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5-6 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

May 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WB EN. I wore us down -- the -- would -- great bit of food and India the whole movie. -- -- -- -- They keep going for it and it's. It's easy to clean. But the same publicity. We've -- and now let's -- Tom hourly barreling back -- lucky charm he's alive -- this local. My dad introduced. The fact that it's Tom hourly you may well I would -- Our news radio 930 WBE. Oh well. Hey I believe you you really don't wanna trade lives -- just say -- did you don't want to. Anyway because I used to another Taylor that you think I wonder what it would be like to be him. I'm it's the same as it is to be you except probably not as much fun as you think. Anyway -- welcome to the show and I say that because. Folks I have made the and I don't call it a hobby because it's like saying. I'd JFK. Assassination. Plot you know like somebody would be a model train -- In other things -- an antique car -- -- well I -- interest in human psychology I told -- on a cultural anthropologist. Part. Our understanding our society and part of understanding humanity is understanding what makes people. And in particular what makes people murder. And what makes up thirteen year old murder another thirteen year old over and I fault. Am almost speechless now granted it. We are still in the relatively early phases obvious but buffalo police made a relatively quick arrest in the case which. I suspect was aided by the use of cell phone towers legitimate cell phone towers not to be confused with that. The fraud Tim Howard's fake cellphone towers which we will probably get into tomorrow but I don't know. But the police -- did a terrific job. But I want to remind you before we go any further and I think that you would want me to say this if it was somebody in your family who is accused of something. Everybody. When accused of a crime is considered. In the cents until and unless proven guilty by a jury of his peers the burden of proof is on the thus state. To prove beyond a reasonable doubt. That the thirteen year old murdered the other thirteen year old. The thirteen year old who has been charged does not have the burden of proving it is in essence this state has the burden of proving his guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. And ladies and gentlemen. Very few things surprised me and I hope you'll forgive my being somewhat jaded. And I think Jack buffalo police commissioner Dan Miranda pretty much said during the news conference you're heard here WBBM. That after X number years on the job. Very few things surprised him anymore either. But I want a replay if we can be news conference. Which aired. Now actually at 120 minutes later than it was supposed to as news conference is generally do. But it starts out with that the mayor Byron brown. Who you know it is even if it's just -- by the way. Every you know I feel a politicians jumping in front of TV cameras and stuff -- -- and you know my general feeling on that. But he wasn't just there for today he was also there for the victim's family after the murder took place so. I'm not -- I'm not gonna jump all over the mayor for evidence based on TV for the news conference arresting -- announcing the arrest because he was there as -- said from the very beginning. Or relative beginning. But -- to bring you up to speed on what's happening here folks. This is jeopardy. If it's pretty disturbing what we talked about yesterday. 813 year old boy whose family came here to escape the violence of Iraq. Was given an iPhone by his -- Why did the kid get the iPhone because -- He was given iPhone because you didn't kick -- grades in school. And that he was learning English. Tremendously. Folks I've tried to learn Arabic. I'm convinced I can't. Effort this kid to come over here speaking Arabic. And maybe just a smattering of English. And then to begin to gain mastery over -- language. Instead of -- expecting society. To have everything in Arabic to. Good for him and your first family. Because there are certain folks who think it's just too hard to learn English. You know some our ancestors from Germany Poland and Italy and Spain -- -- -- they must've been smarter then that today's immigrants because some they all managed to learn English and didn't expect the world to bend over backward to speak the language they spoke. From where they came. You know Bible the Beijing I'll learn Chinese -- be a bitch but I will learn Chinese I won't expect them ever -- in English but anyway this kid. Starts to learn English and he does remarkably well. His mom gives them an iPhone as a reward now iPhone for those who don't know we got it -- yesterday at the Smartphone. It's one of these phones that basically is like a little computer it was a little bit everything. Which is god gives it gives to our board data despite but anyway and we'll get it to that either later today or tomorrow. But. A thirteen year old has been arrested by buffalo police. Apparently what happens well -- what let's outlets haven't explained to us by the people who actually know. Because their prerogative for more details ban and a high. This is the news conference -- heard live on WBE and it starts out with mayor Byron brown. I've -- you're gonna hear the police commissioner -- Miranda. And you will hear -- of questions in the background. Now Joseph you need to be ready to stop the recording so if I hear the question because I've got headphones on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So be where. All right now let's go to the news conference that they're just took place within the well within a very short period of time with the buffalo police department led off by mayor Byron brown on WB Ian. Me say right from the very beginning. Our thoughts and prayers. Continue to be with the Al Sharif. Family. This is a terrible act and I asked the community. To continue to hold them up in career. We said. That the buffalo police would not rest. That this community would not rest until an arrest was made. And we did not rest. And we are reporting today that. An arrest has been made. I want to largest recognize. The work. The buffalo police homicide detectives. I know that commissioner Brenda. Assigned. All of our detectives to work on this case. Our detectives literally worked around the clock on this and worked into the night. And I wanted to just recognize. Them for their diligence their hard work. And the effort that they've put in to finding the person responsible. For this terrible crime. I also want to thank the community. Four -- tips and information. I want to thank the community. Four there outreach to this family. I want to thank the community. For. So many expressions. Of support and love. That they extend it to the house of -- family. At this time I want to turn things over. Two commission to render who'll give you more detailed. Questions. Good afternoon. The rest today just after 3 AM in the morning but buffalo police homicide detectives was one -- Sanchez. He's thirteen years old -- two main street in buffalo. He was charged with murder and second degree for the may second homicide of thirteen year old Amir Al Al Samari. And I made there 2014. And approximately 8:30 PM buffalo police responded to problem body found a vacant TV -- -- tee to green driving range up Amherst street. The victim's body was found by a man walking his dogs homicide detectives immediately responded to begin around the clock investigation. Numerous tips -- got to thank the public is mayor did numerous tips from the public. Let us to make a rest so quickly. The suspect last night didn't -- admissions to homicide detectives has been reported we believe the murder was over a cellphone. But at this time the investigation continues. And I really can't release any other details and I won't comment further on a murder. Again I'd like to commend all of our homicide unit from their efforts I'll answer whatever I can't -- Get them. You know. Question was was there. Bicycle involved was there -- stolen bike the answer was from our commissioner to render I'm not gonna win the details on that what's the next questioner. Was there only one suspect the one and only suspect this time investigation continues and we're still working. We heard -- It was 2000. Doug or David reporter there is asking about the manner in which Amir was killed because this scene was described as being particularly. Gruesome. Was it block Forrest was -- -- was it something else and the answer. I can't I can't tell you at this point is the -- I can't release a lot of the details the investigation is ongoing. We have a thirteen year old who's deceased. It's not a good thing. Do you know. I was there. Any -- history between the boy who was murdered and the suspect in his murder -- Sanchez. Again at this point them -- Bay apparently had some conflicts in school question mark. Again I'm not through weeks and nobody else can we -- Affect what went waterfront homeowners and I don't know that one way. He was there. -- -- -- Okay what do you think about thirteen year old killing another thirteen year old and affected a cell phone could be a murder motive. Nothing surprises me anymore than it is -- over twenty years. So I'm not shocked. Again thirteen year old now dead -- don't know custody but it's very disturbing moment and let me say it is a terrible tragedy. And our hearts and prayers are with the Alps from our family. And I think the entire community should hold this family up and career. Immigrant community. Both reported that girl and -- Her we will with the family yesterday. -- a police officer who's been with them today. Again it's a tragic situation. Hopefully we can bring it typically close them. There and you think it well. You know. -- This -- -- said we believe who was over us don't cellphone and any of the details of this time I can so we're working for little headlines. One. They again at this point it didn't make missions to homicide detectives last night we conferred with the district attorney's office. Am agreement with the district attorney's office that we cannot release any further details of this kind can. And a young person like -- things like there have been other things we. -- -- But again it's disturbing it happens. In this case we're able to make -- -- arrest. But is this an investigation continues we'll have more when we can. It was so that we can we can't discussing what details of the investigation as a set is outgoing. I won't share those details we have now -- at this point -- -- about the public. It's because trying to beat the -- charge of murder and second degree so he will return he is charged himself with a very different. And it it currently there and I would prefer that the price of when you were on our core -- -- you words -- He was arraigned this morning news kept in custody probably -- What the country. -- -- -- -- you know here is saying it would go. Santa can't release any details of this time. It for. That's helpful. That we numerous tips from the public you've been some small tips that. People of the that they were important were important and villainous to you restless night is that actually -- People coming forward people talking. Yes it is very important. Would you rate increase. -- again I won't release those speed this I think everybody. Thank you hear that as we get news conference which really I mean honestly folks are. If you're gonna -- conference what you can't give out any details. Just don't bother taking questions. Because it's embarrassing. Just say what you can say just say look I cannot tell anything else about this story we're done gone. Nothing more frustrating than listening to a news conference and the constant answer is I can't go into debt I can't address that I can't speak of that. So in the future commission when you do a conference. Just say look there will be no questions this is all I can tell you do it and then leave. Because it's very frustrating is a citizen of the community to want to know whether there was a previous relationship between. The suspect and the victim. Whether there were previous altercations. Whether a stolen bike was involved. What the form of murder -- was -- -- beat that that was he stabbed. And if you can't save that if you're not gonna say that don't bother taking questions just say here's what we know here's what we can release of what we know no questions done. So what you tell me. What we do. With a thirteen year old who kills a thirteen year old remembering that everybody is innocent until and unless proven guilty in a court of law. It. It power -- ready at 930 WB -- so a thirteen year old -- Sanchez. Is charged with murdering another thirteen year old. Over and IA fall and we're talking about the Amir I'll -- Murray. And I joining us right now defense attorney Paul camp -- and Paul. You've seen it all you've been around a long time. If you were represented a client in a situation like this can you tell us what some of your four steps right now would be. Well one other thing I would try to do before. He's indicted in east just charge by a whale. The only complaint to try to remove the case to -- and cork if that's possible want she's indicted. It appears. That the statutes that required consent to the district turning. Gore -- bill to reluctantly court and of course there's a difference. Between punishment and superior court and in family court. Now how does his agent suspects -- play -- to aid the court venue in which this case will be heard and be the possible punishment. Well. For the laws were changed if you were under a key. You worked at juvenile delinquent and you -- church in a position to be charged. With. You know crimes like. Murder and so on in the regular court system. Those checked those laws were and it and now -- thirteen fourteen or fifteen. He can be charged with murder and second degree. When your range in that work. It's you lawyer can moved to -- cage removed family court. If you already been indicted. And as the saying it would take to each other district attorney. And the big differences in adult court the maximum sentence just -- the lights. And if you are. If you're an adult it's -- someone -- thirteen. And the minimum sentence could be. Seven and a half years. Or minimums set which could be fifteen years. But forty years that the sentences would be much were eager. If you're not the end and we quart pitcher tried as they -- sender and charged with murder. In in greater adult court sentences are much greater -- and we court. Then basically it's I'd -- your sentence. And I can add on a year for every year until he turned twenty. Paul knowing air around here and I realized things very geographically. You know we're not Texas -- on Florida where New York State were eureka county. Based on past experiences. Would you venture a prediction. On. How this is gonna be tried where this is gonna be tried. Well my guess is that frank and -- will. Not quickly and take this case. And do everything possible to ensure that it tried. As an adult case. Where the maximum could be 1615. Years to life. -- -- -- -- What would you do -- I I realize your pressed on time but Paul. Depending on the weight of the evidence against the accused that we must keep in mind he's simply accused nothing has been proven against him at this point. What would you do about -- plea deal when would you consider that option now what would that you know what does that do the options. Well I think what you try to do is immediately. Demonstrate if you -- it. Your client stool. Is an incident. And school is somewhat that mentality a thirteen year old and still should not be. Hell hole that the higher on that level that an adult what city. Or even someone. Who. Would be charged as a thirteen year old superior court and other works. -- try to coordinate and personal established -- court psychiatrist psychologist. Or. What the actual mental. Walk on it it turned out they still extremely mature. Incident source beat. Under the law and I would go and try to persuade the district attorney to keep that in. Family court. So that you know the maximum sentence could be the five years and a potential of one year for every year totally turned 21. If I couldn't do that I would work out again this is assuming that still stands and the site from infancy. You know then we would try to. Bargained for the lecture. The lesser penalty. One more question all you. Or a bigger part of a torture through that thought -- my -- continue your thought. -- seven and and it appears to light as a post acute skiing and apps to or purchase. -- note were these glory. Which would be bargaining for if you were part. One final question your Paul Camry and you're the -- -- creme I'm presuming this kid is gonna get a public defender. Comments. Financial circumstances. But. It's possible. Are somewhat will be signed. To represent -- all right I would like you were somebody's. Got caught begun that could be fine I don't I don't you know like L. Diminish the capability of a lot of lawyers who are signed or public defenders and so on however. Usually. The people every sources. They're able to hire experts -- to do to invest -- and a lot of things. That people -- this time lawyers or public to -- are -- able to do you mean there's a certain amount of money made available for the strange. But it's usually not adequate to do the real. Paul thank you very much and you're time is brief and it really appreciated buffalo attorney Paul -- Joining us on news radio 930 WB and -- about five or six minutes and that. I rushed that last question because they -- one of the -- in before we have to say goodbye to Paul. It is are coming up at 340 bit news radio 930 WB Ian so if you're just joining us. Here is how things have changed between this time yesterday and this time today. There has been an arrest and by what one person singular. Not two not three not 41. Person has been arrested and has been charged as an -- second degree murder. In the senseless. And brutal. And gruesome killing. Of little -- well thirteen years old Amir all she -- think up of thirteen are we talking about. Seventh grade eight great. Third I remember being in seventh and eighth grade. Don't you know you're ever walking out of the other kids in your classroom. Can you imagine anybody. We get cut but anybody with whom you were in the seventh or eighth grade doing this to another person in seventh or eighth grade. For any theories. Much less a cell phone. I I know people have been killed fruitless. There's always going to be the person on the FaceBook who asked -- the smartest person in the world you know people have died for less yes I know Nokia. But we're talking in this particular case about a thirteen year old who apparently coveted a cell phone so that. Bet he was willing to not only. Steal the cellphone but then murder the person whose property it actually was now out of the police make the arrest. Well commissioner direct that would not go into the specifics and the details. About the forensic aspect under the scientific aspect of it. But you can bet your bottom dollar that cell phone towers and things were used. They did not comment on where this helpful in the is or was did you hear retro because I didn't. I wonder the kid had it in his possession I wonder the kids sold it for twenty bucks to somebody it's -- you know second -- somehow get away with -- which. Well I don't I don't know for a fact or exposed -- not really even -- by exploring tips and information from the public. I don't know exactly what kind of tips -- what kind of information from the public gave them. I don't know what led police specifically. To Gina Sanchez. Of Germain street in buffalo. As the alleged perpetrators of these gruesome homicide. Now some -- you -- thinking to yourselves. Top that reporter who asked about the scene being gruesome sounded like a moron for talking about a gruesome homicide -- I've been to probably about ten homicides. In my career. -- -- -- and some of them are very very bloody others. You you you look at the person and you look like they're asleep. There was one homicide in the Saint Louis and happened within about. A 32 walk of the radio station where were in Saint Louis. And it's all those police activity and I walked down to it and there's this guy and he's thrown on the sidewalk. And you have to look really really really close. To see that there was a very very very thin and short stream of blood coming from -- yet. He was dead but it wasn't a particularly. Gruesome city. Now yesterday I talked about. A situation that happened in the 1980s in buffalo it was a double murder of a husband and a wife on that -- in ball well. I was not fair I saw inside video of the scene. In a lot of tired. I don't know what your image of gruesome is. But there was literally blood everywhere. That's what they mean generally speaking when they say it particularly. Gruesome scene and I I apologize for if I'm being graphic here. But and why don't big graphic I'm sorry if it's upsetting you. But I'm just trying to explain to you that some scenes are more are a lot more gruesome. And others just like some fatal car accidents are more gruesome than others I've seen fatal accidents that you would not want to think about. I've seen other fatal accidents where they brought the people out of the car they looked like they were asleep. So it it really you know at the pins are so many factors involved. But the bottom line is. He's just is dead. Whether it was gruesome. Whether it was more of a sanitized homicide. The kid is that he's already buried in accordance I believe -- Muslim tradition. And it's a damn -- And here's this family. You wanna talk about having something catching you from out of the blue. You know when you're a parent. I don't know if you've been here in in this position by the -- 344 -- read united thirty WB yeah. But when you're a parent and your kid gets a driver's license and starts driving. You don't like to dwell. What you know in the back of your mind that want your kid is driving. -- there is a possibility. A -- possibility but there's always a chance that you're gonna get a call. And it's going to be April police department and it's gonna say could you meet us at EC MC in the emergency room. There's been an accident do you have somebody who can drive you. -- knocked on the door. -- -- -- To breaking the news to families. That their loved one is not coming vault but it's apparent when your kid starts driving. In the back of your mind you logically know there's a possibility. He -- or she ain't coming home. Fate but it's there. Can you imagine. The absolute. Blind -- this of this. As a parent. Can you just ponder this from. Your kid goes out. With his iPhone. He's not even driving a motor vehicle yet. He's missing he doesn't come home he's up punctual. He's a good student. First at all. Imagine the hour after hour after hour of waiting for some kind of shoes. Hey I'm -- went to a friend's house he forgot to Aaliyah. Hey Amir went to a friend's house left a message on a cell phone he dialed the wrong number didn't know was the wrong number something like that. Your -- holding out all these hopes. And then the longer time goes by. You start to wonder. Oh my god in my ever gonna see my son alive again will I receive my daughter alive again. And then. You get the knock on the door and you look into somebody's eyes and I don't care if you don't speak a word of English. You know by somebody's eyes either demeanor. -- their facial expression. That the news is not going to be good. And then to find out again just horrible blind side. To find out that your boy. Your son. Was murdered. Apparently. Because another thirteen year old wanted his iPhone. Can you imagine. The trauma because I can't. I. Did a show yesterday. About people who have been touched by violent crime. Do you remember the calls we took for people. With a homicide that happened like thirty years ago. And it's still. Act goes. Through the hearts and the emotions and the minds. Of the people who knew and loved the murder victims. Thirty years later the pain never goes. Away. And for this family. And especially being a family where you basically have to do everything through a translator because you haven't learned English well enough yet. Which is understandable. I told you Arabic I tried I don't do very well -- I don't know what it's like is a grown up trying to just learned English from Arabic but I imagine it's probably a disease is my traveler air or from English. But anyway. -- deepest sympathies to the family I hope that one of my Arab speaking listeners who knows the family. Continues to extend our condolences. And I -- our I mean all of you guys to that family. But my question now becomes what do you do with a thirteen year old who kills. If the thirteen year old is guilty as charged which has not been proven by the way in any court. 803 -- I'm -- is the phone number you don't three all -- thirty start -- thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB yet. And Ankiel whether for a today it will be a partly sunny day at a high -- At that high temperature today 58. A -- is -- the latest forecast. I don't have anything updated John Major and updated forecast that takes me through you don't. Okay. Where we're getting the updated forecast it's hot off the -- see we had a -- printer failures. And what apple was there are gonna run it to be that I asked them to do something else thank you mr. chairman sir. So that's why Beck is usually I get all the evening forecast map the daytime work here so the rest of the day partly cloudy and chilly the overnight low 38 messy that's that's more like he is saying. As far as. Tomorrow. Cloudy. And you're never gonna leave this which hours late tomorrow and 63. And then on Thursday it's a going to be cloudy and a couple of showers and thunderstorm with a high near seventy and right now Joseph what is it. 57 degrees at news radio 930 WB. The end to why you want to break in at 5455. Or deep pocket now. -- -- So far this hour and during my program we re appeared the news conference whipped mayor brown commission to rent -- and the media asking questions to which there were no answers forthcoming. And I don't mean to be picking unit about it not trying to be that guy but when you do a news conference. And -- the police commissioner. And you know he can't answer any other questions they'll bother taking questions just say. I've told you as much as I can say I cannot tell you anything more. And then walk off the stage. President's that would all the time bush Obama Reagan they all the time. He added nothing. And it was just as a waste the time the question and answer thing was a waste time Teixeira walked off the stage. The important thing news. An arrest has been made it not a connection but an arrest. So you tell me what you do with a thirteen year old if convicted of killing another thirteen year old. Over. An iPhone. Geez I wonder what they do for my -- I'm WB yeah.

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