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5-7 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

May 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And -- -- the -- and he would Cory Bennett and then. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you don't have -- and it's. And. It's easy to clean. But the same publicity. Would say now let's -- Tom hourly barreling back in lucky charm you -- it -- local. My dad introduced. The fact that it's Tom hourly that you may well I would get out. On news radio 930 WVU. -- in the war is wrong with my manual dexterity lately ice. I really don't trying to target the power source in the -- I -- and it's it's it let's put it this way. It anything mechanical lately has become like a rubric -- all there are pros pop put -- line -- it. Anyway. Equipment tester for a news radio I can almost see Tim where you're cringing right now in the office Oakmont will enjoy the product through. Up anyway guys thanks a lot for Britney it's your life thank you for making -- part of it and what if you listen to me long enough one of the things you'll realize. Is that. -- -- up pretty consistent guy. -- and I don't play favorites just because a political parties because I don't belong to a political party. I've been vetted by -- -- along with Rachel wells conservative area -- -- -- coined the -- perfectly describes where I am. The Democrats I cannot stand the liberal progressive Communist fascist totalitarian agenda. I know that some of those words historically are at odds with each other but I can't stand totalitarian -- who want full hegemony over your life. That is antithetical to the American dream and it is against the country under which I was born. And I'll be damned I will not let that country go without a fight. I'm not going to that's number one. Number two. I find it very interest. By the way and the -- bring this up I really don't care. I find it really. Interest. Bad that. The attempts. In some quarters to portray me as mentally unstable. Failed in a collapsed under its own weight. Because it was an -- supportable. Contention. And periodically pops up on my FaceBook page and today I just just decided to address -- head up. And I'm just gonna say one thing about it and then I'm gonna move up. Folks. To psychiatrists. One psychologist. Not only have they said dude you are normal and saying but you're also brilliance. To -- One psychologist. There is zero. Mental illness affecting me never has been I hope they're never -- Maybe dimensions senility as I get older but it comes to that all jump off the African branch. He just made a suicidal let's lock up. No but seriously I does what what president I've done nothing. Over which were for which I'm embarrassed or ashamed. And quite frankly. I like who idea and I'm very comfortable in my own skin. And those who try to use a newspaper story. From -- worry. To basically. I always find it Thursday. That one week all he's such a hero he's such a patriot for backing the Second Amendment with such passion but then the minute I start talking about the Fourth Amendment. Well -- you know. You are going bonkers. Like really. It's called the -- hominem attack. And out there what a thing that the this one guy and FaceBook. Other more than reputable -- to to forego my hip. And my doctors -- a statement saying. Tom buy hourly has absolutely no mental illness whatsoever. Takes no Psycho tropic medications and the fact is quite a normal well adjusted in normal guy. He definitely likes women and unconventional sex but then again somebody has to write the penthouse form letters. Anyway so I gestured at address it head on and just move on just periodically comes up and it it's like really seriously my work speaks for itself. I'm gonna add one thing. -- -- Certain radio talk show hosts were. Depositing the theory that the Malaysian airliner landed somehow in the middle of the old ocean and discharge its its cargo in the middle of the ocean and then let and and the bad guys let it sink with everybody on board in the middle of the ocean. Jim whoever that that was actually -- theory advanced by certain people in the media. Addict who was the guy who logically applied William of government. And his logical approach to the Malaysian mystery you're humble host who explained to -- that even within a Lake Erie. There are missing a giant. Freighters know nobody's found including the elusive Marquette and Bessemer number two. So not only gonna offer a logical explanation that sometimes it takes awhile to find things like the Titanic number that. But. You start with the most. Probable explanation first then you start worrying about landing in the middle of the ocean black holes. So again I'll let my work speak for itself in my logic speak for itself. And now it's like really. And by the way if you don't normally in your problem and I give a great massage -- it is for their team -- news. Our computer was at just over the line too much too much okay. -- now let's go to -- a report from channel to. Now Michael. Is a reporter on channel two and he covered the story and by the way. Does -- -- also heard the story last week about the county clerk Chris Jacobs basically on his knees. Begging the local businesses to provide hands to the local auto bureau offices while sure Howard is pissed it away 350000. Box. I'll give outlets let's listen to Michael wooten for shelter. Looking into a program at the Erie county sheriff's office will not even admit exists but through freedom of information laws we have uncovered documents that prove. They have devices that can actually snoop on yourself home. New tonight we find out just how much of your tax dollars they've been spending to look into your private information. And we encourage you to share your thoughts with us on Twitter and at WG RC using the hash tag cell phone spying. Torre decides Michael we'll break down the numbers tonight and what they -- us on this bill won't. Tell us. By simply making a call. Typing a text or just having your phone on and you could be sending your private information to local law enforcement is very disturbing as -- -- That's right it's not just the NSA spying on your cellphone. When your side is now confirmed Erie county sheriff's office has the ability to do so was well. Big purchase so called cell site simulators sold under the names stingray and keep this. The device can operate from inside a vehicle like a band and hooks up to a laptop. The device mimics the signaled it would come from a real cellphone tower and tricks nearby phones in communicating with that. Against police information from every phone usually within a one mile radius it doesn't just -- track as you well know. One cell -- it tracks all of them deputies will learn each phone's location as will the numbers of the Kohler and recipient in other words deputies and find out where you are and New York calling and texting. I'm not sure how many situations there are that really justify using. An advanced device like this together. Lot of data about innocent individuals. -- Butler is an attorney with epic the Electronic Privacy Information Center he says privacy laws haven't kept up with this type of technology. The phones essentially turn and this specialized tracking device that's always on. And it's really changed the game in terms of what information is available about president previously private activities. The Erie county sheriff's office didn't want you to know the agency has these devices to a your son has been trying for months to get access to the information. The sheriff's office denied our freedom of information request saying it would reveal criminal investigative techniques. So we tried to get the information from the county government our initial request was denied but we appealed. After consulting with the county attorney Harris Corp. which makes the devices and the US Justice Department the county finally turned over the documents we wanted. They -- taxpayers spend more than 282000. Dollars back in late 2008 to purchase the king fish and sting ray systems plus training classes. Then they spent another 71 grand in late when he twelve for an upgrade and new laptop. Total cost more than 350000. Dollars at taxpayer expense I think that's excessive cost very Covert is a local attorney who specializes in first and in the cases. He says -- deputies aren't getting court orders any evidence they get from the sting ray inking this machines would be inadmissible in court. If there ever utilizing it. We -- their absolutely violated the constitutional rights of everyone whose information they're collecting. Another big problem what happens to all that data that they're collecting for innocent people. Any information that makes it on to a computer. Is now going to be preserved for. So big claim that they had the device up and they only want to pinpoint one person get that information but they're gonna actually collect information for thousands of people. Also we wonder who has access to the -- machines how often are they used and have they ever helped legally assault case. The sheriff's office refuses to answer any of that or tell what safeguards are in place to prevent abuse that says a lot. Absolutely. That's very scary. 354000. Lot of weird at that money. We were told initially by sourcing county government that the money came from a state Homeland Security grants that we sent to prevent formation request of the state. To get all the disbursement they had given the Erie county public for the entire list dating back to 2008. That never came up so at this point it is still very much a mystery -- where this money came from we -- with tax Payer money at some point going up the chain. -- -- levels won't talk about it so we can't fund them. With the policies aren't they won't tell you who had access to this -- Nothing they at this point again still won't even admit that they have this machine. Course we know they do because we have the documents that -- -- but this is that the case for other police agencies across the country -- very secretive about this. And actually in the paperwork that we got to heavily redacted at some points. Harris Corp. which of these machines. Actually have an agreement where they say you have to agree not to discuss this with the media. They don't want this getting out there were the most secretive things that reporters across the country -- and it leads to so many questions. Because they won't talk about they won't say who has access to it can only lieutenants get these machines. Are they want to doesn't matter Michael listeners that they would have to find out that they can't -- about myself. They cut and I and we would never know very -- says he doesn't believe they're getting court warrants warrants from judges because. He's never heard of this coming up in the -- anywhere in the country. Within at least locally in some parts of the country states are actually requiring that they be court orders maybe that's something the state legislature here could or should take him. But -- group and. A great job Bob by Michael wooten that audio is courtesy of channel through WG RZTV. And frankly that's one of the best investigative journalism pieces I've seen a local TV in quite some time Michael wooten. Well done. And it doesn't matter Michael. Well -- lieutenant has access I have accesses it only captains that have access. The constitution's. Fourth Amendment doesn't say hey that captains and lieutenants or sheriffs are exempt. Don't -- what part of this is exactly what are founding fathers did not want don't you guys understand that. Where should I -- all about and she's my guys. Ladies and gentlemen there's more of the constitution. Then guns I too am an ardent supporter of the Second Amendment. But -- -- tent if I'm going to cleanse my nether regions with the Fourth Amendment. This is outrageous especially -- from a guy who claims to be joke constitution. If this story is true. He needs to resign. And I think the patriot movement needs to make clear its displeasure with this kind of hypocrisy. The Fourth Amendment is very clear very -- is absolutely right -- I hope you call my show. I hope all -- recalls my -- I can pass this the first time all your I've worn shorts to work and they are white. Are -- is not going to Wear white shorts to work. For awhile but yesterday my buddy Chris Parker the bull dog was wearing long. White pants before Memorial Day. And I felt if Chris Parker could do it. I can do it. Course Chris is also six foot four and less likely to be. Beaten up over wearing white pants before memorial -- The Pentagon did get that trade. Could be interest all right it is up for 24 -- treasury note. Don't bite my reference for Tony foreign news radio 930 WBE. And that. It is -- hourly I need to break don't act now of course I do what we come back. Be honest with me folks if this was Obama Soros and the Hillary. You have conviction it's a practice. Now are right now in Iraq by this time. I'm trying to learn how to play -- that would just be and that wouldn't go over well in all my frustration level I'm afraid would hit works. -- -- Betty Betty quickly Betty quickly. It is about it with you on the radio in Israel and thirty WB and all right so I have a question for you know a lot of shows about the Second Amendment to the constitution. And I -- many -- you can recite it by heart I know in fact you know rumor had it as a kid and laundry and who. And you all would have trouble because he wore a shirt with the NR logo on it and I know that there are other shirts around there and around here which proclaimed -- your support for the Second Amendment which by the way he's. My support as well. For the Second Amendment it continues to be on wavering. And the Second Amendment by the way is not only a component of the United States constitution it is the second most important component of the bill of rights our founding fathers put it at number 20 right after -- freedom of speech and freedom of religion thing. But the Second Amendment to the constitution. And if you're just joining us no this is not really going to be. Another. New York State does to -- show. I've -- water to those already. But. The version preserved in the National Archives of the Second Amendment. Quote. A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state. The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not. Be infringed. And supporters of the Second Amendment like Tim Howard by the way it sure -- very county. They get. Shall not be infringed. -- have been adamant shall not be infringed. It's pretty cut and -- Shall not be infringed. Second Amendment United States constitution. But here's the problem we're gonna run and two year. If yes say that this Second Amendment is really really really important. 'cause he covers dozens. Governor -- I'd forgive me for talking like that I'd sometimes like to talk like the stereotypical. Gun owner. Just for grins just for giggles I think you guys know my position on the Second Amendment but -- like certain people I don't just. Understand and respect the Second Amendment I also respect the other amendments including the Fourth Amendment to the constitution of the United States. And it. Is. It clear. It is Betty Betty Betty clear and let us. -- get down to this shall lead them Regis that that it that it did not let me read it. Are we ready okay just for those who have never heard this before and this is something that I talked about because. One of the things that I have set. Repeatedly. If you allow them to screw you out of the Second Amendment. Believe me the Fourth Amendment the Fifth Amendment and the First Amendment will follow like a house of cards if I have said that once I've senate armed times. Because I am concerned about the future. Of freedom in the United States. And you know what because I've -- and you've heard me say. -- -- got to stand up for every single one of the amendments to the constitution of the United States. The Fourth Amendment. Ladies and gentlemen. Was put into words. As the founding fathers tried to verbalize what they considered to be a natural or god given right. They didn't grant you the rights they said the rights exist already were simply putting them into Woertz. That argument is often made successfully I might add in support of the Second Amendment. At the same applies to the Fourth Amendment. To the Fourth Amendment is real clear. I don't think it gets any clearer. The right. Of the people not a privilege. Not the temporary privilege. Brought rights. Of the people. To be secure. In their persons. Houses. Papers. And affects. Against unreasonable searches and seizures. Shall. Not. Be violated. Let me say that again. Not because I like to hear myself talk but because it's vitally important. The right of the people you're right. To be secure. In York person. Your house. Your papers and up facts. Founding fathers were brilliant. Because Steve Jobs wasn't alive when the constitution. Was written and very ratified and the bill of rights added to it. The word up facts is a perfect word. Because in a way in anticipated future developments in technology. The right of the people to be secure in their persons. Houses papers and effects. Against on the reasonable. Searches and seizures shall not be violated. And no warrant shall issue. But upon probable. Cause supported by oath or affirmation. And part particularly. Describing. The place to be searched end to the persons or things to BC's. My biggest translate that for. Our founding fathers did not want government. To have the ability to go on fishing expeditions in your home. Or your effects or your person. In order for the government to legally get into your stuff. The government must according to the Fourth Amendment. Have probable cause to do sell. Supported by oath or affirmation. And it it can't just Willy Nilly look at whatever it wants to -- Look at any effect. Particularly. Describing. The place to be searched and the persons or things to be seized. And that. They can only rule upon probable. -- So this idea. That yourself -- On which how many of you have very personal private information on your cell phone I don't. A lot of personal things on my cell phone. Right not the racy stuff that dramatics are -- there's a racist but. The other at a private personal messages there. And I mean none of them would surprise anybody garrido and really. But Aubrey didn't. If I want government. Whether it's Barack Hussein Obama Hillary Rodham Clinton. George Soros one of the secret powers behind the throne. Or sheriff Tim Howard I'll be damned. If I want those people who represent the government. Having unfettered access. -- things on my cell phone which I believe our founding fathers would consider a personal affect. This is in effect of mind. Are right. Until Howard or somebody. Can show me a war in particular did describing what they expect to -- on my cell phone. They've got no African business -- information from. And I really would like to file a civil rights lawsuit. Against Erie county and the -- over this issue. This is an important issue folks. Because think about this if one minute they think that they can look into your cell phone without any probable cause. Just go to fishing expedition. How long is it going to be before. They knock at your door they were coming -- where's your war we don't have a war we need a war no I don't. The Fourth Amendment is sacred is every bit as sacred as the Second Amendment. I know that I'm (%expletive) and a lot of people -- here. Well our at least going after Howard he must not like guns anymore. Now he must be got the Second Amendment terrible. The only person is inconsistent is how. I'm consistent down the line baby. I support the first. Second third fourth. Our -- item amendments to the constitution. Of the United States particularly. The bill of rights the first ten amendments. I don't just say this Second Amendment shall not be infringed. The Fourth Amendment shall not be violated. The government whether it's run by Ronald Reagan. Or Barack Obama has no damned authority or legal right. To go one up fishing expedition it to yourself ball. -- Who says so the constitution. And isn't it our -- the icing on the cake to me is just last week. We had a story about the county clerk Chris Jacobs begging businesses -- patterns for -- bureaus. Any here we have like half a million dollars -- in either way. For something that really violate your rights. This is this is insanity to me -- I supported him I endorsed empowered with great gusto. I thought he cherished freedom as I do. I thought that if he supported the Second Amendment he must support the port. He must support the -- he must support the first. But you can't sheriff pick and choose the freedoms. That you're gonna back. I'm consistent sir you're not. And I -- tell us up and I want hearings on this in fact not only do I want hearings on this how long is that second channel two report. -- by -- and two minutes okay. I said it in German Joseph because your inner Austrian would appreciate that -- and a half the amount. All right this is a two minute follow up and it comes to us courtesy of WG AR CTV channel through. Hearings. Some politicians are calling for hearings on this. You better believe I wanna see hearings. I would love to see a class action lawsuit in this situation. Government has got to be bitch slapped government has got to be told no. You don't get to go there. There's a bill right now in the new York state assembly which would require -- war and use the cell phone spying equipment. Similar legislation has been passed in Virginia and Minnesota and Tennessee. But it's all the New York. But now that we're learning that the national ACLU chapter is interested in getting involved here you recounting it appears there could be some momentum built. Sheriff Tim Howard will need to check his mailbox. -- received a letter from me soon. Democratic assemblyman Sean Ryan saw our reports on the Erie county sheriff's office's use of cell phone spying equipment and now he wants to know more. Why did this year I think he needed -- 350000. Dollar piece despite equipment. Certainly like to know. Note to -- -- -- we we incidents. Ryan is in full support of assembly bill 2311. Which would require warrants for law enforcement agencies to use this kind of equipment. And frankly it has to move. Who -- all because here we have speculative that. -- -- what happened in New York State that's happening here. But it turns this happening here. New York State I think -- good idea to specify this and perhaps have legislation to make sure that law enforcement. Knows that this is illegal but I believe that that that statute already require that and -- on a court order be obtained to try to capture this and. Range on the senate side Republican Patrick -- has a different perspective he served as Erie county sheriff from 1988 to 2005. And he says if there were him you might consider using the same technology as long as it was used ethically. This year -- the police chief. Enforcement agencies. China -- church people in keeping. Galvin says he's not familiar with the assembly bill at this point but he's going to take a look. It's nothing it's not what is. Pat -- familiar with the bill problem because he spends most of his time adding up all of his pension checks from the New York State that's players in addition to his salary a share. -- -- Really as long as -- used ethnic. Note what part of the fourth match. And don't you understand. -- YouTube and suck -- the public -- so long. What is -- read the Franken constitution. Sore let's back it up ten seconds this is appalling to me ladies and gentlemen. A great American and a swinger I might add. Mean certainly earlier with -- -- so -- don't already yet Ben Franklin. Ben Franklin. Very famous quote. -- who would give up essential liberty. To purchase a little temporary safety deserve. Neither liberty nor safety. And up. Pat Galvin I think Benjamin Franklin was a lot smarter than you. And the fact -- use. As long as it's used ethnically. Can you explain to me the ethically exemption in the Fourth Amendment because she anywhere. Put your pension checks down from your state parole boards and secure. Your sheriff's job. Your state trooper job and your state senate job right put a stop counting up all those six figures and read the Fourth Amendment once in awhile let's figure this story. It's not familiar with the assembly bill at this point but he's going to take a look at that. But -- the potential for abuse. Is there and it's it is okay that people are asking questions. The speed channel -- Well I'm glad it's okay that people are asking questions Patrick I'm I'm glad. I'm really glad here's my question for pat pat -- -- get one of those jobs with the state Parole Board. Seriously. -- like get one of those political sucking off the heat of the taxpayer six figure jobs with a car on the Parole Board. Were all the political -- go between careers. True. It is 440 and bad news radio 930 WBBM it has hourly ladies and gentlemen -- Made no apologies for defending liberty. Whether it's the Second Amendment -- the Fourth Amendment our founding fathers new government would get to this level. Day no attendance up every government had ever existed hitherto had been to clamp down. Citizens and screw them. And this kind of thing has got to be stopped. It's got to be stopped now it's like and why it's -- have to go it's why this program and Erie county -- ago. And it's why. We have a bill of rights or do we just call it a bill of rights it was George Carlin correct. I have to break that traffic on news radio 930 WBE. And I were gonna talk to the 21 amendment expert very Covert -- I talked to -- didn't end well. Well now because it was about Alex rice thing and I was very personally invested in that case and I still am. It's just that I had to put on the back burner doesn't start to drive me. No democracy insane if it is it it's always going to be a source of depression to me I still have Alex's funeral card -- for you on my refrigerator all. -- thank my FaceBook guy Ross for being a man. -- your man. I -- Now he said hey Tom by you've been blockers. And I took it like pollen -- this crap again for January really so like went through the explanation again. Offering to wave my hip that approved through rest and anybody else that. I've never been diagnosed with any mental illness whatsoever. And actually guys in all seriousness. My psychologist -- all the guys this before. I I it's -- been seeing a psychologist like twice a year. As long as have been a grown up just for a tuna you know just to make sure in my and the right happens everything cool. Thought of that before. And she -- -- -- like one of the coolest most normal -- well adjusted people ever. Inserted to medical doctors actually 33 medical doctors. So no -- don't worry about that. Present if there's ever -- time for me to worry about my sanity believe me I will be honest with -- about it but I've been honest with you about everything else. And up -- I apologize for misinterpreting what you had to say. Thank you for being a man and and and giving me an explanation you kind of become -- touch me because there are many men around like us. Russ thank you not rest Thompson another house. Rush is still -- -- ago. Please let -- listed next to with a trough under his radio led thirty WB --

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