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5-5 Beach and Company Hour 3

May 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tony you gotta help me you must help me. You're the executive producer what reminded though it turns out that we you know we announced that code word of the top of the 11 o'clock hour. And some people have notified us hey. Our America Arab battery went out we didn't inherit could you please repeat its order repeated now but here's the problem. I know the word is I have a right in front of me the word is break. However here's the problem. Are to ECB can answer these questions what happens if you have a valuable base our hands and you lift your hands apart and it falls from the floor one doesn't do breaks the breaks that's BR -- -- in your car. And suddenly an animal runs in front of you you got to step on that second panel from a right. What is that -- a bright. So -- -- an MB ER KE is that acceptable. Or is it BRE a K there's no pronunciation guide announces simply said because he's got these huge. The word for this hour is break we don't know which break it is what do we do. What we've got to get two more are on the line and find -- we need an executive decision is -- break. Or is a break because nowhere is a rented. Because it's online. I don't know what pocket -- he. That out of the true would be it's one that means one in one and two gonna win -- 100 woes are really don't know. Oslo I guess -- week and we just say that would accept either break or break. That's off our Chris what -- you -- Tim -- I think he's at the health spot. -- among call and find out if the word is break and we really don't know about making this up like tried to get comedic opportunities from a but we don't know of -- BR AK RB RE -- the as it ain't. Credit so that's that but and and one problem. You feel like you do you feel lucky punk we ought to do that you feel like he block well. Yeah do you think it's the diary AK. Or is it BR EZ. Well to tell you the truth all this excitement bluster. I really have. Is that the thing you step on stop your car which is the break. Or is it maybe the thing you do when you go to commercials you take a break or something you don't work you take a lunch break. Or dinner break anywhere where Irish -- So that's it but it's break that you write that down. Right great. Market now too fired school officials intend assume buffalo if you talk about adding insult to injury. A since the beginning to show these women have balls they rarely rarely do and apparently not much pride. I can't I can't comment on the -- academic achievements because I don't have them in front of me but if they were pretending to have some thing. I would ask to see it if they thought they had something I would still ask to see it. If they were convinced they had something I would ask to see the certification. And apparently Pamela brown or Mary when whoever did the interview didn't do that. And so what happens. Is that they give the money to go to college to get the certification all the time they believe that they had it or didn't need it or whatever however the story might be today. A but the bottom line is it's going to be a three million dollar law also and it's going to be -- heard the weather -- try -- get -- heard in Georgia and Florida. I why they would have jurisdiction because that's where they -- And them of the one that would have the pony up the money is in New York so if we if we lose so I would think we've trying get it changed to. -- New York for sure there's New York that most of the funding them at 80% of school budget for buffalo comes from New York. Seoul we're asking about this. In the court of public opinion that you Amylin. Williams and faith Morrison Alexander. Have a case three million dollar lawsuit and what they're lawyers claiming the same thing all lawyers claim of broad look at it from law school 101. Also future earnings blah blah blah blow up on no real talkative and no video interview him because they were fired. And in education of your fired nobody will even give you an interview which is ridiculous. Ridiculous c'mon. You know any any industry any rule any anyplace you wanna work work. They would hire you if you have been fired from previous job now goes with the territory to put your fired all the time for various reasons we're downsizing. You are -- you're going out of boss's daughter there could be all kinds of reasons. But the bottom line is nobody says if you got the goods if you've got the goods nobody's gonna say if you win and I you. We're not going to allow you to help us make money because you were fired somewhere else how many times have people -- fired because where they were working they had no. Appreciation for the skills that were involved. With that particular person and we shouldn't sports all the time and then they go to another team or another league and they blossom. It's just the way it is maybe it was a wrong coach may be wrong game plan I mean in the sports metaphor could be a lot of things. But the bottom line is if you got it somebody's gonna hire you. It's gonna happen because nobody wants to turn their back on somebody that can make money for them got it. And so the thought that the the educational community would not embrace yeah amoled Williams. And -- Morris and Alexander. I think it's more likely that they hate to be honest -- you that they wouldn't be hired because of frivolous lawsuits. Then it is because they got fired the first place. -- you guys think that's right if somebody were looking at even they couldn't tell you that's the reason would you be less likely to hire somebody who has filed frivolous lawsuits. As a as opposed to just somebody who fired because it can be a lot of legitimate reasons required. You know the losses would scare me yeah especially if it's the exact same position so you -- -- take the same position. And another school when he sued the previous school Gunner and position because you're gonna say there but for the grace of god go why -- -- -- -- -- not gonna tell -- because nobody ever tell -- the real reason -- get the job. They don't want to they don't wanna be pinned down. It's 40 I don't know the other person -- more experience. Blah blah blah blah blah it was a tough choice blah blah blah blah but better tell you the real reason. So having said that. I don't think they'd be too eager to hire somebody that's filing frivolous lawsuits are trying to have an easy rest of their lives. So ID you know you talk about paying pass superintendents lifetime. Health insurance as we did with Williams and I'm sure his predecessors. Pop up paying them for not working at all but a paying down the we're coming in and we're spending taxpayer money to try and help them. Again though where they have to go. And then they turn around -- you that's called biting the hand that feed you. And -- freedom until -- got caught with what their hands out of these certification jar. We'll take a break it all we come back we'll talk to you about this they don't Treo not trio 18061692. Music star and I'm thirty. We have and we have -- -- playing on the knee rattling ruling. Never rattled your world -- there it is. We go we contacted we actually tweeted. It's all hip I am amusing in terms. He actually Sweden Simon Cowell told us that the word for the hour iron to twenty minutes ago was break BER. A KE. Got it not be our -- that would be wrong DR AKC is correct so that's good. Don't forget the next hour when our world would be there. It's made up just a few economists -- mood today you know and -- it's a break. Last year okay VR AK Sheila as him I'd great for -- Things like duke rape as you see the -- Obama. -- -- -- -- Some days there's a wearing a business partner very nice I love you you really first class. But the building right across our driveway here as a goose it's on the third floor. And usually see them walking around so that schools have decided to go up in the house and the hangs around there and away where like fans of the grows. We're where we're goose admirers whose passage yeah exactly. Let's say the idea drug war. For the Harlem Globetrotters and -- -- -- -- keys are possibly. About Tatum was Agusta item. I'm not sure I think there was a traveler for the one time for the globetrotters. Game -- them. It was -- they have really good players they could probably play in all ultimately want to and they're. They've program providing a lot of fun for a long time all right in the court of public opinion does he MO let Williams. And faith Morrison Alexander have a case for is also be filed in district courts. In the women's home states of Georgia and Florida. I would hope that it would be end up here because this is where you know the alleged. Infraction occurred meanwhile I think we were buffalo more than they were certainly. And when they were -- goal. There was even in a statement. Made by the ball hard as says this is in no way and are I don't know lawyer suggests that a provision is that it. But this in no way reflects. A lack Novo. Ability or things like that. They gave my claim walking away parting gift by saying it's not that they -- -- job it is simply because they were not certified so how come back now and say they use words like libel and slander. Okay now I've I've been leaked on the show several times believe me we've never libeled slandered I I don't see any libel slander in the prime. And I don't think drug our Karl used libel slander so -- they're just going and throwing everything against the walls that respects. You -- right sandy -- boost. Your original while parents basket. -- -- it's -- you have to work out which routers that a couple of promotional things with them their basketball players to I don't know if they're NBA caliber but there's certainly. -- right now we go to the boost in street now. Let's go to line one misses a Jeff in Sanborn -- they have a case in the court of public opinion there Jeff. I don't believe so certainly I think the quote I'm the one word integrity they don't have any they don't know how to spell it. They could have any would be embarrassing -- -- personal. We are right you would think that being an integrity would say there was a misunderstanding. They did what they had to do it's unfortunate not everything has you know a -- wonderful ending. But the bottom line is they didn't. The good reliable me they didn't slander me and they said it wasn't that we didn't do a good job it's -- we weren't certified and that is indisputable they weren't certified. Bright bright and hope they don't sell well -- -- gold and American buffalo we don't know they probably -- give a better chance of winning. Because nobody cares that -- -- about what's happening in buffalo school. Yeah that's a good point and if they have prevailed. These are taxpayers. In the state of Georgia is a state of Florida wouldn't be on the hook for. Good point good point thank you the other taxpayers here I mean if or a jury trial an -- would be an odd. Whether it's a judge or jury an arbitrary -- you know media and I I've no idea how this would be handled. But the people here would know it's our money that's involved. Three million dollars talk about Gaulle said earlier in the show these women have balls they rarely do. And obviously he mention integrity I would also mention pride when you have a little bit of pride knowing that you never had the certification. And they found out about it. And they said goodbye book when they said good bye they made a point to say it's not that you didn't do a good job. Is that videos certification wasn't there aren't and -- we are required by state law ought to habit. You would think they'd walk away now -- -- -- works now grabbed the money. And and a -- -- -- -- -- taxpayers now with them I guess we showed that we went -- from. Didn't have the certification now what -- yeah three million dollars Celeste a 1000004. Yum -- let a million for faith than a million for their lawyer that the way that works as everybody goes off in the sunset Torre safe deposit box. Pretty sad today. And everybody that's talking about settling this case. And that in -- story lawyers love to settle cases. And here's what they'll tell you balance because you'd -- noted jury's gonna say you never -- -- -- judge is going to do is gonna take a long time blob blob -- -- lot. The reason I like to settle. Is that they don't lose. I have -- security. If you settle you don't blows. You get some of humane I get all of that he probably won't. But you're not going to lose and that's what it is it's I've tried a similar cases and I've never lost value -- settled -- Well that's the case we don't -- -- lower we can do that ourselves. Let's go to Jerry and Amherst urine WB and Jerry. I'm Gerri thanks for calling what he got. -- -- that is true but those that are out of class and graduated from gospel and they didn't sit around with a couple other guys who who graduated from those I pollutants schools around the country. And everybody said. So what these women. They think -- -- these women that are making is that three million dollar think they haven't got a case its status to them they'll -- and just -- -- -- -- -- We've got a lesson we've got some we've got some lawyers it'll take those countries lawyers -- that's. Still the book and -- about the which. We have excellent lawyers here and I hope they were taken aggressive stance York. I'd like O'Connor and all these guys would take them to the woodshed side minutes I mean let's face it they don't have a case -- they did they were left and so much -- almost started throwing up. Well I was you know I was sure I almost threw up but I wasn't -- -- with laughter and put it. I don't put and they don't put the fear of -- of this state adult that they might. It's staked its -- and they lose. That not only are they not gonna get any part of the three million dollars but that they might -- to take money out of their own pocket. I like -- thought whether they have money and our blog we don't know but at least I'd like your idea of sending out the message are good under -- thank you. Yeah exactly what you know and England loser pays and that's the way it should be here really should be because otherwise. What is what is the current thought process is like winning the lottery. All you -- hole on the driveway and apology -- now will have some. And even if we don't get what we so far will -- For something well get something. Where we'll get something you'll get something that's just the way it is that's what we do now. It's like trying to win the lottery he give up any thoughts of hope of saving enough money for retirement you hope that something happens to you that you consume somebody for -- and get a large amount of money so you don't have the work or steal. Okay when these two women women when you -- left and faith were here. They weren't qualified. For the jobs of which they were performing because they weren't certified. Even if they had the ability to do the job they weren't qualified because they weren't certified now I want the next time a cop stops you. And and says I'm going to write you a ticket let me see your license you say I don't have one. But I don't need one because I can drive just as well as somebody with a license that plays -- -- that works out. I can look at -- parallel park. I I'm keeping her distance between front and a and income as a Beckham is so I don't I don't stink and license. I didn't need a license. I license was yeah look at a big save me money to go to driving school but I'm gonna sue them because additional in the -- -- -- Because I gave him the impression that I knew how to do it. Is this convoluted our -- and god will be back for more. Under is great and -- thirty WB. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WB EN callus now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and started 930. Our toll free line is 180616. 9236. -- members of these ladies that we're talking about today. Know each others -- from previous places fail and so it seems like and not totally unusual. But sometimes you get there ahead of somebody else's come -- and the water's fine but -- in case. It seem like there -- -- sloppy weather Pamela brown did the days the initial interviewing our Mary Gwynn did it. The bottom line is they were not qualified. A -- -- Williams was not qualified -- Morrison Alexander was not qualified that's -- are still. So that ever get a man with the impression that all I thought they want qualified they gave the money. For education. To get the qualification get the sort of revision necessary other women claim -- this lawsuit that. And qualified. Man known about no whatnot -- nobody knows anything here. And LeBron and a merry way and not thing these girls none of these women and girls on nothing nothing nothing. And in the presence -- nothing nobody knows anything. So you wonder why the schools are -- trouble when none of these people have any idea of what you're talking about. Let's go to Wendy and tell -- Wendy on WB again. I work a profession that requires state like sure that's what state. The opportunity to make sure I -- you know I edit view. Adam is now blocked -- -- supervisor can make sure that I keep it current. Though number one final round out the pot she totally incompetent that she didn't make sure they have that they're Asian they eat it. Add both those -- Also dropped the ball. They know that they need debt. And it's up to make sure that they. And ever wasn't part of it wasn't for -- caliber he's actually look -- and cargo reason I'm all right I'm only one guy out if there yeah if it wasn't for him looking forward in finding that they weren't quote qualified they'd be still doing the job today. -- So odds it's it's pretty sloppy as what it was. And we have a chance to correct some of that tomorrow during the school board elections and let us hope that the voters get out there and make their voices heard thank you very much. Yeah its it seems like everybody's passing the buck and grabbing the bark at the same time. And now when it sees -- today. And they shouldn't have been doing them -- first place now it's a lawsuit from three million dollars. I think about like that think about not only the anger but the indignity. Having to pay if they get any partners any anything I don't care what it is unfair -- -- fifty cents the indignity of having to pay for it. When indeed we are really your fault except for the fact that the close group there -- of like four people. They all know each other and apparently willing to. Compromise the air in now reverend Al maybe it'll later I thought we know you don't meant that the maybe here's -- money. I mean come what kind of a cluster this thing. Our Chris I need a couple of vote Facebook's -- of -- back some Eagles this comes from -- she says I don't understand how they can -- -- different states also if they lip and other states how they have jobs of the buffalo schools to begin with. Well that's a good point but remember. -- the last superintendent of schools we had before or before -- her before Pamela. Was James Williams who idea of -- -- remembered lived in Baltimore correct. He lived in Baltimore and and I guess if you're willing to -- whatever there's no residency rule as best I know. For that sort of thing but what does bother me as if this is going to be heard in Georgia and Florida. Those judges. And a those arbitrators. Or those jurors or whoever hears this case they don't have any skin in the game. We have skin in the game it's our money. And if if the infraction occurred here I think that the case should be heard here the alleged infraction. As far as school board's concern and when the school -- stands up and reads the note that they that the idea said on her on their departure. That this was in no way a reflection on how well they did the job that it was simply that they weren't certified. -- -- -- -- -- -- to pass that and then they claim they were slandered. And libel. Tell me how that works when they gave you a good body parting gift to kiss on the cheek as your left. It should have been harsher it's I'm surprised they did that but they did it. And so very yeah I think these two people should have been happy with that. Paladino got a good job without Carl Paladino looking this up we would probably still be having them here. Unqualified. Allegedly tried to execute and don't lose this is from Pauly says it would seem to me they're going after the buffalo schools would do -- and their careers to being forced to leave because of certification no reasonable district is going to hire them now that's exactly the way I feel to an earlier. Email said the same thing if I were interviewing somebody and I knew that the job there and they're undergoing four. The last one they left. They sued the people. Ford. You course you never will hear but the reason will be something else but to me that -- market the job that's the bottom line. Are gonna get a more so then fired fired. There's no stigma can be fired -- steal a manager at least that's different. But there's always differences of opinion between bosses and workers or. Shares -- this Nevada or vacation time are there can be a lot of things. That could lead to somebody getting fired the doesn't have anything to do with his or her ability do the job. And as I said. Businesses nowadays are looking for so many ways to increase the revenue stream to make money if you don't bring them yourself and you can make money for them. They're gonna hire you sign a marriage -- fired. As a set in -- did something illegal. But the any kind of personality conflicts -- a matter. Believe me no I was gonna say while you can make a lot of money and we could do very well but now are gonna stand on principle not only for will be back after this. According to Sandra tans article in the go buffalo and those. On the -- it's going to be three million dollars in and they're suing for damages and loss of future income. And for quote moving costs and emotional costs. In my -- a all yeah. They also want the courts to -- punitive damages that's usually where the money is against the district and the board of education so they want get this out. The the board of education. -- finally found out they weren't qualified and let him go with a nice note. They want them punished that's what punitive comes from they want employees and usually the big money isn't punitive damages. So they only want the three million dollars. They also want to be up against these people I imagine. And discovered that you know we're not qualified. And they let you go but people -- -- they say this has nothing to do of their ability to do the job there there are fabulous people but they just simply weren't certified. And because of that. They want punitive damages there emotionally. It's -- now here's a lawyer. They're lawyers Raymond he caught KO TT the second. As opposed to rim and PB caught the first one would guess he's the all the what to do -- he's actually got bangs a lawyer -- bangs. Convertible lower with -- a lawyer with clout but never -- -- bangs he was audio. Home down over his floor had. And the that is slow ones pale in poll putting him honestly if it looked really ready for school. But anyway I -- on TV. And his lawyer says they're personally hurt. And their careers. And it'll at least as public school district administrators. Yeah. I don't think heroic but in order to do those jobs opening media. Certification. And forget about that as it -- ago. Because they like their hairstyle it was because they didn't have certification now. I you know I hate to be a fancy -- lawyer but. You either have certification. Or you don't have certification. That's all there is still -- plain and simple. Wanna ride a motorcycle either have a license or you don't have allies in nothing in -- like being. Pregnant you're either pregnant or not. There's no middle ground. And it's the same thing with certification. So if you're certified -- from -- party got the job. They said that your you know nothing of this not a reflection on you doing your job it's just that in -- It's like a pilot an airplane -- out of fly as well as regular pilot license all let me handle plane. A cop -- I don't mean I was thinking flying lessons. And I think there are right and why it. It is a piece of paper you know I'm not -- This lawsuit is a joke. And I wish the courts would get it would get enough courage to bitch slap these kinds of losses because that's what it is. It's it's an absolute waste of the court's time. The of the lawsuit should be tossed out of prejudice. They say don't ever come back and -- five Ellis again because we don't wanna hear about it. You got the job and and and somebody who gave you that job. Didn't apparently asked or you falsified information one of the true because if they asked and you had it we wouldn't be talking. If they ask and you didn't have it and you said you had a that if we should be asked to see it. That should that should be part of the deal. So you've got that job under false pretense is no matter what happen even if they weren't intentional. Or falsely facts say that you were not certified. These states as you have to be certified. To do this job in a certified into would you. When they let you -- they didn't say out out damned spot what figure will Shakespeare. But what they -- said. Was saying this has no reflection on their ability to lose his job adjustments. Which is nice is again that's. It's just nice to get -- obvious over three million dollars and -- damages. You want punitive damages what kind of damage these aren't. I think that the they should be sued to get the money back that we spend on their education. And they should be forced to pay legal costs. If they. Let's go to Carol in Cheektowaga Carol -- WB again. -- are missing the point they don't ever want to work. Yet what the money now. -- they wanted to wanna retire now that's right because if they if they witnessed -- are you kidding me it's against them and mr. Kelly. Against the -- Getting hit by -- And then there Basra. Or. How well -- While you shouldn't aggregate the work again. -- -- I'll speak -- hello they have insurance -- being. Blog guy it's it's a trop it's a never ending a taxpayer trough and so -- going to get that -- you could sit back and that put your feet up and relax the rest of your life. And then use that are we going to fight this because it might take some I. Let let's run between Eric you know with -- LB squarely because I got we may. Seem to be rock. I. I hope we defend his vigorously. And day and go after them maybe he would across. I I think white. -- -- in it this hasn't been filed yet this they filed a notification of claimed. It will be filed but hasn't filed yet so maybe Tuesday. A time period between the time it's violent your reaction to so let's why should -- let's hope they do the right thing and not enough folder Carol thank you. Here's our summoned from Campbell on notes -- -- from Tammy. Pamela brown needs to go point one point 20 these women. Need to be sued for fraud must give the money back. Four other education those afforded by the taxpayers. Number three of these women causes us to open up the check on the job requirements are too stupid to teach the kids. Number four. Whoever represented isn't a lawsuit should petition -- case moved to buffalo should not settle under any circumstances. And if the case it's possible have a televised I'd love to see it televised you know I'd love to see Judge Judy look at this. I mean wouldn't that be great come on I think that's the kind of judgment in on this or Roy being unfortunately available. Number five someone needs to step up but the man forensic accounting. For the -- school district immediately and that was my suggestion. I think it would be an eye opener you know I get all of these emails from Eric Schneider the US -- the New York State attorney general. He's got -- I'd give ten a day. Every day Saturdays and Sundays just delete the legally legally okay. He wants to make a name from self he should call for an order an audit of the buffalo schools them. The billion dollars let's see where that money Eagles. I'd like an accounting for every penny. Bring in a team of auditors. If there's added if you federal jurisdiction because federal want it was a Volvo -- in the present here -- I'd like to see everybody in here examining those books. Because I have a feeling. -- only a feeling that if they did that it would be an unbelievable. Spectacle simply because we see. We see glimmers all the time of waste. Yeah and I don't know if it's legal fraud or not but less than X less -- the best use of taxpayer money is an eye opener for me and I'd like to see. Maybe I'll be satisfied and say you know what that billion dollars it's going for good cause the money's going to advocates. -- as opposed to the money's going to somewhere else or to someone else. I like to see that myself. Number six on I'm Tammy. A way to go Carl thank you were really caring about the children and looking out for the taxpayers and Tammy in New York taxpayer and I'm with Tammy on this one. We've been taking -- emissions for way too long it's about time we kickback. Edna actually. Perhaps that's a bad choice of workers will be. -- from a forensic either for kickbacks but I think it's time that we have stood our ground and said no more without an office. We're gonna defend this vigorously. And we're going to sued trying to use of illegal us. That about wraps up. Will see you tomorrow morning -- time on his radio I'm thirty I can hardly wait for beaches up. -- -- much they never had to leave it be used she.

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