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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Waterfront Flowing With Activity - ECHDC President Tom Dee

Waterfront Flowing With Activity - ECHDC President Tom Dee

May 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm the WB analog line as we further explore development along the waterfront in canal -- our guest is Tom. Of the Erie Canal harbor development corporation. -- good morning good morning. Tell what what do you say to our listeners the ones who up until now have not visited canal side. Or any of the other waterfront attractions that are popping up left and right what these people missing. Pat pat I would say I would invite them down in town that they're going to be pleasantly surprised I would say that the people. Who are walking up and down the central war -- canal side enjoying their. The views of the sunset in the water saying things like it doesn't feel like -- well I would say that if -- sit in the -- Scotland and Britain S got -- main street. In the that the construction is say I never thought let's keep this in my lifetime. Those are the things that the public is telling us and that bad that's I think what should encourage people to come down. -- what is the biggest change. This year over last. Well the biggest changes it's a continuation. Everything we're doing incremental said the biggest changes were bigger and better. You're gonna see a lot more construction when you're down there again you stand at that corner and you're gonna see five construction projects. On three contiguous blocks. The block where we don't have construction is where we had the 800 events last year. If you -- construction watching that would be 800 line and we expect to improve upon that for this season. We spent so many years talking about those big bass pro project for downtown buffalo the waterfront area the inner harbor. We're moving ahead to a lot of it successfully. You're gonna talk about it anymore entry the old news and we're moving forward without incremental changes were thrilled with the path that we're on. We're thrilled with the people of the amount of people coming to visit the waterfront. As a citizen -- 800000 visitors can outside last year its upward of four point five million has come and visit the waterfront so. We're thrilled with the numbers that the demographics the -- The -- the this smiles on the people's faces when they get to the water. That's a place you really like ours. It was a time where public input was being accepted and requested is it's still. It is we were always I probably don't get maybe three presentations that we -- different public groups. Always listening to the public interest in the public. If a lot of different public sessions that are scheduled with the outer harbor works -- so public to public input as always welcomes. Tom when folks visit that they get Hungary's sooner or literally offering. That is a great great great Atlanta you know the first thing first complaints. Lasted the liberty just hit it out of the park with that would exclude being prepared there. We ought to have Clinton's dishes hot dog hamburger type race. We made some significant changes with a menu the different taste testing yesterday with -- there with a group and that pleasantly surprised. With with a great stuff that Clinton's -- so. We're also will have food trucks and vendors. Food is very important which we -- -- and we wanna get -- more diversity in our food choices. And I just create opportunities there so when Republicans now. We have a better system we have a better operation that better queuing system people are waiting and people can get good high quality food. You know on the list of projects yet to come what are you looking forward to most. Probably the Children's Museum. I think the Children's Museum an additional restaurants certainly will look complete. The canal bridge day historic canals will be -- plays such a construction projects. One canal side -- is that almost a 100% complete harper center. You know they they all build off of each other but I right now like I respect to look ahead and think about what that division and send things like the children's. Museum things like additional restaurants in activity -- -- told -- that's the stuff that I look for next. Well let's hope our listeners who haven't been down there yet have heard all listen have decided to make a trip down there this summer but I think if you. The future -- so. Yeah exactly that he could start tonight we're gonna have are about big announcement on the concert series -- music series for the summer. It's going to be exciting. We hear will be thanks Tom thank you Tom -- president of the Erie Canal harbor development corporation.

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