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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Evaluating School Board Vote - Former President Lou Petrucci

Evaluating School Board Vote - Former President Lou Petrucci

May 7, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's get some analysis now on the school board vote former buffalo school board president -- trick she is with us on the WB Ian lifeline Lou good morning thank you for the time. What do you make of their results Quinn pierce and never called winning -- at large seat yesterday. Yeah there's going to be a different dynamic and the -- lecture. Well as a former school board member. Alou what was your impulse reaction to the results of these three people. While I. I mean you can see what happened there -- very hard push in a minute shall also -- get. Mr. -- in the hours elected and there are successful. But it definitely you can see where. The donor to the board and the voting bloc if it is true that you are sorting out some way. Do you think superintendent Brown's days are numbered. It depends what the board or -- and that's going to be they're -- I know that that was what -- -- one of their. Campaign -- was the locals doctor -- I would say that when you remove the superintendent is very costly and time consuming process in our search for. You put out a national -- seeing it and advertisements and and and from new superintendent and he can take twelve months you can take eighteen months and during that time -- what happens in the district. So that's interesting to outlaw these things are going on in your deployment in terms. It's very difficult accomplishment in which it like you. Terms -- the district for. Well while we're looking for a new superintendent. Will the old superintendents day or will -- -- -- removal process first they were talking with the mother former school board member of this morning. A hotel's most like you say -- getting rid of the school administrator is not as easy as it's announcer contracts to honor. We need to make sure the person -- -- firing is not libeled him anyway and may have difficulty getting new employment -- are all sorts of legal hurdles. I corrected the military does that. Majority of urban school districts. Urban schools superintendent tour last more than three years because the district to which they serve or change we want change happen quickly. It's very difficult to make change happen quickly. For a variety of different reasons -- budgetary policy. You know -- -- staff members of programs and getting the community to and and that that takes a little bit at times it's very very difficult it's something country. You're on the boards for the removal of superintendent James Williams is their right correct it was there anything unique in that. -- There are -- many different unique. Our processes is because then you know I would say the one thing that once -- speculation that the superintendent Williams is going to be removed. Suddenly she hired -- of the board -- -- hire an attorney and then we don't with the attorneys to try to negotiate. It's government. An agreement. Or -- doctor -- to -- -- next phase of the life. But it's good move very quickly and there are many attorneys involved and it's it's it's not because superintendent syntax so much that district. -- their -- really. Are throughout all the different feelings and operations. And that takes a little awhile grappled with something new place. Our treasury call was it was Lee shuttle -- doctor Williams ever mentioned a publicly what the wind up walking away. From. I'd be hard pressed play here at this point. And didn't think it is certainly wasn't hundreds of thousands of dollars and -- I took a tribute here I'd be very hard pressed. I don't remember a couple of indoor tournament speaks. But the you know I think Tuesday -- -- returner in the sport -- some very. So grave financial. Matter that they need to deal with they've been there and -- -- They only do that for so long. They have to you know rebuild some relationships with some of the community stakeholders that are out there bring more people to the table. Afterward that the district court also purchased the trying to bring everybody the table whether there's mr. block clubs or the British community groups. Appearance organization and the state Education Department. All those people need to review proxy table it is -- -- -- be -- -- It'll -- at the superintendent issue has -- that the top issue during this voting season for the sport but. You know with Kelly -- having a working majority what else -- think he might be able to accomplish. Well. The big changes have to be with I'd -- one of the network into the early in his neighborhood schools. Our neighborhood schools some great but the problem is where our schools have been reconstructed. Is necessary aware at the highest percentage ever people with these states so that's in the deal it's difficult. I'm never schools do makes sense that trying to let a well our policy that will address all the needs of the citizens of -- and take a little bit of ordered their work to get along that line. Again. What it is looming fiscal crisis but but there are some serious. Choices we're going to have inmates he the outstanding Egypt contract that would need to be resolved. That's so -- almost a decade now that's unresolved. -- move forward and need to. These and additional changes with respect to personal do you know -- -- -- put your superintendent also is one that point. Associate superintendent for almost. Individuals and that's something else that we're gonna have to work with -- you -- in charge or whether it's in place that are tendon or achievements. All the various aspects of the district. -- we're glad you could join us this morning thank you. Recorder that's Luc -- chief former buffalo school board president.

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