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5-7 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

May 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Wolves down upon the he would rate. Then. Go to the hole looked out my husband and my. The fact he has yet Ford dead Americans what I'm glad I protest that was it because the guys out for a walk when I decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got health -- already. Then you can keep your plan if you're satisfied with a. Our lady and I don't know how to put. Good. People know when it's alive it's local. It's Tom how early. There wet I'd quit net news radio. That still makes me laugh always there's always will and I end. Always going to be twelve years -- intends admit -- did. Anyway -- housing -- on midweek Wednesday. We -- -- little away com date and it -- says that what is it. It is Wednesday right. We've established that back OK guys I -- haven't updated weather forecast. I'd probably just do it by memory it's gonna -- over the next few days that that be my guest but what I know I'm just trying to be -- about the weather. Otherwise it will vote. Well we are going to cover today. And I -- mention this briefly because this is something that I just really did not feel like mentioning yesterday. And I've been debating this back and forth what is the value in mentioning this should people know this should people not know this. And the local. Daily rag your. Unethical -- might have. But the local rag. Today. Released the fact that the cause of death for thirteen year old Amir was regulation. I knew that yesterday that's one of those things I did not tell you if you will remember yesterday's show I alluded to certain things they knew but I didn't want to share yet. And -- simply say there is some very very strong evidence that there was a sexual component to the crime. And I gonna leave it at that. So just what you thought it was bad enough. That a thirteen year old is charged with murdering another thirteen year old not only was it gruesome. But there was also hold a component. Yeah well in that story involving a thirteen girl. So my suggestion is. Bet if found guilty. Of the charges. -- Sanchez. There's got to be away where he never sees the light of day again I don't care of these thirteen years old. Because if the charges against him are true. I don't think he ever ought to see the streets again. Now it does raise the issue is he a criminal. Or is there a psychiatric issue now if there's a psychiatric issue I'd like to hear that defense. Not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect. I would like I don't know they might go for an insanity defense. It wouldn't surprise me given what I have been told by people very familiar with the to -- case I'm just gonna leave it at bat. Because -- I go any further. And discuss market really pissed off and the -- -- started -- sad talking about it and I just don't feel like going down that road today I truly don't. By the way you know I've mentioned this over the course of the past couple of days. That I. I the reason I am sick and freaking tired of stories about the Buffalo Bills and who's gonna by the team. Who is -- by the -- sort of every day our own newscast who's gonna by the team who's gonna by the team he's its president Polk Davis resident doctors know you've expressed an interest. You know what. When somebody makes an offer. Why don't we call that a new story Dan. And then let's run with a big news story when an offer is made. All it is right now folks. Is Chuck Schumer using Ralph Wilson's -- As an opportunity. To be the spokesman. For the committee involved in this process and in keeping the bills in buffalo. And up by the way a little bird told me. Now -- Chuck Schumer tried to come off like he is that Joseph -- You know like he's Joseph good guy -- Democrat I'm for that people I do this job as a public service. I Chuck Schumer has a demonstrated history as -- -- this is a guy who on a flight. Was told to turn office electronic device. Called a flight attendant a bit each. And then of course his party has the gall to say that Mitt Romney has -- skill and and of course the Republicans have -- up. Meanwhile Chuck Schumer -- also flight attendant a bitch and nobody cares because he's a Democrat folks. Number one I would never call a flight attendant a bitch not even if she was a touch I wouldn't caller bitch. And if I -- it let's just say for the sake of argument. If I called a flight attendant a bitch I guarantee you. If it got out. Every blog. Every newspaper. Would say right wing or conservative. Talk show host Tom Bauerle is accused of causing a disturbance on a plane. By calling a flight attendant a bitch. Because they haven't gotten the memo yet that I'm a conservative area. I got sick and tired of existing politics so I decided to form and forge my old way. As a conservative Terry. I've told you this I think conservatives but wait too much time. They can about what other people -- their genitals and libertarians. I think -- if they had their way there wouldn't be a stop sign in the world so somewhere between the two I think there's a happy medium with which I feel comfortable. And you'll always find me to be a friend. Of the bill of rights and by the way folks. There there seems to be at the government FaceBook page a -- misconception among some people a lot thank god. But among some people in the PI haven't done my job properly. I may not be communicating properly because. You know we spent a lot. I think we've done one or two shows on the same effect what do you think Joseph what are two shows maybe opposite effect. John marked up you know we we've done a couple of shows on the -- fact I have talked at great length about the Second Amendment and what it means. And you will remembered it. I have also spoken with equal passion. About the other amendments designed to protect you from government intransigence. From government in transit jets. Because believe. If the government doesn't like you they will screw you. The conservative Tea Party groups about their dealings with the IRS. Asked the reporters. Who started investigating Obama who found their computers. -- By the government. And thank goodness more and more people are finally starting to see the government for what it is becoming folks we are on a fast track. To fascism and totalitarianism. He's delusional he's paranoid he's bonkers. Sure. The evidence is all around you you want open garage actually sit I really don't give a flying -- if you think -- bonkers. I really don't -- Yeah -- it it all you have to do is open your eyes. If I would've told you five years ago. That the IRS. Would be used by an American president. To prohibit. Culture. Groups. For getting tax exempt status what would you set about. Ball he's delusional -- he's probably a paranoid schizophrenic. And yet we find out that not only. -- -- learner in the IRS. Do exactly that but. About it. And it was a systematic. Approach to denying conservative groups. There are tax exempt status while liberal groups got sailed right through. With a big okay rubber stamp on it if I told you five years ago. That your government. That an American president at the executive branch of your government. Would be going in to reporters. Computers. And spying on reporters in absolute violation of the Fourth Amendment and the First Amendment what would you call. You what does that you've been spending too much time listening to Art Bell George Noory. Alex Jones. In fact you may be a mental patients. You may be going bonkers. You may be unraveling. And yet what do we found out. The government has done exactly that. In fact. Even the buffalo and lose which couldn't give -- two dams. About the Second Amendment. When they realized that the Justice Department was going after the First Amendment. They called for holder's resignation about a year ago is our call. So I don't trust the government in the least. And if you do all your soccer. And I guess the best point I can make about that folks and I have to bring this up again. Is -- effect was twice United States marine of the year. He grew up on union wrote. All right north. Were just over the hill on the left in that house with -- sisters -- and Jackie. I know the family. Ever -- Kenneth -- joined the Marines -- all he wanted to be was a US marine twice marine of the year. And you played well the government that they took good Carrey have a right. They would never off one of her own. You are naive. You don't understand that the power behind the throne. -- can affect folks we've set up by your government to be murdered. Because he knew. About the fact. That one of the reasons heroin is on the upswing in the United States is because our all government yes under George Bush and yes under Barack Obama. Allow the farmers in Afghanistan. To grow poppies. Because the deal is you'd get to do heroin as long as you give us Intel on the Taliban that's the deal. All and in addition to allowing them to grow the pop up poppies from which this stuff is taken to make heroin we also brought. The local Afghan chieftains -- your tax money. -- can affect twice marine of the year. -- Kenneth -- Knew about the steer him in place and I told earlier -- -- the show and up. Erin was also a US marine liaison with CIA. He told his mom before his last trip to Afghanistan he did not think he was coming home because he knew too much and sure enough. And if you read about what happened to him. Your government murdered. Or allowed to be murdered -- can affect the United States marine twice marine of the year. That actually happened he called for help just like the guys -- Ben Ghazi never came. He was set up for a hit why. Because not only -- of the details of how we bribe The Chieftains which is kind of an open secret. He also knew that some of our guys are stealing the money. They are as it were -- their beach in the money we bribe the Afghan tribal chiefs win. So that next time you hear about heroin on the street to Western New York I watch and understand one of the reasons for that is we are allowing yet. To come into the country because it's the deal we made with the Afghani farmers you broke the heroin stuffed the poppies. Well what you do it. You give us Intel on the Taliban that's the deal that's why heroin has flooded do you think it's a coincidence votes. That the heroin upsurge happened at the same time as the war in Afghanistan. Which didn't take that long as soon I mean in terms of overthrowing the Taliban government. Did you notice that almost the minute the Taliban government was overthrown the one problem with the US increased again. Do you think that would just happenstance. Now it's because of the deal I just told you about Aaron kind of pick was murdered over. And I guess his mom the mother a gold star mother Susie price. Who was the mother to -- Kenneth -- twice Maureen of the year. She told me on my show that she was being harassed. Stalked and survey old. By the federal government after going public with her story of how her son was murdered. And at the time I told her I told you I said sunlight is the best disinfectant. But you say this thing this kind of stuff doesn't happen in America Tom you must be paranoid you you might even be schizophrenic. Or bipolar. You really need to put you at a hospital. All right well what did you tell that the -- price -- -- fix mother. Because she told you as she told me on this show some more I'm sure there's -- tape of it on the Internet. -- after she went public with her son's murder sanctioned by our government because he knew too much. She was then victimized by the government under bush and Obama. For going public with the story. Of -- benefit. Shameful. You say it can't happen in America. You are so naive. If you really believe. All that crap you'll learn in school about our government I feel sorry for. Took me awhile to grow up took me awhile to realize George Carlin had it absolutely right. I every posted by popular request. George Carlin spiel on you don't have any rights. No you don't. What you have is a temporary bill of privileges. And coming up I don't know if you've heard about us. But the evil old scumbag. Democrat. Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama and George Soros. Have teamed up now. I don't know if you've heard about this to put up cellphone towers across America to get information from citizens without any search war. Whatsoever Obama Hillary and George Soros are doing is -- fill in the details coming up a W via. Just makes everything to me I'm at a place at our music in the next hour of the show play George Harrison within you without you and the organ. Call Joseph doesn't like my choice of George Harrison as a Beatles Bob you're don't want that aren't there. So I like that because it was just unlike anything I'd ever heard as it hit me in the all right maybe we may be will place -- -- But as I've said folks here's my problem with Leonard Skinner. Gimme back my polyps. Or mr. Saturday night special. Mr. Saturday night special is it it's an app like I song. So why don't we take -- people and up until the bottom of the city. That's hardly a program saw. And then they say give me back my bullets. Or what that somebody dive to the bottom of the sea bring the guns back up seek re load. I'm confused. Honest confused as the pilot was that night. Too soon I'm sorry usually good idea to have a -- fuel on board to complete your flight to San. 334 news radio -- thirty WB ENN that was probably very wrong. But actually. Knowing a little bit about personality -- -- vans any probably would go after his ass off an artist pile probably would probably slapping somewhere out there he's still alive. Anyway. Well misery -- sport the market itself anyway folks all all I've got a great story I started talking about Chuck Schumer and I wanna finish that thought. Chuck Schumer ladies and gentlemen you know he he's a -- He's he's a political phony I've been calling this guy out for years and uphold sort of -- use it doesn't matter because the Obama's voters are eerie county will vote him in every time he runs anyway and the dumb voters of New York State New York City every time Schumer runs he'll get elected. But you wanna know. A little bird told leaders. Of all Byrd told Davis. You know that committee that is exploring the sale of the bills and keep on the bills in buffalo. You know activity and every single time somebody parts of the meeting it ends up as the lead story on our newscast. Okay. Brian Higgins. Wanted to be a part of that committee. Brian Higgins who by the way walks on water I don't know if you know this but I've read the Buffalo News Brian Higgins is pretty much Jesus. Brian Higgins wanted to be on the committee guests who didn't want Brian Higgins on the committee. Chuck Schumer. Now why would Chuck Schumer not want Brian Higgins on the bills committee. Because Chuck Schumer is a publicity whore and he didn't want another politician on the committee. That's a little bird told me. Brian Higgins wanted to be on the committee. Chuck Schumer said no because Chuck Schumer wanted to be the only politician. On the committee. So he could get his face in front of the microphones. And TV cameras. I know how many of my audience are you know five to Brian Higgins but again the point here is Chuck Schumer of fraud. It's and so for the Democrats for that matter the Republicans have a war on women yeah -- why does Obama pay women of the White House what he pays men. Chuck Schumer calls a woman a bitch. And the list attackers of women by the way two of them actually Hillary and the bimbo eruptions. And those who support abortion on demand. Since more than half of the aborted babies in this country a female babies. You wanna run that by the again and other Republicans support the war on women and I moderate Republican by the way if you're new listener you need to know something. You need to understand something I'm not Republicans. There is no Republican Party anymore not in New York State it's a fraud. -- it's a phony. I will not be voting for Asta regional. First of all he does have a snowball chance in -- secondly I'm not voting for anybody that is put forth by the Republican establishment. I will vote for whomever the libertarians. Nominee. Until such time as the conservative aryan movement takes off to a point where we can start running the country. The way it should be Iran. I'm gonna have to vote libertarian. Because I am not going to accept -- heard with gold plating and say yeah. He doesn't have a deal after his name he's getting buyouts. No I'm not settling anymore I don't settle in my private life why would I settle in my personal life. I only dateline's contends why would I -- want. Unless she was a really really really good cook. Anyway it is at 338 at news radio 930 WB EM so what anyway gang. If you heard about this but this this is a huge story. You know in our country we have something called the Fourth Amendment. Now I know many of fuel. And here's where I'm gonna probably come off as being a real DB. Many of you only believe I think that there's only one amendment to the constitution the Second Amendment. And anytime somebody messes with it at any time somebody talks about your guns taken away your guns haven't registered your guts. You know you guys you know your sex -- and an uproar over that. And they and they shut because -- does to know I'm a staunch advocate for the Second Amendment. And anybody who wants to put my defense of the Second Amendment. Up for any kind of a vote. I'll put my defense of the Second Amendment up with -- anybody. I won awards from sportsman's federations. From a shooters organization. As getting -- Second Amendment. But here's where some of you people are. Our need to be educated. The bureau of rights covers more than just got tons. Characters more -- I -- guy ones and yes I am saying it that way to just drive home a point. Some people just think that constitution guarantees make ends up it does. But there's a lot of other things the constitution. Guarantees you and you need to know this and that's why this new program. There has been put into place -- Barack Hussein Obama. Hillary Rodham Clinton and George Soros is absolutely. Reprehensible. And I -- ago. Now I don't know if you've heard about this but across the country. Fake cellphone towers have been set up. By these little fascists. Hillary Rodham Clinton Barack Hussein Obama and George Soros all over the country they set up cell phone towers. And what they do is they trick yourself phone. Into thinking they're legitimate cell phone towers so that Hillary Clinton Barack Obama and George Soros can suck. -- -- Can -- every bit of information. Off. Of yourself ball and know everything about you and you haven't done a damn thing wrong all you've been doing is just drive her out. But Obama Clinton and Soros. Have funded this program. To get every bit of information out of yourself ball. Ladies and gentlemen. Remember what I said many of you think there's only one amendment of the constitution the Second Amendment and that's what happens. -- there's a whole bunch of amendments. And our founding fathers understood. That governments were not to be trusted our founding fathers understood the government's tendency. Always. Is this screw people and take absolute control over them. And what Obama Clinton and George Soros are doing is absolutely antithetical to the American way. It is absolutely unconstitutional. And yet it goes on. And I wish some of you who are so passionate about your gun rights were also as passionate. About. Your other rights designed to protect you from an over reaching government. Now you know the Second Amendment by heart right I'm sure you do. We also have in this country and I think it's important that Hillary Clinton George Soros and Barack Hussein Obama understands something. We have something called the Fourth Amendment to the constitution. Because our founding fathers didn't trust governments knowing what governments would become. And I wanted to read you the Fourth Amendment to the constitution. For those of you think the only thing in the constitution's bill of rights -- guns. Let me share this with you. The right of the people. To be secure. In their persons. Houses. Papers. And effects. Against unreasonable. Searches. And seizures. Shall not be violated shall. Not be violated. And no warrants shall issue but upon probable cause. Supported by oath or affirmation. And part particularly describing the place to be searched and the persons or things to be seized. Let me just didn't put this in layman's terms for you and this is something Hillary Clinton. George Soros and Barack Hussein Obama those fascists need to understand. They need to get -- That. The Fourth Amendment shall not. Be violated. And the founding fathers did not want government. I have carte Blanche to go on a fishing expedition. In two New -- person at your house your paper or you're a fact. Well my opinion is your cell phone and the information they're in is isn't is end up back. It's your stuff. That's yours. And unless. There is probable cause. Unless. There is a warrant. Describing part particularly what the police expect a fine. Fishing expeditions are not oh while. And somebody. Needs to get this through their thick skulls. I'm Hillary Rodham Clinton. George Soros. And Barack Hussein Obama. Now some of you know what I'm doing. I'm not talking about Barack Hussein Obama. Hillary Rodham Clinton. Or George Soros. I'm talking about that lover of liberty Joseph constitution. Mr. I'll speak it every Second Amendment rally because I'm all about the Second Amendment your sheriff and a guy I endorsed -- -- The sheriff of Erie county ladies and gentlemen. According to a report by channel through and Michael won't. Is doing exactly. What I'd just described. Now be honest with yourself. If George Soros Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama. We're doing this you would be pissed off. You would think your rights are being violated you would think that they have just urinate at all over the constitution. And I would bet you anything you would be -- hall. By this kind of a fishing expedition by those people because you don't like those people. Well. Just because you support the Second Amendment. If you -- wipe your Fanny with the Fourth Amendment you -- no stake in friend of the constitution. And this is appalling to me. That we have a sheriff. Who made a name for yourself in the Second Amendment community as Joseph constitution. You don't -- the Fourth Amendment what part of shall not be violated don't you get. What part of shall not be violated don't you understand. This is in violation of at least the spirit and probably the wording of the constitution. Of the United States. And you can't out of one inside your mile. Talk about. I will lot of unforced this the New York -- law because I believe in the constitution. And a lot of the other side your mouth say yes but my my cell -- things we can drain all the information we want -- -- -- okay. That is speaking when they -- tong it is inconsistent it is hypocritical. That's a way I see it. I will -- play with channel -- permission which we have obtained for those who may have missed it Michael Wharton's first piece on. Somehow the words playing Michael wooten -- first piece didn't come out exactly as they want them to. But we will get into this are coming up on news radio 930 WB CNN. All right thank you ma'am I would be TV which is a disease that's why closest people to be call me T. Until Tony Soprano stole that one for me he really I was called -- before Tony Soprano -- Kind of irritated me they stole it from me maybe out don't just like Rush -- almost to the shows for me when I was doing morning's. And of course I meant that is a serious statement. -- -- today. Cloudy a little rain the overnight low 48. -- early to say that again with the proper discussed. Cloudy tonight. A little rain the low. In May 48 overnight. While the dipped and green water. Rather cloudy tomorrow what are they trying to make it sound better by using the word rather well. Other cloudy tomorrow or shower or thunderstorm around -- the high seventy. And then met tomorrow night cloudy and mild shower or thunderstorm 58 degrees. And right now. It's sixty. Five at news radio 930 WBBM. All right it is up hourly with you and I did set up the topic and I was kind of sneaky in the way I did it. Because ladies and gentlemen I'm consistent. I don't hear. Cool. Violates my rights. I'm gonna call the Obama. I don't care who violate your rights I'm gonna call them out on. And if you are a lover of liberty you claim to be a patriot. You can't just say only the Second Amendment matters is that smug sons he can't just say that. There are nine other amendments. Some of which deal with your protections. Against overt reaching the government. And admit it. When you heard me talking about Obama sorrows and Clinton setting up fake cell phone towers to suck information out of your cell phone. You are pretty pissed off about George Soros Hillary Clinton and up Barack Obama weren't sure. But then when I said now it was Tim Howard. Suddenly. That cost you a little bit of time. Now Tim has my cell phone number I haven't heard hell haven't heard from Tampa Florida myself -- -- before the election. Not that the Libyan connection of course it is not coming up on 355. At that news radio 930 WB and just ahead. We're gonna play Michael wooten reports from channel two and I also wanted to get in a conversation would Paul -- Korea about. The freedom of the of the freedom issue. What's at stake here folks your rights against overreaching government I don't give a flying thing whether it's a Republican or Democrat. I felt I value and cherish freedom and the government can go blank itself.

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