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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>NYS Ranks As Worst For Retirees - Tony Ogorek

NYS Ranks As Worst For Retirees - Tony Ogorek

May 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Dead last New York State is the worst states to retire and according to a new Bankrate dot comes survey. Joining us on the WB line line is Tony Okur with Al Gore wealth management Tony good morning. You know the analysis included cost of living taxes health care crime. And climate so coming and last is -- any surprise to you. Well yes and no I think I didn't and an issue with that analogy is used because when you -- true story. Most of the focus on New York who has got downstate. New York City and obviously. You know the cost of living downstream is much much higher -- there's upstage right -- change. New York sort of unique situation because of Erica and I vacation he'll be out of the population. But with that said Tony let me -- -- -- despite the -- -- -- New York State does not make it easy for a person to retire. Is it possible to retire in New York State if you do the right planning. Of course and you know -- my experiences. One and could have been doing this are currently over 25 years. You know it -- size of the primary driver in terms of -- people retire. Tend to be one of the satellite. First. It's where their children or grandchildren because to -- like to locate here. Second that they hear pop electorate state. Our New York is a real problem because we do you know clearly I think it's great to have a -- they X -- You know -- -- -- 6%. Applicable -- at 40%. And then third. You know he'd be the year may be acquired -- You know again if you if you -- accordingly you know there's no reason why -- happy democratic and two -- -- -- economic climate is. The real challenge for for many people. -- now is a financial planner. At what age are people retiring today. The great question. Because when I started my career. Just before yet electricity. People want it to actually retire because they -- doing manual work and I have -- restriction should keep physically they were done. Today -- thought -- a lot of clients coming into one to quote unquote retire what they want to do was slow down. Do what they are doing a little less -- -- -- that I took things but there's a new retired mentality. Out here and you know they're they're they're much more out and I think he has a life expectancy you know where. You know you're wrong. You know exponentially. People don't look at you know expecting -- retired thirty years. You know their 401K program. I'll be understanding -- -- they're motivated to do business -- -- helpful out there typically what many people are looking for. We until -- younger people to go out spend money have -- buy cars take girls out to dinner. How do you convince a younger person -- sooner or later that a person who's going to retire. And you need to plan for that. Chad you know that the -- not it is not a great thing and and -- unfortunately. It can't accuse -- and the job. My advice there is it -- carriers from you know your first job to pay yourself first. -- mean. You know if you're making. Well from making 750 gallons a week. You're putting 10% of away from card -- into retirement anger some sort of patent vehicle. -- -- -- -- The on time and it can't count on your your your investment. And I believe you can just start putting 10% you're away from an early -- You'll be amazed at how much it will accumulate. And and furthermore if you don't do -- when you get right to do it to start putting your retirement. It's gonna be so much -- to do a dollar amounts are so much larger in order to get this quite. So most people my experience the light and block their head on their box safety. They realized it actually forever and they do something. And by the time. You know I'm an idiot should. Count pounding it and you know. It certainly could be looked at you know its best start you know pay yourself first. That stuff Tony thanks for joining us this morning. OK guys. Enjoy the he -- today. Are due to -- Tony -- Couric from a -- wealth management's joining us on the live line.

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