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5-7 Beach and Company Hour 2

May 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Back to Beijing governor a request and this. Barbara and never goal Barbara seals never gold. Those of the top three vote getters and so those -- the the additions of one already setting a course MLB never go the other two will be installed and a in July and I'm asking. What what should happen now is it's a brand new day for the buffalo school system a new beginning is so I think the first thing -- work or should be. To get rid of Pamela brown and start fresh start claim from there. I would go back to partisan bickering. Will money play abroad that money play a part in the election and the next superintendent. I what I would like to see is this if they're going to hire you know an organization go out and find one. I'd like to know what the instructions are there instructions. Should be very very simple. Give us the best person you can fine. That is willing to come to buffalo and take on this job. Who will vote with the -- money we have to offer and have put our best foot forward but I want the best superintendent we can -- not the best black one. Not the best woman not the best man simply the best person. The comment and do that. And then I think we were we're off to a better start than we have been because whatever they told those firms that we're looking the last few times that work out too well that it. Now give them or direct order we want the best person we don't care about skin color or gender. It Altria and I'm trio 180616926. 930 this is Brian in Burke Bryant on WB yeah. -- and good morning. Yeah -- -- because there election here and and at that time I was thinking got to look all that stuff over it I'm out here and collects in new political picture. What happened yesterday -- great -- certainly going to be changes and I agreed a 100% that apparently superintendent. It's not capable of doing your job and she should be let go. Yeah I have -- that's a good start and a good fresh start like anime but we can get the board together. And -- and move on from there I think she was a big bone of contention. During her tenure here. A lot of things that people weren't happy you -- of a fracturing. Via the ability to do the job and here's a chance we get a new chance and hopefully take advantage. We have here are your local you know superintendent and end up. The united mockingbird which -- up and QB that -- school district now let's look budget hearing that night. And now we -- one of the districts that are here too pretty and the you know what we should look up here that you've been in and Wilson district sharing. There's some intend. And it was an old war in -- -- all -- think that the district. It really -- their question it does. You know these 2% art district -- percent in the world and district. Just review the district total in the nation according to -- report the budget -- not 126000. Dollars. Move you're looking at 252. Our superintendent. -- that's really deletes are retreat -- hit and you can return unit that will take a look at how much superintendent you know. Yeah I did say -- we've heard that for a -- last several years and it does seem that although you certainly need a qualified person it seems like the UV -- the bidding for these people. The money goes way up and you're right if you ever try to make logical sense out of how many kids there overseeing what kind of systems are overseeing. Commensurate to what they're making often it doesn't make sense you scratch your head over. Well I can tell you where we're -- the duke administrators -- were standing on -- 100000 dollars well for his superintendent who they're colonel I secured. So don't act that about 200000. Dollars quality. Of that there are out you are. 826. You perhaps. Every person now you tell me about it PD I think that he basically all the board members 50 you know -- or some. I think you're using the Enron accountants. The Enron accountants to make sense of that you and I -- it couldn't Brian. Becker -- answer yes. I. They're really enjoy it -- -- your doctor about will -- I've been following years. Here and there are so -- stop block out their school districts. You have seeker I believe. It's very difficult to at times especially talk about the budgets thank you thank you very much. I got it the most contentious issues. That we ever had out on on talk radio station are about race. They're not about foreign policy. And -- about any of that they're usually about school budgets whale or or combining districts. Or -- combining municipalities. A you know blending a small one and a big one together for the economy of scale being able to do things more economically and everybody has their own turf when it comes through. A school issue and nobody wants to give up anything. You could make a presentation to to a small towns adjacent to each other that could go work more efficiently you can have a numbers you can. And do anything you want and nobody wants the year they want their own little thing it's like that's dollars to. And they want their own superintendent. And when they do share sometimes like he just said it doesn't make sense financially remember how many school districts week. If you think that every 10 school districts has their own superintendent. Every one of those districts has their own school board. You know you think that the economy has stood -- what had what we're divided. Much like and athletic. The division. Where you would have five or six schools in the same division okay why doesn't that make sense. For a superintendent why doesn't that make sense for ordering school supplies. Why does that make sense for busing contracts. Why does that make sense for plowing contracts anything you're talking about. But anytime you talk about that it gets contentious I mean you heard the superintendent of Hamburg -- -- -- be a pretty cool guy under fire where his car was smashed into. And go up one of the notes at the window and this is an edited version watch your back use sleaze bag. There was a word between UN sleaze bag. That perhaps is not suitable here maybe someday if I ever work on satellite radio while tea with that word it's a mark for now we can't. So that's over school budgets. You remember the the deal had going on -- several years ago school budget. You'll also remember the deal went down Orchard Park in -- formed -- -- live broadcasts on whether they should have a new high school. You remember we had to be escorted back to our cars Toni and -- -- not exactly shrinking violets. By the police I mean that's how people take this doubt very seriously and they lose all sense of of rational thought. It's all it's all about it's it's their way -- the highway. And so when you're talking about the -- district which is the biggest of the mall with the biggest budget by far. A billion dollars a year. It's not a billion dollars intolerance out on the billion dollars a year at the end of the year they come and another billion dollars we over the following years saw. If I'd like to see and get their acts together and Carl Paladino has been really good at shepherding people together and are trying to get things improve. Now the election's over gonna have temperature sure appears. And Lawrence who Quinn on there and it looks like some some brighter days could be ahead -- asking if you're confident about that. In Austria 93010616926. Our ninth. I believe that the district needs a dynamic and highly highly effective here. Yes we're gonna have some new faces on the school board of the face of Larry Quinn on the face of -- bowers nearest. And so Barbara never goal has been returned to the board. And so we're going to see some things up possibly getting better and that's -- asking if you're confident that there are brighter days ahead should Pamela brown be led gulf. Is this a brand new day only go back to partisan bickering like it was before. How much did money play in this in this election cycle and the next superintendent. Does the next superintendent have to be black and the reason I'm saying that it's not because I just picked it out of the talk show hat. It's because that's what the last superintendent -- had do occur. James Williams told us right here in this studio that the next superintendent. Should be black than his replacement should be black. Now if that's the criteria. Even even if you follow it directly. You might get the best black person available. I want the best person available I don't care visible woman I don't care that's a man I don't care they're black I don't care -- white I don't care their native American Hispanic I don't care about any of that. Bring me the best qualified person here let's get this is school mr. going. Let's go to a -- in Ontario. Beat -- on WBM. -- -- up on and it's true I didn't get out if you can't -- a lot on court brown will will have to leave no question about it. There's something very important batteries buried it is is it should get every. If they get it though it's the lack affordable public school -- it up. A -- group. James Williams right yes OK. He. -- mark. Yeah the content of their character not the color of their yeah. They're back. At it it's what we hear Eric Holder for each system could water we're at. All. Lori says don't be. Obama app you talked about struggle at all. Yeah I Eric Holder I found particularly annoying when he said the president and he are under deeper scrutiny than previous attorneys general and president because of their. Because of race and I I thought -- combat to be despicable beyond. The senate who would be read all -- from week I'll -- all -- Unbelievable that that's an avid golf. But let beat you cannot -- I -- pop -- -- one year. There are ever bit laws it's gotten. Beat out an app. In the school board of naked people want not conventional and what happened what happened is it. You know they're out on the -- the for others think. People are all right. Are you. And that I've found out in the article I was using said as soon as for three million dollars and I found out because it didn't say it in the Arnold is three million dollars each not three million dollars total three million each. You know what we we. White you know all I could on we are watching our country are we did it here we're all part floppy -- and -- Aren't so concerned about my life found -- about it added up. But it's still highlighted every added that the political bought out there and all we -- -- slippery slope. It's people like -- really been doing great work well on our. Hope and -- executive who'd who will tell you. I appreciate it thank you repeat thank you for your call organized. Always trying to do is though -- not all knowing but we'd like to throw things out to give you ought to chew on them and think about it. Yeah James Williams when he was here the previous. Superintendent we gave what I think he was a 100000 dollar man and lifetime health. Much a majority like 80% of it's like time now for him and his family. All right expensive goodbye kiss. And that we we had an interim before him but the one before that also got a 100000 dollars to leave. And so we pay them a -- coming it would -- and so leave wherever it sounds like my career but basically. I think that's cool can be against finding the best superintendent we confined I don't want to hear this baloney. About the fact that it has to be a black person. Because the a majority of students in the buffalo district are black. That's ridiculous first of all I think that what children. -- what the students would prize is accomplishment. Success. I think they -- the fact that they can get a diploma. And maybe go to college and get a good job those things I'm sure are more important of the students and is the superintendent black. And to think that they're not going to identify with a white superintendent they'll identify with something that's working. What they're not going to identify with a something's failing. As a matter of fact I think it's a bad example if we if we purposely went out to get a black superintendent. And the last there's several. Have been have been brought in who happened to be black and they all failed. Wouldn't success be a better template would success be a better model for those students. And me and give them something to be proud I think so but. It'll be interesting to see Wendy new a school board is is -- either which is in July. If or how they go about if they do or remove Pamela brown which I think they will. If they do to see what their mission statement as for the next superintendent in a five year. They culturally it has to be black if I'm gonna be very disappointed. So one question I have is this and I don't know how many superintendents have been hired as a result of any. Starting your search that some firm had to do define the vast. Possible superintendent so my question is is there anybody locally because again it didn't seem like they were able to hit her in the last couple. Do we need a firm to go a lot -- national serve. We had one that was a temporary oh who was doing good job in a lot of people thought she should just get the job but she didn't get the job she left. -- here's the deal. I think that if I'm looking if I say I'm on that search committee or if I'm a member of the eight affirm that they hired to find somebody. Part of my pitch to them is this. Week we were offering a great chance to correct a school system that desperately needs correcting. If indeed you can do this and we'll give you our full backing and we'll we'll give it every shot possible to make make it successful. If you can turn this district around. You can write your ticket in anywhere in this country. Think about it like that so come and dedicate focused do the best job you can and if you're right person if you've got the right stuff. Then your ticket is written you can -- -- -- -- you -- when you wanna -- here we hope you want but would you want to move on and we wish -- -- but it. Challenge out there instead of making it look like well. Okay of the vessel we've interviews oh I guess we'll offer you the job. Because it was obviously Pamela brown wasn't the right person after she was chosen and then she had to bring in India America went. And I called her the training whales because that's switching it originated track where she was not getting the job numbers up it was she was over her head she may have be a wonderful lady and all that stuff and kind to animals. But she's not a good superintendent. So I think that it once they remove her. Anybody. Who has qualifications should be considered for that job and anybody local. Not local black white yellow red -- truce. Spoke about I don't care. Just get me some they can do the job would you place. We'll be back after this. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WB -- callus now 8030930. -- calls are free and star 930 or toll free line is 1806169236. And foremost it's leadership. Not -- without a crisis we need to have a plan in place it wouldn't change schools around. That is a -- bowers pierce. And the issue is the second highest vote getter Larry Quinn was the highest vote getters. Patty -- appears. A -- bowers spears Patricia bowers or whatever name on a caller. She was second and Barbara seals never goal third. And north some good candidates stood at the finish up the track as they say horse racing but I'm glad to see that Paladino those candidates. Managed to oh win convincingly X convincingly and I think that shows that. Buffalo residents black or white want a better school system and we we're spending enough money to get it we just haven't put the right team together. From the superintendent. On down. And the bottom line is because we didn't have the right people as a witness the true. Assistance that they indeed were not qualified but certainly made a salary is if they work that's a total waste the money they -- not certified. But they got paid anyway. And so who get short changed on that two groups that I can think of the taxpayers and make and the students really get short changed vision not getting the best quality. It's as simple as that you're paying Ferrari prices. Four is something that is in a Ferrari. And the subject to pay the money for for -- at least get the Ferrari. And that's what I would like to see when they decide. What there will do with Pamela brown and I think they will thank her for service and and say goodbye. And that would be a nice thing to do and that I'd like to see the school board close ranks. And say we're going and this to be -- refreshing. We're going to triumph fine. The best superintendent. Possible. And that's always ask the best. Will we have no of the no asterisk. Not the best black. On the best woman. Not the best man not the best Hispanic simply the best. And we get that a few very very good Tony what if -- -- the whole election cycle. Well I think it wore off to a good start wanting I'd like to see what the Newport common this is just all be open to the public lay out a plan this is what we wanna do. These are things that we might looking to do. One of the things I'd like to know -- and I don't know if it can be done legally. And that is -- forced busing can we get back to neighborhood schools and we yard kick the neighborhoods excited about having. Their children go into the nearby school we know where they can walk to work maybe get more involved in the school itself that way. I think it makes more sense I've been having people traditionally have wanted to -- neighborhood schooling. And it's better MA says about a message instead of saying hey we want to have a good educations -- gonna send -- to a different part of town. Or different area and instead they're saying we're going to make sure your areas as good as anybody else's. That I have a tickle in my throat I can barely -- so -- -- away a little bit while I technical opera but you know. And the other thing too with I have a neighborhood schools as she got the chance to have the parents more involved let's say you have. Some parent -- it's easier may be to shame parents who are getting involved weren't sending their kids to school maybe you will prove -- attendants that way. You know what instead of spending. Money this was apparent teachers' organization. And I'm not the school district themselves instead of blowing smoke I would like the spot we're running yesterday I don't know and so today because elections or. Saying great things are happening in my bush occasions out of that which we know it's not true okay. What about an educational campaign. Awakening the parents responsibility. To their own children. Another words make you creative make it a good about make it firm that. Will take the children. Four during the day but you have the -- of the time make sure they get the school make sure their welfare and make sure they do their homework. And and -- you you give us a better student -- will will will turn out a better result. And I think that would be good and educational campaign. Because they certainly have the money to spend. On fantasy like this spots that were running yesterday why not something like that I think that if weaken demonized bad parenting. Like we've done with drunk drivers. -- will be better off -- you know drunk driving used to be all yeah how we know it's bad but they're for the grace of god -- -- -- -- has a little bit too much wine. Or they think they get home they're not trying to hurt anybody. We went from that to you just don't drink and drive anymore plain and simply we've measured demonized that. If we could demonize the fact that mom doesn't get out of bed if moms at home when McCain goes to school doesn't make launch. Doesn't do her part or his part we gotta say mom and dad. But a lot of -- a single parent households if we can get them involved in the educational. Circle. Then the kid's gonna do better. And the better -- kids the better of the district does but I'm saying that that that could be worthwhile. Our campaigns spend some money on something like that NC if it does any good. Whether or not I don't know but it can't hurt to try and that's that that's the point and let's get away from old stereo types. Stereotypes of it has to be a black superintendent because most of the students -- black that is so ridiculous. If you want the students who succeed you all of them the best superintendent you confined and believe me as a set of last segment. If the stillness succeeding episode is looking forward to a guard getting a bug. A -- skin is -- graduate from school. Then I'm gonna care what color the superintendent as an I don't know about you know. I come from a very small counsel I happen to know what -- the superintendent is but I'm thinking that. Most people wouldn't care and some of them don't even know and it's not like wow. We have a white superintendent and I'm black so I'm not even going to try and that's I don't think that's reasonable -- rational. How about this -- we have -- learning now that's exciting and it's fun and I'm making some progress. And I can hardly wait to get the school because I I want to make something -- myself. -- I know that seems like Pollyanna talking but it's legitimate it's real people respond to success. You can do a lot of things is if you're successful. That you can't do if you're not and I think that goes without saying so it would spend the money let's spend the money wisely. If we're gonna get a new superintendent let's get the best one that'll come here that we cannot afford. Absolutely -- lay it out don't accept second best by accepting. Less than the best you're giving up your saying that this is all. This is the best we -- duel. Blow with the circumstances that we have -- beyond that. I get somebody in the pitches if you can turn the buffalo system around you -- your ticket in education you know that nine at UB interview remembering national show. In in the United States there will be clamoring to have you come into of their district because buffalo as an example of this functional education. So a bit of a vague question would be several. The school board being new and make -- of the school board as of July. A we're looking at a brand new day -- we're looking at the possibility of some real progress being made. Or what would go back to a partisan bickering did money play a big part in the election remember of some of the candidates was supported by one group a lot of candidates supported by another group there was money for everybody. And a billion next superintendent doesn't have to be black. Yes or no it all three -- 5301806. On 6926. Iron in there. Without you know like I'm doing what you would see it. So on there was a quiet the whole apple buyout. We're wondering what these school are election now the new members will be seated. In July. Whether we can look forward to better days ahead for the buffalo school district. Are we looking at a brand new day are always looking into fall back into a partisan bickering that's been not evident in the last a few years. Did money play a big part in this election remember. Everybody had access to some money in this one. And the next superintendent does those at the superintendent have to be black. The last superintendent James Williams said it was his suggestion that the -- an enemy black. And then we had -- of people. -- making via assumption that you understand the culture more if you're black and I say the culture that everybody understands its success. If it's not working the way it was why do you keep don't know why do you keep -- that square peg into the round hole. Wouldn't you rather see accomplishment. -- no matter where it comes from no matter how what arrives. Success. You could be you can be quite proud of of bringing him the right person and so I'm thinking I just wanna see the best superintendent we can fine. And not that I would not. Relating to the color of their skin or their gender just the best. It all 309301806169. -- -- -- as our 930 Chris body of FaceBook posting please this one comes from Santo he says James Williams premise that the superintendent should be black is -- we ran things with that mindset all US presidents would be -- Yeah that's true oh and -- and time to put that of the tag on it and it's funny because I'm glad the listener of from Ontario brought up. Everybody we'll tell you how much study a door Martin Luther King as I certainly have told -- many times. He is my greatest hero Martin Luther King. And the crux of what he believed in is you do you do not judge people by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. Now I'm not saying the Pam brown. Has a character issue but what I am saying is. How much of the fact that she was a a female and black went into hiring her and it didn't work out. And before her. I -- a male of those black and it didn't work out. We got to get the right person. Forget about that other stuff the right person. Because the budget is there there's a willingness I think of -- school board to say let's let's go let's get something accomplished now. And so it's another fresh start for us and I think if that happens we have a chance at success one markers. This one comes from norm he -- pale brown needs to go I'm sure there's going to be some crying from those in the minority but buffalo needs an experience superintendent when -- proven track record regardless of race. I agree and next time we get an arm I want the three of -- is I'll say. Aren't those -- and following else I know arm all right so that will know that it's norm let's go to lectures. Let's go to stand at Rochester stand on WB yeah. Oh I'm fine better than your phones stand what's going on. I don't it who -- I. I am looking elections and people. In the past. I think congress through the senate we elected people to do it -- network representative government so we're relying on the fact that the people we. Both in ability now for. They hardly ever do something big profit they're sold out bowl -- this is what you're gonna go unless something drastically changes. In our system where we have a representative government and are praying and hoping they -- -- told only -- I don't know what we were wrong with this thing. Well why I don't think there has -- hue and cry from the from the city of buffalo give us a better superintendent. I don't I I haven't heard -- cry at all. Well I think they -- has to come from people who are judged by the end results. But are not happy with how big gap how they're not getting their MLB to school board the school board -- -- down on the school board. They knew it was into factions and it was divided as as divisive as you can get. It was five black females for a white man. I mean it couldn't be more obviously divided then that but your loyalty shouldn't be to somebody for their skin color or their gender. Your loyalty should be -- them for their ability to do the job. Our part to the voters that voted and I. Expect them to do -- Japanese don't. Of course now there's no way that O Larry Quinn and Patricia bowers -- a would have gotten then had the of people buffalo not wanted. A change they wanted to change they they want success they want a better future for their kids and it's about time. That the school board lessons about time the voters listen and this time they delivered thank you. I think -- have if I lived in buffalo had a kid on the buffalo school I could care less what color of the superintendent is but I could care. -- guys -- I could I couldn't care less yeah that means I'm I'm all cared him right if I say I could care less. It's we can now because people often reversals. But the truth is I would Juan. Of the best from my child because my child has to count on his or her education. Probably to succeed in life. And in order to do that you need the best start in the best start is a good education. It Altria and I'm trio 18061692. Through six and start I'm thirty who want to know from you know. If this is a new today starting in July for the buffalo school districts are we going to see a new beginning. Because and now we have some new members of the board or will the partisan bickering come back. The -- a second question essentially is do we need to have is an essential. Though we have another. Black superintendent. Now it's the best person happens to be a black a man a woman that's fine no problem with -- ensures the best one wouldn't yet. After that I'll take my chances at all three of Montreal 180616926. Start on third.

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