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5-5 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 2

May 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBA. And it's. Wolves -- the -- he would worry and think yeah if you go to the hole looked. My husband and -- -- The fact he has yet Ford dead Americans what -- -- -- protest it was a because the guys out for a walk -- not decide they don't kill some Americans. What difference at this point does it make. If you've got help after all it. Then you can keep your plan if you are satisfied with a. I'm an hourly and I don't know I didn't put -- And people know and it's live. It's local and it's Tom how early. There wet eyed women and good news radio. They're never gonna how many of your event that always makes this way. -- -- -- -- -- -- And who's ready -- 930 WB in. All right gang this story. His -- what it's still a debate because look. My kids are way past thirteen years old at this point. We have thirteen year old kids -- sat down and talk to them about this that you told them look. If some scum bag up the ball and some scum bag ripped off your iPhone your smaller Smartphone Droid whatever it is worth losing light over somebody ripped off -- like any worth losing your life over it. And quite frankly. In our society today. There are more and more and more teenagers. Who will pitch at all. Because. They don't want to take a collar. They would just as soon kill you steal from you there. Absolutely no human empathy they have no human feeling it's all about them a damn day that's it. Done finished. You -- your kids about this. I don't hold anything. That is worth my life. I don't. Seriously nothing at all. Is -- like hey it's covered by insurance being even if it's not covered by insurance. There's nothing that's worth my life. Now if I give it up. And somebody wants to persist. They will be in for. A very unpleasant surprise. Just say Sean Hannity and I have certain things in common but they will be the fervor unpleasant surprise. But there's nothing at all. Bet if it was stolen. Would devastate me like. I better give chase took them. Without any weapons were without any follow with which to call the cops there what was the -- gonna do when he caught up to them without fault. But it was -- it. It was a got to convince them that it was a nice little boy who was simply seeking refuge from Iraq. And with a pretty please give him his fault. You have been left right. -- Somebody knows who until biscuit. Now the question is are they gonna drop a dime on the far right away or is it going to be like that situation in Cheektowaga town park. And by the way that was a that was an example of teachers at their absolute worst. When the where two teachers at the high school. Put the young thugs on speaker phone basically. To give him -- supports. Even though he had killed an innocent bystander. During a again a brawl at Cheektowaga town park. Somebody knows who did it. In fact I'm sure quite a few people know who did what he waited for -- What you need thousand bucks to do the right thing. And yet I've been -- thirteen year old friend cousin brother. -- -- a bit of your thirteen year old was killed. You beyond the news. You know put on showtime. Individually there will be no wonder there is no way that a great. How do you think -- badly for her rock feels. They come over here for a better life. They did at the right way. -- -- -- As refugees. You know they did -- the as far as I know they did it the right way. Unlike Jeb Bush I do not believe that illegally invading our country is an act of love. I regard it as a criminal act worthy of censure and worthy of frankly being deported. But these people -- Barack. Thinking there were coming to a more civilized place. And they come over to buffalo. Now the closest with which area to this crime scene with which I'm familiar instill a little little hallway. My ex wife used owned property on -- -- street in buffalo. So those streets and that you know military road area and it cut over to what Niagara. That used to be basically like you know -- in the back of my -- -- I don't get down much anymore. Except if I'm going to sportsman's. And that's well you know again a stone's throw from the area which I references don't walk noble but. Whatever. Depends on how much you wanna walk. This. Absolutely. Folks I have to tell -- it outrages me. Do you think this is gonna get solved quickly. Now here's what's going in the favor of the police number one publicity. Vet is helping the police publicity. Number two. The higher tech gadget. The easier it is to track. I mentioned earlier. That. One of the things I'm sure they've already done they've already been in touch with -- whichever cell phone service provider biscuit and his family were using. They know where the fault was -- what power it was pinging off. And they will be able to say the direction of travel they'll be able to tell. The last power off of which the phone ping unless of course. The -- is still in which case. It should be relatively easy to track down. But just because somebody's in possession of the ball and does not make them the murderer. You understand that I'm sure right. Having possession of the ball does not mean you are the one -- killed a thirteen world you but it just gotten a really good deal industry. You know it was hot here is nobody sells an iPhone for fifty bucks but. You figured what the hell iPhone to iPhone they'll never catch me. -- what I think about this kid at thirteen years of age and I think some of the murders we've had in my lifetime in this area. That it just never gone away and I know the one of my listeners. Up in that Niagara county was right along Lake Ontario. She remembers very well rob league rate case. Where this kid killed at two over friends. When they were sitting in the car in the week fielder -- -- -- claimed it was target practice. And the reason. That crime was solved as quickly as it was frankly was pure happenstance. Our top. Came upon the scene as Drake was trying to hide the bodies in the trunk of the vehicle. If this goes back into the 1980s folks and he's still in prison as well he should be. I had kind never ever permitted believe -- story that he didn't know there were people in the car. And he didn't know that they were people with whom we go -- to school I think that story was a bunch of crap. I don't believe that to the day I die in my listener knows exactly what I -- what I'm talking about. She's a frequent caller to the show I don't feel like naming her she knows -- -- years. But -- your family or has your circle of friends been touched by a violent crime or murder. In as I said folks. There are certain accidents. Over the course of my career. That I will never forget there are certain homicides murders I will never ever forget as long as -- Like that girl who was virtually decapitate it. In black rock Riverside and left in the schoolyard. & Associates family who listens to the show and I'm sorry guys to bring that up again. But on the other hand I'd never forgotten that case. And I also never forgotten fact that everybody knows who did it. But everybody is supposed scared of the person who did it that nobody wanted to come forward to testify or sign an affidavit worse or basically sign their own death -- by being a witness. Nobody had any balls. That's what I'm trying to say. I remembered. You I remember cases like that -- by John shelves and I've mentioned John's name before. John was a security guard he was making in my deposit on Bailey avenue. Still -- -- long they want the money he gives the money they kill him anyway shock of the -- I don't think they ever found. How do these people live with themselves. Because I want -- and others -- expression conscience makes cowards of us all. And I would think. If you did that -- somebody. Maybe when you're twenty but when -- 404550. Years old -- ounces killer or killers would be right now. That at some point. You wanna -- your conscience. At some point you want would -- what you did. At some point. You feel as though you need. Redemption even if it means going to prison for what you did. But then again I realize I'm the exception to the rule. There are certain murders -- never forget. I remember the murders in the town of -- one on the street by -- railroad tracks. The -- case where this guy killed his in laws and his wife. In -- ran off. The cops found out where it was hiding he said he had enough dynamite to blow the entire place up he'd ever did he was taken into custody. Without further incident. And there are people now living in the house they probably know what happened market -- the mystery but horrible. The job justice murders. Does that name ring a bell I mean again here's where I'm gonna feel old. And some of you were with me in some review this will be the first time you've ever heard that name John justice. Does that mean anything you joke and I don't doesn't mean anything John John justice was given ten of them may have an. And -- he was pissed off chris' parents were gonna send them to my school. So why he lay -- -- he killed his brother. He killed his parents. And then. All the way from the scene of the crime he was driving like -- able Andy. Rams and we're car driven coincidentally by and neighbor named wave off who die. John justice emerge from the crash one got a scratch. He told our people. All by the way. He violated the terms of his probation. And -- he is back in that custody as he should be. -- ever see the lightning. Ever. And by the way he was white just in case people think area where he's talking violent crime be costly this must be a racist radio show. -- victims of violence come in all colors all at the cities all religions all shapes all sizes. And it hurts all of our families very very deeply to hear about these things and especially when justice is not done. Our idea or traffic right now -- my friends I get carried away and it and you'll have to forgive me but violent crime does something to me that I can't quite put into words here is Allan Harris what the latest reverend -- Now already AccuWeather forward to date partly cloudy and chilly the overnight low 38 tomorrow. It will be partly sunny and 58 degrees and I guarantee the old Nissan will be when you -- And then Wednesday -- Wednesday -- be cloudy with a passing shower in the afternoon 64. 53. 52. Really right it's 52 degrees on this -- the bio. And up for those of you who celebrate Cinco De Mayo. Also Spanish kid is sick and well I feel like -- on New Year's Eve and godfather to. Palin is well in that Michael Corleone locks up deficits. I know which you Frito. You broke my heart gives them a kiss of death threat in the lips. What surprised Michael didn't end up getting his Fanny kicked in Havana in 1959. Frenetic activity not condone them. Especially in Havana is off for 23 folks have a question for. -- and move onto another topic quite yet because I don't think. I don't think I've done this one justice no pun intended. As your family been touched by violent crime and what did -- do. To your family have you ever been the same. Because a lot of people don't get about violent crime. Is that when you have somebody in your family who has murdered. Do you know especially when it's a -- do you know that that. Generally means the end of marriage did you know that. Because one or both partners becomes so despondent and so depressed they basically become different people. And it results in a divorce were. These scum bags didn't just kill thirteen year old kid like that wasn't bad enough. -- -- -- There are so many words I wish I could use but I can't. Has violent crime hit close to hold for you like him above other stuff. But I feel as though there's a lot of pent up emotion out there that I have yet to tap into. As you've heard mine and I don't mean to be spewing at all or -- guys. But this -- was thirteen. He's never gonna get any older. In the bastards who murdered him are walking around right now. What do they feel they feel good about themselves they feel like they made their bones. Like this and got a tough big shot getting stuck. Yet. There what you bogus -- with a 45 C a you do. For 25 WB yeah. Girl and a couple of. And there is another great Ian Anderson. In the moon me tightly title track from Cologne. And IA. And to affect my radio colleague although we work for different companies JP were re turning the two. Jethro Tull. Idea economist -- the first time around. But now that they -- -- -- -- -- Well now I'm like they were really guilty elevated. All right folks. As your family been touched by violent crime that is my topic what did it do to you. And I know I have listeners. Whose friends and families have been victimized. And I wanna make something clear. Right at the get. Okay. I don't know the races of the perpetrators I know that Amir. Was Iraq. And I know that his first language would have -- Arabic and he was doing very well learning English. I've tried learning Arabic I saw -- I end. Despite some -- and I can't even I can't manage Mandarin whatsoever Mandarin to me sounds like it to roar of silverware being turned upside down. I I can't pronounce it I can't say I can't understand a word out. Indo European. -- actually quite well. That's not an insult that anybody by the way but I do know I am actually quite a few friends were -- fluent in Arabic. And and I wish I could use them to act as a translator between myself and the family of a mere. I am I'm devastated by their laws are really am. And. This one this one really hurts. Thirteen year old boy innocent then what am thing wrong. Getting great grades in school making great advances. -- English. It's an iPhone as a reward from his mom. And get to Jack. In that apparently goes after the bad guys and that he gets wet. -- there is not a dark enough dungeon for me for people who would -- leaders to anybody much less a thirteen year old boy. Because he was from Iraq. Spoke Arabic you thought it was less of a person. I don't I don't know the races. Again of the -- I'm gonna say this though this just reset I refuse. Normalize allow. Let's just say for the sake of argument. That there of a different race that via the perpetrators. I refused to let. Back. Influenced my judgment nor should it in anyway shape performed my outrage in any way shape or form. Because. The conservative Terry and view. Remember folks those of you who love liberty and those of you who cherish freedom. You must. Be aware of and respect. The contributions made by people of every single race. To our country. The way it used to be in the way it must be in the future. And we as conservative areas of that's what you consider yourself the day. We must never. Ever. Ever stepped in to -- territory. Where we regard anybody with suspicion based on race creed or color. We have this -- and very strong together about that. And I will guarantee you that. Anybody listening to the show is outraged by the murder of his thirteen girl if you're not outraged I don't want it was a listeners that's up. Here is a -- in Hamburg on WB EM. -- I apologize for keeping you want to hold as long as I did welcome to the hourly show when -- you've been -- -- your family victimized by violent crime. Yeah yeah I went to a larger goal arm arm to see years old now when I was worried. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And her or at the murder was -- Marc -- And that he was next door neighbor migrant parents we -- know -- and -- water and it turned out that's. Where this wasn't -- think street wasn't. The -- they weren't the people on street where they. -- -- OK okay -- the story about the street murders that will make you plot split the go ahead. -- Out of my -- southern tier it was a small I don't. My -- in -- presence on my grandparents and -- advantage in my other. Our post -- who are. Dinner our party -- and my grandfather always carried a little. He was Al -- name and actually be voting going and because you're so am -- to dinner and have them and networks. The murder weapon. She had -- -- in my normal -- much different turned out. All right suspect it would have been greatly different let me. What I'm gathering here is the weapon was unsecured in the hole. Your grandparents came home for dinner the purpose which startled the -- killed both of your grandparents are there were witnesses. That's -- way or some. And our. CC. Are. At war. Arm. When he was -- yeah would trigger the I -- A few years later I was working at a garage. China air station. I -- And when our backs weren't sure work truck or achieved this very shooting. In the -- There -- and I wouldn't show up at the rights and body -- scared don't know artworks. Were. But it did it effectively and and it happens to or urged. Well. Societies workers -- and it just turner wrote this entire family for. Several years. Well yeah any time. You know when you meet I can relate with that because basically every single holiday in my family between my paternal and maternal side somebody always dies on a major holiday yes including Christmas Eve. -- natural causes not homicide I can only imagine. The deep impact that made on your family and probably on your kids as well because they know what you went through. With their great grandparents every single Christmas. It's since spread out. And now it's it's it's it's portions. It's just so it's always that are you know it's it's -- -- How did they tracked down the killer who got her grand per. Well the they figured that every other -- first effort at -- -- And then. It was getting mail you -- running and and they see -- and he shot them. All and they don't -- weapon. And it's all the weapons for. And structured effort must be blotter it was partially or -- that. And later immigrants are some state had brought in what this. This individual or you'll all say we should say all steel and stop doing air traffic stop. Racing wasn't nailed down a steel. They took over here on might steal and are just. The source of breaching its. Do you without naming the perpetrators identity. Do you have any idea whether this individual reformed and went on to. Have some kind of a life that was worth living or was he basically. A hemorrhoids on society. And still listed Tuesday. These are now did did go on that arm off -- died. Overdosed or something to that fact that. It's a record but the total scumbag. We are -- a leopard change its spots I ask you. The answer actually sometimes -- yes -- very infrequently. Dan I'm sorry that you had to go through that and I think I heard in your voice and hope that listeners did too. The profound effect. Bad. Murder had. I'm not only yourself put on your entire family. And if there's anything I mean it it's hard to find a positive in that at least your grandparents had something like a chance to live. At least they had something like an opportunity to experience some of what our brief time on this planet has to offer this thirteen year old kid. What the hell -- he ever do to anybody. What what experiences. Did he ever have a chance to enjoy. I mean. He'd ever probably got a chance to drive a car. Never had a chance to graduate from high school never had a chance to get -- never had a chance to do anything young boy thinks about. This is -- is just the kid just got cut short. And it just it it it's just it's heart break. -- that's it that's the worst. As ordinary out and -- there's no reason -- -- actually no reason. All right my friend Dan thank you for confiding in -- -- you have. I appreciate your call very much. Thank you enough folks I apologize. If if if I've gotten emotional about this if I don't get emotional about it there's something wrong with -- My first emotion is absolute anger. Over what happened to a -- my second that emotion news just being very. Emotionally. Lay -- about it because I think about BM thirteen years soldier -- in thirteen years old. I don't even think I -- my first date when I was thirteen years old. More than made up -- believe me don't feel sorry for me but that's not the point the point is this kid never had a chance -- -- Here is a dawn in the Wilson on WB and I I suspected that you might be calling in -- -- welcome to the buy -- sure organ. -- Thought I I don't know how much you want me to say so I'm just gonna let you lead the conversation. Lou great to begin. It's. Tell you shocking when you wake up on a Sunday morning. And you hear -- that your best friend and her boyfriend were murdered. Senselessly I might -- You're talking about the Robbie Drake case. And her best friend was a young lady I remembered to this day her name was Amy Smith. Yep and -- you go through their first child. And he's convicted -- you think things they're okay. And -- he is. Three minute 82 trial. And you go through this second trial. And you think things they're OK. You are now he is awaiting a fair trial. They were talking again about -- Jon Drake -- you would rather not say his name and I don't. Like I I know and I but I have to just to communicate with my audience that you were the woman of whom I spoke earlier. Who was deeply affected me were about the same age dawn. And I remember that day in it would in 1981. Or 82. When Amy and her boyfriend were sitting in the car and that. Young man came along with -- 22 rifle claiming he was your shooting at a car he thought was empty. What -- it's just answer -- question. What was his motive why did he do it because I've never believed for a minute that that was not intentional. Now. I don't know what a load that he could have had. There -- stories going around that he asked AV out and Amy had said no was that throw. I don't know. -- I don't mean I don't have to go into ground -- it's gonna upsets you more than you are because thought if any if you know what if anybody who has been this way. You work like the best victims' advocate outside of -- One of the best I've ever heard of because you have never stopped fighting for justice for your friend Amy Smith. No and I never will either my book I went to the second trial as much as I could. I would be at the third child every day. Supporting her feeling. And it's -- good question actually yes I I honestly don't know. I have always I've always wondered and you know what I still don't understand is if it wasn't intentional. Why would you walked up to the car and then why would he tried to hide the bodies. I don't know. I have never that never made sense to me. Well it didn't hasn't made it or not it makes sense Annie. And won a little -- You don't understand how he can take. That woman with two guys I mean. He took a look at their life a little bit you'd just. You don't under the end and you never. Forget. Some people say he had you'd have closure now know he -- the trial while closure is. Nonsense. I've thank you very I was just gonna say closure is BS I almost said the other word instead of BS. Obama almost that it -- they -- it it's never get closure. You. I mean. She looked like about -- dead. A lot of stuff together she -- a year older that I -- she you know she top neat thing she you know. And who we're gonna go through bike to get married this yet another thing and like I hate. -- it was her boyfriend was. Steve by rows that Rosenthal. Yet in -- in the -- and he had a promising way to cool you know and you can't really -- are affected to all of both of the feeling for our school it's just. You never ever forget. And no matter what thirty some years later. And who you know like I say it now. We're going to be going through a third trial. Well I don't think heroes -- -- -- very to. Idea ought to be imprisoned the rest of his life just like John justice. I don't think there's any rehabilitation for either of those two. No no he he should. He should be present for the rest of his life -- able to use you don't take your life and then gone all right I get I did my time. Thought I'd like Cuba hold on if you could because. Even before I knew you this case touched me as you know I think that's one of the reasons why we started corresponding because I actually remembered. So hold hold on if if if you can for 49 I need to break that we're gonna do Traficant by the way -- stand by because. Rumor has that the word of the day in our cash contest is coming up soon. And AccuWeather the rest of the day partly cloudy chilly the overnight low 38 degrees I have -- -- I'm depressed over the -- got to be honest with you partly sunny tomorrow 58 hi April may sixth. African it is 52 at WBBM. Let me get back to dawn. We're talking about violent crime whether it's impacted your family because her thirteen year old boy originally from Morocco came to buffalo through -- we can have a better life reports. The kid -- -- -- to learn English it's great grades in school by the -- is pretty amazing too because as I know he was taught in English stars -- nose and it was real big on teaching and English and not making sure that the buffalo schools autumn Arabic instead -- -- amazing how that works. But let me get back to dawn dawn you talked about the folly of closure just one more question. As as a friend of Amy Smith. One of the people one of two people killed by Robbie direct. How. Deep an impact. Does that murder continued to have on your life. Very deep. There is not -- -- -- that -- by that I don't think of Amy and what could event. You know what she would be like -- leave what we would be doing together because I know we would still be. That's different. I look at how. As good of a friendship we get -- really lived have to crack away from each other -- -- -- who are coming up banging you know. So I -- her all the time. On I. I thanks for calling and I know it's difficult for -- even today to talk about and lot of people don't know this dawn as one of the few people with my private cellphone number. -- take it easy arterial. -- Don thanks. -- and actually I was very important in this case his name is Michael to Marty's calling in from -- Wanda. And if the name rings a bell. It weighs you and I believe that race a Lipsky. Who came upon mr. Drake loading the bodies into the trump. Well I'm a little angry I'm a little bit sad but. I'm I gotta tell yeah I I need to do a break. But are you willing to hang in there with me until after the news at five to talk about the circumstances. Leading up to your work basically. -- you basically walked into what few cops ever walk in to you actually caught a murderer written literally read and. You know lottery they don't win but just sort of like -- that. All right we'll hold on and I trust you are now retired and off the job. Right here you and Ernie green. -- They -- it is a good shot. I'll hold on all right. Lol lol you know they did take the thing out of his gas -- in chemical weapons training. That was dirty it was a dirty trick all on Mike if you would OK yeah Mike has a very interesting story to tell who would have to the Arab news at five and WB yet.

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