunities. Adding that he was around everybody would you like a cookie Beasley smiled cookies. Here's a cookie cooking goes and Janet's there or -- wasn't there I goes into it's their problem as is a cookie cookie -- I don't know cookie I got no cookie I think he's trying to tell me summit actually I can't lie. He did offer me. 6% of ago. And I said can I have a whole Cokie he said no we have to use the rest of the cookie to give to other less fortunate broadcasters and foreign lands. And so I think that's. You used to get the local. Now you get a little bite of the cookie as some think and I'm think I'm -- I have the rub my uncle -- now I think you know political unit. Well OK -- Chris got a -- eight. I did he came around I wanna say I went out on our nobody fifteen and -- act. Turned the smile could be down -- that said no okay what's wrong with what's wrong exactly. So -- as some people get the cookies some don't I take the cake usually. And not the cookie but I do like cookies that they don't -- -- if there's some in the in the kitchen while we get -- but no phenomenal America's that's where extra food always ends up in the kitchen not prolong the season some crumbs on the board just a few clubs are -- -- be happy -- it. It is lots are about today with the -- governor in my sister's in Ireland. There she goes Ireland every year up for a month. It was beautiful blood. I don't know how much green grass and potatoes and a look at -- month as she sending back videos the good part about having them. Having electronic communications through the iPad and stuff. Is we're getting videos from wireless beautiful country not much question about that but if I we're going a month the one country it would have to have fabulous food. And as far as I know Ireland is not known for their fabulous vote. I'd and it was the last time somebody god is that hey we're going out for Irish tonight who wants I don't know but he never nobody. -- Italian yeah. Indian yeah Chinese -- out the Greek fabulous by the way. We're going to have a mr. local modest son he's the official greeter of the great best a lot of people can handle a funny balls. He's been beyond near the end of the month. Because that's when agreed festivals and beyond what the -- that -- Losing James will be back remote region company under Israeli and I'm thirty we are WB yet well finally I -- -- happen but it has happened. I never thought I'd hear about an interview that was stranger. In my interview with -- bill Crosby. As recall as a couple of years ago and now we made an -- a couple of years ago. They said to me would you like him of your boo Crosby I jumped at all bill Carr loves bill Crosby and he's -- lot he's American icon a true leader in the field of -- So I get a lot of preparation for the you know for the -- -- interview. I'd probably didn't have to do as much as I didn't but I wanted to be sure you could you wanna do it right when you have a chance to interview Bill Cosby. OK so now it's it's coming up time day they usually call us. And I see the other producer is maybe signaled Cosby's online -- Latin one whatever on it was and I go. There and it's very strange. Because I didn't know and a producer didn't know and can't be didn't know. Then at that very moment. The Internet was going crazy -- -- with the thought that he would dot -- And so 'cause I saw the interview with Crosby and he's as you'll -- -- pardon me it's all over the Internet that I -- that. I didn't know what he's talking about. Because it had just started at the exact time and then ice ice try to get the interview started but you can imagine a guy -- it's all over the -- -- It is going to be distracted. And I guess I start to get moving and -- -- you'll have to excuse me just a minute my daughter is on the otherwise she wants an -- still alive and I just. Don't know what the hell he's talking about we finally got to straighten out the interview public did not go all the way I wanted to because of of circumstance -- great guy. I'm allotment by ever get a chance to interview room when it's not said the he's dead on the Internet I'd like to do it. I thought there's nothing stranger than that until I heard about this okay. Matt Williams is the manager of the Washington Nationals baseball today. He was doing an interview on the morning sports junkie okay. And that's a very popular show in Washington he's going to -- Off from his car as he's driving. Into work aren't and he's a hands free whatever he's being at your back import. And this is big among on delayed because they don't -- is obviously don't happen a month away. And he's talking about baseball all of a sudden he -- guys. He says that the pardon me I was just in a traffic accident and they they thought he was kidding. And he said no the police were chasing a guy who went speeding Miami crashed into them. Ed that the police he got the cars are running a police had to track them down. Right in front of a guy -- being the -- the manager of the Washington Nationals he's doing a live play by play. Of the cops chasing down a criminal who crashes and they hit album. The criminal gets out of the car runs down the road and the cops trying to have come all the -- radio. -- Got better than that he said sorry guys I just had an accident I got to police officer behind me in this guy's gonna trying to escape. -- -- radio host who I imagine was caught off guard express disbelief Williams commonly and I heard the audio was very calm. Calmly described the scene as the alleged hit and run driver crashed into other cars in the midst of a police chase. He tried to get out of his car and then he got around me and now they're continuing to chase them. The mild mannered manager according to this story said he was unharmed but the back of his Chevy Tahoe was gone so is medics I didn't. I think. I'd never heard of that now on this show we have. Had I think two or three people. Pulled over while they were talking to was. Without a hands free fall the -- yeah that was before -- hands free phones just started to come out people and haven't. So you have a follow up -- air you're talking to me and get pulled over. I felt very. Badly about that but nothing record though are now we don't get that as much but anyway that's pretty cool you probably are here written Siobhan national sports stuff. It happened meanwhile this is kind of unsavory. James Patrick you know the name -- -- sabres have been spent thirteen years here as a player and a coach he was charged with assaulting his wife. According to the Dallas morning news as a kind of an unusual story. His are his girlfriend I was like. His girlfriend told police that Patrick arrived home smelling like alcohol and was covered in vomit. Now that's pretty good indication that is not going to be a great day. If you're come home smelling of alcohol and covered with vomit the warrant said the woman held undress him. But then confronted him after she saw several quote inappropriate. Text messages from another woman it's probably a girl was that -- I'm doing via the owner of via of the bass lines -- -- it. Probably V whatever name is. They wrestled over control of the phone. And then he he had it which is not good we we don't recommend this at all on just saying that there's a lesson be learned here besides not coming home drunken vomit covered. The delete button is there for -- reason I'm -- these stone. That's about it's amazing how people feel so comfortable leaving stuff on their electronic devices. Now I'm a neat freak when I'm done using my iPad especially. Because I don't do that much with a far -- almost all the other. I always a delete the stuff supposedly that I keep it as neat tidy as possible -- I need -- -- -- I didn't. But there are people who put up as the stuff on -- and it sleep on there what are you nuts. What are you crazy -- Not not likely to happen we have with most of us in Philadelphia. They think this is a good idea that the as though they're the Philadelphia's though. I'd be a little nervous about it I -- enclosed passage way. Called big cat crossing. Allows visitors to safely watch as lions and tigers roam outside their habitat. I want him inside. That -- we have Plexiglas or something to keep them and and and in a different area the protected open air path. Is being unveiled Wednesday about that. You know I love the big cats but I don't necessarily be wanna. The open -- of them I want them to be separated from I don't wanna beat them launch I remember once I was doing a remote at the buffalo zoo. And I was waiting for the engineer to set up and I was just kind of leaning against the window one I didn't know is on the other side of the window with a line. Okay he roared I almost jumped out of my shoes I mean have you ever heard a big -- -- all might god. When I lived at my old apartment and real quiet resonating you can -- either elephant or hear the war you don't -- -- that would go -- -- one of the best roar of all is the -- war. All mad. I heard a jaguar roar even though it was it was close and we're taking down the broadcast facility. It is -- it's unreal it's un real I was glad I was behind bars when it happened. I. Could pose. Us hey you know -- look like they might illustrate there is only one thing we. We need a new stadium. And before we get the new stadium let's spend a 130 million -- -- stadium. Because we now in ten years it's going to be a grass growing up the fifty yard line -- a good way back after this. This is Michael Savage and you're listening to sandy beach listened to meet tonight and the one on WV. Eat and about religion out of seven region Tony Bennett not show up tomorrow morning -- bleary eyes and I'll tell you why I just heard him -- Christians say. Boy I hope the bill's spirit comes and before 10 o'clock say instead of getting a good night's rest. Adding to his health and enjoyment of life. He's going to stay up and wait to see what what person is chosen by the Buffalo Bills just tell you this -- gonna give you some advice okay. Tomorrow morning at 515. For -- -- value. Right the sport he won't miss it it'll be right there it'll probably be the lead conflict and -- believe -- say well the bills -- ninth is that night that immigrants. Today and they Jose and lots from Morehead State. Yeah sure why they wouldn't take us yeah that's the way it goes you know boxes failed in the past -- that time it. Stayed up all night may chose Walt Patel skating -- remember that time that you gave up a family picnic and Tom Cruise ago was chosen. Yeah and Perry title very tunnel and all those guys -- I'm just saying. The other is a few and far between the Jim Kelly's. Sometimes -- yesterday's and both should draft Williams and we did not win it another way on the street can help one. Now we need another -- -- like when -- hole in the head. But the other big go to draft people who are candidates are real and oh yeah I mean causes a lot of variations depending on what's available. Window when you're looking for it much like for him at the bar. -- whoever's available at 4 AM usually isn't -- draft choice. There will be a lot of draft parties. I've missed the old days when they did it on Saturday afternoon. We would gathered -- deep pockets we would never know books now we have newspapers. But -- block trying to figure out OK maybe they'll do this they would do that. And guys are you guys pathetic you don't know just absolutely pathetic. But now you have children yet and you should be spending time with a little Muppets I well and output from the dead bad at 8 o'clock yeah. And I watched the draft so a lot of slave. -- we may trade down or up or Google knows what. Are right here's the big headline news in the buffalo -- -- today. Goodell which is Roger Goodell NFL commissioner. Goodell says new stadium makes bills viable as you know let's let's get the arrows at the particulars on the way when Ralph Wilson everybody was dreading. For more than one reason obviously. The day when Ralph Wilson would no longer be part of the organization. And that happened and so we're we're going through that and naturally the thought process is. Who will be the next owner of the bills and under will the bills stay at buffalo we really don't care who the next owner is as long as they keep the team in buffalo I mean that's the main focus. And so a lot of people of a stepped out by some have said it probably plays some have been speculated about as to who -- the next owner big. But one of the big questions was the stadium. Now keep this in mind. Right now they are I assume there in the finishing processes. Of us spending a 130. Million. Dollars to refurbish it a little bit. To spruce up and I remember when this money was first talked about the bill said well you know you're not -- really notice that much difference. I'm think it while 430 million I would hope we notice a lot of difference. You're on landing field for helicopters on the fifty yard or something spectacular. But now and so what happened now is everybody's concerned though will the team removed. Well Roger Goodell first of all everybody that talks to Roger Goodell comes back and reports to us okay Schumer Chuck Schumer senator while I just talked to the commissioner you know it is a southern tier guy he's behind the bill's staying in in western. That's okay. -- we hear Andrew Cuomo well yes Olivia. -- big commissioner. Commissioner says it's a top priority the bills must say at buffalo -- a feeling that way. And then when he realized that you are now. That little package there's something for us to pay for all surely and that would be a new stadium. Now. Bill Polian is on record we -- -- -- very successful guy he's on record as saying that the Ralph is one of the best stadiums. In the in the national only. However it's not one of the newest stadiums in the national football it. This is like having a cherry Shelby. 500. But it's not this year's Shelby 500 you know what I'm talking about. And that's the that's where it is so my first thought is best. I I don't consider myself -- spend thrift. But why are we spending a 130 million dollars on a stadium that we -- well. Mean all will not be viable. In what about nine years what are we about a year and commitment so in nine years that stadium is not going to be used for NFL football we know that. So why are we spending -- 130 million dollars I I can't figure that out. So my question to yield is are you in favor of a new stadium. Because Poland cars seems to be he's going along with a two but he is the least enthusiastic. I think just viewing and I've never talked to him. A botanist but. He seems like -- least enthusiastic about building a new stadium but remember one thing now. And this is important. No matter where the money comes from. It starts with fuel you have to remember this there's no free lunch. Because it's state money doesn't mean you didn't pay for of course your paperwork where I -- you think the state gets their money from you because that's -- money. You know who are paying for every penny of that stadium will be paid for by -- -- Unless -- make some kind of a deal which would be hard to believe on the sale of the team that the new owner pick up. A large part of that so basically you're gonna do most of the heavy lifting -- asking are you in favor of a new stadium. And if you are where would you like to see -- also. You know when they moved out of the rock pile. I only went to a couple of games in the rock while I saw OJ's first game there was a exhibition game against the against Baltimore. And the -- I was the rock pile obviously needed to be -- updated upgraded. You don't get that same feeling at the Ralph. So I'm gonna ask you what kind of future use. Could you put it to I think at one time we talked about -- that Tony has suggested that if the UB program continues to be successful that might be an alternative. I don't think it's it's enough more of an assurance that we could use of our high school I mean really please it's. Although it's not 80000 but it's clay it's close of that seats and that's not a good stadium for high school so what do we do it and what do we do it and you gonna see the -- ball down their someday. You gonna see new condos down there's some day where the stadium yesterday. So some of my questions do you favor a new stadium and with a 130 million dollars going into this stadium what are we gonna use -- forward it's done. Also the jolts the buffalo -- yesterday we read part of that legal. I handout the legal. Announcement. That they're not getting much support. With a lawsuit well with the Buffalo Bills. A group of dissident generals are suing. Of the management team that operates the jails and the -- say we you know we're looking for some help from the bills we're not getting enemy. So I'm asking you this because it's my opinion. That the bills if they had their way they just decency vigils drift away. -- but they don't wanna do what they don't -- just can't come up because as bad PR but to be nice if they didn't wanna come back anymore that's my own opinion. And if they didn't come back anymore. Would you miss them. Would you go to the game and say oh yes. That's the Green Bay Packers slugs or Rogers but where there -- How could navigate what that's like them saying. Look you can't bring a what about moron brings a deep to have a game. And what kind of Omar has a friend who brings stuff Mets. If you gonna do one of those things bring the you know. And and what do you tell the guys as your coming in to the interest. Yeah that's that -- -- my day and I want the team that now -- on defense now on where running for them oh really you moron go home. Here are -- larger ticket for. We'll take a Greg will be back tomorrow -- and I'm thirty WB here. I I hope -- -- Mac goes very very high in the draft seems like such -- class -- saw some video of him last night. Saying how -- he was to represent buffalo in his school. And that's refreshing instead of all being all about me me me me me he was about the town in the school. Another one I'm rooting for John Herschel who went two occasions high school -- in all of his suspenders and a high water pants her show know that we are that's the mayor -- estimate a miracle notices John Herschel. Who is considered the smartest players in this draft. He if he married Herschel Walker UB Herschel -- Yellow -- -- beds that they hardly siege -- Ireland the pavement I don't thanks. So what we're talking about is the Buffalo Bills up front page of the paper. Governor Andrew Cuomo's quote we will do what we have to do to keep the bills in Western New York if the new stadium is what's needed in this possible it will get done. So we're hearing a lot of speculation about a lot of things from a individuals or groups that might be interested in bidding on the team. And that we're hearing from the politicians. Primarily. Which would be -- mole. And it's appalling cars -- certain -- and they're Chuck Schumer you know it's funny as we hear all this from Schumer we have two senators here. That they go to the senate and -- lost track you hear anything about the stadium from Gillibrand. Nothing nothing it's like sure all of a Schumer come shall always one of the stooges never empowers large room. Bucket. But genre and talk about at all it's almost like they divide up the subjects right well actually no it's -- hogs all the Mike you can't look at it. He sucks all the oxygen out of the press coverage. But yeah so we have two senators one comes on the job on this the other probably has an interest in it but it you know they try to divide up the camera time. Is so -- politicians gathered around saying. We're gonna do everything we can and then they all touch base with the commissioner -- commissioner smiles and says yes. As a matter of fact. We would likely the the concentration of spots to go to a new stadium he said this this nine years I think his left on this -- He's at his 130 million dollars is a nice temporary fix just that temporary fix. So my question is do you favor a new stadium for the bills where would you like to see that some people have talked about Niagara Falls. And some some people originally suggested buffalo we don't know where that is. Also what future use what we have of the Ralph. We've put a 130 million into it now it'll still be in very good shape by the time they they would have to move what would you use the Iraq floor. And also the -- claim they're not getting any support from the Buffalo Bills. After the -- management team will worsen owed by some dissident generals. And were asking if indeed. The -- disappeared they flow way they were not there any longer on the sidelines. Would you miss them paid off 309301806169236. 930. Okay I'll take my guys here for a first of all new stadium in favor of abortion debate. I am in favor of it fits a multi purpose stadium where why things can be done there. I think you have to look at the ownership group if they scored a B Millstein regardless of the condition Ralph he's gonna want a new stadium is going to be in Niagara for -- vultures. He owns land it what you think about new stadium as I'd like in new stadium if it's feasible. And I know that's -- that's what every -- is out there but I'm not a politician so I've no idea how feasible it can be but. If you can make one I think we would need when the Ralph is 40 years old I am still bothered by the fact that you're spending 130 million dollars to improve this one for ten years. I don't think venues did it can be downtown as much as ever party might wanna just because of the the facilities of getting into and out of downtown and -- veterans. The guy you'd might need more infrastructure parking space and -- ways to get in and out of there there's not that Matty and I don't know where they go plunking down that would allow it to add to flourish without putting new role. And things in his place I was thinking about would be the -- steel plant that's like anything on route five but failure federal fiber it's -- -- that's about it. Also the -- if they drifted away tomorrow. Because they say they're not getting any support from the -- if they drifted away tomorrow now. Some people say as a matter of fact like Denise Jewell gee that young girls. Look up to these to these women as does role models or whatever but would you miss them. Why would disagree with that statement when I coached in when I was president little -- the girls could care less about. About the show so I know I don't care if you. -- would you miss them. No I I barely notice -- around out of -- you know I don't think I would either thank you thank you guys so those other questions. As a better factors should there be a new stadium. Because I'll I'll tell you what they're using it's a maximum effect right now. Wildly of people lining up most of whom I wanna buy the bills remember when you shell out of probably close to a billion dollars. Your best chance to have any leverage with public money would be now. And that he and did not later you do it now and if they do that and there's a commitment than nine years on the road. I'm just saying that what do we use the old stadium for. Now when they said what will we use the old rock pile -- didn't bother me that much because the rock pile with the rock pile it really was not a day. This stadium is not out of -- Don't take my word for a Bill Polian says it's one of the best stadiums and the NFL. I'm sure that they don't wanna hear that but but that's what he said and he's a respected NFL guy who's been to a few stadiums in his life. So what would it be used for edit the Joel's just. Drifted away there were no longer jails. Would you care would would it matter to -- 80309301806. On six who -- six. -- -- --

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