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5-6 Beach and Company Hour 2

May 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Dot dynasty cappuccino. And those. Let's go to the other Madonna and things and -- Am waiting for the ducks that fly overs of item blast them out of the sky and other coverage -- you know please. That's Zynga now that doesn't know it does but anyway what's out about a Supreme Court 54 was the ruling yesterday. And it started with a case in Greece New York where public meetings traditionally started where -- prayer. And they've been doing this for some time in two people. Soon. I'm saying that the beds in the endorse religion because -- the government meeting. And the Supreme Court -- ruled that it's it's permissible. But there are some some things they can't do. They can't denigrate another religion a during this. But they can't though again in true proselytizing. You're going to go to hell or fewer and you don't follow these words nothing like that. It has to via a general thoughtful. A message and so I think it's I think it's a little sanity. Regarding this this stock because as I said. How many of you go to a place where if if -- fuel a thoughtful words are uttered at the beginning. For guidance from above are gonna get your you know really get your anger out. And you're gonna go and so but to be able to its. And they laws. At the town of grace is that this is a Jerry's on -- article again. From the off on those. As though for the town embraces tradition of having rotating chaplain speak at the opening of each aboard session. Justice Kennedy wrote the prayer in this case has a permissible ceremonial purpose it is not an unconstitutional. Establishment. Of religion and that's the key we can have a government established. Religion and he said that's not yet. Writing a dissent for the liberal minority justice Kagan. I beg to differ saying -- of the town embraces practice subjects nonreligious members of the community. To the message of the town supports religion so that's what it was that's a linchpin. Justice Kennedy and a majority say it does not support a religion. And does not endorse a religion by allowing this and she said it does. Greece's town meetings involve participation by ordinary citizens. And the invocation given directly to those citizens were predominantly sectarian. Content according to -- Supporters and critics of the rolling agreed on one thing however the court. The decision makes it clear their government entities have a clear constitutional right to include ceremonial prayers. In the proceedings. So that's amazing it's common sense it's Tim -- I don't even think it's controversy. Because nobody's jamming religion down your throat. He did it every announcement you've ever heard for announce you have to buy into it a 100% or -- feel has to be stopped I mean that's that's the mindset. In the people who would sue are the same people who would like -- -- opinions respected but they don't necessarily respect anybody else's. So I'm I'm more via majority on this one. The reverend Barry Lynn executive director of the Americans united for the separation of church and state said. Non believers and those of less prominent face will feel silenced. Oh please. That's not even at -- not a real. OK so if if you're a non believer. Or you believe in a religion of -- prominence because almost anything can be called religion. You know our lady of yeah of the bagel in the morning. So if you start your own religion. Okay you believe a bagel in the morning that's great we get that but the people who don't believe in bagels they believe -- doughnuts they're gonna -- you I'm stuck. Really -- People that is very seriously. Supreme Court just relegated -- is the same reverend burial and the Supreme Court. Just relegated millions of Americans both believers and nonbelievers are second class citizenship. And yes. I I I'm sorry I I I know their big guys. You know -- administer but I don't buy that at all. -- said government should not be in the business of forcing faith on anyone. And now all who attend meetings at the local boards could be subjected in the religion of the majority. -- points. Anyway that's a that's that Kagan in her dissent noted that. There was a troubling consistency to the types of religious leaders invited to speak at the Tom Bard. From 19992007. Every implication was delivered by a Christian and after that even after two town residents -- -- to stop The Who have the practice. The open era of the opening prayers were almost exclusively Christian. The two Greece residents who -- town over the prayers. Susan Galloway who's Jewish. And Linda is a Stephens was an atheist. Lost the first round of their case before the US court in the of the western district of Rochester the second circuit. Reverse the ruling saying the -- actions made it appear that it was endorsing. Christianity and now the Supreme Court reversed them. So that's that. Kennedy's opinion won widespread praise from religious groups as you'd expect including the New York Catholic sinner which represents the State's bishops. So I'm saying. Do you feel slighted. If there is a a writ of an invocation I may have implications everywhere. There are bad there with the football games vicious and certainly a church services. Are there all kinds of events. But if you do not subscribe to the religion of the person giving the invocation do you feel slight didn't. You feel ostracized you feel that oh I don't belong to the endorse religion this is the one no because what we found not committee. But what we found in Greece wasn't that it was open to anybody and those -- the people chose the -- -- Are you saying that you are religion or non religion which chose not to participate now are complaining that others did participate. I mean what went with any of these things. When you put the logic to the test you find out it's illogical. If if they had said no to some religions and yes to the others. They would have a legitimate case before the court because that would be endorsing. But there's no there was nothing offered in their testimony over our paperwork that said that anybody was turned down. It was open to anyone. And if they didn't take advantage of it if they didn't take the opportunity to do it then why should you blame the people who did take the opportunity. Two minutes it's pretty easy to figure this one now but I'm glad that they went 54 on that 803093018061692. Through six and star 930. Are you OK but as a Supreme Court is with prayer before public meetings as long as anyone. Any religion that wants to be represented Israel is represented I have no problem. Believe me if my religion. I had it won one month and then somebody of another religion ask for the next month and they said no I have a problem. Even though mine was represented but that is the case. The cases it's there if you want it. Take advantage of it and if you don't want it to take advantage of don't complain that everybody about those that did to me it's -- it's a slam dunk. You re giving Colorado 3093018061692. Through six and start at 930. It is major governing who -- -- -- your reaction of the Supreme Court ruling yesterday five for this case started in Greece New York right down the street. Who lived that to be able. A one is Jewish the other is atheists -- -- town for opening -- -- meetings with a prayer and invocation. And it went through several lover a levels. I'll vote justice and -- a Supreme Court and they ruled no it's okay 54. But there are some caveats to -- you can't attack another religion. And you can't you know who the are going to go to hell if you don't believe our religion thing it's just the general thoughtful message. And of so I would have no probable that at all and that thing that boggles my mind is. Maybe I'm live -- live kind of guy but I wouldn't take offense even if it were not my religion it could be. Somebody of its Jewish or could be somebody habits a Muslim we're going to be somebody's thing that I'm not. And I would listen in -- and listen respectfully and think about the words assay and see if they applied in my life I mean that's supposed to be but yet people. Who aren't represented up up there on the podium feel we have to stop this. I'm OK I go I may be an atheist who has won almost an atheist. And I want people respect me but I don't respect anybody else's religion we've got to stop this. I never ever understood that point of view. Whereas if you look if you believe or don't believe that's strictly up to you and as far as I conceit. The oh the the government is not pushing any religion. Except the religion of pay your taxes and that's a that's a religion where you'll go to -- which you feel like you might have. All right they're Chris we have some dumb as -- post things on FaceBook. This is from Christians she says -- it's okay our founding fathers believed in god. And those that have a problem -- -- neither asked to frame their conference -- not to participate guy and there was no indication that any faith was rejected. In the town of Greece so it's not likely be shut out others so they could just push their own. It doesn't sound like a recruiting message it was a simple love simple invocation nothing wrong -- that. In my mind. I think it's always refreshing to. Two two remembered that there is a higher power than we are. And there's a higher power than the government is there is a supreme higher power -- you don't believe -- that if they don't believe that that its final -- I don't care what you believe him. Taker you know do you take your own beliefs and be comfortable with -- -- comfortable with mine and that's the way at all but I'm not surprised stop you -- preaching -- something like that. So I wouldn't be doing that so I don't want to be doing this. And they had that two people one was Jewish one was atheists wanting to stop the proceedings. And they'd lost another -- this is from -- -- as the only thing that would concern me is of people try to make this country into a theocracy but the lawmakers in -- New York aren't the Democrats are outstanding arm. Yeah I don't either really don't -- I think it keeps us humble keeps us a focus. And if if you don't believe -- you don't have to you don't have this being there exit here it come in after the invocation. I don't think one of the arguments from. Ago one of a minority justices was that people feel left out they feel ostracized whatever. Look there are people who are left out of everything. Okay you're driving down highway there's a billboard -- for the casino. Well maybe you don't go to casino do you try and stop the billboard for the casino because you don't go there. No I'm not maybe you think gambling is terrible don't call were pretty simple but they're not trying to push your view is out. They're just saying the qualities our thoughts -- logic expression or thought let's fairer than that nobody it was exploded. But somebody will always -- it you know every year -- December will have. The usual lawsuits about who was. Was that Christ child on public property and we can't have bad we can't have that though not allowed. I mean people just looking for stuff I think are looking for trouble. It's -- if you walked into a meeting. Say in Niagara Falls -- I don't know summing up their upcoming school year for your kids and they started -- an invocation from. A minister didn't happen to be your minister or your religion would you be upset about it -- Why would be quiet let them do their thing -- from them sit there and think about something that I have to do that day but I would make it. A scene about it I wouldn't ask them to stop it or let's go ahead. Wouldn't hire a lawyer not all that you know like eucharist now -- as they don't attack me that I don't really care what they do now and that's and that's in the rolling. That these kind of messages can't attack another religion they can't oddly also can't preach to you. That's whether that's for another place another time and different building. But in this one is just the general thought process that you know look after us and give us wisdom. If you don't believe in -- Iraq or you don't believe in that particular our religion and how are you offended how are you hurt. By them they're just words at that point if you don't believe so what's the harm. Yeah and like go when justice Kagan said. That people who don't believe at all or believe a lesser religions feel. Left out I wondered then if I I don't know if they have an atheist meeting. -- Islam was an atheist I'd rather they have a grange hall they have the -- meeting every third Monday or anything like that I wonder if you went into that meeting. And you are religious person and you'd complain that the atheists. Either didn't do any implications or did one that -- didn't represented your view as. Now everybody has their own place you have your home games and the home games in this case or for anybody who wants that stand up there and a and give aero point of view fine with me we got a couple more Chris. This is from Amy she says -- separation of church and state confused they think it means no religion anywhere just means no state sponsored religion so I'm off for and it's all that's true -- -- and that is the key. That is the key right there they think their religions just -- we mention -- -- when you look I mean it's everywhere the Supreme Court starts will it. And it's there in god we trust is an arm on our money and they always trying to do that they've law and they have also. A different groups have tried to take down crosses which were. Dedicated to fallen soldiers I mean their ball always been legal fights I never could understand that probably never will either. How's somebody is is that enhanced. By discouraging other people from following their their -- In other words it should be you have yours they respect you. They have there's you respect them no no harm no foul you think this is just part of in your face society that we're in right now but it just society for one thing. In in all seriousness. Somebody going to a Tom meeting that is an atheist and hearing and implication and just storming out half. I mean I don't that. I don't get that what they threaten you. These aren't that -- have to be your beliefs that you have to sign a sheet did you but it should assign a pledge when he went in there. That they pass a hat to raise money for something I don't get this I really don't get it but that's the way it is and it's always a couple. Because that's where our society is the minority have the power over the majority. Now out of all of the times they've been doing this. Which has been like forever to people's -- -- that's yet. So there again the is squeaky wheel gets voted against the agrees and that's the way it is and that's what got it up to the Supreme Court but at least in this case I'm glad I got that far to the Supreme Court. Right let's it will take a break we'll be back -- more would be to -- opening under Israeli and I'm thirty WB yeah. Your hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now at 8030930. Cell calls are free and started 930. -- -- toll free line is 1806169236. I'll Garcetti at camp both Joseph does that sound like I got super villain like a woman. The adventures of -- composure. It's not it's got that is it's like cut. These Stastny Brothers women are playing in the National Hockey League and on Stastny I was love that name because that sounds like a guy. Who has a mustache he's curling and he's he's tied the heroin to the railroad tracks that Clinton could be a smartly and is that I get a brother to Chris here what was his broad attack and to honor. Peter yeah -- Iowa said Paul but Paul the one that's playing now okay -- now Peter says -- Anton says the play before and they were on the -- nor the way that we -- -- but it's great and my favorite all time hockey game though favorite. Vincent Lecavalier day is great isn't going to be wearing a hat big feather in an assortment and that a -- is that I challenge you to do as I could throw the puck past yeah. I don't -- not a I love that name -- don't play and write a great place for the flyers -- that's cool that's go -- of the name. I were asking the question is Supreme Court is okay yesterday's 54 ruling. On prayer before a public meeting. There are obviously some rules ago this the Camby denigrating any other religion. And you can't really be preaching. So no problem with that I think it's -- are you OK with that. You know 309301806. And six -- who's six and 930 let's find out if Joseph. From Nortel Hollande is okay with a joke banks are holding her on WB yeah. Available I am not OK with -- it's the classic slippery slope. In this am surprise you they can't think of an example of how it's gonna affect the public because. It was going up the top of my head and say you're gonna go any. For a meeting here in the old ATS in the village or -- or Jewish or Muslim -- look at -- they're true. -- a zoning permit a mandate you want a chicken coup for you want. Well and think you know your career for anything in it and all that what the prayer of the dominant people in their rule Margot or whatever the religion is of the people in charge. And -- -- -- -- -- niche or play up against the hub is an outlook huge huge hill looked in the mirror. Cheering and won't really would -- -- let's say it is these are the people in charge of what they custody battles in them there's an atheist than. Ochoa used her well or not it is essential for. Our super great operating PX and the father's abusive child bluster were who say can't. Well personally I don't. I don't. I don't feel these kind of invocation that we're talking about that have been going on -- sometime. Are really preaching their just asking for guidance and basically is that something whether you. Whether you are believe in a higher being or not whether you believe in that particular god or not. Era -- -- are we not humble enough to ask for some of some guidance and make a wise decision. Why don't want a leader and it's gonna pray for guidance says it wants to applicable which got drifted for the rain should calm. I want to -- -- job I wanted to be a professional meeting. They don't want people of Britain or religion with -- to work. Is it should be about the former wherever they're also worship is split. To come to -- -- work in the course thing -- well there's you know please guide me. And I don't have an account. Only problem I have Joseph is it sounds awfully arrogant to think that no human being. It needs guidance that you -- complete control of everything that happens here I I think what your religious person or not we can agree that. Sometimes we feel like we have almost no control of what's going on and I don't I don't see it as harmful to anybody because nobody has been turned down. If you believed in a certain religion and the and you said you would like to do the next implication the next month. There's been no indication that -- that note you. Well I have the utmost respect for or religious. Believe and I would go to war and fight in guys could work. People's. What can you actually cite those police. Don't want them. Hey you know it's that don't that it Campbell thing if you whoever the dominant people. Of the local community technical work. He's been horrific time of school boards are. Court ruled Asia and and it and it is their religion. -- you -- that the occupant in the old anywhere they're all pretty. There's -- -- brutal -- well let me ask you a little bit -- -- any turn pretty quick prayer -- to -- it. I let me ask you this now -- this is a government meeting is that the reason -- if you are Ralph Wilson Stadium and an invocation was given. It's nongovernmental. Would that be OK or is it just because it's the government entity. Think that the federal government because -- -- that you don't have a choice it's a monopoly because they're sure the public. Well wolf the -- is. All the liquid should want to do whatever you want to do before every game is private money into every works -- people have to take it. And that is because that you shell. But when you walk in the dual -- little or school board meeting or somebody who were they -- control over something in your life. Is it -- -- have to fail because it's gonna bet I was gonna get abused no question about it so that the maritime. -- judge Joseph I'm glad you had a chance to express your views and the thank you for that we appreciate it thanks for your call. Obama so Joseph does not think it's a good idea of and gave his reasons we like to have your thoughts do you think it's okay or not. The one thing vigils have -- the beginning. Is that he does not think that a public official. Needs guidance if they're confident the terrorism. Pump up that. I've interviewed in my career a lot of public officials and let me tell you this. They all need guidance will be back bookmark but I'm glad -- calling gave his opinion. Will be back -- -- -- on -- -- thirty that Libya it is Beijing company or asking your reaction. To the Supreme Court 54 ruling yesterday. That says they're OK with prayers before public meetings. Now there are some some rules and regulations you cannot denigrate another religion he can't really preach. But you're allowed to give some some words of wisdom encouragement or whatever would be appropriate Indian invocation. Are you OK with that I have no problem as long as everybody that a bit ass gets a chance to participate. And I don't -- the fact that. Those who are non believers of any religion. Or those who feel that they belong to -- quote lesser religion and I'm just getting. If you aren't any religion. Any do you consider -- because they may be fewer people that believe in the same thing I wouldn't. -- believed in something I'd have the courage of my belief and I don't need to have a majority vote on it that's -- I believe that's that's the way it goes. -- so I don't -- what though the reverend Barry Lynn said. That non believers and those of less prominence of states would be silenced. -- Are you kidding me you're not belabor you go to a public of meeting and they they do an implication you feel silenced I don't get it. I don't get it let's go to -- legitimate Lancaster Jim you're on WB again. Yes clearly. I believe it though we don't need guidance unless of course a person -- it -- -- what -- food in and it would infused it swooped in infinite. You know awareness of wisdom you are unlikely. -- in the case. We you can get our guidance problem from the and we either secular or religious leaders so to speak. Which you know what I used as the basis of common sense. In instinct over what you're you're you're you're instincts OK and I think it's intuition intuitive instinct because. Everything we don't see doesn't mean it really real until animal we don't -- doesn't mean it doesn't exist. And what if you look at the body here we agreed that we can't see if we don't need it but it does exist. I mean so it's just use common sense that this you know that this what I believe. -- you know I'm glad I think that -- that makes sense to me to thank you -- The bottom line is are we arrogant through enough to believe that. Where the be all -- doll. I mean you couldn't get anything is if you want to give me an agnostic if you want to give me anything you want if you want and that's fine for you and and that's that's okay. And maybe some audio -- you'll take up the same thought process that you have but I'm saying. IA would not feel comfortable that I know everything I have to know for the time I was born to all the time my guy. We all seek guidance in one way shape reform. As the kind of thing where anybody that goes through life thinking they don't need any advice. The only thing I don't need advice on is how to do additional. Above beyond that a couple of a beyond that I think looking for something aren't -- We are working for the acknowledgment that there are this didn't happen by accident and a where part of it we hope we get through it two respectively. And the -- to -- is respected and and I'll say that I I would respect anybody else's religion -- preaching hate or participating in hate -- killing people in the name of religion. But basically I have respect for anybody's. Choice of religion and I would expect they would have. A respect for me and mine whether or haven't or not. So to save that as as this one minister who is taken up the cause of separation of church and state. Says that he feels that people would feel silenced. I don't know what kind of public meetings he's been to lately but people never feel silence ever. It's like -- this is -- Nazi Germany I think people would stand up and believe me if they thought they were being wrong they would be quick to say it. So basically. The way it works is -- respect fuel and your thoughts you respect me in my thoughts. In the last thing that I would want to do cause we don't make decisions based it would go right. Because I don't believe in -- or religion I wanna silence. Your religion. Or by don't want if I don't believe in any religion I wanna silence all religions. Work I don't know is that the way is that the way you build a consensus. Instead of -- Getting people who come to your point of view he just -- a silence any other point of view is that the way it works. -- doesn't work that way from eight. I think that basically if you have a thought that you want to express of that you feel -- expressing to express that somebody believes that if somebody doesn't it. They should respect you and you should respect them as in this Ellis Island Pollyanna but I can't remember the last -- tried to silence somebody but we see that in this business all the time. You know I don't -- -- far -- seven errors but that's a bit on the school budget that's. Hair it's amazing it really is amazing which and believe you can never you can never accumulate shifts. You know like they do it at the gambling table never. If you're as good as your last sentence. And that's the way it works and it doesn't matter how long were you Sandra has done nothing matters when you come to the conclusion that nothing matters. Then you take a different perspective you do you -- you're strongly do. It because we all want to do things that we consider for a long term relationships. And -- what better long term relationship that with a higher beating. War if you don't believe -- -- being then following whatever path you wanna fall but the consistency of your life shouldn't shouldn't. You shouldn't decide there's nothing else -- learn and nothing else for YouTube the look up to I think there's always room. For aid intellectual discussion about something you may not consider very carefully. Why not let's talk about the can change -- I'm -- by an -- measurement five we can't that's trying to vote. But now that is the way it works if I don't agree -- you -- silent Chicago. In this case will go to your sponsors will pick an outside world oil will find some -- you made in 1938 I mean. That that's the way it works now which is sad really assess. All right when we come back back it will give -- -- a kind of hint. This story came out a couple days ago and it could have told you. Had I known the day before this is gonna come out of this survey would've gone I can I could tell and went exactly as I thought it would. If you are considering retirement and you see. A lot of blow a lot of articles on retirement as -- web sites on retirement. There are -- counselors that we'll sit and discuss your future after you stopped working. But one of the things that usually. Isn't considered first and foremost is -- will you retire. Will you retire right where you are now audio from my family friends or you know all of this is that comfortable here this is what I want or arm. You know this was a good place while I was working. But it's not such a good place the -- retired I mean those kinds of thoughts after going through a lot of people's heads. And so they did a survey a national survey by Bankrate dot com to see the best and worst places to retire. And out they took a lot of things under consideration as you would certainly. -- we we see a lot of people who retire from Western New York who seek the sun. Now maybe it's the fact that they really don't like the -- they just don't wanna be in New York State anymore. We really don't know. Well a little with the sun and I know was the case from my grandparents. -- was for health reasons that they had to leave the cold of Western New York. Maybe arthritis -- I was like you know you might be for. Health plus as your as -- retiring are probably older and -- are very fortunate retire young. And so dealing with the snow and shoveling and ice and getting around isn't the easiest thing even if you like Alice in New York. But some of the best and worst places to retire now. I'm like President Obama who thinks there are 57 states is actually only fifty -- we we looked it up we Google. There -- fifty states. And anybody wanna guess. What -- worst states to retire here and it is. -- happens is and. -- I had at -- Right John Ryan on and we'll talk about. If you are going to stay -- New York when you retire why you wouldn't lie you wouldn't you know what when you look for when you retire. 80309301806069. Through the sixers star 930s.

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