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5-5 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 4

May 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And yeah. I wore -- down upon you with Rory. And then yeah. If you go to the -- move the ball that ends this month -- And welcome to the New York City. If they are big extreme conservatives they have no place in the State of New York. No one -- with an assault rifle. No no. His ball club. Tom hourly. How -- -- when the now let everybody know Lindsay and apparently got covered up -- welcome mud it's live its local capital. Moment. Looks like it's huge it's Tom hourly. And -- W. And he's here to say that. Mitigate that need it it's. Nine minutes after sex -- news radio 930 WB -- That's humor that made -- -- and get. -- -- All right -- programmers that master control you dad and Jim and sure in his right you're all straighter and and John John appreciate your tasks don't forget your shores. By the way John you wanna make some extra money quickly -- afraid of heights. No likely voters. Would you would you Wear shorts were to climb up the latter might hold that bottom if you're definitely long extension ladder. You think he's got a forty -- I'll -- on my house we live like five houses away. -- I guess I gotta -- out -- get a look at the gutters. You will that. You wanna do it putting all the time 11 o'clock at night no. What are we supposed to do with it before work. Now -- -- that out laughter sorry -- just putting John under pressure year you know say it's bad enough that he's -- guy from three it's also haven't. -- noticed I've charted well basically make it my man Friday. I have a girl Friday. But that wouldn't end well. Now that just wouldn't end well I could see lawsuits now anyway. It's -- hourly how you go and it's Monday. A couple of things here that I would like to do. John you have the voice isolated. Of the woman saying what I do the final hour of the show on days like this. The woman from our intro. Have you isolated her voice note you -- not yet well I've a couple of things number one. I have to ask you guys. Is there. Sure. They household past if you will. That you think is the most vile. Disgusting. Onerous. Ratchet. Job to do around the house now is it really depends on the individual. Seek some people do not like picking up dog get. Remains. Some people do not like cleaning the litter box anything involving that. Turns people law. To make litter box no big deal no problem. My cat I noted weeks that's good. What turns me off. And actual seriously guys I almost heat twice. Do and it. Cleaning the gutters getting all that junk. Out of the gutters. And it accumulated. Since last fall. And you close it doesn't take that job seriously. Or chill of driving by somebody's house when you seat. When you see little trees sprouting out of her cutters accuracy causes like Pratt OK yeah so. My gutters are desperate need of clean -- to -- -- is all up. And I have to admit ladies and gentlemen. That I take such a sense of pride and accomplishment including my gutters and after I do. I go to the upstairs of all I looked down into the gutters and I say. Top you've done a fine job. At least until the next week when the maple -- -- when the black walnut tree decides to do it all over again. See that's the part about my job that I don't likened what -- job agree that household chore. I just feel a lot better about it if it was by tree. Not even like three babies that sort of thing is not my bag. I wouldn't play at a black wool a tree in my backyard -- girls love the nuts. Get me wrong. Especially. About going there but anyway. I cannot stand cleaning gutters. Army with a passion. Do you have a household chore. That you if you could pay somebody to do it just as soon have them do it. All -- do my own gutters. There's importantly buying a way I've -- bar sure in his latter. -- our newsletter into myself pipes don't bother. You don't like crawling groups to be honest with you. It's fun I like seeing the panoramic view of the neighborhood never know what to say. I enjoy that. But I -- There's a product. I have you seen it. I put on my FaceBook page. It's from the I robot people it's supposedly automatically clean your gutters. I watched the video you can see the video too if you are clicking up things on my FaceBook page. Of this automatic gutter cleaner. I'm sorry but it looks too good to be true. Because I had the distinct feeling that number one. The automatic robotic gutter cleaner is gonna get hung up on every. Mounting bracket you know those long screws that attach the -- today -- item by your -- roof. I have the distinct feeling that the robot gutter cleaner is gonna get held up every time it goes under one special one. -- -- -- It just looks like it would be too good to be true. Number 3299. Dollars. And how often does that got to get used maybe once or twice a year right. So. Given -- 300 dollars and how long is the product gonna last in all likelihood maybe three years the way things are made these days. So a hundred dollars a year to buy this robotic gutter -- even if it worked is advertised I'm not saying that it doesn't. Seems to me that getting borrowing a latter and doing it myself. Is a lot cheaper. Especially when you weigh the cost of the -- here in the years as a therapy after apparently don't know the I'd sorrow had two things there never want what is the worst household job. No it don't. -- -- it -- with that -- I know they sell apps for -- I know I. I don't I don't used it's I think -- negatively affect the I appreciate the thought caller good. Know it and I don't want to to take away -- market report -- helmet on cigars I will do. This I don't feel like. Now it's an extra expense don't need. Got out there that. But what I sell what I want it to be eight -- -- very very nice Dominican band. Toys that make the proper price we should be okay. And they get -- American food it'll all work out well we're gonna trade houses nice Jamaican man. They'll -- my house here -- take their house Jamaica works well. Anyway. So well. Have you ever first what does the most all of household you are sure you have number one. The one that makes you sick. And I am not exaggerating folks when I tell you bet I tasted breakfast almost twice. When I was when I was cleaning the gutters yesterday. As you know when you -- in the -- You know that there's all kind of excrement from various animals in manner that you're touching will what did you Wear plastic clubs. I don't like the weight plastic clubs -- There's something to me that's his jockey about plastic gloves maybe it's a bad product college experience I don't know. But when I -- about the plastic gloves. I don't like it all you know I think I don't like about the automatic robot cleaning daughter had. The guy is done cleaning is gutters and it looks like he just stepped out of GQ. Now wait a minute. I spent an hour yesterday cleaning my garage gutters. I looked like I had just been sprayed by somebody -- explosive diarrhea that's where I looked. I didn't lied about it. Looked like it was covered from head the Tahoe is don't do. This guy in the head he looks like he's just about ready to head over to. What do. Our Croce he's joints. So. I was a little bit let down by the -- So topic one news which household short the UK number two. Have you bought something from TV. That -- thought was going to be your savior. But yeah should've known better if it sounded too good to be true. It was a and when tip -- showed me the video. He he's my boss by the way in my immediate supervisor when he showed me the video of this robotics gutter cleaner. I shook my head and I said Tim. There's no way it could possibly work that well and even if it did it for 300 dollars how long is it gonna last. I just assumed by -- latter perhaps the price keep a letter. And do it myself -- hire somebody every year. Not just make sure they have insurance to make sure they show you their certificate of insurance before a lot of work in your house. So that that's the first topic today. -- might -- give you happy ending our. But wait I have one more topic but I have to whip out and I ever right. It is my birth right as a buffalo audience to bitch. About the weather. How depressed are you at this spring. I want -- to talk to your body top. And I don't need -- lecture about how we don't get mudslides. I don't need to be tutored on the fact that we don't get those huge tornadoes. That updated every trailer in the trailer park. I don't need to hear that we don't have giant forest fires raging. And we don't have to worry about those Santa Ana winds again. I don't wanna hear about. Because. Every place has its ups every place has its downs. Relatively speaking it. Our winters -- Spreading it should be a time. Where. That you can put shorts on with a switcher. Would you grant me that. That Biden made us fourth which was yesterday today is Cinco De Mayo. Let me say -- could well. We have vigorous. But. This time of the year. My opinion. We should be able to have shorts on -- were working outside. The bloody. Shorts and a hood. Yesterday. Ladies and gentlemen I am not exaggerating. Sweat pants. A heavy sweatshirt from my friends at qwest. I guess they've taken so much blood from me over the past six months so nobody urine samples and blood samples they felt like got to give me something in return. -- Actually what they did they distilled by blood. And what they found out when they scraped it was it was wrought tiger blood. They get up. -- in the and they snorted it may suddenly -- all energized and really weird. But anyway little humor there sorry -- that wasn't drug humid it was Charlie Sheen you're. So I had a sweatshirt on and that I had a fault Jack it up. Folks may fourth. Reserve debt. Now here's the other thing that I resentment about our weather around here -- answer personally get into traffic here because god knows there's nothing going on I'm sure will find that out Allen what's happening. If you want I can drive all but about 200 miles and receive organ starts up and -- but you'll be gone by then. All right it is. 52 stake in the miserable lousy degrees in buffalo right now we're heading down to 38. And yet you heard right earlier I turned the -- up before I came to work today I think they have a moment of 80000 may. Now under on the line up fight the man. Tomorrow partly sunny 58 and that the damage in its 52 degrees you know what else really frosts me. About the weather in buffalo. And keep in mind that lived here my entire -- except for three years. And can Trace my friend would record the -- one so I don't need the lecture about you people compromise and you pitch or other. Now objectively our weather sucks. Sorry if it's with the worst weather anyplace I've lived and his or visit. Because the sunny. Guys I don't know if you noticed this yesterday. If you were outside trying to get something done yesterday. With the fleeting that two seconds of sunshine we had. What else that we have that made it seem like this number. And and what what does it every single day in buffalo in fact the weather service will back me up on this. Buffalo is one of the blank cities in the entire country. Starts with start with you start with W. We are one of the wind biggest cities in the country. Seriously we are basic Chicago's the windy city which actually was a political term. Buffalo is like one of the top five with these places in the entire country if it's not the wind it's the breeze folks even with the sun yesterday. Even with this sudden. Every time that breeze kicked up. There were parts of Maine that -- and -- does little rocks. No sandy breach almost at that promised except his he wasn't at his he was on too high today. Especially the M this morning threatening to take his shirt off unless they put the AC -- See which you don't understand his radio equipment. Well -- upper room like you wouldn't believe even in the middle of December. So it does to the kind of war here. And believe me I've been worse and years were -- good pitchers sweat and he is seriously don't Wear suits to radio modules went all out the year. So well. Odds of one to ten. How much do you despise the weather and let's just keep it to this boring. 'cause I gotta tell -- I think this spring has been an absolute disgrace. Took -- weather gods it's been chamber of commerce weather for North Carolina. South Carolina Texas or Florida. First of all how many sunny days that we had in a -- I'll play a company study days we've had in a row one. Easter Sunday. One day of sunshine. Followed by six or seven days of nothing but clouds followed by one day of partial sunshine followed by thick clouds clouds clouds. And that I mentioned that even what we get the sunshine we get the breeze or the weekend. Which makes it very unpleasant. So be honest with me. And I've -- I have the right to bitch about the weather -- again born and raised here. Do you actually like this. And I can't stand. If it is I find them depressed. I mean not like him to kill myself but. In this depression to me where it's already may fit. And really legitimately. May -- we've had four days and haven't -- me four days one of which was Easter Sunday. Which at the waist with my family. I thought I could have been gardening but I was stuck with my stupid family. I could about what my plants. They don't want much. Just water and food every now and again. Don't ask -- for rides at midnight. And plus wanna get second election kill them all right -- don't. Actor on a little humor there don't 30930. Is DePaul number. What do you bought from TV that looked too good to be true. Basically you were ball. What household casket you stand. The way I can't stand to in the gutters I find it loads. Respectable. Vial repugnant and every other adjective I can think -- and be honest with me. Do you think the weather is much as I do. Because it's start to mess with my head now. Is it too much to ask that we get maybe a lot of well. Three. Maybe four days in a row of sunshine and may be temperatures that. Well may be are out of the forties or fifties may be either in the seventies or dare I say even eighty. It's day. Really. Seriously this sort of thing is not my bad. 80309. There. That's the -- number 803093. Start at thirty on the cell phone 180616. WB yen. Talked to friends do we. Back home team. Do you Madonna. Has. Days. About the timing of civic chorus it's gonna be time for -- all -- candle in the wind and -- thank you very much 634 is ready at 930 WB. If I've sort of secondary and Chuck Schumer. And all of these all these interest while his interest in all these interest. You know what limit can decision let me know until -- it's funny the news story to me. Personally. Is it just may. -- There's a -- -- rich guys were interest it until what are they should offer and it's accepted. It's just a way for Chuck Schumer to get his face in front of a microphone. All I'll worry about it when it offers made until that I couldn't care less frankly even after that I probably still couldn't careless. It is -- and live your -- life vicariously live your life watching other boys play with each. I mean football that wasn't intended to -- came out. No it wasn't up at 636 and who's ready at 930 WBE end. Our let's ethics and telephone calls here is -- -- household sure that you think is the most disgusting household sure there is. And is there something you have either block from TV. That turned out to be a waste of money or God's gift. Yeah I never thought would be God's gift but actually proved to be to a lot of people. Those -- balls. You put him in which Europe closed pitcher putting in the clothes dryer and they supposedly were the same as fabric softener Berkeley they really work. But I see this 300 dollar gutter cleaning robot advertised. I'm sorry I'm skeptical. I have no doubt that mind. We get caught up. On something and then topple out of the gutter and smash and a million pieces. And you know what 300 dollars I could frittered away at the casino let's go to Jake and -- -- on WBE NJ kilo. And -- -- -- You -- talked about whether yes. You know let's not. Act when there's so they. Can sort of tied. Errors worthwhile yes taxes subject. You're absolutely right. How did that call even get on the -- why do you waste my time with that. I would just assume read a script. The guy held on for twenty minutes to say that let's replay that -- instant replay on -- brilliance. Our phone number point that if that if NASA can do this hour on this complete music -- get the hell out of here. 8030930. Is the ample number 8030930. Start -- 38 because I got gutters to point. They don't thrill -- thirty starlet 3180616. WB EN. Now Jake compared to the weather your call sucked even worse than whether. -- in let's put -- where I would rather live with yesterday's weather blowing. Through my teeth. -- thirty degrees when I'm trying to clean the gutters. The listen to that all again but because I masochistic. I guess I'm gonna play it again we ready yet. We're not pretty where we we will purity will it gives it never happens nevermind it's if it just it never works. It never works. They -- 30930 start night 3180616. WB -- to do what you can check out. That call again. By going to the audio all our archives at WB Ian dot com. Go to the audio archives and -- check it out it's well worth the effort it really news. And you can also check out CB PH -- showed today. Where he talked about the lawsuit that has been filed against the city of buffalo by those -- gases hired by the incompetence schools superintendent. And they work certified for the jobs they were hired to do. So what they did instead that. The district offered them like thirteen thousand dollars apiece to get certified. In there still incompetent. So another suing. These school district which by the way is you. B every the taxpayer New York State because we pay like eighty -- 90% of the buffalo school board's budget. And it still room or the head of the buffalo teachers federation says the problem is not enough attendance teachers. And they are more bitching about money buying elections. Hey fellow. If so what did you call me now and tell me how much money units. Has given the political candidates over the past ten years. Units is one of the largest single contributors to political candidates if you want a lecture people. About buying elections. -- you're freaked him hypocrite. Let's go to publish -- West Seneca Michelle your WB Ian well. I. Count votes or. You have to speak up when one of the household chores -- -- -- well yes. When you have knee -- with our pictures that it's not in the -- Actually Kate are over her. Oh OK but how Michelle how do you do that without a pro because -- I can't do it. Only now on where you don't have a choice. And it's it's pound -- Some of the -- on the all there on out there. We're talking here about some basic physiology. I haven't measured my fingers lately. But I know this much that they would not get very far down eight drain to poll. I'm not only the error but the dingle berries attached to -- hear from the drain. In the shower or the bet that that's your job reply -- -- -- -- -- There. You knew about until -- do they figure it adds it's hominem yes but downstairs and get back. A piece of the piping in the color and try to get some of the rats a about half an hour and it's not make it. -- -- you actually do that. Your husband does. They. Are you kidding Michelle I something's. Out of your listening -- them but I learned something about plotting. I can't do it because I'm the guy who put the drain on the map who didn't realize that you had to -- -- and had a lake formed in the ceiling above the living room. And -- saving. Fifty dollar plumber called cost me about a thousand dollars. I can't I learned that if you want to have the hitter sucked or not sucked but just taken out of the drain. Twice now once every couple years I think they say you should have a professional -- out. To put the tool down there to get it you can't use a metal closed anger. -- kid that I believe we have tried that won't work. And you think about all the stuff that can go wrong with plumbing. -- it is an onerous task how often do you get the pro out. Whenever he just won't allow you that I'm doing and I think it's just thirty sunscreen and say that he's. -- there's no way in hell I'm sorry you did give me a plumbers ranch and oxygen masks rubber gloves and a Hazmat suit. I'm not going anywhere near there. Because I loved him. Not immediate short here so you really must now that. You know as. -- Aren't all that is truly a revolting revolting task and comedy showers and or bathtubs do you have in your home. Two. Yeah. We've gotten out of every three months that you can foul because the water while it sounds very. But why don't you have one of those little mesh things that you put over the drain that that keeps the hair from going out of that he just pick it off one at a time. I I have tried everything I have gone. It's all of these doors would put actual things there. It. -- -- -- Okay good -- is it disgusting job see that's one of those disgusting jobs where call the plumber out. By the way if you call the plumber out don't just call a plumber out to do one have the plumber to your bathtub have the plumber do your bathroom sink the plumber to your basement sync your utility sink -- your kitchen sink at the same time. Because you'll save the cost of -- service call. I -- -- in -- major islands street being able to have something although it might have because it's we have it Palmer's deal and he's a very nice man but. It's not the -- he's just. So that greens and and is now. Okay you if you could've heard the monologue I did when my plumber Don -- help now about that. If you heard the monologue I did when he was getting the crap out of my bathtub Tulane. It was frankly it was brilliant but it was Richard Pryor brilliant. It was not suitable for air alt -- Michelle just a quick question. Have you made the mistake that I used to make have you gone to the store and bought some of that low without naming brands but. Let's see the consumer stuff you -- its chemical that is supposed to rot away -- here. And unity let's take you let it sink in for like fifteen minutes of the -- in the water over it doesn't work. But they editorial about how water. And boil. Titles of water and thought this out after you for chemical. Ought to go quiet. All I've got my water heater turned up to pretty much. You know I could make soup -- -- bath water. -- -- You know you dedicate I'm Daryn and I got to keep getting out there. Nice what I agree that is a particularly onerous task that's one that I do not mind paying somebody to do. Because -- also this one time -- and do not get along. Michelle thank you very much great call. While. Yup that's bad cleaning gutters cleaning drains. Gutters can be done by yourself if you've got the stomach for it I wretch when I do it released back into a plumbing I just I'll say this one more time. Just Sorrell the same page you're just you know. I spent a thousand dollars to save a -- probably a 75 dollar plumbing. So that was 8925. Dollar extra expenditure. Tonight made that I didn't have to me why because I don't know anything about plotting that's why. Nor do most people I know. 803 don't by thirty star -- 3180616. WB yen. Have you bought anything from TV that was supposed to be a godsend but instead turned out to be the spawn of Satan. And anybody else wanna confessed that you have buffalo disorder. I have buffalo disorder. Because I have to tell you are all due respect. To my forebears in your forebears who -- settled here the weather has sucked since October. When are we gonna catch a break. When I say break me what are we gonna catch five nice days in a row I'll take five sunny days and thorough. It can't just now it's not just me my FaceBook. 803 all -- thirty start I had 3180616. WBE. I put something funny on my FaceBook page only one person said they liked it. If you work for the company that makes spam. -- -- your emails the world doesn't end up in the spam folder. I thought it was funny. -- a little bit upset that you guys didn't like that one more. It is 650 -- news radio 930 WB happens hourly with you on the radio. It is Monday it did is certainly Monday at what he's doing what is the most onerous disgusting to ask you -- -- -- Never do plumbing on your own I'm sorry unless you're a great plumber any -- that my grandfather knew how to duplicate. My grandfather and do everything. I don't know how to do anything except pick up opponents say why are you a plumber. I got -- doesn't. -- And he. You come over because -- -- the same bath water my tub now for about a lot of note two weeks and it hasn't drained. The year. That's right all right Don we'll see event. Here's Katherine who won Grand Island what is the most onerous household task unit. If everything had can be killed -- Poll -- out like when your cat has almost from the basement I presume. Odierno out right now he's up to over it 600 plus. By that point so there's a lot of our target -- and then bunny rabbit as well and you weren't. -- -- -- OK I ID Asia to do me a favor OK. I need you to do me a favor will you promise to do it -- also edge of the money. Could you please buy a break away collar with a couple of bells on it for your cat because I wanna tell your -- Because I love cats. But cats like yours are giving Katz a bad name. And other cats are gonna end up getting shot or worse because of the way they are killing song birds. And when I say break if -- -- finish. When I say break away collar I say that so the collar does not inadvertently strangle your cat would you please get a break away collar. Peca is seriously the birds need a fighting chance to escape. Yes the only bird you guys went there one that came up on the windows. You're part of a good thing. He'd gone after Mike could really he eat them. And let the cat -- at their current board. -- this is true but I'd be concerned about your cat taking in a mouse that had previously ingested most poison because it's gonna hurt the cat through. Yeah well we've. Pretty meant living wilderness and the one thing I'm really concerned about him if he would actually caught chasing the spot. Well you also have to understand -- ledger in Grand Island EU you're the coyote issue I'm Grand Island. Yeah yeah. And nobody -- that the well they're given a choice between a pack of coyotes and fluffy. My money would be on the -- coyotes so I just be aware I mean you know they're carnivores to. Exactly that's why I limit the time you get to go out and am I watching really closely -- Actually Pine Island attack graduate them my card -- the -- -- so depressed they haven't opened yet. You know it's all a rose with all her pedals there's a virginal metaphor there which are shall leave untouched. But you know what you're right even -- the deals are depressed. What most has bothered you about this spring my dear. I hate I love winter because to me it brings me all -- is my favorite and feed them by by march I couldn't stand anymore because. I normally can go outside mock. But in down Billick bureau degree I will -- but -- -- Q much interfering with the wind and that. Now and it really just miserable I must admit and we have the most miserable entered -- But even even now my dear even now. It's may and on Saturday. It was seriously. It was two women who work outside too chilly to cold. I I agree he's just and then I'm being on an island of course you've got the right slowing down and then make that even chillier than. And let them Lou if you remember thirty years ago. We have a link to her credit -- but we can be done from November told GM and that was a bit distracting at the end you know. Well -- you know as far as the winter all I can say is. If I thought that Scott drive in Williams bill was tough on a car. I didn't realize how tough was until I had to personally we'll my lawn mower and my snowblower back from a hardware store because they refused to it delivery charge what I can do is -- them. Try hitting up pot hole when you've got a lawnmower in one arm and a snowblower in the other arm -- that was up bad decision. I've -- out thanks for the call Catherine thanks for taking carrier kitty get. Our amateur backyard appreciated. All right good hour thank you very much effort calls for much appreciated and -- provide your kitty cats my neighbors have -- -- harness his name his image. Seriously damage the Jewish name the only Jewish name -- a government he's -- leaders of butter ball. All right thanks to a Joseph -- thanks to John German judge -- that image right. You have -- I'll introduce you to him. All right folks two words -- yourself.

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