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5-6 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

May 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. -- -- down upon the he would -- this thing. India the -- looked out my intentions and -- The fact he has yet Ford dead Americans what I'm -- I protest with it because the guys out for a walk when I decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got help after all it. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. Our lady and I don't know how to put. Good. People know when it's live yeah. It's local. It's Tom how early. There wet eyed women and good news radio. Already it is our -- radio -- thirty WBBM are giving your thoughts give me your thoughts. Your thoughts. Hurled. -- Sanchez. Widened the suspect's name yesterday about it and all you talk like that there was also -- No I professional psychic ability nor know slur on the proud name of Sanchez very common name like Smith. Anyway. What do we know with a thirteen year old who is capable of this time of violence. Of he is found guilty. In a court of law. And ladies and gentlemen I cannot emphasize this enough. He is absolutely 1000%. Innocent he is as innocent. As the baby born today. Any offense whatsoever. Until and unless proven guilty in a court of law. Just because the police say a -- did something does not mean you did something. Because in our system of justice we have an adversarial system. Where the accused is entitled to -- his or her accusers were the accused has legal counsel. And where the state must beyond a reasonable doubt convince a jury of his peers unless they elect but for a bench trial. That in fact he is guilty as charged now he's thirteen years old I have -- idea. No idea. What this kid has been like up until the age of thirteen. I have a very hard time. Despite the fact again that he is innocent of anything. But. I have a very hard time believing you know the the latins the -- the Romans speaking Latin had an expression and I. Won't bore you with it in Latin but basically it goes this way nobody ever turned rotten overnight. Nobody ever turn rotten overnight. And know what that means I think it's rather self explanatory but you don't go from Angel to scumbag overnight. It's highly unusual. That that would happen barring a brain tumor were some organic brain injury. Where some compressive force hitting your head you just don't overnight turned into a bad apple. So I don't know anything about this -- this -- Sanchez. I would die out. That if he is charged with this kind of an offense and he made quote admissions. Plural. To the police. I would doubt that this is his first shall we say. Issue with authority. I would out. All well let's face it what happens every single time a serial killer is arrested. We had no right. US September ice god. But that's a different dynamic then is 813 year old who kills a thirteen year old allegedly over an iPhone. Do you think this kid if guilty could be rehabilitated. Be honest with. Do you see him ever turning into a productive member of society. If he's capable of doing such a thing at the age of thirteen. And it was a particularly. Gruesome homicide -- I don't mean it could be gratuitously. Graphic. But. Let me explain it to you were coming from a Burris. Ever seen in godfather one. Well Michael says it can't wait so long itself has to kill bad. That's what he needs more than any thing and Sonny tries talking Michael out of doing the hit. And Sonny says -- like the army reissued a guy from a mile away. You gotta get right up put the gun against his head and get his brains all over your shoes -- that's and all right. Now this scene involving the thirteen year old Amir was that kind of gruesome it was that kind of graphic. How in the hell. Does a thirteen year old. And not recognize what he's doing at the time he's doing it. When the victim is bleeding all over the place. Probably unconscious. On the verge of going unconscious. Sanguine -- all over the place bleeding to death bleeding out. How do you do. Seriously folks. I'm sure that you know guys -- -- Afghanistan and Iraq who've had to do that. Grown men 18192030. Years old -- done. And it you know what's up them. Some of them not all but -- -- that's a tough that's a tough thing to do experience. Not like the movies. How in the world. And I don't know what weapon was used if any weapon was used. But I'm trying to put myself back in the seventh or eighth grade. And I hope you do the same thing. Can you imagine doing that to another thirteen year old. And what do you think that at some point you'd say oh my god I'm killing this -- Oh my god this is wrong. What I'm doing is eagle. As much as I'd like to believe that the better angels of our nature. I if this kid is guilty which he is not proven to be yet. I don't honestly see much hope for him in the future. In terms of leading a productive life. Frankly. On the kind of guy. I'd have a hard time coming to work if Iran over a squirrel on the way into work. Here is G. Low on -- WB and Jim thank you for your patience what do you make you this story because. -- I'm I'm kind of at a loss for words and time it you know how I feel go ahead. Yeah and look back on. Certainly I think it's gonna end up being like a lot of these other cases or somewhere and it's gonna come down to want to analyze and it's not extreme sense of entitlement. I'm entitled to it I'll just take it I won't wait automatic. Right term. It's -- nation and -- that I believe it -- very but it comes out to be that that's the cost of the world -- church. But I don't think the kid I -- forgive me for making a generalization. But do you think that most thirteen year olds know what the word entitled means or realize it's negative connotations. I guess the depends upon your surrounding -- brought up. But I believe -- good majority I would say a majority do. I did but it but I want it -- politicize something because I can't stand it with a -- doesn't. But I think about it. We heard almost nonstop about over the past that -- to two months what is Obama and what of his fascist little minions been talking about. Over the past two months something about an inequality of something is just ringing the bell at all. Yeah I would get sent on -- politicize it. I don't -- politicize it but everywhere you turn your taught that the distribution of wealth in America is unfair and unequal. Excuse me. A lot of things are unfair and an equal I think that every time -- the shower at the health club boy mother nature really is a pitch. Right but then -- sentinel which in a frame of mind -- -- feeling being. So -- -- -- us up there to being taken away leadership ever right to even though he didn't work port. But you raise an interesting point. I wonder if the media use. Which has been engendered by this administration. If somebody has something better than you they don't deserve it. They stole it from your hard work and -- deserve it. I wonder that played any role in the background psychology. Of this thirteen year old who by the way is innocent until and unless proven guilty. -- -- -- Tactic or -- or second. I know. Now now sorry. -- sticking to the subject -- school board election is today. And I hope you'll get out and vote and do what the Chicago way vote early and often that brain dead relatives to vote. That's what they do in Chicago. And I might suggest you go to Carl Paladino as FaceBook page and take a look at the candidates can't count -- you know supports. I might suggest Larry Quinn would be a good place to start. And part of that is my own personal guilt over bad -- -- Larry Quinn because I always thought Hillary Clinton was the reason the sabres were a disaster for awhile. And the facts prove it was not Larry Quinn. It was Darcy were gear and it was the organized Asia outside of quit. And I have apologized publicly to Larry Quinn well before today for miss judging him. You know I well seriously what he left ended the team get better now. Well he didn't leave but he was a managing partner got like fifteen billion dollars on -- sold the tape. Lit area you and I need to vacation together soon -- 30930 you -- start on thirty on the cell phone. 180616. WB EM so go to Carl Paladino as page and see Carl Paladino supports. And that it would you vote you can do it accordingly. Because the only reason you're finding out how screwed up the buffalo schools are is because a Carl Paladino you know that racist who has taken all this crap. For being a white guy who actually cares about a majority minority school system. And now thank god my black Brothers and sisters who may be thought Paladino was some kind of a racist. DB. Are realizing that you know what he really does care that's why he subjecting himself to others. Let's find out about traffic and a man who cares about getting home safe and sound here is Allan Harris Allen how we look at. And thank you another former there's even they knew it will be partly cloudy and chilly overnight low 38 big joke you know these things have the years -- part of softball leagues started up yet. Yeah oh my gosh because it's Tuesday my dad used to play Tuesday's and Thursday's. I don't ever remember wearing a winter park -- to a softball game at the bright diamonds. Off for tomorrow clouds showers late. 63. And a Thursday cloudy a couple of showers and thunderstorm a high near seventy. And right now 57. Degrees at news radio -- it is 57 I may have sounded tentative. But that was just to capture your attention to see if I was gonna screw up. At that news radio 930 WB yen I just lied there was an excuse Brett. You know a third straight up through it. Our -- gang idea I hate talking about stuff like this are right if it breaks my heart. And I I told you guys this before. And some of you notice. Because you've been there with. As a quote unquote reporter. Or a quarter -- quote media person. I've been this above a bit is pretty messy scenes in my life. Involving. Fatal motor vehicle accidents and evolving homicides. IA I've seen some pretty gruesome and grisly things. And I've told you that. Like the guy who called in yesterday. Retired officer Mike the bar with the NT PD now he's got a different faith that I have. But my faith is what has gotten me through being able to deal with some of the things I've seen. Such as a lot of blood and a one particularly gruesome double fatal but I don't wanna get into. Because family I think still lives here and there's no point in opening old ones. I still remember the family name is that credible after almost thirty years. And this scene involving not an accident. But an act of murder. Was particularly. Gruesome. And -- have you given any thought. I wonder. Put yourself for the time machines take yourself back to seventh and bakery which is roughly how old these kids were. Think about. I can't even think of anybody with whom I went to school who would have been capable of doing it. Not even the hard asses. Hard -- is new went to let up. -- In my rider my wrong guys were I'm fifty if you're 4830. Whatever you you know -- a fist fight at least where I was brought up. That was somebody was now where they were unconscious was done was over. Done. And this one ended in a murder so you tell me what you do with the thirteen year old if a thirteen year old is convicted. A gruesome murder of another thirteen year old over something as stupid -- and as insignificant. As immaterial possession known as a freaking iPhone. Unbelievable. Do you think is entitlement culture. You think -- play a role and that's subconsciously. Not try to -- And again everybody's innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law ask your. Now we've certainly seen enough cases recently to make that apparently everybody. Three. Now to my black Brothers and sisters I just wanted and all of it. Just because I kind of enjoy Kenny Chesney and country music that does not make me or anybody yells a racist. She would -- well. We'll try to sort led some funk for your next hour I think on the musical bumped -- racial humor that my audience doesn't mind. Anyway thank you very much for being with -- thanks for -- and part of my life thank you wouldn't be at the yours and I I wish guys that. I keep coming at you with some light fluffy what your vacation spot show. I can't do that it's not meet today. Com. IE. There are some things happening. -- -- like that I don't feel it getting into right now and they don't directly help. You know it's it's like. The book. Did you had to read way back when it was the best of times it was the worst of times. That's kind of been like my day today it has nothing to do with my job. I just all off aired nonsense. So. Part of me would really like to break away. -- like that -- goes on to an I'm gonna break away one but I can't. Because I find myself. -- as as I hope you find yourself. Saddened shocked -- will older outraged. And agonizing. Over thirteen year old boy I've never met. Whose family came from Iraq. And as far as I know I've never met them I've never seen. But I know enough about the kid as you do just from reading and hearing about the young man on WB yen. To know that he was going to be a productive. Member of society. It's no secret that a lot of people from the Arabic speaking world come over here. And they thrive as entrepreneurs say -- with a lot of people from the Indian subcontinent they come over. And you know they've got some great street smarts and they know how to make it in America. -- they've just got the requisite skills once they master the language the rest as they say is history. But this young man. On here thirteen years old. Was doing so well in school. It just put yourself in his mother shoes are I just imagine that you were born. In Saddam Hussein's Iraq. -- it came to the United States. Because it was the land of freedom. We could talk about how that's going to be a cruel joke as we drift toward fascism on a daily basis in the United States and now more and more people are using the F word. By the way -- I don't know if you've noticed that -- pay attention folks I'm not the only person talking about fascist America. They can't the United States because they believed that it was a land of freedom and land of opportunity. It's certainly safer than where they came from -- Iraq. So this young man Amir. Start getting some good grades in school. And advances with his knowledge and fluidity in the English language. And his mom is proud of him. Because she sees her boy. Learning the new culture adapting to the new culture speaking the language English. Going to school. And she's so proud of them that as a reward she gives him what every teenager wants an iPhone. My goodness my kids have been cell phone at Expedia personally since that time there were like eight in nine years old. Actually maybe was ten but around that age. And to find out that in America. Another thirteen year old would -- Allegedly. And iPhone. To the extent. That that thirteen year old is willing to brutally. Kill your son. Over a stupid. Piece of electronic equipment. I just find -- mind blowing. And don't we look we see stupid murders over stupid things all the time. Sneakers. Does anybody remember all the air Jordan murders. He's what are Michael Jordan felt about the irony stickers that are on the market right everybody at to have them. And god forbid you walk in the wrong neighborhood at the wrong time somebody we just -- huge future and take your sneakers. Life is worth so little. To certain people. They just don't give them. And usually. The perpetrators are a little bit older than thirteen. Thirteen. Years -- What do we do about this situation what do we do about this case how we punish him if he's found guilty which is not -- It do you think fit he's ever going to be rehab. Made do you expect it someday we'll hear about. Powell doctor -- Sanchez. Put the past behind him if convicted. And goes on to a successful career as a surgeon and saves lives. As much as I'd like to think that it's gonna have like a Hollywood movie. In reality I know he'll probably just -- minimum amount of time in some kind of a facility. He'll be released. -- probably either do the same or have the same thing done to him in the future. It'll probably be in the ground one way or the other by the time he's 25. Because that's a way these things typically ago and I wish I could say differently but what am I supposed to be. A dual office and unrealistic -- us. It's not like. Analysts say there's -- OK hey I've got an example here it's like got to fight like -- several years ago. And I remember reading about it I wasn't there but I I remember reading about one guy punched another guy. The guy may hit his head on the sidewalk were curved and died. Now. The person who threw the punch wasn't trying to kill the guy he was a punch. The guy who got knocked out fell exactly the wrong way hit his head with -- exactly enough force to kill. It wasn't one of those situations. Where. You hit somebody in just the right place and they -- Inadvertent manslaughter it wasn't that. This scene. Was hilarious. I think to myself. Folks in May -- of you thought about this too. And they are just for the hell I'm talking about -- But it's really bothering me. That a thirteen year old. To allegedly. Kill in a bloody fashion on another thirteen year old to begin. Intentionally kill murder is the charge of manslaughter murder. -- manslaughter would be Joseph and I get into a fight. -- Joseph Joseph hits the ground. He hits his head just the right way he dies I had just committed manslaughter. Especially if there was no reason for me to use physical force that's man's law. I mean I don't mean to split hairs here but if Joseph was coming out with a crowbar and I did that plead not guilty on the grounds of article 35. Chances are -- jewel but do that to me anytime soon. This was an intentional act. This wasn't an accident. This wasn't inadvertent. Accorded to the police. This was a situation. Where some kid a thirteen year old Gina Sanchez wanted an iPhone. Stole a -- iPhone on -- went after him and the iPhone to get it back Amir ends up debt and not just dead. Because he got hit the wrong way and fell against. You know at his jugular severed when a bottle broke when he felt like an accident nothing like that. This was. A murder. I have a real hard time with this guys. Are real hard time. Because I think all of us. You two listening to me out of here. I don't care if you -- I grew up in East Amherst Clarence -- bill Williams drilled Ottawa that I don't care where you grew up. You'd did stupid things when you were a teenager got those idea. But. To think about murdering. Is so far beyond the pale. Bat and have a real hard time put myself that are. And as far as punishment. What do you think is gonna happen if he's found guilty remember he's innocent as of right now not guilty of anything just charged. How would you partnership. What what is a fair punishment. He's thirteen. These things generally do not end up with somebody being totally rehab and going on to a productive life. I would invite any. But if you're over the kill somebody at thirteen. Over cell phone what you want to do when you're twenty over -- Here is -- -- In. Oregon that WB EM Nelson thank your for your patience you're on WBBM. And I'm. I'm not embarrassed to tell you this one this one really has been up I've knotted up big time. I'm let me just begin first operation and -- you sandy. The book like content -- in new York and you -- actually bought a few. I've been called similar to that but that they -- spreading the ET on to the end I appreciated. I'll tell you the time I couldn't I could not agree with you more I grew up in the fifties. As for 1942. -- in the fifty slipped to number they'll drive you in order. And you know we are like report play as. -- to -- now -- based marine a couple and that's at 7 o'clock in the morning report here's a page Parker like strip on the comedian -- Had a crystal beach to date on where fireworks of course. Don't -- there -- like quite which were still there and head back to Europe or pleasure -- who grew up. Like you say we have no plan to help groups and guides that North America our school you know I squash are obviously erected times. He can arrest in managers and that sparked -- one sure it'll blow over and and I was expendable. -- -- -- -- prank and a mile and a rhetorical and that was it yeah there was value for other people's property. There was value in the Stanley. -- -- -- -- But to -- today I mean this treacherous were reported to. They're going to look further into -- -- evening turner 42 was at liberty where we are docked and worked her gallery -- -- city. No -- humorous but we -- -- -- substitute today and late Tuesday. Somebody doing something over and over I former any -- and -- -- -- remote beach it's unheard of are my -- all over this world spent so much time in Japan. And business. And I sought to respect for property there are compact into the stage after years to either. And I could see the changes of values -- just. Didn't dispersant to jittery in the states an excellent team. The web part what did you notice those values. Deteriorating because. I I have to also remind you that this is not the first time a teenager has murdered another teenager there's a famous gang killing case back in New York City in the 1950s. Our whole bunch of Hispanic guys got busted for -- some other -- the gang fight. And I'll remember the case if we do -- give me a few minutes but at the time people -- the same questions what's going wrong with our society this was before video games this was before -- it was before Michael Jordan was even born. -- -- I think there -- -- I start changed that much in the proceeds for the rest that you remember what the media stopped moving workers each. Well -- number well a number reasons there were racial riots on the committee and a and also all the Great Lakes passenger trade those votes were way too expensive to run compared across the peace bridge and Abbas. That that's -- but we never like there's at least politically over the course -- historically report I'm in the summer. Like it they were fourteen years to page doing this and we never. Incidents between. Students from other places are all right mr. as the raptors scored crisis to test for urged. Disrespect at each -- But they have -- -- the sun has migration worked certain elements and I'm not on the boat. Between one group and other. That respect for life for the start of other people's. Body. Property seem to begin to deter -- was in the late fifties I think they can't listen to turn sixty that is so free thinking and all other good stuff planned slogan. And it started to -- on the Stanley moment I believe. How lived how we thought the divorce was unheard of and warned that he's at 21 it was a rare rare brand -- -- like systematic which are in my daughter just got. -- literally two years. And I suspect it's not an -- that -- great merit by a source that statistically. The argument you know another -- for law. Grew up Catholic eucharist the minister church the best they -- to -- their bodies -- our -- the things that make up to traditional and we share. -- the well you know I got to tell you call up. You know what I've got a break but I found a reference and I think you may have an interest -- because. I always try to put things and historical perspective and see this is fresh this hurts it hurts all of us I'm not Muslim. I know Muslims I have become friends with the Muslims guess what they're not all terrorists. Of breaking news to me. But anyway little humor there -- Muslim friends up but it I want to addressed some things. After the break. Because. We have always had teams killing other teens. And -- and I wanna get into that coming up. You know half we really changed things really that bad compared to the way they used to be or is -- the media and our access to ready information. And hold -- because you're Smart guy anybody starts off calling me an icon along with my -- city beach. I know you're somebody don't wanna keep my show 8030930. At WB and it is hourly. And folks thank you for being with me and if you have any information like to pass on the media you don't want to call in with what you think I should know send me an email Tom at WB EN dot com. Tom at WB EN dot com and I have never in my entire career burned anybody. Believe me even when interrogated by a captain from the New York State Police I didn't read out my difference. An -- I'm still and a wonderment at your energy level in Baltimore earnings and the afternoon I don't know how you work boats ships but my head is always off user. AccuWeather for today partly cloudy and chilly arrested abated overnight low thirty. Are right now for tomorrow it's gonna be cloudy with showers late 63 so let's get this straight city beach is the good weather I get the crap whether to work him nice. And -- didn't wanna go to after the event like this they would mornings and then Thursday cloudy with a couple showers and thunderstorms and seventy were holding a 57 at WB EN. And that Nelson is on the line from Holland and arrest has been made in the brutal. And senseless murder of that thirteen year old kid who came with -- -- from a rock. Be suspect and he's not convicted. Folks that's up to the state they have got to prove beyond a reasonable out to a jury of his peers that this. -- Sanchez. Killed Amir over the cell phone. But that's we're talking about today and that Nelson you know we're talking about the fact that sometimes I think -- -- loss over. Violence. That took place. Even before video games even before rap even before LL cool. In 1959. The killing two which I was referring. 1959. Just months after Billy months of months after Buddy Holly the big opera Ritchie -- by that plane crash that's a long ago this one's. It's the -- man the umbrella man and some others. Stabbed and killed Robert young and Anthony -- and ski in hell's kitchen New York City. They were members of -- gang called the vampires. The kids who were killed were not in any way shape or form tied to a gang. They were victims apparently of mistaken identity and at the time the K man and the umbrella man case. Became one of those pivotal issues in America. Asking the questions where in the hell are we going to -- to society and how did we get your your thoughts. Yeah and talent couldn't agree more I just what disturbs me as it is important poor openness generation exchanged changed accomplished. Some of -- has been slow. Some of them relatively quick reaction to migrated into this. Dramatic shooting match every every few lessons every night there's been shooting a killing and actually popped low. At our mayor brown -- garner. A crime is down and it's stitched. It's a terrorist or something else wrong I have good friends Wear black and and Mexican. People from Bangladesh. I was a developer among registered consumers up to that. I've worked all over the plan. From England you unanimous verdict yesterday about thirty seconds it's either I hit -- in the country as -- people. The same urban prep in groups over there. Equal partner with the work. Out and the -- and they're tremendous people in that something wrong order urban culture -- You know I don't see anything wrong with what you're saying. In -- out of verify what you're saying as you know. I love the island of Jamaica. Jamaica is mostly black it's like 99%. Black I have never seen harder working people but I have with the jamaicans. Soul please don't get me some guy you work do in this. But I can't stand it when people think that you know when racist try to claim that well blacks are lazy. To go to Jamaica Sunday and watch the gardeners were I go bust their homes fifteen hours a day in the blazing sun. I'm glad you all thank you and you have the same experiences thank you very much for 56 at WB -- it's our.

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