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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Hamburg Superintendent's Car Vandalized - Dr Richard Jetter

Hamburg Superintendent's Car Vandalized - Dr Richard Jetter

May 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Watch your back that was written on note on the car of Hamburg superintendent doctor Richard chatter Tuesday night it happened during a school board meeting. Natalie was there at the note that someone had hit his car is well. Doctor generous with us on the WB and lifeline doctor Janet good morning. Good morning how -- you. -- thank you for the time this seems to be a very contentious time for Hamburg schools what happened the other night. K you know you don't -- -- -- you go to a board meeting that we had a great board meeting I came out in the parking lot. Not everybody start to head towards their parents -- I -- percent to one of my principles. Here we got a problem over here guys can come on over. And it looked as if somebody backed into my car in the driver's side wiped out the mere wiped out you know some of the side door panel. And then on the windshield wiper blade. It's basically had a note folded up and and said something to the effect -- watch your back. And then some swear words. And that it basically Tommy -- -- Do you have any idea who might have done this. Now I can alleges state you know I mean who knows that it's it's a bit of what it does Tommy bolt is. You know there's so it's so much contention in the district didn't. You know I was hired by the board in the end of one of the reasons why I was -- was whose gonna help us lead us through this dysfunction in the district. And all this does to me is this a sign that I'm doing my job I'm standing up portrayed. And the people who you know may be on the ropes are the ones that that most likely might be doing this but I I couldn't I couldn't speculated recruited exactly. Whether any cameras around. Unfortunately our parking lot of the union wasn't president doesn't have any outside perimeter cameras so we were. We weren't really able to get peek into what you know what my may have happened northern neighbors across the street didn't see anything. I dejudder remember those school board hamburgers recently cited for. Misconduct and some kind but no one would say what that was all about. I mean how could people who were trying to follow what's going on there. Know anything whether it's surrounded by all those mystery in Arizona say that. How did all this -- vision and his dysfunction in this discontent which now seemingly borders on hatred. Begin to smolder and get to this point. Well you know to go back your first question. Those charges have been publicized right now so you know they gave what they were linked up to a Buffalo News article where you can go -- online and find them. We are we are looking to certainly care through those proceedings and closed executive session. For that reason alone is there has been so much chaos here. That kids can return the circuits into an additional kernel is not now what we think it's -- for. You know certainly the board member being charged and for that for a team witnesses who come into the mix. Has there been any other threats. And it calls anything like it for you. You know now I would say that this would this was the first. You know major attack here -- again and -- it can be fixed. My feelings aren't hurt I woke up this morning put -- a nice spring picture I feel like a million bucks after -- went to the chiropractor and common have a great day. You wanna come back as superintendent next year. I've got a five year contract in I plan on big -- planets -- everything that I started careful. What do you think the next couple of weeks could be like the elections are coming operate. -- elections will be on the twentieth were having on meet the candidates tonight tonight at Charlotte avenue it's from seven until mind. Me and I've made just very passionate responses to the community messages to the community saying make sure you find out. Not only what's on paper about our to our board members who are running put dexterity behind the scenes information that you need to learn. You need to be informed voters that's the key messages that I'm sending out everybody. Obviously the police are investigating this incident involving the vandalism of your car. Doctors better today give you want him so they may be making some progress. I haven't spoken to them this morning you know I I'd certainly have a complaint was filed last night the report was given to me. It appeared you know really it is almost seemed to be unanimous around to everybody standing there that it looked as if somebody backed into my car. Can wipe out that -- panel and Mir and then simply played the -- content my windshield. But do you know I don't know what the status is this morning. Probably you don't stop over their pick up the capital report talked to the captain. And not -- if they didn't make any progress by the but again you know -- the -- -- the scary part is that when things like happen like this it's it's very difficult to pinpoint who did. Leave an amazing attitude have to say that and thank you for joining us this morning. I'll take her to take your call me and again were were positive here in Hamburg and we have a great school district with great kids. And if that means that a target to be six will be at. Doctor Richard Jenner is the Hamburg school superintendent.

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