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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Arrest In Death of 13-yo - Rev Darius Pridgen

Arrest In Death of 13-yo - Rev Darius Pridgen

May 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We've been telling you this morning that police have made an arrest in connection with the murder last weekend of a thirteen year old boy. Amir -- sure Mario the black rocket area the boy may have been him murdered trying to retrieve a stolen iPhone. Let's talk about this our guest on the WB and live line as someone all too familiar with things like this happened the reverend Darius. Region. Reverend -- of those Castro -- true Bethel Baptist church on the city's east side is also president of the buffalo common council. Reverend -- good morning and thank you for joining us and all of our thoughts go out to be -- -- his family apparently wasn't. Ideal student at waterfront elementary school and he may have died just trying to go to xylophone. Absolutely I mean and I'm sure they're -- all the dark in the Western New York region go up to this friendly. Because he was a child of course it was a part of bottled public schools system them -- Europe. Citizens and do buffalo rest of the above. It over river -- at it when mayor brown said the other day that police were gonna work around the clock to -- to find the killer here in this murder. And think he was right true to the point because this broke. And a little bit before 7 o'clock this morning which would suggest that they worked through the night on this one. You know when the mayor city that he -- -- -- appear to power. Of the mayor as as every. Homicide possible that it -- possible homicide or any suspicious death. With this one I think -- home for the mayor for the common council for the city of buffalo because it was a speech titled. And -- titled who was doing well you know this was not today. And adults who happens to be murdered a true source from some there. A malicious intent that this was a child. It -- roads areas what comes close to a stomach punch in connection with the story. There's the fact that to his family only here since last October. Came here from Iraq. Because they thought here it was safer. Well you know I think you know if you compare. Here to a -- is it -- safer in general. But we this is not the first time that we groups all people would come to a person who do you foresee -- -- -- -- United States for safety. That have suffered tragedy. Whether it's in the deli store or whether it was a young man. From Africa are believed by the year -- affable. -- also it's important you know one groupings in the indecision -- in the Bay Area by a vicious. Just kind of crossed my mind. That one of the things that the mayor has -- important issues budget. Is there a special counsel. That would deal with immigrant issues and I'm going to be fairly at honest with you when you first -- -- why would still big deal. In yesterday government with corporation counsel totem ball. A ball this and he explained to me that often time. There are persons immigrants who come into the -- Who are a lot more trusting who really don't know systems in May be culture. That it was important. To the administration. That we have some folks in police were able to help them. Even sometimes when it comes to legal direction although they can't beat -- terms. Reverend version thank you for taking the time to the discussions with those wanted to. Thank you all were really dedicating its portion. A conditional to -- -- bring attention to strip. And to the capture or to the rest so we respect I think it's important for accused. You very very welcome those of reverend did areas Persian pastor of true Bethel Baptist Church in buffalo also president. Of the buffalo -- console.

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