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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Cascade of Canalside Concerts Coming - Chris Catanzaro

Cascade of Canalside Concerts Coming - Chris Catanzaro

May 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Can -- is getting ready to announce its summer concert lineup. Chris cantons are Erie Canal harbor development programming manager with us on the WB -- -- Chris good morning. More play in the end the spirit of things the announcement is actually an event itself tonight right. Pictures were gonna invite the public down to. See the rollout of our concerts and still has the food trucks down there -- period going to be down there and these -- all. Just a good bit of the local flavor and the experience so wanna provide Devlin and a small snapshot and the local they called the Albright will be there to four. How much bigger will the events this year be compared to last year. -- Yeah we we did 800 events and activities last year and we're definitely surpass that are ready. So we're gonna continue to build momentum on the waterfront. Much programming and events. So we can be sure that will be up -- about yes dollars and arrange for events and activities and the biggest thing we want to let people know is that. Don't just target the the characters of the special events but anytime you come down the canal side there's there's something for everyone to do that's what we really pride -- self -- What goes into coordinating. And coming up with your schedule. The coordination effort is. It's truly. A great symbol of our community here and it all parties working together you know from the public and private sector with their site managers. Our local partners like the export more. Able military par. In all those groups anyone that provides failing fitness activities and we do outreach we -- we discussed. You know what the needs -- what the public -- asked for and our great team from global spectrum as well as over section consultant in public input. We -- that schedule up from. From morning to night every day. Chris access to all these events of canal side on the waterfront. Is -- adequate or Canada will that be improved. It's absolutely. Publicly accessible at all times that's one of the voices we've heard and we continued. Have as essential mission is that we always want public access. The city in this region has waited for so long has such a beautiful waterfront. And we realized that that we don't ever want anyone from the region. You know from Toronto from. In other states even internationally we have folks from Sweden last year command. That I spoke to -- days. There are waterfront view was breathtaking. So we don't ever ever wanna cut that off for anyone in public at any time. Chris we know of two events on the schedule the summer kissed the summer hello June 6 and alternative Buffalo's prefer full on July 26. But can you tip your hand this to anything else that she might be releasing later today. I can't get my head too much others say is there maybe eighties. They're bad and rock -- comes through and -- Thursday concert line up and third they're still finalizing one of the the big ticket actually come through as well so. It's just it's it's gonna be another great concert season that canal side. And the other thing we want to emphasize is that we're just we're always looking to enhance the experience -- From everything from you know things to do during the concert public access that you're not there for the concert. You know food and beverages and but yet it's. Buffalo's premiere you know waterfront. Access Syria and we want people enjoy. Everything including their concert experience like -- out there so we're always looking to. You know pushed the envelope there. How many free concerts vs how many paid concerts. This year we have -- Free concert that's Thursday's -- -- side and that we have a must call the local battle of the bands. And a variety of music and -- is well sort of ratio roughly right now is I think we have there he. Thirty overall concept which is another improvement from last year and only four of them at this point are ticketed. Okay hey Chris we're looking forward to the event later today with the announcement thanks so much for joining us. Great can be sure to let people know that if they ever need to know what's going on a canal let it go to www. Can also upload dot com for all the way up to date information and to figure out. Yup besides Shia and here and there were parking is now those good things and we look towards the announcement today as well and they just really get -- -- kicked off. Sounds great all right and that's Chris cantons are he's Erie Canal harbor development programming manager.

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