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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Bills Draft Preview - AP's John Wawrow

Bills Draft Preview - AP's John Wawrow

May 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tonight the NFL draft. Looking for the best players in college football to joy and the pro ranks. Our guest on the WB and live line as we talk about this -- -- -- -- border John -- -- John's been a -- good morning nice to have you with us. Morning John morning shoes and then finally finally the draft is here very hard for being pushed back to may. Yeah deal like the actual -- No no but just if they -- at the speculation. Let's get it over with let's get things going. You know I I I just think that that people the better time but give up -- believes that it means that. It means that big portion -- -- know who's that the bush branded Mahan. I don't know but the general -- that it didn't wait to an expected too much speculation of which will be mock drafts I think we'll hand but -- -- -- What are the bill's biggest needs heading into the stressed. Receiver and offensive tackle all I -- go there visit to position they're going what other positions are going to target. Going into this draft. All of this -- is all about helping EJ Manuel get better and the offense get better because that was the one thing that was the one unit that that that help them back last year. They're very rumors for weeks doubt about the bills may be trying to trade up potentially to number one how valid are those reports. I do think that they are trying to trade up the specifically they're looking at you know getting up to two to perhaps get Greg Robinson the opposite -- a lot of Auburn he's the best I I I -- Rated tackle in the draft and I do I do believe they're really trick was every Watkins. The receiver. In an end. There are there are talks about moving up to get those guys however they -- they did. Are also considering staying at number nine in -- there and potentially even trading back. Seem to add more except they traded away the six rather the Tampa Bay to get Mike Williams. So everything it's fluid at this point. There's a big competition among other teams that the move up the draft because. Other teams also want to move up and there are teams that are that don't wanna move back so this whole thing is going to be fluid throughout the day. -- John there's another buffalo storyline. Tonight there was really nothing to do the Buffalo Bills it's Khalil Mac at the university of buffalo the UB bulls. He's expected to be among the top five to be picked tonight some say. The depending on what team drafts her some and it's going to be Houston it looks like. He could even be drafted number one that's a big deal for UB. It is that you. Draft for food for the university of -- program that legal back. Bringing an -- drawings so much attention to them he had very. A great senior year and as solid for your career. And you're right I mean there are chances that he could go one. It depends if somebody if Houston does right back in the draft they have the number one pick there's belief that you know. That that a team might be a little back. And moving all the way up to one. I'm still I still and so I still believe that they've gotten wildly the defensive end is the most talented player and should go number one -- but who knows. The belief though is is that Lille could -- as as ice sprayed the Jacksonville. With or immutable. And outside linebacker like bill. Nice talking with the John talking again soon I'm sure. AP sports reporter. John moral.

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