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5-5 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 3

May 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. I -- down -- -- with great bit of food and India the whole movie. Muslim pensions and month -- Can you don't have food and it's. It's easy to clean. But the same publicity. We've -- and now let's. Tom hourly barreling back -- lucky charm it's live it's local. My dad introduced. The fact that it's Tom hourly you do while I -- this out. Our news radio 930 WBE. All right it is our lenders radio 930 WBBM and folks. Really wish I had better things to talk about in terms of a happy factor but I don't. At least at this hour because. -- thirteen year old in buffalo whose family came here from. For a better life. Was murdered. And the theory is he was murdered because. Some scum bags decided it would be far easier to reject a thirteen year old I -- Then it would be to actually -- I don't know get a job and saved -- -- and buy one themselves. So much easier to steal one well Amir the victim didn't cure for that very much and he Dave Checketts. And apparently. Paid for catching up with the bad guys. With his life. And I'm asking you. About your family's close experiences close encounters with -- violent crime particularly. Homicide. And you -- your own research on this and I always hope we do your research on other stuff like talk about because. The fact of the matter is when somebody is a victim of violent crime. It affects their entire family. And the divorce statistics for couples who have a child. Murdered. Our through the window like we -- a behind a divorce rate. Those situations. Are even worse and right now we're joined by retired and Nortel a lot of copper Mike de mark. Who along with his partner that might Amy Smith and Jeff Rosenthal were murdered. Came upon the scene of the murder where Robbie Drake and it's -- to rifle. And claimed it to his parents it was bothered -- out sonics. And apparently. He quietly -- that we thought was an -- car inside. Amy Smith and young mr. Rosenthal sixteenth and eighteenth respectively. At least two or want the cops Sarah debt previously. Literally. Caught Robbie draped in the middle of trying to hide the bodies in the trunk. And retired officer at the mark can you just. I've always wanted to speak with you and ask yeah exactly what prompted you to make that -- that night. And what you saw and what if what you thought you receive when you first came upon the -- Well. Ironically the membership are that we around wearing -- -- back from. Director of vehicle that have turned up from Niagara Falls and have been stolen and have been disposed of and it's and -- Are sold three weeks later -- inside to see a period came and got their vehicle out of area. Shall we told my partner we were doubled up. Exert pressure recovering from back surgery which. Earlier barrier. Children we don't hold up we try to go back and churn up your vehicle still there. That tree weeks prior to that we have been. Looking -- aren't solvent we went up to hell after. So we've -- -- bonfire going there. So we've decided this particular market while there's the color was -- deliberate about where going. Actually there was about underground we would've stopped -- we got out of origin and potential. Option you have your connection. We don't. Patrol vehicles -- around me and the fire was red lights. So the area where you autism. There we go. So when when you're rounding -- after you -- the access road right. While we were. Way back. OK so you're driving along and your headlight beams catch something and can you tell us all what you saw put us in the picture. Well we. Saw him with Amy is a great -- from the distance we have we thought he would just injected there. Minimum rate will like what my options subject to -- record reached Jupiter a little messed up -- morning. Courted potential and we saw him drop current. And obviously are like. Well general manager. OK at that point night in Europe or tunnel on the copper and obviously I mean you had -- -- bar fights just a routine calls -- any cop is gonna get. In north -- Wanda in there you are basically stumbling upon not just a murder. To murder that it just happened and a double homicide. And what is always what I've always wondered and you kind of alluded to this a few minutes ago news. This kid had a 22 rifle. And basically nothing to lose at this point where it was the rifle relative to where he was and did he make any gesture or any attempt to grab begun to take you guys out. Well he also -- -- are powerful. Loaded 22 to trust -- if that's what he was Richard for the direction of the current one. You realize you're being. More doubt about. India. Against -- -- that are have been given over previous two trials. He was Richard -- commuter routes. And his. Surprise. Realizing. That not only war should be not only were there witnesses. To his trying to put -- body in the trunk of -- vehicle. But those witnesses were armed police officers if you could describe the look on his face. Well the first look I don't it was Teradata girl -- devote -- future seventh. Which was. You're -- that's what are you know all voted out of your approach your relations. Screen ring. More than postal. And then eventually just. Looking at a therapeutic support it is okay okay okay. Are you you you have the drop bombs on YouTube knew which are getting I mean you basically had an idea this is not a routine call. You have the drop on them there was no way he was going to be able to. No way he was going to be able to inflict further fatalities that night. Rated special -- you we now that we have a drop on them. Rose one on them. I think of a case in in Laporte were your friend Larry tiger was basically our hero. Not very well. About a decade after you read your situation and in -- and wonder now of the the look -- don't what would you guys arrested him. After he had just killed a sixteen year old and an eighteen year old. Did he. Offer I realize this is already in the court record but. Did he offer any immediate explanations to you guys that sound it in the hole least plausible as to why he had just riddled this car -- bullets. They have not really you just. -- after being about those rights studio. Work or use rhetoric on the actual life. Well -- the media pursuit of falsely and actually replaced here. -- That I didn't even know Mets that's his bizarre. -- opinion and basically. I mean this this was like. That's you made the dream arrest I think every police officer who has ever been on the job. As always wanted to walk into a situation like Brad and of course come out alive on the other end but. And you really. The gods were smiling upon you -- night. Well no question about that. I make a ball while Mario. Affected their job as. It is my testimony -- just wanted. From all rookie experience sort of month on the job talking about an -- had out of else. That was about a real disaster that we're going to be doing the talking. That are. Stronger powers. There were directing my life. So much different persons. My celebration to bitten clear during your -- They used to a tree every bit but it. The original question about what what you. Backup officers. They've got their first or daughter's -- flows like stretched to the troops farthest thing from my mind at that particular time that I couldn't get their pot. We're out of my stomach it was sitting there. Who just social surreal. Well because I -- I can only imagine what you're going through because on the one hand you Regis made the pinched the collar of a career most guys never get that a western detectives and even detectives don't catch somebody -- ended like that. Number two however you're looking into that -- sixteen year old girl and a dead eighteen year old boy. What does that do do you on the inside a no cops are supposed to be you know tough and you know built of iron which are also human being. And I know that I mean even with myself teenagers children. It it does something to meet the the anger factor increases exponentially. Yes sure it's gut wrenching there's no question about it. That it should tell you have ever had over thirty years would gut wrenching would -- -- decreases the the pain and agony goes up and and -- looked outside of babies and X. Just. But sort of touched a very strange case is in the -- in my thirty years and again there's. The benefit of what you're talking about the effects. All of these types of our losses in people's lives and I I would have to go from negative result of the divorce. But sort of image you also -- what did you vote seats this should surely suffer through. And up. My partner unfortunately had -- two very many political issues as a result of their peers and lost his blog or to us. -- entries in this case all by myself bowl last -- -- All the ripple effect. It was incredible it all the cameras involved including mine. The -- -- happened. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well armed so -- -- applaud Matt birch north ever member voted Michael -- a foreigner here was your accuse. -- before trial. Waters when Michael got married. Sort of got cheated by their belt this year my Amazon's you have got married -- -- -- Jessica so like we know we're majority and just putting things in a pair of moving -- well. Well I think that you alluded to your faith before and that without your -- And I think something like that we just feature live. There's no question about it I'm applause there as I -- The the benefit of this case. Because you get pushed me over the edge and some. Some emotional -- woes. These -- in the process of that. 1980s there were learning about. He civilian quote little ZEST. Yes yes there are questions Strasburg at the end myself and several foreign individuals from. Mark and a lot of our apartment. Grant hospital in terms of your goals put together at the western regional -- just teaching. We -- and it just interest partners -- -- and started the Western Europe -- production team and as a result are starting our team. Archie and -- it was about as politically -- connected them. -- lack of Shia farming. You have to relinquish your return true westerner destruction program Bob Dole's problem -- would that have gotten -- Pushed us that they did and then four. Can you -- in my life. And third at all. I am I'm honored to speak with you and I'm sure you know dog and I'm sure she is eternally grateful that although old. Her friend never made it -- ever after that night at least you guys. Through. Call it coincidence serendipity call it a blessing at least you guys got the guy off the street thank you so much for calling guy. That case is always a -- in my mine thank you. Yeah they are sick of listening and learning a tuition but again it also is working the Bible for questions -- -- on my driveway. They're rooting -- -- on the radio like okay. Yeah well I did it happens all the time officer thanks a lot. Officer Mike the mark retired Nortel a lot of police officer and a one of the guys who made the collar in the -- Drake case and if you're not familiar with it totally cut to it on my FaceBook page. It's it's it's it's a murder you'll never forget I was alive and working during that time. In media as a newbie and just never gotten that out of my mind here's traffic with -- Alan Harris. And AccuWeather partly cloudy and chilly tonight 38 below tomorrow partly sunny 58 and I was still fifty through. At news radio 930 WB EM. My apologies for just getting one call in during this segment of the show but please understand those who were alive at the time would be about my age -- -- -- -- like -- 45 on up. You remember the Robby Drake case and you'll never forget it it's one of those cases that. Most police officers if you work a thousand years on the job you would never had that experience of just literally stumbling upon a double murder and catch in the bad guy. In the act. And in a situation where he was not armed and didn't get the drop on you just an amazing situation have told you guys this before it always amazes me. How people will call in with these intimate connections to these things and embryo. And they just turn on the radio just that moment. And I'm really honored and again thanks as always for making me part of your life I'll put -- link up to the case for those who don't know what we're talking about but who were intrigued by officer -- story stay with -- -- Israel 930 WBE and. And I I. Well it's. Okay. The other -- is actually based on a real -- It's after the ban started making -- -- did you know. Probably not did you really give it long and probably not. It is -- hourly 534 news radio 930 WBE NN and up by the way the most. You know after 6 o'clock we got to lose loosen up lighten up a little bit. Because I want some thoughts on the most onerous repugnant. Vile disgusting. Household as you have line. Is cleaning the gutters and it's made especially more vile and disgusting by the fact that. It's not even minute try me that's what really bothers me you know. Why don't have trees -- All right it will three on the thirty started 3180616. WB and right now. In light of any heinous crime committed in buffalo the murder of a thirteen year old -- Whose family came to. The United States to escape the violence of well guess what they found violence are in the United States and a little a mere thirteen years old. His -- mom gave the cellphone I fault. -- -- To commemorate a -- a dedication to learning English and his good grades in school. And bad. I'd just find it interesting that. I don't know maybe it's me but I don't think I ever heard the family saying that we ought to change language Arabic. Seems to me that they were intent on learning English just liked. My ancestors just like your ancestors they you know what I call the cable company they don't say. But it does spot on -- but I really murdered at that -- sorry. I played a little say in Arabic you know mark I've been -- for four Arabic. There's a lot of -- spoken with -- the United States people are bilingual. Lessons to be bilingual and nation that is bilingual that is a curse as we all must be able to communicate with one another and let's face it sometimes even speak the same language we managed to louse that up especially with text messaging. But that's another story for another very right now. We're talking about. Now we're talking about the the murder of there's thirteen year old his name was Amir -- -- -- And his family does not speak English. And I don't speak Arabic and a lot of people who do. But the family is no doubt in shock in grief and will never be the same. And apparently. Some people -- rip -- -- like ball he gave -- and paid for with his life. And I mean seriously. Can you imagine murdering somebody over an iPhone. This up and I can't imagine murdering somebody over -- Rolls Royce. I can't imagine murdering somebody over a private site -- jet. There's nothing in this world. Materially. That would be worth -- killing somebody. I think I speak for most people. I'd like to think that most my listeners aren't cycle grants. Let's go to jolt. In Hamburg on WB Ian has your family been touched by violent crime whether it was a homicide or something else. And these stories are. It is just devastating here is Jo-Jo welcome to what WB yet. I guess I'm actually have said -- killing members that were murdered -- one out huge public. One that was caught careless because that was killed was Wendy's restaurant -- -- -- -- but that's. In -- -- -- in block -- or in Amherst on the world in transit it would Rockport. Right you know which I don't remember that one I remember the one. Were early in transit goods so close to worry live. It was shell group that that one event. I always it was out there I was little else. Are we talking about the guy who crawled in through the drive through window. Yeah that was were early entrance. Okay well Richard but the justice cyclical I never -- I knew her father. And I would go wallet my grandparents our father and my grandfather wore condoms and I'll have a wallet and -- -- -- -- perhaps a little kid and now. It was it was kind of stating he would just it was what a walking coma. Rob or Ron Paul bit. It would -- it was an executive forward she had to retire. He would you -- she was just absolutely devastated devastated their whole family. And to make matters worse. And nurses and other killing where it is strongly. Suspected. That everybody knows who did it but there isn't enough. Evidence to actually proceed with the case. Absolutely absolutely and getting older. Would that keeps her awhile and now -- -- private investigation work and being older -- look at it welcome back to what I have -- when I've seen when I've read things like that yeah you're absolutely right it was. Actually one of those cases where. We know it did it to improve. Jewelers on the show a lot of all. Hey would you send me email and atomic WB EN dot com. I have reasons. Thomas WB and -- kind of like a just drop me even though because I -- and questions for you that I just popular appropriate on the year. Not -- as you out don't worry. You know or. Well it's also enough vacation so you know there's that. Here. Well you know it's -- Should the trench -- her because. Actually offered the trench -- got I think forty or seventy dollars at the auction to raise money for the Alex right skate park at the main transit fire at all. And -- that the guy who bought it like a glove. -- are my brother I will hear from you an email thank you very much about. I am so sorry that that's incident happened in your family obviously I remember I remember well and it's always been a thorn in my side that. It's like the situation I addressed earlier in black rock Riverside with the girl whose body was left almost decapitated. They know did it everybody knows. But nobody can -- In a brother amen thank you very much Q8 030930. News radio 930 WB and it's our Leo with you. And we're talking about your family and violent crime. And -- for. Obviously I wish I could reach out to Amir's family now that it would do any good. It's not nothing's gonna bring back a mere. But I would like them to know and maybe if I have listeners who speak Arabic who know his family please communicate. On my behalf and my listeners we have our extreme sorrow. Over Amir's murder. Please let them know that we do care. We might not know then we don't speak Arabic most of us don't but that we are. Stunned -- I personally I'm stunned. I'm embarrassed. I think it's horrible reflection of America in 2014. That a thirteen year old boy. Is murdered over a freaking iPhone. And if you know -- -- family incomes converse with them and Arabic please. Send them. The hourly show whose -- Not just for me please understand make make it clear everybody who listens to my show I know feels the same way. This little boy. Could have been like a brain surge or something Sunday. My old is owned convenience store could have been a brain surgeon probably would own some kind of his own business. Lot of people who come from the Arab speaking world are great entrepreneur or it's. -- -- -- Let's go to Jeff East Aurora on WB -- Jeff thanks for waiting as long as you did my friend drug WB via. Yes I'm I'm -- thank you very much for taking my call. Back about thirty years ago. I was feeding. Our young lady who ended up marrying. Her young sister who has thirteen years old at the time they're barely moved out of the months earlier to Phoenix Arizona. And she got a little paper route and she was collecting -- -- group. And her mother actually went worker on -- route to collect. And later she went up into an apartment complex. In her mother -- happened if stop of the house before the complex. To talk to one of our on. Our people on the paper route in and make a long story short she never came out. Of the apartment complex she was a beautiful thirteen year old girl. She was abducted raped and murdered. -- -- It was fully armed it was one of the biggest. And and history. About index at the time a couple of guys. And they are on the guy. In. -- it is just amazing how sick people can be. The gentleman that did it. Actually walking. You can imagine. Where. My wife. Micro credit our -- Looking. For. Sorrow. Although although that's a dead giveaway. I don't need to some mica a Johnny Millwood all but. How -- Sanchez ran in the -- they -- a memorial run. These psychopaths. You know what every time almost every time somebody commits a murder. They almost invariably. Bend over backwards to let the police now all anything I can do to help finder will the Toys 'R' Us murderer. He was at the Toys 'R' Us store that morning trying to console in his fellow workers after just old mr. wells. This is just. Followed that pattern exactly. And again. But I have to tell you the rest of the story it would route secular super step. But how. -- that awful evil thing. Unbelievable because my my in laws. Who became remarks. Day. Open up in retreat house. In honor. Of their daughter. It was a retreat now. For -- Although our children and murder children. And how they could empathize. And pray with them and dispute them because. I can't have them being profiler -- myself. With children. You can actually live. -- -- what happened. -- You know I honestly don't know what I would do because the logical part of me. Would really have an issue with being non consensual league gang raped in prison shower. But the emotional side of me it says that every minute of it would be worth it if I could just have my vengeance by blow on the bastards out off. You know that's that's that's our the period. I would blow away buying. Forget what my girlfriend's parents -- -- that they became. Bart. They want to PV. And Merkel expressed. They forgave. Murder. Which. I can't. If -- it would -- it's. IA I wish I did it. I don't think I ever will you remember in fact it's always happened the last four months or so juror the lady who. -- moved from a think it was locked port. And she was living a lack a lot of she was very involved in her church I think she worked. In conjunction with one of the church agencies. And she was stabbed to death in her own apartment and people knew she knew it was unlike her to miss work or to -- church I forget to remember that case with -- young lady. -- I'll I'll get to the may be here in in just a second. It was tequila and I'm just I'm trying to think river over last name only look at up quickly on on line. Her name was. -- -- Her family was the exact same way and I remember talking about it the next day Jeff just like your family. Or review of the parents of this this murdered young girl bay showed such incredible faith. And dignity. And it. I got a target date far surpassed me in my ability. To deal. Whip somebody who could use such a heinous thing to somebody I love they were exemplars. Of absolute. What they preach and they practice what was preached in the new testament. I am delighted to hear from news -- I wish the circumstances were better but thank you very much political. -- All right thank you end yeah the of the young woman's name was tequila Souter and that she was just a beautiful young way everybody loved her smile lit up the -- She was murdered. And her family. If you go back and you look at some other TV footage. You'll never seek class of people as long as you live in the -- family. And I hope that perhaps sooner or not senator SUTE. Put a link up from the channel four website. When I have the opportunity to do. But we do have some amazing people. In western new York and it is easy to let the negatives get the better. I need to breaking news radio 930 WB EN don't go anywhere much more to come. Has your family been touched affected and maybe even broken up by violent crime maybe even a murder. 8030930. At news radio 930 WB. All right Allen and AccuWeather for today. Well what's left of today anyway partly cloudy and of course she believes the overnight low of 38 and made -- a point to turn off -- -- before it came in just on principle. You know what seriously just on principle I said screw it. Mike can transfer -- just a plus you'll ever know what president at a stoplight during the greatest -- so she'll have a lap to coddle them. Partly sunny tomorrow 58. And then now Wednesday mostly cloudy with a passing shower in the afternoon the high 64. Little inside humor from everybody's. Is itself -- -- throw at news radio 930 WBE. Again. It has -- and you don't guys are way out. You know Mondays Mondays are tough enough seriously. And I I hated. The cup matches at the way came action today with this ball of anger frustration. And negativity. You know I tried to avoid it as long as I could bite slam on the weather. Gutter cleaning it and finally I said you know what I've got to get to the case of the -- because it's been -- decreases -- heard about it. Murders happen. And as I've said earlier -- I don't think I would be taking more calls on this but. And people shoot other gay people it doesn't affect you. It doesn't affect me it affects them it affects their families. And you know what that's the life they Joe's. All right so whether you're talking about gangsters. The yeah. Gangs of New York error. Or whether you're talking about gangsters or Chicago. Or Buffalo's homicides with that the mob always see. They chose the life and that's an occupational hazard. OK so I I have a hard time during a lot of sympathy. But when you're talking about innocent victims. Who were nothing but pray. For thoughts. And Scott nuts willing to -- Over. Am iPhone. Really. I wouldn't kill for a free. Private jets. Most of you wouldn't kill for free private jet. Because mostly have morals. You know some basic standard of human decency. But these feral animals. Who killed. -- -- What really is eat me up inside chances are. They're gonna get a slap on the wrist. They'll do a year to. You know get out. And it. They're not exactly gonna become productive citizens. And probably they'll end up get off themselves by the time you're 25. And I will not shed two meters. It's not sorry that wasn't a -- that was simply the north wind coming up I give you happy ending. -- my Asian part coming up in -- group. I give you happy. Coming up next hour -- news radio 930 WBE. And I would appreciate it if you send a hundred bucks for every champion incursion of the house speaker resist the basics. The happy that you got to --

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