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5-5 Tom Bauerle Show Hour 1

May 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

News radio 930 WBS. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah hold. It for a few months ago when you were asked what's the biggest geopolitical threat facing America -- so much. But al-Qaeda. That Russia. In the 1980s are now calling to ask for the foreign policy that. Wherever and whenever I can pick up without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families that's what I'm gonna do when that happened to it. Gary -- Destroy all silent. That was an amendment. Tom hourly about it even though this. I think it right back bathing in slide in its local -- is the it's Tom our lady who could cool whip completely cool -- On news radio 930. All right we're getting there we're live there are. Hey it is. All -- get off. Who's left work at city beach is it does that does that. All it. Israel earlier that -- iPod is -- -- -- it pissed me off. Anyway now let's that's what I'm -- anyway it is rabbi earlier Israeli had a thirty WBP. And -- name on eight and I hate to break news to you but. We did have a little son earlier today. Right before I can't vote or die a made it a point to upside and whack. -- -- -- Whip my weed wacker and there was sunshine I assure you out some of you have to work -- -- cubicle land. We're celebrating fifty years of the cubicle at least we were last week. So just say you know we did actually have. An hour's worth of sun today. All my god the weather here absolutely sucks when I moved. I am so well getting to a place with more sunshine. And no income tax you have no idea. Yet it's as I can't I seriously. While we look at the mudslides true that's why -- live underneath the mountain it's likely to have a mud slide we don't get -- Alliances. But I can't take that. It's this is it sick. I know fairly sick -- -- that joke ever and John Germans have a question for you guys that he doesn't -- thing here. Very long. John you made Joseph does not a -- of my eyes is this whether you know it's. If you're gonna pay the ridiculous taxes we have -- -- I think it's kind of a trade -- you know like paradise on earth. Now -- palm trees coconuts. Topless women. -- without big black stretch pants were in the casino oats chain smoking Virginia slims. That would be one thing. But agreed to pay the taxes that never see the sun and the on the weekend they have 48 -- -- I thought and I told news. But it was -- see twenties that entitles me the right to bitch we didn't come from Florida and -- job here making it pretty it's gonna be like Florida. Now I was deposited here out of the law. I can't be the only one. I would radio people are supposed to -- -- it -- up yours parents. But guess what I've got drafted to vote I've got bush is I've got to trim dignity as well. I've got. -- grass I've got -- I've got weeds -- -- I've got things I want to do outside. And opinion it literally a fall -- Sweatshirt and -- all jacked it in early may -- -- get some things that around that's not right. That's on the whole okay. Not to mention the fact we went one for Super Bowls. We currently -- one astute but it was definitely cops like that's what anything is in the public. Which I don't quality. My job. Anyway. I'm up all quote you know I'm a follow. Up a lot of foul mood. Intentionally. Have no trees on my property of any hi I am sure. It is a weeping cherry tree which is only now beginning to -- It will get no taller than twenty feet in week ensure victory. Okay folks I want to think about something what is the most well. Certain job you can imagine. On the house what as they both disgusting. Fetid putrid. Wretched. Job you can think Iran you know miners. I would rather pick up dog crap with like well they clean the gutters. Daughter cleaning. Is absolutely. Remarkable thing. Disgusting. Putrid Powell added repugnant. I was thinking of all these adjectives yesterday while I was in the process of doing it. And it's funny I stopped. It's even might try -- it's from the -- -- archery. Which I intend to kill surreptitiously. That I just think that you know gets added but it's why -- all. Now -- Wenger was showing all clear. About this shortly this product. That is it's his robot doubles field put your gutters and it cleans up the gutter for you. I don't trust it for a minute it looks too good to be true. Too good to be true. So that our. Out of you guys can relate to Paris but. All all in addition to the twenty minutes or what the twenty seconds of sunshine we had this morning. We did have a little miss sunshine yesterday but of course we also had a a win. We also had a win a blow all right a win. And that. It was it was pretty bad pretty net. So well not pretty bad -- hurricane force but it was inevitable that so it was it was chilly outside right. Anyway. Walk the shortages. I decided I was gonna braved the elements in addition to do in the garage -- I was gonna do the house gutters. However. This is the story of my life. It wasn't long enough to get the job done. I -- a folding ladder. Which is just. Enough to get the garage. And not quite tall enough to allow me to reach the first ring of gutters at the lowest level around the house. Not to mention the factors at any level ground manner. In which to place said latter. Stroll. I got to figure out away. To get these things it's not going to be your robot -- -- that's got to that's here has got to be some flaws -- that. I don't know if you're familiar with robotic gutter cleaning. There's a site iRobot. And they they sell these things like 300 bucks for 200 dollars -- -- labor nice extension letter. And use that. Clean my -- gutters -- -- doesn't bother. Although I got a lot out of the funniest story of all time guys I am not series -- worked out around my house last -- very. One of the guys who is doing the job. Is scared of heights that's his job to go up on the -- he's scared of heights. I don't even know what to say. Other than dude you are so in the wrong line of work it would be like me being scared of performing. You can't these -- the job you have to do every day really. That's not your bag gave it. I could not leave. I'm an I really did -- Maybe mark Croce will like -- from his helicopter and a basket up in my gutters that way. You know wanna pay anybody did you. Because what is a good extension -- 20/20 marks maybe in 1920. We're look at it what maybe two recorder. What would a thirty -- letter may be 44 letter I go after the show up drug -- do some shopping mr. Bed, Bath & Beyond what I look at. 150 for an extension letters that the steal. Steal our right and it would get be up to what thirty feet forty feet. 33 okay. So all -- I can spend that amount of money and then not have to worry about paying somebody to do the gutters cans for. Figure stuff out that by the way that I mention is that even my own stuff for my own tree because -- have retreat for the very reason that I hate cleaning gutters. So anyway I'll be selling my home soon anyway it doesn't matter but at least I wanna have clean gutters to sell. So there's -- Anyway. -- now. Have to euthanize begrudge an. Actor nobody. She's a barrel. She can't -- anybody else but I can't figure out what the so popular joke it's not that. It's just not good. Anyway. I've been delaying the topic. Because it's really something I don't wanna talk about. Here's I'm really scared and commonly used some words that are gonna get me fired. Have you follow in the case of this kid in buffalo. At all. Anybody out there following the case -- buffalo OK. Here's this kid who is given. Apparently. There we go really needs you put the flaps down in the computer keyboard down like that it's amazing how you can play went both sides are level. So my co workers do not understand that. Anyway since this is why -- studio home. I I I get a certain -- -- home wherever homeless. I I I'm sick of dealing with. This got -- anyway. I'm still blowing. This -- buffalo was given an iPhone. Now for those of you don't know an iPhone is a really really high tech Smart ball. For those of you who don't know what a Smart followed his I would consider talking with Joseph dispenser at forest lawn and making pre arrangements. Because they -- Smartphone is what everybody has today by the way whoever coined the term Smartphone was absolutely stupid. Because my Smartphone is absolutely. Dumb. My Smartphone. Is configured in such a way that every button I hit is the wrong button. That everything is so close together. That you hit -- you try to get a BE if you end up taking at the sub screen you've never seen before. And I have no desire to see that again. So anyway it's called an iPhone. It's made by apple the same people oddly enough to make the iPad. And it is. It's a tool of Satan in many respects. But kids love. Iphones and Smartphones. Probably because their fingers are tiny TV and making use them with great dexterity. Well ever attempt I'd dial phone number -- has sent the -- it looks like I just had a stroke. Seriously guys -- if you've noticed that your so called Smart well you're good speller. Your command of the language is pretty. Right you go to write something and it looks like it was written by some spastic having a seizure. That's the way out -- -- -- that way and then try to that the voice you know me a voice to text command. Okay who would design is that dictionaries. To voice to text a bunch of Chinese. Who have no clue as to the English language. Because I can't remember a missed communications. I have sent in tending to say one thing that comes out of totally different way. Even with the best of picture. So that's the top Smartphone. Is a misnomer. People like me and -- who buy these things worse -- My next vote is going to be -- listen. Is going to be able to. Bio literacy that's it. Done I don't need to take pictures I don't need to take video memos. I don't need to download music. I don't need to watch port of ago I'd just like damn fault. That will send and receive phone calls. Seriously. These these Smartphones are ridiculous. There are too many buttons too close together. Anyway. He's old and -- revenues for the past five years I've got a cell phone before you its -- 1993. Back when they were easy to use all up it makes or call it receives a call. Well and then -- the pull them well all kinds extras you tell me. But kids love. Kids love their Smartphones. Because they haven't learned yet that -- nothing but the tools of the double. The but the spawns of Satan. And in buffalo over the weekend. I don't know what this. Because I've been delayed bringing up the topic. And I got to get it out here. I am absolutely. Furious. I could not be any angrier that I am at this very moment. Because a thirteen year old boy in buffalo. Head is iPhone -- Stolen. By a thug or thugs. In black. This thirteen year old apparently tried to follow. This government -- who ripped off his cell phone his Smartphone is iPhone. And the theory is. That. The useless breeders'. Who stole the kids fall and probably killed him because you wanted to bet that's the operative theory that's taking place right now. If that is true I don't care these little people or fifteen years -- I'd be more than happy to push the plunger down other lethal injection. If they're found guilty beyond the shadow of any doubt I did have no problem at all. This kid is thirteen girl boy. Get a cell phone from his parents. Where is mom because she was proud that he was really learning English very very -- -- families from -- a rock the rock. The kid's name by the way. Probably most of we have -- heard of -- except those of you were in the local Iraqi or Arabic community and what you guys hang together I'm not sure if some mosques are precluded by the Iraqis and others by the amenities and others by the up on the -- -- I don't know. But the kid's name was Aamir I'll show -- He will never get any older than thirteen. He was given that the iPhone -- mom. Because his grades were great. And his language skills in English were getting better every day. And for him to have his cell phone ripped off and apparently to get wet. When he was trying to chase down the people who did it. Absolutely. Discussed. Like you can't believe. Like I'm having such horrible meaning. Medium bowl thoughts pulp fiction to the basement with again kind of thoughts. That it's probably not healthy for. To give them too much -- or oh yeah yeah I think it'll Marcellus that. About step. Zip is dead baby. Is dead -- Marcellus word for word I can't say that word for word has the drops the end -- But anyway. Folks I'm outraged. This this is one of the most sinister crimes. I've talked about on the show if that's the way this thing went down. If that is if that word this city and our society has song. I want out. Evidence starship. The next -- -- there was -- Yeah and I wish this on Friday but. Draw off people in the world to get it back in a Pink Floyd it's Tim swagger mr. I -- I just -- -- has been a -- -- fans all week up. Anyway thanks -- -- to be back into it and now my job is to lead to a long with Tim and get him into Jethro at all. Chances of that happening are slim and none. Obviously. Now it is 334 over at his repeat of 930 WB yet now anyway folks are about that I I guess. One of the things they applied about the if you listen long -- yet been talking about tragedy it's tragedy drives me crazy. I really hate seeing people upset. I can't stand when somebody gets whacked when they're thirteen years old oversaw the stupid. By apparently street -- idol goal. I don't know how old the the perpetrators are I don't know what race car I don't know anything about. The people who took this kid's -- for him. And this kid this kid who came from -- rock of all places and it comes to the United States and ends up and black. Over his -- fall and I don't know I don't have a suspect description. If I haven't I would give it always knew whether the alleged perpetrators is white black. Whatever they are -- -- I don't care. But. What I don't understand. And maybe this question was asked at the news conference that we covered here at WB yeah. What I don't understand is that with iPhone. And just about everything else may now. They control every time it wins. So why can't they tracked down where this ball has been what powers was it up -- -- where is right now. The only way to stop -- helpful for off hours at least you used to be -- as a mature about now is by taking the battery out. Even if it turns up you're still -- -- you know that you're gonna kill somebody drive -- -- to dump the body always take the battery out of the ball just to let you know. Anyway. All I watched the first 48 I know these ranks and ultimately served by the way they're not gonna do that it -- probably listening to another radio station. I won't -- station but anyway. We're talking about this thirteen year old boy the irony is family comes from Iraq. -- -- buffalo. Comes. -- The kid gets his iPhone to -- treasures. Stolen. He gives to the bad guys and pulleys are surprising the bad guys basically waited for him. And beat the crap bottom of the debt so they can have his Eiffel. -- -- There is no punishment. -- be given out you don't buy -- -- If they're if they're juvenile offenders here here's here's what their punishment is going to be -- Oh that was a slap on the wrist. If they're juvenile offenders. They will be a vote before you can say recidivism. And before most of them treatments ballot. So anyway let's put the news conference and he can read more about this horrifying story. A WB -- I wish I spoke Arabic as you bring good friends who speak Arabic. Over at that Rachel's restaurant may treat Williams will. But I don't feel like imposing on Henry to act as interpreter for me today because I'd love to talk to the family. But without any herb mix deals I've tried to learn it and it just it doesn't work. You know all I've tried. I did it it's. Any Mandarin doesn't work for me either don't like I'm I'm mocking -- Victor some languages that don't work for me -- out of the Hungarian girl for two years all I can say is your regale. To set choke all. And I know the Hungarian word for -- that's about it. So -- I -- I don't get I I don't understand Indo European languages yes Arabic I don't I would love to be able to talk to the family and thank god. That they have a support community within the Iraqi exile community. That at least they've got people make upon whom they can leave. In their time of need. And you know all I just. Did the news conference this morning I know look I know I'm -- Because I'm upset. I've made here are big notes to myself. And I basically just have our Kevin able to read off the notes because I'm so pissed off right now so in a rare. In a rare statement the spokesman for the buffalo police department. Mike the George I still haven't heard from Mike about the official explanation for why the cops went and Adam are -- department the wrong one and murdered his dog. I'm still waiting for the official explanation on that one. But -- the George in a rare. Is -- where he says something other than I can't comment on that or this is an ongoing investigation I have nothing I can say about that. In a rare example that he can't -- that -- a couple of sentences together. -- the George at a news conference this morning covered by WB Ian and this is what. And a year now. Apparently. We. Had a computer glitch here and it didn't fire the right way. So right now Mike is probably mocking me. Are we ready yet the guy you got to work our take -- here is buffalo police spokesman Mike. -- was last seen I think Friday evening. 5530. In the vicinity. -- -- Peter street around 9:30. Friday evening it's my understanding that the family. Reported between missing at that point the investigation began immediately officers. On patrol. -- in searching areas where the boy lived in and around those areas. I was also put out. Two other police agencies that way through you're recounting but also the states in about seventeen hours -- you know hours. After before it was reported missing as you know unfortunately. The body was discovered that by passers by. Are now up mayor Byron brown. He's still around a -- -- but mayor brown is still around. And we have three different audio bites from him and I don't have the intro to any of the bites so we're just gonna play -- one after the other so you'll hear basically I went there of 4959. Seconds. Bob mayor Byron brown 49 seconds of Byron brown -- spaces in between various questions asked by the media. The family obviously is very sad they're heartbroken. And I shared with. The community as heartbroken as well -- a terrible loss of very young teenager and it hurts all of us. It's an active investigations. The police are working around the clock on this we are going to work just as hard as we -- to try to find. The individual or individuals responsible for us. This is an active investigation. Every single lead every single bit of information is being followed up on I would pass the community to please provide any information that anyone in the community. Might have please call the tip line number 8472255. We will follow up on every single. Lead available. There's really three cuts must've missed that one of okay Charles Mayer brown. So basically. At least in terms of what they're releasing to the public. You know you think of the police don't have anything but let's face it used in the same TV shows I have and you know exactly what they've done they've gone over the -- -- phone number they know where that -- last being offered now. In effect they might they might even know the phone is right now. Is that bad guys might have sold it to some schmuck on the story. And the guy with a -- right now might not even know he's got this birther boy's fault. And when they arrested him you know he'll have to say hey I just bought up these kids I I had -- I was. An -- maybe he didn't. But if weirdest thing about this here from. To be murdered if that if this is what we're talking about. To be murdered over a telephone. The iPhone bought 3029300. Bucks. To be murdered over. That amount. Of money. And an iPhone. You gotta think that this kit. -- get most of you. I'd ever heard of the Q have you would expect me to. Haven't heard of every kid in Western New York either. But this kid I was very well known in the local Iraqi community. On -- all shot. And here's what -- thing. He's thirteen -- result. His mother gives him this 300 dollar fall as a reward for great grids. And that. Because he had worked on his proficiency. In English. Conflict in this kid when he got the phone Jack probably said. I really get in trouble from mom or bad when I get at all. There are probably don't want to know I'd give it up I didn't even follow the guys. So I wonder if fear. Of what his parents would say. Might have contributed to this kid following based -- the nuts to where they were to -- -- him -- and murder him. I'm not blaming the victim by the way. Because look the same I was thirteen. I was more scared of my parents -- hope they would react that I was ever anybody else in their misdeeds. Because believe my period to give me a 300 well back then it would have been about a thousand dollar if they if my parents give me that. And I had let somebody steal it. Bay would not -- Ambien pleased. Right we're at 803 all night there. What do you think's going on -- year. I don't have any description of the perpetrators of this I don't well. If he followed the mountain bike I only presume. And I was not at the news conference. That they were driving a car the it was able ball on a bike with me on bikes. It safely on bikes that they flee on foot. I don't know a lot of the news stories are kind of sketchy about some of the details on the cops are giving up a whole lot. But. This situation absolutely. Positively. Nausea -- -- and to add -- to murder. If these. Thoughts. When they're caught. Are brought before justice. I just have this I have a funny feeling they're gonna cops have kind of an attitude. Like they were owed an iPhone. I got a funny feeling that maybe. Just maybe they'll do a year or two and so -- juvenile detention facility. That. Five years will read about the -- to drive by and they didn't locked up for fifteen years out seven and they're doing it to somebody else why I get the feeling. Why don't -- get the feeling that these thugs aren't exactly destined to become productive working members of society. And it is very seldom I'd find myself this pissed off. Thirteen years old thirteen. First -- beta teenager. Think about this he's never gonna know how to drive a car. He probably will never be on a date. Or an arranged marriage whatever the Iraqi custom is in the United States I don't know. And for those of you wanna knock arranged marriages. That maybe there's something to them I think the divorce rate is far less with a arranged marriages and it is and we get to choose our own people just say I -- But think about all the things this kid is never gonna experience. Because some Jack poll some high -- -- Wanted his -- and iPhone. Chrysler bought about life fault they wanted it bad debt. It'll thrill -- thirtieth news radio 930 WB year. All right AccuWeather dot act you four on the right it will be cloudy and chilly overnight low thirty day. It is -- -- start being really angry again sorry it's may dammit. I need seventy at least we get 75 is it to put to rest. I can't be the only one -- the only one -- -- about the weather. Okay because I don't think I I don't like I should lose by buffalo card for bitching about the work as -- Sox. For tomorrow partly sunny 58 partly sunny means that means it'll shine for twenty minutes that'll be the exact when he manager meeting with your boss and closed office partly sunny. And Wednesday it all here's a shock Italy -- a passing shower in the afternoon and 64. -- at least in Tampa. At least every day you get a thunderstorm. Every day in Tampa but it makes up for they're usually very fast. Pass and then you get. -- -- You actually see a big bright thing in the -- sometimes it's -- music. And it is but the fifth call fifty. That's smile and fencing that news radio 930 WVM 52. That's what it is in German but it sounds like it's warmer when you say German. I think 52 would English works by influencing in German and it sounds like you should be warmer right. I'd a told German psychology. Actually wouldn't psychiatry invented by area. Was for an Austrian. Gonna be accretion of issue Austrian news but I cannot. I think it was an Austrian -- I believe I'm not mistaken. Anyway folks say there are some murders. That you know you are never going to forget. There are some murders that the marks and scars on the community. -- let me just give an example. I've said this before. Couple gang bangers shoot it out on a street corner over drug deal who cares. And HK no humans well NHI actually know humans involved in other words civilians involved. -- prohibition era Chicago. Cared. -- Albanian elk appalled and they went at each other guys were whacking each other all the time -- the beer racquet. It was not that this is the life we've Asian. Let's stop -- to have regular guy name O'Grady. He had a vision. That vision think -- Las Vegas. Today. Even -- show. It's got bothered to Hyman Roth. Those who don't know but I mean they chose that life are right so other than the people were either -- or gang or people who love them the most. It really cares. All right you choose a certain life. And if you get wet in the process of -- the price is doing business. When you're talking about a thirteen year old boy here. You're talking about an innocent victims. I don't know how old this kid was when he came from. This kid from a place. Where if Muslims are killing each other they're killing Christians. Air some group isn't blowing up one group that group is blowing up some other group at least for the longest time. Living under the Saddam Hussein regime when he was born under the yes Saddam regime. I'm not sure exactly when his family came here to the United States but the -- Irony votes of coming from a place we think of as being primitive. We -- the space rock yeah Baghdad big city. Mesopotamia the cradle of civilization what the hell happened since that. But anyway you know we think of it is being a Third World country ish then come out of buffalo and heaven -- iPhone stolen. And they get murdered over. I I am outraged guys are I. Give me your thoughts on this -- this I know this one is gonna stay with. It's gonna stay with the rest of my -- certain murders do this is one of those that well. Or obligors. Alone in. New markets is name is I'm year nobody gives a crap. 80309390. You do -- -- there was a generalization. Folks I'm I'm not frustrated with you I'm not even frustrated with me. I'm frustrated. That we live in a society. Where. Little -- -- are willing to snuff a thirteen year old over stupid electronic device. That's what really really really really angers. The poor kid. -- We'll take calls coming up 8030930. News radio 930 W beat -- I'm so aggravated I'm so angry. And I want justice for this little --

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