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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>UB Home to At Least 4 Fledgling Falcons - DEC's Connie Adams

UB Home to At Least 4 Fledgling Falcons - DEC's Connie Adams

May 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Falcon cam time we bring the story you just about every year because of blessed event we understand is unfolding. Way up and a nest on the WB's south campus until the bale Leo will -- revenue of buffalo I guess all the WB you know live line. Is Connie Adams she's -- the New York State to DC inches of falcons experts. On good morning thank you for joining us. There were a lot of acting. OK and now you know we'd try and looking at development camp this morning about it was dark couldn't see a thing. So apparently it was not up and running when we checked. Are things going up over the last what's the latest. Oh well that goes on block -- pick up all -- Or woman began hacking on -- for -- get over a period of three days. Oral Guam both -- he now has been seen around the camp victory clinical I. He clipped off both his parents incubating intruding into big gig and I don't think. Is there an apparent to. Is it -- in Yankee. I hit it big name Yankee cheap out on Larry Byrd a west we. What we've. Don't get one. A wild bird comes and there aren't they and it's how we don't know really -- quote cool she is there where she found some -- watchers. Called her Dixie -- to sort of match yankees makes. Now you have four shakes up there. What are the odds of all of them surviving on is really good they're pretty young. All right we have very good survival of -- in the area is artificial -- Structures up on building more and Jerry urban places -- buffalo. Are were well tended by the birds and the -- are well fat. Well usually for a big turn into fortune external to -- fledgling in about six weeks. It peregrine falcons are there in Western New York. We have about eleven territorial pairs which is really quite remarkable. The most out of the year in -- where there's quite a few along the river. -- the question -- Last year it was a -- was appear before coming when folks one walking nearby dismissed. We're being bombed by these pelicans were protecting these little guys and -- they're very aggressive they're very aggressive and today. Yes Arabic can be aggressive -- there. A special in the -- are -- they feel an increase need to protect them because the exit and vulnerable. But they have that situation was dealt with. And -- in general what is that in almost every other past we have there's absolutely no issues. Animals more of natural hear people and now that it's good for -- battery and. Okay kind of good to chat with the thanks for the update and we'll keep us up to date on this Connie Adams. Those -- the New York State DC -- -- fell to an expert and we have four new -- checks of -- little observatory at the Ubisoft can't. And you can look for a link to falcon cam at UP a little bit later. On at WPN dot come.

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