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WBEN NewsRadio 930>Audio & Video on Demand>>Benghazi Issue Re-Visited - Dave Levinthal

Benghazi Issue Re-Visited - Dave Levinthal

May 6, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Speaker John Boehner and house Republicans. Decided to create a select committee to expand their investigation into the band gutsy attacks let's talk about it Dave Leventhal is with us on the WBM -- -- senior political reporter. With the Center for Public Integrity. Morning day. Yeah you to this keeps being passing in the news for the foreseeable future including the 2014 mid term elections. Sure and that it's something that threats will not go away despite the Obama administration's desire to. It's -- go away as quickly as possible democrats' desire to it though it went as quickly as possible too because this has become a mid term election issue between fourteen election issue and that Republicans. For all life event. Operating under that sent to a very strong degree get email all the time answering -- Nazi it's a rallying point and an issue that it's really really close. To the base so conservative Republicans in particular. I get some very very angry about what they feel it's -- it what extent a government problem out of the situation which. I didn't want to match it was very -- you know its ambassador Christopher Stephens. He was killed in the incidence of regardless of what do you think that it is something that -- -- as an investigation or not it was a very correct the situation and it's. Candace tarnished secretary say Hillary Clinton's name ahead of potential run for president. Yeah absolutely kind of a longer that this goes on but longer that this will -- -- -- -- you know ultimately becomes a presidential candidate in 26 and then in the Obama administration really is kind of got itself. You paper on the pick out the issue it's withheld information about the government's response. The killing of ambassador Stevens and other Americans and the very late and whether you believe that but don't leave Babbitt has fueled up this whole host -- questions that can. Conspiracy theories about a government couple -- by a white house Press Secretary Jay Carney yesterday. Are you to the plate out the carrying a question about the issue but he kept getting. Question after question that don't expect that that you. To go away in the new house committee that that select committee that's being set out to investigate instances. That -- later since several committees that it looked into this issue but I expect that and the parts without a -- more coming out well into the mid term election. Now Hillary Clinton's getting set for her first political event of the year of big fund raiser. Do about it it. I absolutely. It's something of course that it's not going to be 800 separate presidential campaign because he has not announced -- is not a candidate yet. Although she has such an infrastructure built up around her he support a presidential campaign for example -- -- multiple super pacs -- been raising money. Its support its potential presidential run for Hillary Clinton allies that this is going back the bank got the issue even though. All came out that indicated that 42% of Americans can even in the country. And -- -- within the it's Libya by the way I it is an issue that is certainly going to be squarely at her -- -- -- decides to run for president. I if that's as something that doesn't result in the interim between now and once you ultimately does Ron Artest goes. Very interesting -- thanks for the update this morning. Dave Leventhal senior political reporter with the Center for Public Integrity in Washington.

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