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5-7 Beach and Company Hour 1

May 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

All right all want as major company and I'm sandy beach came big nose Monica Lewinsky. It's riding a block pop up now. That you're gonna say why would you do it. I'm looking forward to Monica Lewinsky's book it's going to be auto biographical so we can be assured that -- -- do. Boys and girls grab robbery home for dad. House would do if I or the publisher of the soon to be released Monica Lewinsky book I wouldn't put any traditional dust jacket on and I'd wrap it. I mean it in little blue dress. You have a little blue dress and inside a cigar what do you think. I mean that would be great packaging people would buy it just for the packaging. It would be easy to spot a bit at the box -- be the only book with a clothing apparel line attached to it I think that's that's pretty good at your side like that. Why would Monica Lewinsky. Want to write a book. -- money. Convey what you progress. That has to be the only thing right as I haven't thought of water board fifteen years yeah out and that's the whole point and neither have way. Now some everything of course as a political motivation. When you're talking the pundits are listening to pundits in this thing. They think that she might be writing this now. To clear the field get this out of there again that I get it behind everybody by the time the next elections shows up when Hillary might be the presidential nominee for the Democratic Party why would she wanna help Hillary well -- that's a good question maybe she felt she owed something to bill I don't know. I'm -- is humiliated. Obviously. But is if you're willing to go through that again that public humiliation I don't up there has to be some big motivating factor. I can't imagine her having any loyalty. -- the clintons and all well we'll find out -- Leo when the book comes out it'll be interesting it'll be an interesting read the two it's against the other perspective on this. Now meanwhile you just heard that the buffalo Joe's by the way this lawsuit thing is kind of catching on. Here is a a former New York Jets cheerleader now. Alleges patient received amounted to less than the minimum wage and her out of pocket expenses does that sound familiar but this is a gesture earlier. That it joins the other lawsuits by the Oakland Raiders Cincinnati Bengals and Buffalo Bills so it's a growing concern. My own feeling. Is that I think and I have via press release here handout. From the law firm that represents the details and I have a feeling that the bill and they they claim they're they're not being supported by the bill's okay. I have a feeling that if they had their way the bills -- just -- -- jewels just goal way. But they don't wanna get the negative publicity that would com I'll buy your kicking them out they'd rather they just went away. I'm so we'll see where that goes but and I found this interesting in this I didn't know of this as Dennis -- goes quote in this handout to these are you ready for this. There is back used to be. New York State attorney very prominent man. While much has been set about how vigils are compensated. There was an extensive was the benefits given to the members of squad that incline dead. Three surgical. Procedures. Bells were paying for a -- jobs. Highest settlement that's what you're talking up got a bit out get out but at taco or -- talk or I don't think any of the candidates would need libel. Like this so my guess is and it may seem like pretty decent looking women. My guess is it's a it's free book jobs so here if the bills if the bills. Our management is listening I'm gonna give you a suggestion now it's gonna save you some big money. Our rights are you can say some big money and pass the savings on to us because of the ticket holders okay. From now on if you're gonna pay for vigils surgical procedures anyway. Why don't you just hire former buffalo teachers. Because they already for able to pay for taxpayers. Now if you hired them and they've got the books -- the spend money for an no girl at boats and so are gonna -- a lot of money and I I think. I think the ticket holders were benefit what do you think -- that in the dance. Doesn't matter if they make them big enough no matter if they don't walk. But I bet and there's all kinds of places now if you grow up and you say you know -- I need bigger and -- now you can become a buffalo teacher or gel and you don't have to pay for them. -- -- -- -- I could be on the money show problem -- get me -- Obama's and well -- go or whatever his name is Willie here. Harvey or whatever moments ago moments. Commitment to get their names right. But they got -- great. So free votes -- everybody you know how people use that. Be considered a real big spenders of the just bought around at the bar imagined going in saying free boobs were everybody. That would be really -- we should do whatever cup we've already got five or six of them or all of course in top management positions. A brick where Marat beating -- undergrad I'm thirty WB here. I the three of us who is most likely to be a cage the elephant forum. Not me now on -- Crew arrests grass. Have you ever heard of cage the elephant I have actually they've opened colonel Jim were ever. After Christmas everything Pearl Jam like he really -- what we had Jordan here Jordan like the -- season an alternative bands. Aren't sure about Chris but Chris is Chris is mr. knowledge estimate questioned it's like Google that's just the way it is. Starting a Randy. About farm clubs of any of National Hockey League teams and -- two of the farm -- Boston wasn't. You have all this stuff crammed in your brain. How was he what was in the Belleville Bruins went looking at our gates who Ben's brother is currently held the the Democrats had about a school. -- Say this you are probably the only person in the entire world today there was talking about PK Superman's brother. -- He can -- a PK so Bay's brother is a hold of the stories congratulations -- These -- now we have Google and Chris Long and you have a lot of knowledge about football and a one of our guys got arrested. I'm I'm really shocked and disappointed how what's what's with this. It can't National Football League players just -- like regular home life. And just normal stop and I'll have to be at clubs in the middle of the -- stop in a car going somewhere or sit in this case. The allegation of synthetic drugs and the I'll have to smoke -- -- I mean I just don't get it. If you have of these skills to be a yeah professional football player in the national football. -- -- At least -- of that amount of time in your life you would walk the straight and narrow stay in shape make your money and then retire comfortably the rest of your life by the -- authority and you would think with bank but they don't know -- Mildred. So while we don't know the outcome of -- Marcel Rosa Marcel Martin are out there are so various all the syllables and there. Put him in correct order this is one of those stories. That I'm gonna tell the story you're gonna say -- come on that can't be true but it is it's out of north Glenn Colorado. A pilot name Brian -- attack. Was piloting his private line at some problems -- Couldn't keep it in the air crashes into a house okay he comes out of the sky crashes into -- house. Well they rescued him he's still alive they Russian hospital and they take care of him and he's gonna survive -- -- and I was right. Nothing that unusual except aggression or house here's the unusual part. It was his former house. He lived -- ten years ago is our house he used to have been ten years ago he accidentally crashed into this time. So -- it's -- -- his house because it's an all I bet it was buzzing his house to show off today. The neighbor's wife and kids I don't know this is a -- on and it's a well. That's an amazing start giving it a coincidence. Back out nobody know it until recently came Cho. And they war era they tell -- what -- happened and he realized that was his former house. That aggression. Now if Michael -- -- is listening I'd be very happy. To represent you. As as an injury agent now I have no experience as a sports agent but I can learn and I'm pretty quick learner. 'cause that looks like he's behind the draft and maybe even number what you. There's a lot of talk -- that he may go ahead of our clone me in number one of course clone is endemic and yes and in the colony because I was surprised guy out of South Carolina. That everybody's been -- about but after what colonial man acted to Ohio State. Last fall from little old buffalo. He. He really made a name for himself and a lot of talent and value waiters and -- around the NFL really like console is a lot of talk that he could go. First overall which would be pretty cool literally cover model yet and it would be two years and role that the Mac conference which UB plays out of will have the number one pick overall. What do you think -- any chance. Top -- certainly top five yeah I think it's a possibility when you have about people like Mike may act guy is that there are no one talent -- -- -- as I gestured draft next that are on the major networks. Saying that they could potentially be the top overall pick I think there's certainly a chance these guys. Are a lot more plugged in and we aren't they talked to GM's and I and scouts in the -- so I would assume that if they're putting these guys at the top of the draft for that somebody lights and an awful lot. While I was that they should ensure our restaurant having go a late lunch yesterday because that some things that bill. And they had ESPN on and that Bill Polian was on along with some other analyst. And they were going over all of this could happen that could -- man I mean you have to devote full time this kind of stuff to keep track. And because it is so many names and so many gifts. If this person is ready if this person isn't ready if they're they're still going to be available -- come -- -- trade down the trade up. I mean it you gotta be a draft make the release fall. The great thing about with that what is -- -- Cleo Mac as effective -- having nine UB football. I was reading and I don't have the numbers exactly -- coach Quinn. And mention our normal year we we get about maybe. Up to -- kids that come out and you'll maybe have an interest -- -- football and they would go to the -- blue white spring scrimmage this year they had over 400. While well it shows -- of them that if you're good and you have potential you can be seen. Wearing. Wearing a UB Jersey which is which is what it's all about this right you wanna be seen probably. Something very very exciting to have one of their own. Our goal that high and the draft what Toby does well. Pre Yasser it's a very successful career bigger for recruiting men or -- and I think he will be a success in the NFL he's. Tremendous -- hard worker and he's got to go back and shoulders are -- Well we're discussing the important events of the day apparently in Albany they're discussing things that are even more important. For instance what is the official state snack. Now we know the official White House snack is about to write a book. And so we know the Monica Lewinsky. Is you know I think late at night. The president a Bill Clinton's at the -- for a Lewinsky it's in the middle of the night and that's one you know they they deliberate rights of the Oval Office so that's nice. But -- -- was in a kind of drum. What is the official state -- now you have an audio by CBS radio in which this'll show you the kind of important discussions that go on in Albany. Government at work what I have my. Possible concerns that according over senator Liz Krueger somehow with a straight face is the issue of lactose intolerant senator Michael Rains and hopper fired back soy yogurt is a yogurt which -- not -- from Gary that taste -- a fourth graders probably would be offended if they were to try. Soy yogurt it got technical what exactly we defining as a snack here -- breakfast. One and that are. And after about an hour of debate came out last minute request and we consider that -- cook but you had votes Alex silver said yes. New York carried Cokie we have another sound there which has some more great quotes because. You can't make this stuff up state senator Gustavo Rivera wanted to make sure they thought this through that this. Monster consider raisins as a potential officials think now perhaps pretzels. Never but wait what if this pretzel. Was it can go. Yogurt would be the states that pretzel would cheesecake. Absolute I'll know he didn't some of our Brooklyn colleagues were particularly perturbed by the way in which we answered that last question senator Jon -- a second helpful clarification don't want -- to hell. In particular kinds of yogurt and the best question a ball was from senator -- group who's kidding you know jokes yogurt had the votes. I don't recommend that the officials states that as -- crying goals. Once you've had a -- goal you'll forget all about the overall to worry about will be back after this WDE and wherever you go to WG -- -- Powered by the final out left the best in stands railings index. Back. This -- -- and I'm sandy beach well yesterday -- REI doctor I'm diabetic so I think I'm on a regular routine of health maintenance and it's very important that your eyes of the checked on a regular basis are so I did I had a good thing yesterday that I hate there's no pain involved. But I just hated it's called field vision test that I have ever done before. First of all the first thing they do. Is they take they have you put your chance on this machine you know parent. They're looking straight ahead and -- what they do is they take a picture. Through his X ray type machine. Of the back of your eyeball. I can't think 'cause I'm a simple -- -- -- -- as I can't figure out how to get a picture from the front. Of the back of your -- but they don't they didn't ask me to turn my heads -- good shooter from the back. So they do that they get the two big two pitchers are left -- right guy then you go to the machine that I hate. In the machine also first of all they put a patch over one side and I did a few parent pirate jokes. The head that -- got a modest response IRS have -- Apparent Nava had Jeremiah I'm figuring that would get a huge laughter it was marginal. A if I don't know what he's a drop the apparent joke anyway. So what they -- know is you're looking at a dot in the center of the screen and one guy. And then anywhere there's. A big archery target you know or even idea firearms target where it's a bullseye in the senator and you've got different colors going out to the edges. So you're supposed to focus your eyeball on that senator part and no matter what happens you don't take your eye off the senator thank. Not got a clicker in your hand and you're supposed to collect. Every time you see a light come on in their little sparkles of light. And and their different intensity some of them are bright summit that are not some of them were barely there. But the key is and this is that you know the frustrating part is your nostrils the movie right now normally if you're not having a test. As they were driving now McCarty is on a driver how -- your car saw something fly over Russia wind -- your I would follow up which can do it during -- test you got to focus right on -- and and it lasts a long time. And they do the left -- in the do the right -- by the -- and I'm ready to bio -- I'm just telling it it's like well. And -- now I don't have -- have to have a government here I don't know how I'm made out you find out during the next appointment. -- have you guys ever done a field vision he had done nothing to do the last August that it was today. I don't like -- frustrate -- nobody likes. I was talking as support staff. Nobody likes it nobody. Because it is no pain involved. Nothing like that at all. But it's just that when you have to. Beat that concentrated that focus on one thing you can't move off by eucharist. Thankfully have not just basic vision test or just you know think about when -- walking around my house during the day you see stuff out of a corner here up all the time. All the time and you'll also get things golf floaters where you'll thing -- like a little piece of dust this floating across now that's in your -- and that's normal. That's fine that's acceptable but when you're doing the test you have to differentiate is that a speck of light -- or that I -- If I blinked I'm may have missed it if I don't (%expletive) a so you're trying keep your eyes open. You really do and a sometimes it is it's difficult stuff. Even like when you have to pay. What's you know when the goes back and forth which was clear which one do you see better that he on this -- that he and that like I can't tell. -- I I I I liken it to with the final scenes and clockwork orange. Aware the police have big guy the bad guy Malcolm McDowell they have it's -- it's. -- forcibly open so he can't close -- no matter what the I think now that would be and I test. That would be worth having nick nick. Oh man had it looks uncomfortable and but analysts say at least now I can remark commercials they saw that that's the best -- A couple of big stories big very big stories -- locally. And though what do will oil would do one and maybe ball today about. The fact is one of the ongoing saga as. And it's it's something that has been I think a disgrace. For the city of buffalo is the performance. Of the video schools. -- graduation rate of vocal about approximately 48% is not good. A black male graduation rate of 25%. Is terrible. It's it's -- fourth worst in the country not not. This is apples to apples and oranges to oranges this is legitimate fourth worst in but contrary. All kinds of problems with. Absenteeism. Things like that. Money does not seem to be an issue it really isn't this funny money there it's about a billion dollars a year 80% from Maria. From the state government I think about 7% from the city and the rest from on the funding sources but the bottom line is it seems like there's enough money there but. And there's always a contentious relationship between buffalo teachers federation. And the school board there and occasionally the superintendent of schools. A -- we have we have an office a woman that doesn't seem to be up for the job as superintendent of schools. She. Was very very end and it introverted when she first came into the office. And didn't have much contact with the press or the public or whatever they've tried to coax or out of had to be more open more transparent whatever. But a lot of vote weird things they day yeah she brings in an assistant. Who does most of the work in and makes a ton of money and bailout heard all and then they hire back in the middle of the night. All kinds that go -- stuff. But the bottom line is the very school board for the first time in many years had a contentious. Election yesterday. Usually a school board election is you honor. But people finally woke up and realize. This is a huge I mean I just a huge budget -- keep it reminded the city budget is about what 30350. Million. This this is almost three times that. And it's about the size of the economy budget to -- on the buffalo school system so people are finally caught on and so we we need better leadership. So Carl Paladino runs for the school board. A while back and wins and and I got to give him credit this is a guy who's very busy and never has enough things as white or cares enough about education. To try and get it straightened out and he's he's in everybody's face as as we were hoping he would be. And he the kind of gives a boost to Larry Quinn and Patricia -- is peers as candidates that would do a good job. And of -- supports them verbally and financially. There's lot of support by idea by unions and various other interest for the different candidates so money was the spread around. A liberally in this some. In this election. And it turns out that the top three vote getters number one Larry Quinn. Our number two Patricia bowers and number three Barbara seals never gold. Who was already sitting on the board and so now it looks like the balance may have shifted. Whereas if they wanna act on the superintendent they can't. I'm Pamela round so I've got some questions to ask you. Because you know the background. I'd just gave you a quick refresher course is this a brand new day for buffalo schools a new beginnings are a fresh start. Or we got to go right back to partisan bickering. And and that I kind of vote you're in my territory now thinking. And how much did money play a part in this election. I -- any time somebody loses their candidate loses. They go online and claim that it was influence because the other candidate had more money had a better campaign whatever wallow. So I'm asking because all the candidates were backed by some money. So was it was money and influence of this or was it just simply time to get this thing right. 8030930180616926. And start 930 will be back activists. Really changed most likely related to leverage pension charge. I've -- heard that interview the Johnson isn't it with the superintendent of the Hamburg school district apparently there was a meeting on the school budget. Which in those days you get for the contentious when it's I must -- budgets. And when he came out he found out somebody had backed into his car. And and damaged his courage and pretty cool about it but he did damaged his car and they laughed out nasty note. Under his -- -- forever here. For themselves. Watch your back use sleaze bag. On -- on -- that's attacks they got from him where I get the note said late Iran. I'll buy that that's not good watch your back you sleaze bag the countries are ones that. I think George Jones recorded that yeah him and many others yeah everybody covered that watch your -- sleaze bag so there it is and I think he corrected the note and and sent back. We're we're great all the well I ought to be Pollyanna. But I was very excited when I found out so -- won the estates. On the scoreboard collection a lot more interest this year because a lot more attention focused on. Powell how -- the district was in getting things done getting things accomplished. And part of it was a fight right at the top between these superintendent Pamela brown the board. I have that was all kinds of a role playing here there. East Asia each person had their own group of supporters of this election. They all got money. So it was a kind of election that I think could really make a difference it seem like in the past nobody really cared that much about. School board election there were kind and that's why do we had people sitting on the board that warrant qualified. Simply because they didn't need a huge amount of support. Two win and it was a very influential. Seat to have think about like this in any private business. If you're on the let's call them the board of directors aren't if you're on the board of directors and any private business. And your budget is a billion dollars a year to take it seriously. And -- you you're trying get a good result that if you don't get a good result. Uga -- kick off and that's dollars to it but with the school board didn't matter what your result or not that's the way it was. It was that way prolonged time but it's not that way now now these people are going to be. -- seated until July but even so the winds of change. As a by the book the ones object on the winds of change are beginning to blow. And so I'm asking is -- a brand new day for the buffalo school system a new beginning I hope it is. I hope that when they have their first session with the new people. That'll be one of those sessions of okay. Let's let's. It's really figure out what we have to do to make this successful. So we can graduate at a higher rate so we can make it a and very very desirable school district. So when people are asked. How would how those schools in buffalo maybe people move into the area and it might be asking their realty people how the buffalo schools were. -- -- the -- be able it's a very good I think you'll you'll find them to your liking that would be wonderful instead of well it depends on what school Iran. Some some very successful some not. And some disaster so. The bottom line is I wish that -- will be buried but it I think it has to be buried after. Pamela brown is gone. I don't think -- I don't think we can live we have what we got now. A regarding superintendent. Now what what what they would do a panel -- depends on what are contracts that remember this about Pamela brown. When a pro business people offered to buy her out whereas -- give her money to go away. I wasn't happy about that -- -- alive I think it would have set a very bad precedent. Simply because any public official elected. By the public to represent them. If you could just buy him -- I think that really them. -- kind of vote. Ruins the process of voting and having a representative. So I didn't like that but you had to give her credit that time it -- represented more money than she -- and any kind of a buyout ever contract. So I'd I gave her credit for that but she's simply enough that the job. I don't care if she's your best friend I don't care -- she's good small animals she's can't do the job I'm now what they're doing merry way and I don't know. Mary wins seem to -- to be the training wheels for Pamela brown. It seemed like -- you know the puppet master I think she was pulling the strings. And that's why they had to have her back but now I think we need to clean start and clean start would mean new to. A superintendent and -- superintendent. If we learn a thing -- be competent. We can't choose a -- skin color we can't choose among gender we have to choose that on competency. When the last superintendent left mr. Williams was sitting in that seat. Four feet from me and said the next superintendent should be a person of color. Because they understand the culture and all that so that was the primary. A direction that the outgoing superintendent suggested through the board. And we ended up with a woman of color -- -- as it should be the best person in the world but she's not competent. For this job by the governor for something else but not for this so I think we have to start with a color blind. Search for a new superintendent. That we have to see it let's work together what's the goal the goal is -- To raise this schools this there is something we can be proud of don't trailed Montreal 18061692. Resorts are 930 should Pamela brown -- is this is a brand new day for buffalo school system. Or what would go back to partisan bickering and is money a big part of this process will be back up service.

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