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5-6 Beach and Company Hour 1

May 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello hello hello hello and is a major governing I'm sending me -- and -- a little distracted today. -- after the show. I have to do something I really don't like to do and I don't do things I don't like to go unless I have to do something I don't like you're doing that I do. Got it okay. Yes I'll be taking the dreaded. Field vision test and there I'll describe it it's a real they have the beaches. Yes yes yes it is their -- company I -- out of my calendar. -- well ahead of time and because I'm diabetic I'm on a regular round of a different doctors I get checked up on a regular basis. And so there's always something coming up with this. Coming up today -- the thing I hate animals there's no pain involved at all none zero. That Tony you know you've been through this I don't know if Chris as I don't think Chris has as he exits on the boards argument. All the feel visions as you've done one -- -- last like that I think it was about two years ago. So what they do though is they have looked in the in this machine. And if the best way to describe it you know this is going to be a medical description of a -- End of this machine and it's like looking at a starlets. Guy. And and they give you a little buzzer thing like you get on the quiz show crichton you have a -- in your thumb. And when you see anything blank. Within that within that this guy. Well aren't exposed bush about but here's the problem. The problem is that even if your head isn't in this machine is things across your field of vision and you don't know if it's that. Or you're supposed to push a button so what you do is you don't blink and they tell you them blank. The machine will take that into consideration but you don't -- because you think the minute I blank. That -- it's gonna come on the camera set anonymous because I plant. Brees and I'm gonna be your dog in the game and said this is not good so the first time I took it. The amount I'm gonna concentrating I can focus bully me I can focus of their trees falling around me. I can focus at any time and anyway and any shape I can really narrow it down and that's all -- -- but the bottom line is. This requires that for the whole test you've got to do that. When you get -- although you're doing is watching him pushing that little button -- it. Art art too pooped to pop that's just as I got to do that today. So there was just some of these close my eyes and just keep hitting the button the odds are government hit some lulls where. Think if we knew that it. But that's it must my high desert and I'm afraid in needles for it much actually. But I am not afraid of needles or anything but -- I can't touch my guy you know. They do a good job when they do the preliminary stuff of a putting that little round ball in your -- to check on the pressure. But you know it's there and you can't closure rise can't look away from -- -- -- -- But they're very good at -- they are excellent at it. But I'm such a baby when it comes that I'll take on -- take on a motorcycle gang -- my bare knuckles. But don't just -- it is. -- like that -- Yeah I don't like anything in my eyes and those those tests are kind of annoying now set to do that from my healing because -- have been hearing. And I I have to put headphones on and when you here Tony after the to the clicker -- just like to death yeah then again he gets because it's you know you're not sure if you -- -- or you didn't and didn't -- -- no yes no. So your mind is playing tricks -- was that a little you know bomb blew a burst of light or wasn't it. My peripheral visions are excellent in my in my vision fine but they only keep up on this thing from time to time ago Abdullah. Chris have you ever had anything like that that. I have had the hearing tests like he's describing -- number I took those Latin school and I can't remember if there were required. I had tubes in -- -- when I was accused of yet to take over the happened they put a huge. Headphones argue and I raised my hand all the timer job either -- -- Cameron -- -- -- hearing just now of course. Anybody that's a disc jockey or has been this dark in more than -- years after death. Forget it if you're if you're in the company of a disc jockey. Be be ready to hear. What was that again. Because that that's every day. It's just everyday and menu you begin to get angry at other people because you think there mumbling. When indeed there are mumbling it's you know in Arabic but you can only play -- -- because so many times -- your head. At a high you know high decibel level before pretty zone. That's now. We'll see what happens and Alex ago but Bob I'm ready I'm ready for my big digest I think I can and can do it otherwise they'll be held back and I'll have to take it again all in all I don't want I don't argue that. Now in Myrtle Beach it's time for the annual biker rally on the grand strand. They Harley-Davidson a rally runs from may twelfth through the eighteenth. The Atlantic beach the beach Memorial Day bike fest is may 23 through 26. I've never -- to an event like that my sister lives in Daytona. Ominous and time to date on which -- lives there and being me you know because she goes to -- emotional ride from it's it's it's -- but I never been to one of these rallies -- a lot of fun because people have custom bikes and he have a lot in common and at night after the sun goes down -- Yahoo! time you know you get out the bands we named mark. Let's send out -- -- And it. -- and elegant real life just carry -- And and it's it's called trade. I think the yeah. The IRS will look into an -- I'd -- be at O'Hare breach will start to start a new custom I don't make a good analyses. -- big bill questioned by the IRS. Like that likely -- I don't mean by good beats the ground note young beads were mailed -- That -- will be back with more with beach company and there was greater and -- thirty WB -- -- my test today -- actually I've -- element. There's like I think by him in vision failing and it says but it is. I just the other day I came to the conclusion that I just can't see the management here and so if if you can't if you don't have a clearer vision. Gotta get your eyes that's about -- and test yet untested. In Colorado this as a pretty compelling story it's not meant to be funny and it's not but its interest thing. At least eight a Colorado woman recovering after being stranded in her car. For five days after crashing off or rural highway southwest of Denver this slight -- movies of the way. Passers by who happened to stop Sunday on a scenic US highway 285 spotted the car about eighty feet below in an Aspen role. They thought it's either Charlie Sheen or an innocent motorists who went over the side in the park county sheriff's office -- Kristen KR I ST I am because we have a lot of names like yeah we have -- Kirsten and Kirsten and Kirsten. It is a gazillion ways to spell -- -- -- wise we're yeah funny you know this is this is -- Hopkins. Was found inside her flipped cars she was conscious. But dehydrated. And critically injured so at least she was rescued -- and all the time I mean -- -- but you see analyze where cars off the road in a wooded area. And around there. How many times have you and your -- just -- around saying. No wonder they had a hard time finding Bucky Phillips like your view on the side the seventh here with all of that wooded area you'd need an. Either go in there and and and and find him that kind of stuff so and I have a better understanding. Yesterday I was in your neck of the woods they're Tony headline should be callable restaurant -- I knew the airport there. They have a thing called the cost the plate and Vieira asked ball. They put everything that's ever been made out of possibly accept your kid's science project on that that -- it is so big that. I maybe you can be no -- I can't I can't convention in our camp I took about half of at home so I'll have the other half today. But it's good and you don't order please but this one looked particularly good and so I got a a -- -- and him. If I've ever had a better -- -- I don't remember it was great I laughed and all the united through. And add new jockey on -- and ravioli. And all they gonna meatballs ago at the sauces Gooden -- -- ago -- standard is one obviously downtown but there's also one -- the airport. Yes when I go to the one by the airport -- nice deli type place in the future re not all in the one. Downtown we go every -- Christmas -- to have dinner with my father in law. And really nice thing. Organized you are our talking and our guard Chris got in on the conversation to regarding potential bills suitors. And Donald Trump now is. He's still he's -- -- Morrison trump out of all of the alleged voters will get the most publicity. The but I think the ones that aren't getting the publicity of the series. -- -- Donald does Donald doesn't that's yap at the mouth and nothing really important comes out Michael couple of them and that's good enough for me I got to feel good enough for me because a guy like that couldn't get it I'll tell you that it's Smart for that they got played again exactly. So I don't see trauma whatsoever in this in this. As as a serious candidate you'll read that he was true or Jim Kelly Yang and his other who put -- given -- and I can see you know because that. You know it's a face of a public react to have that and -- always swells and so I understand that by. Mean that the NFL's really looking for somebody that can formal thing themselves you know which. Would be in Millstein moron somebody in the Jacob's family I think. I'm not so sure Dallas on -- could write them all checked himself. I meet code book and would want him to put up that yeah yeah so rate now -- that they keep that Millstein in Jacob's family. A look to meet as the favorites. -- to me no I'm I'm making a -- I'm going to write a check for it. It's simply can't cash. In on him the way when we get paid again next Wednesday -- okay well they can't cash -- for next Wednesday I'm willing to Ryder. -- -- until we get paid there's there's -- willing to write the check for the entire amount. But don't national colors what -- fun to have that -- singer Mary Wilson. Would that be fun to have that check and go through the drive through. The ship -- the sub two to. -- -- -- -- that goes through one of a drive -- and puts -- in that little pneumatic tube and says. I'd like it in hundreds please. How much each branch bank I assume it's added it's different depending on which branch it is and where it is and how big it is and how many customers they have. I wonder traditionally how much cold cash via. They have have a million dollars as I mean I have no idea I've never asked anybody and I don't have a glow. How much actual cash they have I don't think that it will tell us I don't think any of them would have a billion dollar. No I doubt very much they say our cash is -- -- -- clean them out to Clinton and it hurt my. All right let's say and they've run all that money through the counting machine. He sent us a while counting machines are cool it's amazing how even with new bills and you know how hard it is when you get no bills to try and separate them. He put him out and counting machine and that is a great job I wish I made enough money to have my own counting machine. That would be assessed a successful and -- bank has never -- you -- check drivers passed on but he uses hand. Yeah its Mercury. She was this she accidentally -- and then that separates the -- -- our fingers buried behind the Houston energy she looks very vibrant and and very attractive except that one -- right finger -- madness but. I never at all counting room. Doesn't he doesn't just have a machine as well. And -- -- of the bills are stacked up chronologically. Of drama from the beginning of his career via. Right after the hearing -- And the -- there -- We come back probably by the bills won -- Hey let's get to immediately get fired as bills announcer and you no brains yeah I don't -- -- braves -- apartment bills oh yeah did you -- I think he he's been fired more often than than almost any fighter and he's such a sweetheart is. He is a wanna kill the -- slogan back after this -- beach and company the subject of the day standby. The home of Rush Limbaugh weekdays noon till three news radio 9:30 AM. WB and. That's something. OK when the bells are sold that checkers about a billion dollars aired Mary Wilson has the check on her hand. I thought -- be -- she went through -- drive through but I'm thinking if she went through. The regular bank she walked -- stood in line with everybody else in the -- says that may I help you. And Mary Wilson goes up and presents them with a check for billion dollars like this cash -- and they say well do you have a driver's license. And then because this is an irregular branch would you mind leaving a thumbprint wouldn't -- cool welcome. -- is okay. Acts -- the vaults over the aircraft help yourself we close as we close of four. I mean would never call cultural all of these super call. Now one person but I know that has the wherewithal. Knowing that has the money to by the bills that has not been mentioned publicly -- we've got to go directly to was. Multi hall of Famer Dan Everett multi -- fame broadcaster. To find out if you are going to be one of the bidders on the Buffalo Bills. Well first of all I vacation -- clarify -- multi agency in five different. Also senator Jay summing like they -- multi as being like cool like they don't want might look like. No I mean I meant tool lets get the numbers right and first though we're talking multi that's a that's a word that Maria's memory use I guarantee of that. -- -- -- -- Yes. That was. -- You were fired from both jobs. Okay two. By the operators but I was also here are older and the -- so they weren't. -- -- why. On the -- -- and Purdue. It was true magnitude. -- That. Yeah. Should mention. Four -- to do now. All they. Want -- -- -- -- -- -- It was either -- that would stop making fun. About flow rates. All nighter was period. Call. And jobs that were here. -- OK so they. Want to check -- And and they bought it back and so that. Panels. It. So -- -- can crawl out well. In basketball -- Out and well. All all my. Life that's -- and the real. World. It's in -- excitement all year -- you know they. You may worker -- Where it ended there. -- A law lets you bet your warranty and instead the breads because they're having really good times now known as the Los Angeles Clippers. -- -- time but they certainly deserve it'll -- an -- -- now call the question yeah I. Don't. You think I was -- -- out there for the -- bills. I have a feeling not. -- appealing not a not a not a ton. Was that you -- Joseph for fifty dollars a game. At a joke for -- looks like it. Did -- girl I'm -- The secret ballot there. It didn't get potential end scene there. All my word of is only eight home games here and get your 400 dollars and only is -- here. -- I wanted to elderly Kareem Abdul -- story. Well eclectic pop going -- -- -- was out there it changes it. Two career out Jules Abdul Jabbar right -- his last name oyster bar can. So we're capable of eight that ended yet both are right on a program -- it. Slickers are best at bats to it -- -- out but okay. Now watch over I'm sitting here albeit you know yes and -- -- There. -- Mr. -- man my name is Abdul Jabbar. I've yet you'll it was all part as well as I saw it -- that would have been nice set it -- this. I thought maybe Maria was going to be a little that. While saying you know you haven't over him -- he's on the West Coast lonely you're driving around when -- looking for anti chests. I know she does. I -- -- she does but is not somebody you would normally brag about them -- -- adventurers setting the record straight you are not a bitter for the Buffalo Bills. -- -- -- -- You want to put a group together you millions shame shame certainly well log chain as the Donald Trump of the broadcast community. And I'm sure that you say he has -- Dubai. Dubai. And I divide -- does have a -- -- a severe percent. And a really she's she deals and antiques and and there's big money in -- I'm just saying there really is so if you were -- Get a quick glance OK you know what I'd recommend host our show on the radio and -- thirty we RW -- his teaching coming. In measles and I mean areas comes on the radio would -- very funny like he's always been. But he called back after the images could distress and I'm in five halls of fame he has he's in five. And he also have would you mention again that you wrongly in -- well that's true. Mindy bubble broadcasters Altman and the rock and roll hall of fame in Cleveland those -- my only two he has those and three more. So office say that but I'm proud of my career is about affect people's -- what's the proudest moment of your career is that when you interviewed The Beatles three of them. So no it's not that it's when I have my picture taken with the job a tribute planned. Odd to me I never stood taller in fact I was taller than anybody in the job attribute. And they said to me anybody that's ever had their picture taken with a as a shorter than we are. As -- hey a Swedish guy and girl. This is the way it's going to be in and that's -- so I have things I can be proud of and we're gonna move on now with the shelves so Danny is and five the odds of me getting -- anymore are extremely remote okay. Maybe be -- whacked out hall of fame what do you think they have won those they showed the broadcast they should have apple pie and wouldn't that. -- -- write a story broke yesterday. That we rule would have probably unless something dramatic happened woods. Be a subject. Of -- -- certainly and probably of at least one and maybe more than one of our talk shows and that is. Everybody is very careful as we should be because. It is required by law. That the of that the government -- not officially endorse a religion. The separation of church and spend state. However that the fight has been going on. For some time as to what an endorsement really means and what it is and so the Supreme Court yesterday ruled on something. This started off as a case out of Greece New York which is right right down the thruway there. And they would start their town meetings will have a with a prayer. And they would have different a different people different people of the cloth. As say the prayer or read the prayer whatever is appropriate. And so a couple of people come pardon me so food. Saying I know it's a government meeting because the government meeting we can't have. It's getting cooler again. I see this as a threat of mine Apple's. It turns the turns the air conditioning on line up like you very much. That's power but never can't do that I bet he can't I think the only one accord would be married -- but that's -- -- are now so they say that we we are. Really can't have big government endorsing religion and it by having a -- said at the beginning of a government meeting that is an endorsement. Well the Supreme Court ruled 54 yesterday. That it ain't it is not and -- oh it is are going to be interesting to see how this or changes. As a people and this is what I don't understand and as we get in about -- of the subject for today we get into the text here. If I were at a meeting. Okay. And someone at the beginning of that meeting I don't know what kind of meaningless whether it's. You know off a meeting of a club whether it's a government meeting whether you know partner who what where or what it is. If if a prayer was read. Even if it wasn't my religion. As say a Jewish prayer was there are Muslim prayer or any prayer you want a name that isn't yours if it was red. My thought would be I have a respect even though I'm not a member of that religion. That we're asking for a higher power to look after us whether I believed a matter or not is immaterial. But the people who fight against this because I was taught to respect all religions and anybody that. -- thinks they've got -- religion. Market cornered I would say this of them. I would thing it would take more than one lifetime. To investigate every religion on earth in order to make that that justification and so. I don't think so it's nice to believe what you believe and you should if you want to if you're comfortable or not if you don't want to -- what it's all about -- freedom of choice here. But I would not feel offended by it. But some people feel like okay I'm driving here it's in December oh what's that over there -- those like. It's a nativity scene -- -- man ought to put an end of that is that public property. Will have to go to town meeting and raise all kinds of problems will get our lawyer and I mean. Thinks like that. -- things like that so if I was in attendance and and a prayer was read or. Or just recited. In my presence that I did not believe in that. In that religion. It wouldn't bother me at all not at all but some people totally get bent out of shape they feel like they're left out there are ostracized. And indeed I think that. An overreaction are truly do and the justices said. Basically what -- said except they said it better and they said it with the weight of the Supreme Court behind it. Let me go on to some of -- article by Jerry's unscathed. The news -- Washington bureau chief problems. Government and that he's from school boards aren't up. And now comfortably opened their public sessions with a prayer if they chose to the wake of the US Supreme Court ruling on Monday. But the town bordering Greece Monroe County didn't violate the constitution. By starting the meeting. With words from a chaplain of the month in a 54 decision -- -- -- -- court's conservative majority. Are against its liberals the High Court said the Tom board's practice. Of starting with a prayer was fully constitutional. Because it didn't exclude any religion from offering up a chaplain to speak at the start of the meetings. In other words if you want to speak no there was no no evidence brought forth the people that religions represented as were all out to. So at the same opportunity was available. Writing for the majority justice Anthony Kennedy said that such ceremonial prayers have a long tradition throughout the American government. Even that watch right that's the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court does that's what they do -- and they understand that they opened up every session. By saying god save the United States and this honorable court. So -- -- telling me that if indeed say you were at that session. That you would be offended by it if you didn't believe in god. Why would you be offended there if people respect you were a non belief why shouldn't you respect somebody else's belief. I don't get any of that I feel no need to put down somebody's religion -- -- there bureau. There's something dramatic that says that maybe this isn't the right romantic. But what I am saying is you have -- respect for visual expect they respect for yourself what you have a religion or you're an atheist does not matter -- big key is. That there's mutual they should be mutual respect and what the Supreme Court is saying here. What we come back we'll get area into more depth of what they said in the minority opinion on things like that. But -- of the basic question we're asking today is a supreme court's okay with prayer before public meetings are you okay wouldn't. Are you going to be don't wanna get your pennies and Awad because god is mentioned in you don't believe in god. And so when you want people to respect your position but respect anybody else's that's the way that works. I'm not really quite sure. Illustrate out on 301806. On 69 Jupiter six aren't aren't there.

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