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5-7 Beach and Company Hour 3

May 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Beijing company we know is an important election and they're very seldom that the news. Covers. They school board election in such depth as a matter of -- -- that problem goes full our writers for the lead story Tiffany lankans. Mary B pass the -- Sandra -- -- -- Williams -- for the for the story collaborating on this. Very very important and I'm glad it finally got recognized for what it was because the last camera we should learn from our mistakes. The last summer always hired a woman who turn out to be incompetent. And she hired people that weren't qualified. Now we didn't get a discount on the people that weren't qualified to -- suing right now for three million dollars each we paid full price. However we didn't get what so what we bargained for they weren't certified they weren't equipped. To handle jobs so this is what you got incompetence breeding less than competence. And so it's about time we woke up better late than ever and I'm asking is this the beginning of a bright new day in buffalo education. I say. Why they don't like the chalkboard clean let's come up with new ideas new approaches and I don't wanna hear. The Tony and I were discussing this specifically don't wanna hear the same all we've hired. A company to do a nationwide search. Blah blah blah. For -- look internally we may have somebody here you're telling me nobody -- within the buffalo school system as the -- -- possibility of being good superintendent. And then make it a search make it a legitimate national search and make it color blind would you please collar blue line. I mean what's the worst thing that you're gonna happen. Away at that can happen. AO white superintendent or non non black superintendent hired and it doesn't work well that's exactly what we have. -- now as we have to bar as we have before that one. And it didn't work so I think it's time to get the best person. And then not put any stipulation on skin color ethnicity. Gender anything like that it's just at the right person in here let's get together on the board and get -- Let's go to pat in Hamburg -- -- on WB -- I don't think you get better what I can what I was saying to the other will call screener calls for an via Stater. It is definitely my feeling that in -- -- cities and in the -- through that we've. Currently we look at the people would accept them. Who know and love and play and the kids that are in it. To get a superintendent. Let them apply let them wouldn't let it get the best person available. But. Don't have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to get -- we don't know like. And it's you know it's the same all -- thing not just with -- education it's this way with companies the assumption is always that the better people smarter people don't already work for. That's a dangerous assumption may. Oh yeah they do. And that's why your competition hires them away from -- and they end up making money or succeeding for somebody else besides you because you don't recognize. I have felt for a long time that we need to bring people up and give them the incentive. To work toward the best. Job independent system. -- wasn't an amber Dixon who was it temporary superintendent and everybody raved about an -- she applied for the job didn't get it. And then -- What about yeah I mean exactly right well -- Dixon wasn't black. I mean I like that when -- start making decisions. Based on skin color even if it's for the right thing it's just as much of a cent as if it's the for the wrong thing. All right thanks Brad -- and I'm Leo thank you very much. OK but why yes. Internal. A city internal applicants should be thoroughly screened and vetted and nother player there player -- -- -- like this. If you told somebody you know one. I made a decision on skin color I had some good qualified people but the final decision was on skin color. They say well that's not the right -- now that's not right. You because you did it for the wrong reason what's the difference between -- saying the next superintendent has to be black because they're -- -- -- culture more -- the same thing. This exact same thing you would be accused of going for the wrong reason in the first example I just gave you but in the second one of yes they understand -- the culture more in their grip alarm about a response. From those stones because they're black. That's just as bad as the first one the same thing. Neither one of them prizes competency. That's what counts. Let me tell you something if if you're an athlete you're going to be judged by your competency what your blocker -- In business you're going to be judged by your competency. As a matter can you imagine if you had to work force. There was primarily black image that woman who'd -- who love Foreman has to be black because he understands the culture. Now doesn't work -- form and should be hired because he understands the business. Understands the productivity understands the the budget plan under you know these kinds of things that's all that counts. And then you're setting a good example. Because if vote if you say we're going to settle for a perhaps less than we -- settle for to accommodate skin collar. Then your short changing the very people you're trying to help the students. So why would -- students or their parents or their neighbors or anybody who lives in the city. Suddenly take a great warm feeling because you hired as a superintendent. Who looks like them how times that we hear that may end when I hear that big bad description drives me nuts. People want somebody who looks like them first of all I wouldn't vote for anybody that looked like me I'll tell you that right now I wouldn't vote for somebody. Who I think and do the job as solid counts. In the bottom line that's all that counts and if you don't do it your short changing. The public your short changing the students -- parents and the people who contribute to your -- your budget which is all of us. If you do it if you get going to the right person nobody's going to say I refuse to learn because the superintendent doesn't look like me. First of all it's important not to trying get a -- -- -- looks like everybody because nobody does. Well I guess Barack Obama I mean half black -- one whatever you see how that's worked. -- is that he hasn't gotten it half right yet and I'd I'd -- aside 8030930. Wanted to 106 on 69 degrees at start I'm thirty we will return after. So -- caught. It very well let's look -- -- if you recall is that they go. There are a few. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah -- -- trying to find tea. A super -- locally is not is not a terrible idea if you if you can find a qualified candidate. Because locally. Whether of their administrators. Or whether teachers or whatever their job may be. They have been operating under the system that is currently in place which isn't working. So I think that although it always sounds. More grandiose and it turns out to be when you get somebody from out of town. Yes we like to announce an -- -- the superintendent. They're from. Denver all different number but this is going to be great and you don't know. As it sounds better golden -- -- -- new superintendent who's been working -- fifteen years it in the trenches. That doesn't sound as glamorous however they know where there where the bodies are buried. They know what works they know what doesn't work there in the system already you don't have to acclimate them -- the city they already know the city you don't have to acclimate them to -- things that are necessary to relate to assumes -- already there they're teaching or supervising people at a teaching. And I think you should look locally and if you can find somebody that could be a good feather in -- cap and I think the biggest advantage is no in the neighborhoods yeah exactly a fitting end. Fitting and but usually doesn't work that way because they wanna make a splash they want on fresh it was a comedy. What I've found and radio this is so true. There's always a premium for somebody who's not working with you now. It's always that way they're always gonna do better than somebody who is already working with what I found is that's not necessarily true -- -- look for that habit but talent the they're kind of work ethic that's necessary kind of adaptability. That's necessary because. Even though they might say they might be both urban districts of buffalo -- government but say comes from another urban district. To urban districts in this time and again we're told not to treat any group like Al model. Where everybody thinks the same. And yet that you're you're here about the hypocrisy of someone's saying the next superintendent. Should also be black because of the culture. Those two statements go against each -- company. So does that mean that all black educators have the ability to do his job -- -- it's going to be an -- -- jewel. Decision with the individual. Being a scrutinized having the right work ethic the right amount of training all of the various things they're going to. Success. The key is success. Get me somebody who couldn't do the job. All right legacy hello line landmark in buffalo market on WB -- I hit it -- doing I'm I'm mark what's on your mind. -- teacher Riverside high -- I'd been there for thirteen years so the same my first rodeo. Guy and let me check and agree with you more about hiring someone locally if there's a good candidate. Amber did -- and was actually a very good superintendents. And there's numbers on the board now saying that I'm back -- brown hasn't been given enough time. Those same port numbers only games and predictions haven't wants and that's McCain. Yeah and she was doing a good job she was going to the buildings. Speaking to the teachers. She you know didn't have a -- -- she -- around she knew the city she knew the players on and she would happily occupant champs. So -- I think if we can hire someone locally on it would it would actually be positive. However sandy. Whoever the new superintendent is that there -- -- new one and the board of education and while -- you know are doing what reality. They -- never gonna change I market Riverside high school. 40% of the kids can barely speak English we have no attendance policy you can that's under and twenty. Days of school there's really no consequences and believe me there's lots of students that that's the case -- -- home. There's no discipline we know its pension and there's no consequences for your behavior you have a small. Minority of the school that common and just wander the -- while they want to disrupt. Education at the students are doing the right thing every bag and that's who we need to focus on the kids are doing the right thing every and they -- right. Rights because it seems that that I lost. -- look at it like this in in like the last three minutes you've outlined an agenda that would take probably months for somebody coming in from the outside to even ago pretend to grasp. And also if you find are qualified candidate locally and they get the job. Think of the -- that gives to the other teachers the other administrator majority in the system. Who -- think that in the future they might be considered for that kind of radio promotion I think everybody everybody gains by the. Yeah I agree and know what city were not for the teachers are not that I'm in the air -- about solutions those problems were on the front lines every single bank. And right now outstanding we have zero connection -- City Hall central office. No one continent ever speak to the teachers and that. Hey what do you think are the problem here and what we do to help you that conversation never happened in the district and that's problem number one. And I hope that that -- changes in the future and I hope it changes. Well let's hope you folks first saw anybody that steps of the deploy them and hopes to be considered -- -- of them. And let's hope that the next superintendent. Assuming -- will be one gets a better grasp on what buffalo needs thank you mark thank you appreciate it. A city he outlined just like that problem the outline some things going on. Now I I'm friends with a person who teaches in another district. Who who tells me all the time about things that instantly could be worked on and made better and whatever. But oftentimes people in. And let's see who oversight of the people knowingly do work at the though say the teacher level. I don't even consider. Questions or or solutions they just wanted to do it there ways that learning from the troops. The troops -- the ones that are right there with the kids they see what's necessary. The teachers the administrators and actually work with the kids and -- just sitting in meetings. Coming up we have well there they're doing this and Iowa. They're seeing how it works in buffalo it's got to be individual just says they edit any kind of a format and radio station. Might work better in one market that and other. I think is the same method of teaching is the same thing. Everybody has to be accountable to parents have to be accountable to students have to be accountable certainly the teachers administrators school board and superintendent it's a chain of command everybody needs to work on this. But who recognizes the problems better than somebody who's working -- them. You save a lot of time there you hit the ground running. But now Tony and I know that our management here in America constantly asking us for suggestions. Pardon me just. I like -- a little humor to show every once and awhile. But you're a teacher lay it all out. As -- what kind of things are necessary to get get things rolling in the in the proper direction. So if if indeed somebody who's already in the system who knows the town who knows the stones who knows the curriculum who -- New York State. If you're known here Tuesday April it's they'll hear about. The bottom line is they fit and faster. The ride and the platform are moving at the same speed. As opposed to bringing somebody here from Keokuk Iowa was gonna take a year to figure out where the schools are so today. If any of buffalo teachers are listening and buffalo administrators are listening. May I suggest that if you feel confident. That Yahoo! could it could be that person put together your presentation make sure your resume is where it should be and -- dazzle wallow. Gold through the checklist like the last caller did who's been teaching for thirteen years there. 8309301806169236. -- 930. The questions Pamela brown should she go I think most people -- she should is this a brand new day for buffalo school system. The next superintendent does -- super and then have to be black and as a superintendent have to be from somewhere else. It Altria and I trio talked to after the story. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and start nine journey and our toll free line is 1806169. 9236. Really changed most likely related to deliver education kids. Larry -- Larry when their congratulations to him. -- impart me congratulations to Patricia -- his peers and congratulations to Barbara seals never gold. They were VO three winners and I'm glad to see that we were gonna have some fresh faces -- course Barbara. Never -- returns of the board but the other two are no. And that'll be in July and let's hope they getter and hit the ground running get off to a good start. I yeah I would think that they would replace the superintendent ASAP. And get on Wednesday a new a new page of buffalo education. Let's go to Alibaba in north buffalo Bob on WB again. Sandy hello Bob what got you I want immediate solution of the problem regardless of first of all usable. Pervasive but the principal of south park high -- -- -- -- was elevated to superintendent of schools. And he did fantastically wonderful job. And -- before your time that they you can look it up. Why take your word for it the other have been successful superintendent in the past and maybe -- -- still work in the system now. It's in that hiring these outside companies and tolerance to it in and 200008000. Dollar departure fees and things like that. Like time health insurance. But we're going to be in the data we have and raked over the -- -- Harrison Williams -- now brown. Three strikes you're out. There's an old adage about money talking in you know the rest of yards. My suggestion is. That your neck like an offer for public service. A superintendent wanted to print it out. You know resonating and we increase Pamela brown salary 20%. The reason that it is it a lot cheaper than have an attack interactive content 200000 a break and oh wait a lifetime health insurance. It out like Phil -- -- was a hundred grand a hundred grand a lifetime health and health benefits. They offer on the front end is very simple. You'll elect the first twelve months as superintendent of buffalo schools. A probationary period. At the end of the talk about how you're gonna get a 20% increase in salaries so that we disrupt supply. That's let's say it's a lot cheaper at the end of twelve months the school board negotiates. A new contract with that person that they satisfactory. If they have reasonable cause to -- that person during the first twelve months. They would be dismissed at any given time for a malfeasance of performance. And -- in turn began and three months' salary severance pay and one year of health insurance and we go to the next person. We can't keep tied ourselves up with context because that would Ohio does that's what I would does an -- of buffalo had to be innovative. All right well thanks for your suggestion the only problem I would I think -- is we have I like people that think -- inevitably. However you're going to compete with the others states and other school districts. I think there if you find someone. Who has extreme confidence and is willing to roll the dice with -- -- that plan might work but I think other people will take the safer route. And goal we have a contract in another state or another city. -- because it's. When it went when -- opera your family and you go to a new location. And you you've got to start over again I think they want a little bit more. Our confidence than that one year probationary period it as I said if it's somebody. Who who is a Matt Cooper type and is willing to roll the -- you might hit the jackpot -- but I think to be tough. Well as well as -- -- all of the chance you really call and superintendent Williams kept his family in Maryland. And it never got interested in moving and about. Nestor and let's -- kept it in the back in mind I think that's a huge towel I mean it is. When you're wiser -- river and Baltimore it says I'm. Not going to be here a long time and he perhaps though was a solid future. And know what's gonna happen in your right I don't think we need that I think we need somebody with a commitment. To not -- via a school all but to the community come on and do a good job and you'll be well rewarded and plus if you can do well here. You're gonna have a chance to write your own ticket any place you want because of this would be quite a turnaround if you could go. -- okay thank you Bob I appreciate it thank you I'd I'd like innovative thinking like that. And some people are willing to do it -- in in broadcasting. Contracts have incentives and all kinds of things if you reach certain goals. But there are all dependent on other things. Now the advantage of of a contract in education. As opposed to a contracts in my business in my business it doesn't just depend on what we'd do it depends on what everybody else does journal where part of it. What are the other stations doing are they advertising promotional big big giving away a million dollars a minute or who knows so we're part of that but -- education -- You have an exclusive you're the only ones that teach the buffalo school children that's that. So bad if you -- try something innovative you don't have to worry about if you're willing to go -- you don't have to worry about. But pleasing everybody if you get the job done for the people you work for which is really really good and nobody competes directly with you. But see I think too many assumptions are made. That aren't helpful. I think the assumptions are -- urban school districts -- I'm gonna do as well as the suburban districts. Why do you say that why would you why would you believe that. I'd I would put myself up against anybody if I were a school district -- say you know what would -- things others can't do. I -- let's let's work to our strengths let's play to our strains. Now do we have pockets of success in buffalo schools as -- window absolutely we do. And the key is to keep those strong and that build on areas that that need more attention than we've been giving them or. A -- -- are better results oriented attention let's put that way. I don't be afraid to ruffle some feathers. Be colorblind in this thing and who knows there c'mon all right because. Though the big cherry on top of a cake is if you've been -- in buffalo all you can do it anywhere. And don't think the word wouldn't get out he be the hottest commodity in education if you came in here turn on the buffalo schools system. I will be back -- more would be agent company under Israeli and I'm thirty WB yeah. I believe that the district needs eight dynamic and highly highly effective leader. We want to know from real well with -- the school board results first of all there's americanize a photo of Larry Quinn. And -- bowers -- sharing a victory hug. That's a very nice is on the front page of the buffalo paper. Larry and the Patricia join Barbara seals never gold as being -- the three winners there. And so let's hope when the its new faces are seated. In July that we have a fresh start. A new beginning is something about that we hit the reset button when you're on your computer and it's all clogged up and nothing -- -- whatever. Is -- a great joy to clean up by putting that delete button on at the reset button on -- start fresh. Why don't we do that with a -- yeah but that delete button start to get worn out. I had to have mightily but replaced because I get. I get so many things that -- -- every day seriously. About two things that are worth anything the rest of -- -- old joke. Junk I go right from -- junk. To delete. Instantly gone well it's it's amazing because now they can just send amounts so easily what used to have to come in the mail. Now is not used to complain about junk mail now we get junk on our on our computers -- I know this stuff you get to Poland and you know you get those those wild crazy solicitations on I don't know how you get on the list. Well. Let's go to Tom in -- part time here on W via. Yes and we just wanted to comment regarding the teacher that called in a reverse scientists are. I just -- eight compare them. The what's going on in the schools. In both forward and telling you there are still shares walking the halls. Now I don't think that the -- has just walking the halls are problem children. -- -- educational opportunities for the student and deterring future. For doing what they should be -- and people look at the comparison between the White House and. But -- school. You've got people doing. Eric Holder and Obama saying we can't hit -- two -- students being tossed out of school -- there's a reason why exactly. -- And there are -- and I mean they indicating that they do capped within the schools which means. More problems for learning -- on the teaching side and the students. It's it's incredible. What your member James Williams -- was a guest here a lot. -- that was one of his big problems so what he tried to do -- he tried to -- I'm your friend I understand your problem one kid pulled a -- on another -- remember James Williams walked him back into the class because he wanted to bond with them -- -- that -- -- not very well they -- they respect. And they don't respect authority -- meant to -- and so you've got to take a different -- and and -- right -- the White House -- too many kids -- kicked out of school they should be asking -- question. Why -- they -- school. And that -- that's in need but you awful people lying that's going on in a report on October report comes out of this White House. Do you think they're lying on attendance record. You'd think there's socially promoting children. To keep their jobs because. Can you have a failure rate that is an expert but without you being. -- No I ever wanted the bottom line is they see it right from atop another words they're attitude toward illegal immigration and their attitude toward any kind of discipline. Their attitude towards a lot of things a show that. You know what we understand the problems are going through so don't bother following any rules while we all have problems and we have more troubles on the rules -- followed I'm not saying you should never challenge rule because I definitely don't believe that but I do believe there has to be some sensible order. It and then you have to -- disruption in the classroom nobody's gonna learn anything. Well it's a shame for the students that are trying to learn that they have to put up with bad and the teachers that are trying to teach that they kept the put up what ball goes. Factors that are causing what we have in the buffalo schools and. Well said thank you Tom well said as I said I know a teacher in a different system not in the buffalo system. Who tells me that the kids. Know all the rules regarding how much they can be absent before and there's any discipline. How much they can be absent before this kicks in and whatever. And they would be a big play. That's what they do they know what if you had a teenage kid you know that they know the laws in New York State there really go. They should be future lawyers because they all -- laws they know exactly what's required of parents. They know what's required of teachers and schools. And they play that I think video of the time -- say hey where we're here for an important mission. I'm already educated. I ever got my job but you -- not. And so it's important that you get educated so you can compete in the marketplace. Unless you wanna make nothing of your life but there again the message is no matter what happens there's a safety net for. Now nobody has a problem with the safety net but when that and it's all encompassing. That is more than just saving you temporarily to get back on your feet when it wants the guides you through your whole life. By saying there's no need to worry about anything no need to be concerned -- need to work at anything. Because we're here to help where the government we've seen that safety -- we know how much it's costing. Taxpayers but even. Are -- costing taxpayers it's costing the people that use. Who abuse it. I'm not temporarily that's fine we understand that that's necessary for anybody at any time but to have generation after generation has not choose not. That I zero. OK if you have because circumstances are beyond your control nobody's gonna blame but when you're just gaming the system because you know working as a sucker -- Because you're only gonna make a little bit more than you make for not working. Well then the very logical thing for somebody was not motivated is not the work. When you're not working -- non productive when an unproductive or not. Defeating anything back in this society you're just draining. And now the message we get from Washington is where got a welcome as many people who are gonna drain our society as we possibly can fit in the door. -- that's the way it is. The you know you talk about bad example one win that's coming out of the Oval Office in the White House. And then out of the Justice Department -- -- you've got to wonder who's setting the agenda here. Really so with a buffalo school system it's an opportunity. The heavy lifting as far as the election four videos the school board has done now. And it's time to roll up your sleeves and get the work. You get the right person in here to be superintendent. Let's be innovative let's look locally as well as nationally forget skin color forget ethnicity. -- again -- Let's see what your marijuana and your gender doesn't matter all that matters is what's between your ears. And that is your mind and your imagination. Get somebody in here into the job and be a model for the rest of the country why not. Instead of setting your your -- solo by saying we're an urban district were not expected to do that well. Will just creep under a -- run commercials saying. On W -- -- Great things are happening in the buffalo school system. Please. That about wraps it up and we'll see you tomorrow morning at nine on news -- 930 we are WB yet. -- -- -- You wish they never has to these bees.

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