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5-6 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

May 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. I walked down upon you with great. The whole -- Ball that it ends this month -- And welcome to the New York City. If they got -- extreme conservatives. They have no place in the State of New York. No one -- with an assault rifle no one. -- and all of that talent. And -- -- -- -- Tom hourly. Column. Went up to. No comment about how -- -- -- I could have got covered up right and welcome. It's live its local capital. Full moon. Looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly I'd like you. You have blows. Like a close. And fabrication group. -- -- It's ten minutes after five and is ready at 930 WBP. And always kitten guess and -- that's rule on all a's gave you guessed it. All right folks it -- -- under Israeli -- -- and great to have you up with us and again. I try to say -- every day and I realized mostly get out of work at about 5 o'clock. Without you guys and without the bond that we have I have to tell you have. Given certain circumstances. In my life. I don't think I would have been able to get through it with the aplomb and balls I had. Without your love without your support. Without your trust. And without the bond debt that we had. And you -- You really do. By making be apart of your life. And Danny showbiz BS. That's the real deal. And believe me I -- no different at -- that I am on the year. I don't call hold and behavior or say things differently. Than I do on the year I don't wanna be a hypocrite. Rivalry that up front with you about the way I've chosen to live my life. And I thank you for admiring the fact that. I am like am and I make no apologies for. At all. And I just -- what you know that. That I have all. He said just once I'd like to see a politician. Behave as -- -- state. And just say look I'm a human being. Here is my personal life here's what I do. Now here's where stint on the issues. Instead of pretending to be something I'm not which I will not do. And you know what's really amazing. People are suckers for the truth. Great climate Oliver stone's JFK deep down -- people are suckers for the truth. And I am so honored. Bet you guys. Have trusted may have believed in me. And that we have this bond. My ex wife actually. This show about me and I'll wrap this up quickly. I wouldn't agree talk about exploit before idea came on here we went through a crappy divorce and they were gonna do wish I would bring my ex wife and here we're gonna talk about our divorce. Well I'm sure it's. -- and deadly serious because right now. I betcha there's somebody who just got served divorce papers today and you're gonna be headed for some horrible divorce. And I guarantee it will not be worse than that the -- my ex wife and I. But here is. Something unique and well. My ex wife and I. All we will still snipe at each other. I mean you help with laughter with LO wells. But she really is one of my best friends in this whole world. And that's always meant a lot to me and more importantly my kids see that. You know my kids see hey you know -- always takes mom with -- as we go to breakfast. That's coal and lots of great guy and not try to pretend. I'm just say -- the bat. You might not believe this now. But even if you're going through the world's worst most contentious divorce. Especially if you have children. You really could try to be friends. With your acts. I have asked my ex wife's forgiveness for what I did she has given a -- -- And you know all I can say is. A little voice in my head said to me. You know Tom there's somebody listened to your right now needs to hear that that's why -- went off of that monologue. I'm a very intuitive person sometimes no I'm not saying I'm psychic some would say Psycho but I can proven not. Anyway it is -- it is 558 news radio 93. WB EM hourly with you I guess I just delaying the the inevitable. I wanna say. That my email address is calm at WB EN dot com. I also want to say that I know more about what happened then I'm going to tell you. Because if I told you. All I will say is it's even worse than you think. This murder. That's all I wanna say right now. And those of you were on the job know what I'm talking about. My email Thomas WB EN dot com. If you think what you know so far is making you sick. It's it's going to be worse. Is mark my words and I don't wanna go any further on there. Never have been never will -- anybody. It is says sixteen minutes after five at that news radio 930 WB yen because. Let's just say I have certain. And private phones available to me that certain people have. The -- intelligence agency. Found out some interesting things few days ago on my private phone. But in any event. I see you know what I guess I'm in denial right now. Maybe -- you know what I'm in denial it's like I wanna talk about this but I don't wanna talk about this. The arrest of a thirteen year old his name is -- Sanchez he lives and Germain street anybody wanna send me an email and tell me about this kid. Anybody wanna tell me anything about him. Because I have a hard time believing that he was a great young boy who just suddenly went back. I used to have a real problem with my temper. When I was a teenager when I was in my twenties I was up bastard. I have mellowed over time. Even. My worst. When I was thirteen years old I cannot imagine being so angry. That I would kill some. Or so despicable. That that would kill somebody over -- -- Folks. If you handed -- a loaded gun and said if you shoot this guy. You're gonna get a private jet. I would -- the gun back and say no that is not how I roll. A cell phone really. Disgusting. What do we do with a thirteen girls. Here is -- and buffalo at WB EM. L welcome to the program and I'm glad you called in what's on your mind on just revolted by everything that's been made public -- stuff which hasn't been. And I think your your your particular personally and I wouldn't do that in -- -- report put. The altar call screener that the scene I can't -- football players prominent local results circuit until relatives only -- that. It's there was there. Bookmark in you can literally -- -- paying a lot of family. Members of the community it it was it was it was fair bit but. In life just losing your health problems and in case if Mubarak. Well. You know well here's here's the thing ago and -- with all due respect with with my health issues. You know I'm fifty years old if I died tomorrow I've done everything I ever wanted to do this -- was thirteen. And admittedly well you're right I am taking this personally. Because I'm a member of the community as you are of course and for some reason this one is getting to me like Alex -- got to -- There are some cases that for whatever reason. They just tear me up like got that little up the boy bet for Maria result father beat him to death. You know those three. The case where the father so called -- up to have his babies that one got to be there are certain cases they get to me. How how do you mean. Tell you got to deal with the first hand I mean you know you gotta be on the scene as he responder and you get to walk past the yellow tape I never got a chance to do that. How do you separate your humanity because you're an intelligent man obviously. Your your compassionate man I can tell how do you deal with the. They actually very religious they really help a lot. But there's really not much that surprises me anymore arm. You know you -- remember and given it some stoppage in the probable there was -- huge -- -- -- are sort of thing has been done before. Either so I mean it's just doesn't surprise me. But there's a also keep learning art and my personal life and in situations like this seemed to change. Naw I would gladly give my -- for his and you keep on saying. But -- control in its history will and you know there's not much we can do about them that you can. I know we know we are trying to make the the right moral right -- -- but there's been that are out of our control. L you've been you've been on the job what like sixteen years. Are where more than -- I figured -- veteran just by the way you can tell just by the way you're speaking on you've been out of a long time. As far as gruesome scenes are I really I I don't wanna ask you about the details of how gruesome and I know some of them and I don't feel like talking about them. But. Do you think based on the past cases with which you've been personally involved on the job. That justice is ever going to be done for the murdered thirteen year old what do you expect that happened to the other thirteen year old if he's found guilty. Well I guess that means it goes -- feet I believe. Eventually my civil war and I'm not a religious person but I believe in the end we all have cancer everybody the trouble prone erection and start. We ought to answer for the group will look into this guy in the industry that. You know you mentioned this change but I was also there when that. Little boy was stabbed in Riverside with your to a loan officer had to. Stick to the Kremlin like yeah so yes -- technical prior to. Don't yeah L com. I hear yet I don't think were you know I -- I really don't think we're that far apart I mean you you have your faith I have mine. My faith. Still. Makes me. You know what I still get angry. And I still get very sad to think about this boy's final moment on the hour. I was angry and I'm sure you know almost -- areas. They had done a good thing that little portable that is suspect wasn't there because they would they would have. Yeah I I don't think you have to go any further but I really don't. But -- let go ahead of -- Why do we have to wonder that political download. -- -- -- Our -- pay up -- there help thanks for the call. And you you are right and personalizing this one I don't know why there are cases where I've done that and it's one of my weaknesses. And and I don't and I'm not trying to be Sparky here you're stronger man the night. And I'm not trying to be a jerk I say that with all sincerity and -- all honored to user. Well awfully good but I don't think we've made which decision personal family. And are idiotic it is time to write it will wait sort of those so. I hear you meant thank you very much. -- by the way thanks to all the buffalo cops are called off the air all the suburban guys and ladies to last Friday we did a tribute showed the police after you guys got that beat up pretty bad because the actions. The alleged actions of a couple of people who. Took one worked to liberties it wasn't Rodney King. Shall we go to another call me an article -- let us go to Charles. In -- Wanda Charles you're on WB and hello. -- -- this is Charlie. You retired haven't achieved. Yet. -- went well and thank you very much. Just one thing I I have to correct you earned the right to correct people -- the -- -- promise that when you remember that very well turn shelves. He was -- making the right to practice approached by three individuals. I heard crusader of the year in the David there was no respite from the that we did in restaurant if there. I did qualify that statement but I tell me did you get. Every suspect involved in that. I believe you know it's it's. We've -- nineteen years ago but I believe that we've made three arrests. Good I wasn't trying to be disrespectful it's -- On call and just I just wanted to be sure that that was corrected because adults very closely with the house vehemently and -- -- and they were distraught to say the least and indeed they visited me often in my office that we did. Ultimately make a lesson and I was really proud of my people. Four -- four bit. For some reason that stuck out as one that had not been solved and always has and I have to write myself a note that you guys did. Give the arrest and conviction or plea. Charlie if you wanna hold out it's all I I would love your thoughts on this case if you care to share them but I wanna give you more time after the news breaker to hold on. Get between the house and about ten minutes ham. Play award we can talk have a good day. Our right send email I'll drop in my personal cell phone and double get together. Our Charley thanks. A former buffalo homicide chief Charlie -- -- real nice guy always was always will be coming up on 525. -- news radio 930 WB -- and by the way never ever ever feel bad about correcting me because I want accuracy I want the truth. -- And -- The goal now OK okay. So listeners tells me that the next every chief parody is in town and you played it like every California banned from 96 people around. Springfield Polk well. Next time reason this area I guess it would have a chance to beat -- and hang out with them. If you want to Brigham and then will do a duet together. I'll bring my brother. Will be at three part. -- up. Hopefully it'll be after pollen season is done. It is up by 37 news radio 930 WB EM. Hourly with you and you know folks we started off on this political attention because it was. But. My caller was right. People are sending email saying hey that guy is a -- -- no no no no no no L. Is not he was absolutely. Spot up. He's right. I am taking this person. And folks. As I said the -- during the Alex rice -- There are some cases I take very very personally at the time. And that I do not for -- now I've -- -- get some details. And I'm glad Charlie -- -- called in to. Remind me bet they did in fact -- the guys who cowardly. Shot John -- to death after he gave up what they wanted. It wasn't and I thank you do what I cheaper muscular retired four for doing that I appreciated. And you know what I talked about. The old line cops verses some of the young woman's coming up. Guys like -- Alaska are the guys to -- rougher. There was a it's it's hard for me to explain. But they may god. You know they understood that the biggest ally in the fight against violent crime. Would be the citizens. And that armed citizens. Were -- citizens. Illegally armed citizens. And they took. Your rights seriously. Now -- some of them it took him awhile to alert that's why we have the horrendous situation that court ruling. And that's why you can recite the Miranda warning. Probably word for word just from watching TV shows. But as I said you know the guys that way. Knew from a long time ago. In Cheektowaga. On one some of the state guys. You know that or different breed than what currency and now. And up by the way. We are just receiving. Word that the -- White House in Washington. Is on lockdown because of a security breach. A civilian car followed a motorcade into a restricted area driver is in custody. That's all I can tell you right now you know reminds me how many have you watched that movie. Tora Tora Tora. How many of you know it's not a notes that a Jewish movie it's a movie about. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor December 71940. -- Not about the -- the holy -- But you know the first shots were fired in that were fired by an American ship on a routine mission. They were towing up practiced barge back in the Pearl Harbor. And they noticed that a small Japanese many sell well they didn't notice the time all they saw was the -- Was trying to follow them into Pearl Harbor. And depth charges were dropped as ever call. And the Japanese mini sub which sunk with the loss of I think two crew members. So here at the White House today we've got a situation where. Somebody. -- that you'd Lucas was able to follow an official motorcade. Into restricted area of the White House grounds outlook. It could very well been a stupid innocent mistake. You know what this is something I could -- be doing. Seriously you're driven in Washington. Pennsylvania Avenue are right. Guys everytime I go to Washington. And I put this delicately without offending anybody. I always end up in the worst neighborhoods I always end up in the neighborhoods that look like main street. North of the 12100 block in Niagara Falls and I think to myself. I think I'm going to turn around and just drive as fast as I can out of here so. But I don't like the feeling of certain neighborhoods. Does it make me a racist. Although. I don't think Ben Carson would like an either or. They're it's what -- -- All all all all all all all don't get me wrong folks. There are some white neighborhoods were I really don't feel comfortable I'm not going to name -- I don't feel like I'm an old. Are all on this day is. Well two things. Black stretch pants and chain smoking Virginia slims. All I'm gonna -- You get a -- it -- a little bit of virtue Rivera an area at a -- Tuesday now anyway. I do wanna commend the buffalo police department for a quick arrest in the murder. Be thirteen year old was more indie rock. Over his iPhone. IA can only presume that they used high tech. To capture cellphone rings to figure out all of which outwards they were hanging it was pinging. They got tips apparently from the public. That was helpful so when you add in the physical evidence of the cell phone -- The physical evidence on the bodies. And without going into details. Yeah well. There was physical evidence at the scene and it. The tips from the public. The homicide squad homicide department bureau did a nice job. But keep in mind. And -- a stickler promise. Everybody and you wouldn't want me to say the same if somebody your family was in trouble. Everybody who is charged with a crime. Is to be considered innocent until and -- found guilty in a court of law the burden of proof. Lies with the state making its case. Now I a couple of questions for. Should the district attorney. Have this case set to family court. Or should the district attorney make sure. That this thirteen year old suspect is tried as an adult in -- real court. Superior court and it -- every -- will replace the interview with Paul -- there we did. -- coming up here just to bring up to speed on that along with the news conference that you heard earlier today. With mayor brown and the up police commissioner Miranda and by the way as far as mayor brown is concerned and I know this might surprise on the view. But. He wasn't just -- for today's news conference. He took a personal interest in this case from the beginning. He reached out to the family mayor brown was very proactive in Davis and seriously -- at all. -- all candor and with -- all respect that's what I expect from a mayor of the city of buffalo and I think mayor brown did a terrific job. In reaching out to the family making it clear that the community was on the victim's side. And I don't think that he was due to Charlie Schumer witnessed. I think he was sincerely. Affected by. And the I know I I I don't say things I don't mean. And I can tell what Chuck Schumer is distinct and fraud he's been a fraud since day one. And that's one of the reasons I'm not gonna do a story about who's gonna by the bills until purchase offers may. Because all the story is become as I said yesterday is just another chance for Schumer to get his face on TV his voice on the radio. The man as a publicity addict he is I think publicity is his rob for Pratt. Chuck -- and I'm not exaggerating. Aaron Brown I think was sincere. And I think he gets points for that in my book. Now somebody might wanna send me emails saying you're you don't know what you're talking about and that's fine. But the the question is. Should be thirteen year old be tried as an adult. In a real court. Or if -- the district attorney would you be lenient. Would you wanna see this go to family court. I'm going to tell you that this case needs to be heard. In the highest possible court which for a thirteen year old little people care reserve would be. A superior Supreme Court I I didn't hear exactly the word because once you know the details I know which I will not divulge. You who are going to be even more sickened than you are now that's all -- would tell you. And the guys on the job. You know that I know my stuff. And you know that I don't -- people. Nor white bird people. In my email Thomas WB and dot com and a lot of you have by private cell phone number and if you don't have a private cell phone number. The bond stern has it with a Cotter. And any any friend that Tom bond is a friend of mine all right. He runs the -- the buffalo fire department fire boat. And this case it if you think you've heard at all you have. Now would you try it as an adult and while the hardest possible punishment or do you think it ought to go to family court so we get to a slap on the wrist. I'm at a player right now. I don't think this kid -- rehab mobile. I think this kid is an animal. And I don't see much hope at all for redemption in this life. British -- I don't. Thirteen years old. What he did to a -- With a homicide with the murder. Again inexcusable. -- kind of a quandary here because. You want to break down as we get the audio and -- usually guys like to give you a happy ending from six to seven. I don't feel like giving you a happy ending today I'm sorry I. I need to talk about this because one of the other issues that I wanna explore is do you really think that were heading to hell in a hand basket. Or do you think society has always been screwed and we've always had cases like this -- -- -- -- we've always had cases -- Is it worse now than it was I don't know. Those of you who believe in the Bible will remember from a police he asked is there is nothing new under the sun. -- the first recorded murder was fratricide. Brother -- brother. We can't even get it right when they -- four people on the planet. It's 540 -- news radio 930 WB EM it is -- hourly on the radio. Thank you for being with us. And thank you other it's going to be partly cloudy and chilly tonight shocked shocked I tell you. 38 below. -- roll out Collins. Early but then rain late I 63 so sandy beach it's a great whether -- at least been nicer weather. I get the Kraft winner. -- any controls the weather unconvinced. 57 editors rating -- 930 WB EM. By the way -- -- agrees -- a great show part of wished that I was on the would you retire in New York State is this your retirement destination plan yes or no. And you go to the audio archives and listen to sandy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it's all part of a giant master conspiracy. Now it's just sometimes we get technical glitches where it's funny sometimes people. Reach conclusions that are so far out there guys I will. You know a lot. We should we should like playable game. To get people go to the audio vault to see if they catch a difference between what I did one hour and what's on the -- recording. You with me that on a let's go to bed and now buffalo on WB -- meg a thirteen year old is charged with murdering another thirteen year old. And if you think you've heard all about this story there is to hear you haven't here on hello meg. I that I wouldn't try not to get emotional and I certainly won't go to seek help -- That you're from very reliable source that. -- really didn't want to step toward that and we IN -- man. Due to his condition. So that was not just. Murder it was really vial and this doesn't go to superior court. Then it's going to be a travesty. All. You know I would bet it may get a do not be ashamed of being emotional at all. Your motion reflection humanity and if you lose your humanity. What the hell's the point be alive. You're right. This wasn't an accident this was -- manslaughter this wasn't I hit somebody they hit their head against a brick wall and died holy crap. This was an intentional act of murder. And this kid to Amir was beaten to a -- And his family you're right that they should have to see him like that. There is not a hell hot and. And I think that. And the industry that I -- in the city and we are now being an act of any sort certain forward. You know welfare generation and it really had other people want to admit it -- matter but it we -- But it is really -- story. Handling it is destroyed the more fiber of communities. And you know we are seeing and I see everyday in. Multitude of ways. I would love to talk to you more meg about this up which on hold because I I happen to agree with you. But as long as people keep vote Democrat that's what LBJ wanted and he dropped the atom bomb after signing his great society legislation. It was just a payoff to keep Democrats in policy.

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