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Buffalo Police Press Conference on Arrest in Murder of 13 Year Old

May 6, 2014|

Mayor Brown and Commissioner Derenda discuss arrest in murder of 13 year old.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Me say right from the very beginning. Our thoughts and prayers. Continue to be with the Al Sharif. Family. This is a terrible act and I asked the community. To continue to hold them up in career. We said. That the buffalo police would not rest. That this community would not rest until an arrest was made. And we did not rest. And we are reporting today that. An arrest has been made. I want to largest recognize. The work. The buffalo police homicide detectives. I know that commissioner Brenda. Assigned. All of our detectives to work on this case. Our detectives literally worked around the clock on this and worked into the night. I don't -- just recognize. Them for their diligence their hard work. And the effort that they've put in to finding the person responsible. For this terrible crime. I also want to thank the community. Four there too -- information. I want to thank the community. For -- outreach to this family I want to thank the community. For. So many expressions. Of support and love. That they extend it to the house of -- family. At this time I want to turn things over. Two commission to render who'll give you more details. It. Good afternoon. To rest today just after 3 AM in the morning but buffalo police homicide detectives was one -- Sanchez. He's thirteen years old -- two main street buffalo. He was charged with murder and second degree for the may second homicide of thirteen year old Amir Al Al Samari. And I made there 2014. And approximately 8:30 PM buffalo police responded to -- body found that they can -- -- That tee to green driving range up Amherst street. The victim's body was found by a man walking his dogs homicide detectives immediately responded to begin around the clock investigation. Numerous tips -- got to thank the public is mayor did numerous tips from the public. Let us to make arrests so quickly. The suspect last night didn't make admissions to homicide detectives has been reported we believe the murder was over a cellphone. But at this time the investigation continues. And I really can't release any other details and I won't comment further on a murder. Again I'd like to commend all of our homicide unit for all their efforts I'll answer whatever right. And under my -- Get them on some of the details -- happen. -- -- At this time investigation continues and we're still working. We heard we're. -- -- I can't can't tell you at this point is the -- I can't release a lot of the details the investigation is ongoing. We have a thirteen year old who's deceased. It's not a good thing. Begin at this point I'm not gonna release anymore. -- Again I'm not release any more details can we say. Suspect Brooklyn waterfront homeowners and I don't know that one way. -- Nothing surprises me anymore than it has traveled 28 years. So I'm not shocked. Again thirteen year old now dead thirteen year old now custody and it's it's very disturbing but -- -- let me say it is a terrible tragedy. And our hearts and prayers are with the Alps from our family. And I think the entire community should hold this family up and career. Immigrant community. Quote reported that brought him here. Kind of we will with the family yesterday. Among many police officer who's been with them today. Again it's a tragic situation. Hopefully we can bring it to quickly post them. There and you think you struggle. You know. -- This -- this said we believe who was over a stone cellphone and any of the details -- this time I can so we're working for a little headlines. One. They again at this point and didn't make missions to homicide detectives last night we conferred with the district attorney's office. Am agreement with the district attorney's office that we cannot release any further details of this kind can. Young person like -- things like there he's read it. -- -- But again it's disturbing that happens. In this case we're able to make a quick arrest. But is this an investigation continues we'll have more when we can. It was so that we can we can't discuss anymore details of the investigation as a set is on going. I won't share those details we have now what at this point what about the public. Right. It's because trying to -- -- -- charge of murder and second degree so he will return he is charged themselves who they are different. An -- currently -- and I would prefer that the price of when you work on what our core I gave you words -- He was arraigned this morning news kept in custody probably he's. What this country. No. One more question -- -- -- is saying it would. Santa can't release any details of this time. -- -- -- -- -- -- That we numerous tips from the public you've been some small tips that. People public that they were important were important and -- want us to be restless night it is. -- People coming forward people talking. Yes it is very important -- Would you rate increase. Creation. Again I won't release those -- him this time thank you everybody thank you hear it and threw -- --