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5-6 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

May 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBS. Yeah. How about you -- -- the benefit. If India hold to a the few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threats facing America's use of Russia and al-Qaeda that Russia. In the 1980s are now calling that's for the foreign policy back. Wherever and whenever I can pick up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do when that happened to it. Gary -- Destroy -- silent. That was an amendment. Tom hourly and even though this. I think it right back bathing -- -- in its local girl is. It's Tom our lady -- -- cool whip completely cool whip who lived here and -- news radio 930. All right duke is hourly under Israel at thirty WBE. And then I got -- I don't know what is orbit a guy are you know I was it was a it was a big thing anyway -- beamer -- -- master control John -- -- you -- call us greater. And it is Bauerle with you. And for so many things like to talk to you guys about but. -- ready yet. Ready to talk about it yet. I like it -- by the -- Tuesday by the way. That being as it is and that being said there. These stories of the day is a story which. Admittedly I'm taking personally. It is an I don't know why. -- -- -- I've heard. But he what you think this is the first time I've heard about a thirteen year old being murdered it's not. You think it's the first time I've heard about a thirteen year old being charged with murder it's not. -- that one kid got down south who are maybe in Chicago I forget. He said Chicago is that racist well the -- was black but he was supposedly doing wrestling and ended up killing somebody. This one. This twenty mile. Alex writes easy hit it it's you know what folks on my refrigerator at home. I don't have a lot of stuff up here I still have Alex races funeral card on my refrigerator at home. That one touched me very deeply little movie. The store the kid who got beaten to death because his dad was a real -- and didn't think his kid was studying hard enough. In duct tape them and beat him to -- I'll bet one it is just. About stayed with. And the JJ story has stayed with. And you know all. I really don't think there would have made. A good. Street -- Because I don't think -- -- left the job in the locker room. I think I would have been a good I would've been a great detective. But I would have had a very hard time separating. What I saw on the job. And my own personal life I think it would've. I think would have made a mess of I honestly folks honestly I told -- before. That I -- to get right back to my caller meg but I told you before that. I've been to probably ten homicides and a few. Fatal MBAs or motor vehicle accidents. And I've been the homicides one of Saint Louis folks. Where this guy got gunned down on the sidewalk very close to the radio station at which -- worked. I walked down. The guy was dead on the ground just eight -- very very small trickle of blood from is that one shot small caliber -- ahead. I presume that hit the area of the brain that control the heart so it didn't pump anymore that he was dead. And I've seen video. Of the pink streak murders. Were the two elderly people were beaten to death by a neighbor. Ironically the neighbor had been photographed by a newspaper. Quote the photographer either from mother -- the news. Just laughing on his phone as the bodies are being carried out. Before we get cellphones. And I saw the video of the inside of the house and I I don't wanna bring back horrible memories for people in the family if there's all around. Horrible you know the irony I started to tell this story yesterday and I never had a chance to finish -- the this scum bag what are the scum bags who'll. -- that elderly couple to death gruesome ways. After he was big interrogated by the cops I was standing outside the detective bureau as a young reporter. Any step on my foot. And he said oh excuse me. I thought it was so incongruous. At the time. Because here's this guy. That we were pretty sure head beaten most. Beaten these two old people to a poll. Apologizing to me for stepping on my foot. Dude priorities -- -- little messed up there. I've never forgotten that. Howell incongruous. That one's. I can go and other the there's also a case. On Franklin street in buffalo. Where a guy was gunned down right outside our old radio station on Franklin street. It was the very famous case where the accused said that the victim made him shoot him. And the accused actually was quite it. That was a gruesome scene I will not go into details. But he was at a prone position. And when they turned over his body. I don't wanna go there it was not it was ugly. Now let's go -- in buffalo and this scene worthy thirteen year old Amir also Mary was was murdered by another thirteen year old allegedly. Was one of those scenes that I don't think. If I were cup I don't think I can ever get it out of my mind meg. Why do you think this is so deeply touched you. As it has me. Well I I think obviously because they're talking about. Thirteen year old boy you know on a thirteen year old young man that I will tell you and I know you'll probably disagree with -- but. You know we have situation here in the country where -- the United Nations the united they make an agreement to take a certain number. Refugees every year and then at the federal level they've taken -- of this. Eight state their tolls on I mean they won't refugees there might kick in and I to act I don't know all I suspect that maybe refugee gambling. I volunteered. -- the Somali refugee. It cannot come up. The victim's family as far as I know they were political refugees the suspect's family from Puerto Rico. Right outlet but let me just say -- bet that this is my point about the victim's family I volunteered. With when the Somali refugees were here and wonderful families kids studying so hard to learn English I was bumping them. And I thought -- -- -- by the rate to learn to read English. Study hard but what was devastating -- and I know I'm a conservative or -- -- -- Billick debate how ever here's my issue. When we bring refugees over. We how -- immediately. Via welfare. They are put into the welfare system they are put into the neighborhood. And I can tell you a couple of my smiley can't wait I mean one neighborhood debate it every shouldn't everyday -- -- People are brought over here and because we put them through the -- -- System they're put into these neighborhoods that are very dangerous and they're trying to you know raise their children the best they -- He both say there are working hard studying family. And -- -- need for going to take refugees and putting them through welfare system in the community neighborhood just makes sense to. OK but again you know what it did make -- look -- I thank you for your phone call but. I think were were really getting far -- because we're taught the victim's family the murdered kid they were the ones for Barack. The perpetrators family. Puerto -- The alleged perpetrators -- Puerto Rico. Guys -- a quandary here. Shall we just -- traffic early. I don't think there's any traffic worth going and I don't wanna start something that interrupt the news conference is -- reading. All right that's what we -- traffic early so I get to the news conference Allen. You know we had a real bad accident. I'm Colombian driving Williams -- were early when I was revenue and there were -- -- the my streak of things are at work cleared up there what's up now. All right Allan we're gonna go you again at 630 during the news. -- makers aware of that situation folks just to bring it all up to speed on what's going on today buffalo police have made an arrest in the murder of the thirteen year old. Apparently over his IA fall. The thirteen year old who was born in Iraq. Was brutally murdered and -- thank you all murders are brutal. They're all fatal. Some are more brutal than others. In this case it was beaten to a pole and there's more to this story that I'm not gonna divulge right now. But it will sick if you're sick now you're going to be even sicker when you guys know what I know. I'm here I'll -- Mary has been laid to rest according to Muslim tradition which is very similar to Jewish tradition in terms. The time in which the body must be interred. This is the news conference mayor Byron brown. Who has been very proactive in this from the get go introduced police commission indirect. Let me say right from the very beginning. Our thoughts and prayers. Continue to be with the Al Samari. Spam -- This is a terrible act and I asked the community. To continue to hold them up in career. We said. That the buffalo police would not rest. That this community would not rest until an arrest was made. And we did not rest. And we are reporting today that. An arrest has been made. I want to -- just recognize. The work the buffalo police homicide detectives. I know that commissioner Brenda. Assigned. All of our detectives to work on this case. Our detectives literally worked around the clock on this and worked into the night. I don't -- just recognize. Them for their diligence their hard work. And the effort that they've put in to finding the person responsible. For this terrible crime. I also want to thank the community. Four there too -- information. I want to thank the community. Four -- outreach to this family I want affect the community. For. So many expressions. Of support and love. That they extend it to the house of -- family. At this time I want to turn things over. Two commission to render who'll give you more details. -- Good afternoon. The rest today just after 3 AM in the morning but buffalo police homicide detectives was one -- Sanchez. He's thirteen years old -- two main street buffalo. He was charged with murder and second degree for the may second homicide of thirteen year old Amir Al Al Samari. And I made there 2014. And approximately 8:30 PM buffalo police responded to a problem body found vacant TV we. That tee to green driving range up Amherst street. The victim's body was found by a man walking his dogs homicide detectives immediately responded to begin around the clock investigation. Numerous tips -- got to thank the public is mayor did numerous tips from the public. Let us to make -- rest so quickly. The suspect last night didn't make admissions to homicide detectives has been reported we believe the murder was over a cellphone. But at this time the investigation continues. And I really can't release any other details and I won't comment. Further on -- murder again I'd like to commend all of our homicide unit from their efforts I'll answer whatever right there. We -- about thirteen year old committing a murder over cellphone. Right. We're nothing surprises me anymore than it has traveled 28 years. So I'm not shocked. Again thirteen year old now dead thirteen year old now custody it's it's very disturbing but mommy and let me say it is a terrible tragedy. And our hearts and prayers are with the Alps from our family. And I think the entire community should hold this family up and career. Immigrant community. Both supporting that -- here. Kind of we will with the Stanley yesterday. I'm -- city police officer has been with them today. Again it's a tragic situation. Hopefully we can bring it to quickly quotes them. -- -- We're -- and this morning news kept in custody probably he's very. What this country -- -- No. It's for the it's helpful. We the numerous tips from the public you've been some small tips that. People wouldn't think were important were important and it allowed us to view us last night is that. -- People coming forward people talking. Yes it did. And other police commissioner Dan surrender and we edited out the questions where he could not answer them. Which basically comprised of 90% of the questions. Is and look I'm trying to. I'm not trying to. Tribute to our I understand it. When you do press conference if you really can't answer questions don't even bother taking him to see guys please understand I can't answer anything gonna ask me that's all the information -- year now. And let's face -- the commission has been under a lot of pressure the guys in homicide of an under a lot of pressure the mayor's been under a lot of pressure. And I have to idea while everybody is considered innocent until and unless proven guilty the court law. I think despite the tragedy. The community. Came together and the cops did -- are supposed to do. And let's hope that they got the right guy. Which I don't think he's going to be in doubt given certain elements of this which have not been released and there will be. No real justice in this. -- not gonna come back to life you know not not in the corporate world in which we live. In a thirteen year old life. Whatever he was gonna do. And even if he straightens out as acting will be forty and you'll have nightmares about no I don't feel sorry. 626 at WB -- coming up -- -- thoughts. Yeah. Baby to. Sorry I thought I don't old school and -- I just I guess the my black Brothers and sisters can I play the country -- play the Kenny Chesney earlier. And you know I'm just try to even things out. I realize we're talking about a song from the eighties here the old school stuff but. You know at least give me some props were at least trying to beard cools suburban cracker. 635 a -- and I say that affectionately of course 635 news radio 930 WB EN hourly with you. And by the oil what are the topics I was gimmick didn't do today but I just not going to be able to is. Is sheriff Tim Howard a fraud. I think you maybe. Mr. Joseph constitution with the Second Amendment. Look at channel two's web page in fact look at my FaceBook page check channel two's story by Michael wooten. And apparently mr. I'm all about the Second Amendment and your constitutional rights doesn't give a rat's ass about the Fourth Amendment or the Fifth Amendment. And if what channel two is reporting is found to be true. And I got to put an asterisk by that because. I can tell you from personal experience. Media get stuff wrong. And I got something wrong yesterday I said no arrest was made in the -- murder Charlie -- after set us -- -- But I also was thinking on the fly without research in front of -- Not that bad excuse is a misstatement there is no excuse I was wrong and I apologize. But. If powered. Spans 350000. Dollars of taxpayer money to spy on your cell phone. To trick yourself fall into thinking it's a legitimate cell phone tower to -- your personal information from a I wouldn't -- I would not trust him at ball. With the patriot movement. He's a former state trooper I wonder these plants. I wonder if this I'm against and why safe act. It's just a way to ingratiate himself with patriots. Soul. He gets information from the inside of -- were fighting and slice it I'm not saying that as a back on asking that as an end to rocket to. But I will say this. You cannot. Fight for the Second Amendment. And then urinate all over the fourth and Fifth Amendment and caught yourself joke constitution. You're no better than Andrew Cuomo. If this story is true. -- -- check my cell phone at 629. I did not receive a text from Tim Howard. I have not heard from Tim Howard since before the election. I endorsed Tim Howard vehemently. Strongly. Because he told me he supported by constitutional rights and your constitutional rights. But if he thinks it's just -- Without probable cause without reasonable suspicion. Just a -- cellphone data from you he's a scumbag. And I'll be calling for his resignation. If this story is true. And Sharapova is something. If you think patriots get upset. Over Andrew Cuomo and the Second Amendment. You just wait and see what happens. If you turn out to be a plant and a phony. Because will be down at ten Delaware every day. I'm calling on the Erie county legislature to have immediate public hearings on this. I'm sorry -- of the Erie county sheriff's department become the CIA. We're gonna become the NSA. Without that they need to be spun on her cell phones for. Folks this country is heading toward fascism. Were already halfway there. Some people -- to get stupid to realize it wake up. But. I will tell you bet a mutual friend has also been trying to get. -- response. From like great advocate of the Second Amendment to an hour. About what channel two's response is reporting. And he hasn't gotten anything from Howard -- So I wouldn't trust Tim Howard with any further Second Amendment speeches he gives. Until this situation is evaluated. Until we put him under oath. And until we get testimony from. But as far as I'm concerned. I'm breaking up with -- Our relationship is over. Were done. Don't tell me your freedom fighter. And it's by an innocent peoples cell phone you ought to be ashamed of yourself for hypocrisy. Our call as icy and folks. And you know what. If you had a bug in my house. Here's what you learned about me. I'm the same guy. And -- as AM on the year. I don't pretend to be something on the year that I'm not at home. And when I say that -- for freedom I mean -- for freedom. I don't just pick and choose the Second Amendment as something -- depend. But the first deport the -- Right now well. I want to hear the other side of the story the only way we're gonna get the other side of the story is to put him under oath. You tell me what the -- the Erie county sheriff's department has any business get. Monitoring your cell phones sucking information from a by tricking your phone into thinking it's a real cell -- to work. As despicable. Called fascism. Sorry it is 641. Now. You go to my FaceBook page -- away again. All -- before the election. All I had to do was whistle and -- beater. I feel like a cheap fill the slot right now. Which in my personal life by it but in my professional life. I don't like being lied to. And I don't like people claimant to be freedom fighters. And then saying well. Because of law enforcement and security needs their Fourth Amendment and Fifth Amendment protection doesn't matter. Guess what bonehead it matters as much is the Second Amendment bars which you claim to be against and white safe. So up just a warning to the patriots listening I'd be very careful. About this guy from here on him. In what you tell. I don't trust them. There are two sides to every story I get that he has my cellphone number. As of 629. I've heard it. It is 642. Now in light of the arrest of a thirteen year old in a heinous. Crimes against another thirteen year old we spoke. We spoke. -- local defense attorney Paul -- About what happens when a thirteen year old is accused of murdering another thirteen year old. And here is our interview from earlier in case you missed it with Paul -- And -- joining us right now defense attorney Paul can't -- and Paul you've seen it all you've been around a long time. If you were represented a client in a situation like this can you tell us what some of your four steps right now would be. Well one other thing I would try to do before. He's indicted in east just charge by a whale. -- only complaint -- try to remove the case to -- cork if that's possible want she's indicted. It appears. That the statutes that required consent to the district turning. -- to go to -- Chamblee corks and of course there's this difference. Between -- punishment to end. Superior court and in family court. Now how does his agent suspects age play in to aid the court venue in which this case will be heard and be the possible punishment. Well. For the laws were changed -- fewer. Under six key. You're a juvenile delinquent if you were charged in a position to be charged. With. You know crimes like. Murder and so on in the regular court system. Those checked those laws were -- it and now it's your thirteen fourteen or fifteen. He can be charged with murder and second degree. When your range in debt or costs you lawyer -- moved to epic case removed and we court. If you've already been indicted. And as the saying it would take to each other district attorney. And the big differences in adult court and actual -- which -- the lights. If you are. If you're an adult it's yours someone -- spurt T. And the minimum sentence could be. Seven and a half years. Or minimum sentence could be fifteen years. But forty years that the sentences would be much greater. If you're not the end and court -- cried as they juvenile offender and charged with murder. In in greater adult court sentences are much greater -- and we court. Then basically it's IP -- sentence. And they can add on a year for every year until you turn twenty -- Paul knowing around here and I realized things vary geographically. You know we're not Texas -- -- Florida where New York State were eerie county. Based on past experiences. Would you venture a prediction. On -- how this is gonna be tried where this is gonna be tried. Well my guess is that up thanks indeed it will. But quickly and -- this case and do everything possible to ensure each tried. As local case. Where the next song could be 1615. Years to life. -- -- -- -- What would you do -- I -- I realize your pressed on time but Paul. Depending on the weight of the evidence against the accused and we must keep in mind he's simply accused nothing has been proven against him at this point. What would you do about -- plea deal when would you consider that option and what would -- you know what does that do to the options. Well I think what you try to do is immediately. Demonstrate if you court. Your client stool. Is an incident. And still is somewhat that mentality of a thirteen year old. And still should not be. Hell hole -- the higher punishment level that I -- an adult would see. Or even someone. Who. Would be charged as a thirteen year old and superior court in other words. -- try to go in and and first all established -- courts psychiatrists psychologists and so. What the actual mental. Eat while the decline. It it turned out they still extremely mature. Into -- source beat. Under the law and I would go in and try to persuade the district attorney to keep -- -- Family court. So that you know the maximum sentence could be that five years and had a potential of one year for every year totally turned 21. If I couldn't do that I would work out again this is assuming that still stands and so. The site from infancy. You know then we would try to. Bargain for the lecture. The lesser penalty. One more question all you. Or I had bigger part -- a torture through that thought might my bad continue your -- Yeah seven and a -- -- so -- as opposed to fifteen and apps to harper should keep. I've noticed where these rates. Which would keep bargaining for if you were part. One final question your Paul -- and you're the creme -- Le creme I'm presuming this kid is gonna get a public defender. Comments. Financial circumstances. But just. It's possible. Are somewhat will be signed. To represent -- All right I would want you or somebody's -- but caught -- -- be fine I don't -- don't you know I don't. -- The capability of a lot of lawyers who are signed or public defenders and so on however. Usually. People every sources. They're able to hire experts and to do the investigation. And a lot of things. That people with this -- lawyers or public to -- -- start able to do you mean there's a certain amount of money made available for the stench. But it's usually not adequate to do that real. Paul thank you very much time is brief -- it really appreciate and actually it's kind of funny because originally today and I feel bad for Paul -- -- Paul and originally when I sent the text today I me. Asked them. Because I thought I was gonna have some time to talk about. What in the hell Erie county would need with a device that sucks data from your cell phone. Without any probable cause or reasonable suspicion or anything. But I didn't get to that topic today by the way most of Michael wooten from channel to. For picking up that story and when you. Watch the graphic of -- the cargo is up and down streets sucking cell phone data. That looks awfully familiar. Anyway. Well it could be -- straight. Looks like anywhere USA. And I suggest you watch it I put it on my FaceBook page channeled through as allowed us and we'll do this probably tomorrow. To play the audio from their reports on this. And as I've said folks I'm consistent. I don't just say the Second Amendment. Garden news I support. I don't support the fourth and the fifth and now I support all of them. Even though my stance on the First Amendment doesn't -- me a lot of friends sometimes. Because I think our founding fathers were brilliant in establishing a state religion. And as I've said -- was zillion times they saw the dueling bond buyers between the Catholics and the Protestants. Between queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth in England that would be the religious terrorism with which they were most familiar. And -- but keep in mind they also did not want to prohibit the free exercise. Of your religion. And I told does this mean I mean this to the I will defend anybody. Whose rights are being violated. By a bullying the states. And fascism. I will. 8030930. Let -- sitting squeeze and a quickie I've got four. Not equity I've got 45 seconds -- Morse just go ahead and speak I wanna get you on the air 45 minutes ago reported five seconds. Two things number one. Pit stop a listen to facilitate genocide a very sculptors good point right. And it's going on in that wired the guy it was just noting came out because he's really sick and tired of it. Number two dictated that the murder you know what -- gets a state legally get behind bars. He's gonna kick himself when he had to cancel sorry -- -- he's really going to be sincere because he knows. He didn't consider all the time. Guess there's going to be over. Well all right I made. I don't know what they disposition is going to be because remember. I'm always consistent about this the burden of proof is on the state the state must prove beyond a reasonable doubt to a jury of his peers that this kid did the crime. And when all the details do come out. Believe me you will not wanna see this go to family court you will wanna see it go to highest court possible just trust me on that. I will not discuss certain aspects at this point. Those -- you on the job in buffalo. Just so you know yeah I know my stuff. A human. And it nothing's gonna bring back a year ago that's the problem if you know the family and you speak Arabic please extend to them or continued love and support. Thanks to Joseph beaver thanks to John Sherman as always great work fellas and it stand -- for a Sean Hannity followed by Savage Nation. And I'm going to leave you with two very important words. Know your self.

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