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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Waterfront Projects Flowing Along - Congressman Brian Higgins

Waterfront Projects Flowing Along - Congressman Brian Higgins

May 8, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're talking canal side congressman Brian Higgins is with us on the WB a lifeline congressman you've been in -- since the beginning. It's always been a public private partnership and we're really seeing the progress now but as the private development where you want it to be at this point. Well it's progressing. You know we ran into a little bit to they would be on block put -- -- now it's progressing and you'll see you know what else system that. In the which return will be character skating rink going to be treated at times have. Rockefeller Center in New York City it'll be surrounded by seven development parcels from which we will issue request for proposals. And no I'm not for profit so you know that the public investment is -- nicely. About 300 million dollars in private sector investment that in the kind of been building which is in the area. Owned two Phillips vital law firm they're addressed there's one canal side which is. You know much more than a mailing address -- this statement of confidence and commitment to Buffalo's waterfront city in the flow. Receiver project. The harper center developing nicely so it's smoking. You know I think it's more partners and be seen in the past 55 here. Yeah you say it's moving congressman and visual look of a developing waterfront. It has to feel good knowing that you've been widely recognized is the motivating force in getting a lot of these projects off the ground. Are you pleased to have I shouldn't say are you pleased when you think about what's happened over the past couple of -- are you surprised that this move along this quickly. I'm Nat because it was part of a strategic vision into the -- that we -- lacking was money and I think Derrick in 2005 capacity. Six figure oratory settlement. But almost 300 billion dollars that's provided good basis from vegetables. So you know we helped secure the money in them we helped push these projects forward -- but it has been a partnership -- you know harbor development corporation and helpful and. -- -- the -- efficacy you know people are very very pleased now but what we don't wanna watch he had -- that you know momentum is only is. To the extent -- can sustain itself -- you know we're playing for new projects Ohio street. Is under construction which will be the parkway which closer to the land bridge and between you know the more densely developed here outside in the outer harbor which their summer. In 2050 will be -- state park and we hope to have. You know speeches in more development -- for her personal but was Waterford has been neglected for a long time so you know we can't make -- progress but we've got a lot of work. Would you say. That maybe from last year to this year this is the biggest change that people will see yet. I think -- bustle place you know brought life to canal side in. With over 800 events in probably a million people visiting from Western European southern Ontario. And we're just taking it to an extent that the next level I think you people are going to be very very excited about what these seats. So I think over the next you know five to ten years each year. Will offer something new and exciting which will further. Underscore are actually outside. A waterfront -- Destination. Congressman where do you stand on another waterfront project that -- you've been championing. Tearing down the buffalo skyway. Well turn out you know our community has you know the choice to me -- -- you're gonna invest in the past. They -- -- believe it you know we need. He intended things to Dallas to rehabilitate -- currently I believe there's. You know we can have. New bridge which will be shall understand bestseller -- preached. Which will be less -- overturned more pedestrian friendly so and about you know tomorrow in the future and about. You know investing in her -- around like craft from the past have really has outlived its usefulness skyway is is it is. Structurally deficient is functionally obsolete. And it's fracture fracture critical that bridge. If it were proposed -- would be approved because of those things. So you know let's -- putting you know tens of millions of dollars into the paint in this kind of way. And and to go forward she and there's a -- future with with new infrastructure including a bridge to replace. You know any -- you mentioned the land bridge earlier to Ohio street. With -- and anyway with the sky way if that ever came down later would that. You know. That's -- -- that this would land bridge has going up soon. No no it would be it would be a complement to it anyway you look at changing infrastructure buffalo was an old industrial working waterfront to the infrastructure really. I was built around that and that's what is the sky really is so tiny and not so long. -- an -- terms of its -- because you know greatly traders it is 22 tests under to service. The chemicals steel and green industry which is no longer there. So the question is why would we as a community continues to spend taxpayer dollars. To rehabilitate something it doesn't have to walk witnesses. And apparently take you up and away from the waterfront -- down into it. And I think if you look at this waterfront cities a big part of the success of this city since then. They need to structure right so I and they continue to push. State Department of Transportation which we use federal dollars. Two to do a new bridge and I think -- -- -- parkway. Will be complemented into infrastructure Buffalo's waterfront. OK congressman thanks for the time thank you for having. That's congressman Brian Higgins.

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