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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>13-yo Boy Arrested In Murder of Another 13-yo Boy - Joe Golombek

13-yo Boy Arrested In Murder of Another 13-yo Boy - Joe Golombek

May 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's open up the WB in live line and welcome council member Joseph Golombek. The Joseph represents the north district where a meal I'll -- mare and his family had lived. Joseph I know -- -- wanted to thank you were taken the time to talk to us about those families thanks. You have you been in contact at all with those youngsters family since this happened last weekend. You know I have not been in touch with the Stanley I've worked through the police department in the mayor's office in regards to the incident. Until what is your reaction. Upon hearing -- is a suspect in custody but that the suspect is a thirteen year old boy. It's it's just sickening. You know it's it's just horrible when I found out about this last week it was horrible. There was an article that it come across FaceBook that Mir was missing. In what I found out Aaron Saturday that he had been murdered and people I think in the neighborhood were just sickened by it. As you mentioned earlier this was a kid did get everything going for him he was a recent immigrants he was a good kid and for this to happen. Is in my heart just breaks for the family. Is it possible that other youngsters may have been involved in this. Or do you feel the police might be satisfied the just one person was involved. You know at this point I don't know I know that there were a lot of tips that came into the city through my office through the tip line through the mayor's office and people in their neighborhood I was very proud of them. They were willing to come forward and talk to the police and I think that's what helped the city police department to break it so quickly. Has to be so hard is the Stanley is preparing to to bury their son today. Yes I I I just could not imagine that. Joseph thank your tour of checking -- Melissa's one and we appreciate your time okay thank you -- north district member of the buffalo calling cultural Joseph Golombek.

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