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5-5 Beach and Company Hour 2

May 5, 2014|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Backward region dominating -- about revulsion and that's that was my reaction because we've seen frivolous lawsuits report. But this is so in your face I can't believe it. A Cuban mine Pamela brown the inept superintendent of schools of buffalo. Brought. Yeah -- -- Williams and faith Morrison Alexander's name up before the school board to put him in the positions that they yeah they were interviewed for. Now the impression was. By the school board and given to -- them -- Pamela brown that they were qualified which means certified. Now. It's is that me sing it now known I don't know it's Barbara never goals saying it. She's the one that says it was her impression governor Gibbons or by Pamela brown that they -- certified and they wore it all right so my first question is wise Pamela brown still working. Why is Pamela brown still working I'd like to know that. Then secondly. These are women who are claiming all libel and slander in the end of the world as we know let all of these things by their -- By their beautifully coiffed lawyer. They're they're claiming all of this stuff. And yet the bottom line is they knew they weren't qualified because if they were why would they take the thirteen thousand dollars. And going to take classes to become certified. If you're already certified you that. They claim they thought they were. Well so let's get this right now Pamela brown was incompetent for hiring them. They didn't know they weren't satisfied are -- certified so indeed -- -- Are also at fault why why -- we fooling around with some kind of a lawsuit here I hope it's laughed at and thrown out of court immediately. But a lot lawsuits are filed. In the hopes of not winning them that's always a possibility I guess. But settling them. I would like to -- They whoever's going to defend the city in this Los note. Be very vigorous not only demand the thirteen thousand dollars back. That we gave them four of furthering their education but making them pay for the legal theories. And that's the way it's debate that's the way I aria I -- it so in the court of public opinion. As you -- Williams and faith Morrison Alexander. Now his faith Morris an exact Alexander count for one coach got three names. She's faith. Which you have to have to believe that she was certified. She's Morrison which could be a family name or maybe. A previous name -- were married Alexander. Okay Alexander of the not so great so there you have it. Do they have a case in the court of public opinion they don't as far as I'm concerned. How important is tomorrow school board election it's very. Very important you've got the the teacher's union pushing their candidates there. A you've got people who just won a sea change on that board because it's it's in them it's and the mock right now it really is. And it it it's it is very disappointing. And were running commercials here. Saying how old eight things are happening in the -- -- They've had a small part of it. But that businesses that you know it's so miniscule at such a microscopic. Part of it that that should be disclosed. Today I should be in the disclosure. Great things are happening in about -- school system. In parts of it only. Your mileage may very slightly higher west of the Mississippi they should do that of oil available and ointment -- depository. I mean those -- both of those things they always throw -- commercials they should throw a little disclosure wouldn't her. So I don't know if you if you believe these women have a legitimate case let's go to bill on a cell phone bill here on WB -- Think it's acted in any other place in the country other them up -- In 11. It could be -- story because nobody would edit. Nobody injury. About eight and oh yeah -- -- not I'm not all sides let me sure the people in. The -- that and we provide it to. Bigger salary slot them in -- -- market and that not because I think I deserve. An alternate view yeah -- awful medical group. And I don't let them out and actually nabbed for not consider a higher -- even non qualified -- -- I think it's their fault. I think I think that's that's a that's a good thing to do a -- why not we can all filed suits in a -- settles we'll have plenty of money but you're right it's exactly right you you get the job under false pretense is and then use a program. Four because you thought you were all right some unbelievable -- -- go. Already in Buffalo, New York there's -- sort of McNabb and as I've said. -- I don't hear anybody else say this it's the school system has too much money. It's not a case of not having enough they've got to watch if the kind of money to waste -- this kind of stuff. You'd tell me that there all the money is going to the kids you know what I would love the city I would give my right you know what to Syria. Eight top to bottom forensic audit of every penny cent in the bus spent in the buffalo school system. I'd like to see where that money. I wanna see how much of it actually gets the -- or how much of against diverted. Now any thought of settling this you know lawyers love to settle. You know why because then they don't lose. I mean I've I've dealt well enough lawyers they love to settle. So that yeah I'm outlets and so what's her name faith Gamal and face -- -- for three million dollars. And the lawyer may have to come back on say well we don't feel confident about the case but -- we've we're having settlement talks would you settle for. A million dollars. I don't wanna hear anything like that I want I want every penny defended. -- because it's my money. As your money where do you live in buffalo or not it's your money 80% of their budget comes from the state we all of Wednesday okay. So I I wanted to defend -- I don't want any talk of settlement. If if it were possible to prosecute. I would like to see that that's not very likely but I'd like to see it. Because you're telling me that these women. Who are supposed to be administrators. Didn't know the certification. But if they didn't know the certification they didn't know they weren't certified a problem odd. Hillary and Pamela brown didn't know and nobody knew anything amazing. It's nobody knows anything but it's an educational system you figured out while. I wish they'd figure it out soon before they -- the last dollar from taxpayers you know what this says this is like a good old boys club meeting except they're not boys and women. A go go -- say a girl women's club meeting everybody gets that dip in the pot or grab some money it's just taxpayer ago. There alone now and yes. -- then -- -- like the last dollar he thinks he's qualified to be a surgeon. He doesn't because he's not a surgeon but he thinks he has I guess if you think you are good enough for a good enough. For them here's some money go away. Will it take a break and well return on newsreader and I'm thirty W via. This is a repulsive to be honest with you this is more than repulsive it's it's disgusting. In the court of public opinion those yellow let Williams and faith Morrison Alexander have a case. Here they -- big got the jobs even though they weren't certified for the jobs. And apparently Pamela brown who world would be the one responsible for hiring them and they getting it approved by the board. So if she didn't know she's negligence she should go. If she didn't know and tried to slip by the board she's negligent she should go the ball hard and not. Carl Paladino. But -- Barbara Barbara never gold said it was her impression. Are given to her by Pamela -- of these women were certified and so they got passed by the school board. And then we find out after Carl Paladino found out that. They're not qualified so what do they tell -- that a firing them them because they weren't qualified and firing Pamela brown no we don't argue that. Today they gave the money -- thirteen thousand dollars was spent a school board money. Our money. To get further education do I get the certification. They claim they thought you're qualified but they didn't know -- baloney. If you thought you were qualified and somebody says here's some money to take classes so you can get qualify it. Wouldn't say I'm already qualified well of course she and then now they got this little -- -- -- looks like -- -- -- -- wedding -- or something his lawyer little toy guy with -- he was on television all weekend describing the horrific life they have the -- now. As being rejects an outcast from the -- school system and so they need three million dollars future earnings. -- -- -- -- Don't know where their future earnings aren't going to be -- I don't know everybody would decide that unless they run into a lot of superintendents like Pamela brown. I'm in -- and -- rosy future what that at all far. It's taxpayer money failed errors some asking him a call or in the case of vote. Public opinion in the court of public opinion -- -- how important is -- school board election it's very important you don't get -- your torch. And get to where you have to go and vote than your you get what you deserve them. You get what you deserve less than 50% graduation rate you try that anywhere else and -- works for. Let's go to and Gloria GO OR today in wheat field on W via. Good morning hello I could be busy doing factor intelligent. While I think Pamela brown should be food. She's the one responsible. To -- your background. To know -- your education have fallen. In my and that right. Yeah I think it it. Either it was deceptive. Witches actionable. Or she was just totally incompetent which was also actionable either way she should not have stayed on. After we after it was filed that they didn't have the certification but there again they were willing to let her pass on that. And who knows how this who's gonna end up once once you get into a court. I don't know if this will be heard by a judge an arbitrator soon yeah a jury. But now catalytic Cameron got away with a stuff it's it is just going into the public trough. No you can't because today Europe background could be checked so quickly with Dave the age of the computer. This smoke covering up. That's why don't understand how he did not know what their qualification. Wise I don't understand. Yahoo! -- very you know what's funny is it's so it's it's it's pathetic because they're all educators. There in the knowledge business and nobody knew anything about anybody. It it's like I say they do instructor intelligent. And I'm really angry that she may get away with this I don't know. Ya that's it that's it that's what scares me. In this state we have seen awards given the people and a I consider totally unworthy -- you and I Gloria are on the same page thank you. I mean you know what you have been in what you achieved. Suppose OK suppose I I had a license as a homicides therapist for instance suppose I was it's only if I work. If I or massage therapist I would know that I had a license. Course the most -- gave it up because the number of clients in Ireland rubbed frightens. Ben -- indeed I'd have to remember that I give it up for -- out you know. Yeah but that's easily checked anybody can check these things. And so whether these two women were qualified. Is easily. You could easily find out. And they didn't obviously do it nobody did it. But the bottom line is. The superintendent is is -- is the one who should be judged harshly on this. Because as I said either -- -- it and misled the board totally. Fired over that or she didn't know. Which she should be fired for incompetence. You know ignorance of laws or choose how about ignorance of the people you're interviewing is no excuse there's any question at all. Doesn't take longer have a background checked on and find out what certifications they do have as the bottom line. Everywhere but meanwhile the big city has tool much money in the school system. That's why we have all cosmetic surgery for the teachers that's why we have this and that the other thing and they're always crying for conflict. Always need more money a smaller class size. You know that means it means more teachers that's all of this that's -- it is population goes down budget goes up figure out today. Now let's go to sue somebody -- hauling some time wanna be sure yet the film was -- cities or our failure on WB again. Thank you -- almost say it but it -- not as much eat ignorant. But the appearance of knowledge. It -- by appearing that they can do. And that they didn't make mean that they wanted to this trial. A ball on three to their own account. Orbit and they'd be you know those are different their own town. And the judgment a well I don't know what the integrity of hunky dory here maybe Torre era will be -- -- try. But it's important litigation should take place -- well. If Carl all personal -- their contract. And it needed to know why these women weren't qualified. What did everybody -- Always -- these three musketeers. Comment in response the taxpayer. Yup -- be be -- it was going to be filed in Georgia and Florida now isn't that interest thing. I don't colorful art may be different even though he might be able to judge will probably. Studied -- -- -- -- but yet I'm sorry all -- our advantage you know you break. Yeah I'm the oh thank you was in Iraq available. And our -- -- -- chance of prevailing if we're in Iraq. Oh please. Georgia and Florida is where they via the Suez will be filed an artery filed here figured out wanna. What standing does Georgia and Florida and understand that this is a city issue and it's in the State of New York. And the city is funded by the county. The state and the city Seoul. Georgia didn't contribute a penny in his northern Florida why don't get the file there I don't understand that really truly ago. All right but they're you know the lawyers -- these pictures Obama guns. Everywhere harmed. Thought irreparably harming the tax payers I think of that. Anybody give that a consideration. You know who's really been verbally harm the kids that are used to generate the money. That's all they use -- just generate that money because nobody wants to say no to a kid. Well we can't say no to charlatans who don't even know whether -- -- certified or what Rebecca Jarvis. You're hearing the voice of buffalo WDN. That call us now an 8030930. Cell calls are free and start 930 and our toll free line is 1806169236. And it's only taxpayer money three billion dollars prize surely. Know that you have all that though Williams and faith -- -- and Alexander does. Braves didn't they didn't know they weren't certify that buys a bit sad day abracadabra you're certified. These and remember of course going through these certification. Process but it's okay Pamela brown. But there was sort of I guess I don't she asked them to -- or document the certification probably not. If she had she found out that they weren't qualified. So instead she passes the Mon. A two barber never gold movies on board. With the impression that this certified and apparently nobody until -- -- the Carl Paladino actually looked it up. Pathetic is that. So we got a billion dollar budget there and this is the kind of money that's available so it's no surprise that suddenly. This -- a pint sized lawyer. -- decides to school and he's gonna show in Georgia and Florida. On behalf of yeah -- -- Williams and faith Morrison Alexander. I'm and they kind of got a raw deal. And they claim that they thought it was certified vote when somebody hands you thirteen thousand dollars to take advanced courses or certification. If you thought it was certified wouldn't say no I don't need the money. I'm already certify that happened now. -- The biggest cluster I've seen in my entire life and the public is that the billion dollar plus there. Let's go to Wendy in buffalo -- on WBN. -- -- -- -- The -- that you haven't mentioned yet that is key and I'll listen courses Mary Quinn. Okay yes that's true they fired her -- Michigan hired back. Or even before that -- area worked for the gamma Williams they're all part of the. Yeah -- seems to be a kinship or relationship that they have in the past all the players here. Felt I believe that. -- know exactly what she was doing she was bring in and her friends to let helped themselves to the BP S to debate. And you're probably grow right in your thinking because remember Pamela brown was using -- went as training wheels because Mary was doing a lot of the stuff the Pamela was expected to do but wasn't qualified yourself. Yeah I'm I I did some of those meetings now. All railway. You have an outside power. How discouraging is that if you really do care about education. You really do care about the children how discouraging is that for these kinds of stories. It's frustrating because you're talking about the -- amount of money and I don't know if we have too much money but I know that there's. Wait too much money not beans and that -- So bad is the frustrating part this past weekend we had appeared in assembly. And we couldn't get the district that that a district attorney refused to sign up on the contract to give a hundred dollars for a clone and -- -- children and our. Well you don't need that you already have a superintendent. Not nearly as entertaining kick out the clouds there have to be a -- -- -- involved in the planning and I'm looking -- -- and help. OK. Walk on at that maybe they've got a discount on yeah. -- we can enjoy any of our management team here that come and they would be happy to do it. It's just your race to be your reality show because. Some of the people involved should be making some money out of out of that and not just the at a time honored. A little song a little dance a little cells of underpants well Wendy thanks so that insider's view because I assume if if our on the inside -- I'd be even more frustrated -- I am now and and I think the taxpayers feel like thank you for sharing -- So is she sees it from the inside. You got a billion dollars -- 100 dollar for loan for the kids. But you know seriously I don't like this year. But there again. Both frustrating part is if you really do care. About education and I'm sure -- lots of people in the system that duo. But you don't have any control. It's like a runaway -- annual -- race car drivers say. That occasionally they're just a passenger. Which means no matter what they do -- that steering. No matter what they do with a break for cloture or anything else there's nothing they can do to change. The trajectory of that car they're going to hit the wall. And I think it's the same thing. -- good perhaps of people in the educational system teachers administrators assistance whatever look around and see. -- what can be done with the resources they have and see it's not being done asked to be very very frustrating it can be like that in the workplace. Where you might think your boss is an idiot doesn't know what the hell he's doing. Or could be that way in the in the school system. Where you say your boss is an idiot doesn't know what she's doing. Because Pamela browse the superintendent. And so it doesn't matter where you are in it seems like money is being wasted. And not being used to its full efficiency. The bottom line is it's our money that's the key is Santa Claus didn't drop -- you know Christmas time it's our money. 80% of it goes out from our pockets of a statement comes back. And it in the rest of it is is either counting your city but the sad part is small things like 7% that's it. -- so you got a lot of money. For fewer kids. And last sufficiency. Does that sound to you like a good plan and we're running a commercial I've been mentioning all morning were running a commercial. By the I think it's all the parent teachers association. Reported over because as a sponsor name at the end of it. In which painting a picture like you have to be Ray Charles Nazi through this one. And he's not only -- he's dead. Because great things are happening in the -- is also some. -- really. If you know could -- please. And it talks about graduation rates are up. Yeah I guess if -- or 1% and they went to 2% you can probably say that and be legal limit. But that the graduation rates are about less than 50% who was -- -- Who wants to settle for a -- So the money is there the people to bear. And yet we would have to go through this and and Mary Gwen and Pamela brown. Are still there. And Mary when was like -- remember and and and got back you know late night vote. What I wish or as good as as educators as they are shenanigans. You know last minutes closed sessions all of this. Is pretty pathetic is what it is and when people come to buffalo. What's the first thing they asked if they have children -- school system. When he got to tell. Well if you if you're in the right school there are some schools that are vertigo. But some schools really suck. You don't wanna be in there. And we're spending enough money so they should all be pretty good but not the works will be back. With more after -- sought Dominic Ortiz will not him -- -- his daughter on regarding some countertop something you of doing. Eyes and the -- -- that a five by -- the deal with him I can ride his is his dog. He I could put my shadow on his dog and so like one of the biggest dogs I've ever seen and robust. He has a fabulous -- a hook up a friendly enough but and so it was Dominic Pannemon. Islam. And gave one cookie. We're talking about this joke of all losses. It's in other words if they want the possibility that there could be some settlements. Down on the road I hope whoever defends these lawsuits. They're going to be. They're going to be. In the school system why they get to hear the cases in Georgia and Florida because that's where the women live now. But the bottom line is if it wasn't pathetic it would be funny. These two women. Applied for jobs that need -- state certification they didn't have it and apparently during the interview process Pamela brown never asks for. But yeah when Pamela brown presented them to the school board for approval. The hero of the two I'd like in these jobs. The school board said in the voice of Barbara never gold not Carl Paladino Barbara never goals said. It was our impression from Pamela brown of there was certify. Meanwhile if you think if Mary -- if Mary Gwynn didn't know and Pamela brown and now and Barbara never -- now. Guess what he -- -- those and save Morrison and Alex didn't know. They know any thing. This is amazing to me and this is an educational process. Imagine that nobody knows anything. The of people got the job thought they were certified and -- -- -- and think they need to be certified and that it's other work. You figure all this out and make it more fun Shelly let's stroke thirteen thousand dollars at these two women to say take some courses here take take the money. Taxpayer money take these courses so you can become certified if you believe you're certified you'd have a moment and -- I don't need them -- -- Didn't happen so we're taking these courses. So you tell me how many sides -- in my house of yeah. You can't talk out of this idea -- one thing the other -- about another thing because there were other things you're running out of -- your -- If the bring in somebody else an extra sand and properties which they did they got a lawyer who is now telling us this is the end of the world for these two. All I can only say future earnings this is a disgrace. Oliver has banned this guy's the real drama queens is. -- some on television all the way to first thing it is like who teaches here. And I don't even have hair looks better -- -- Not that they should have anything to do but it is -- -- -- my thought that a lawyer will take any case -- up. We're -- -- death penalty cases in New York forget that they'll take any cases I'm just -- Does this one Sox. It's codes to calm Carroll in Clarence it's Clarence -- here on WB yeah. Three words yeah. And that's forwards your water over it. Freedom of Information Act gaga will we find out whether they haven't. I would love can CV application. And why can't requiring certification. I used to work sports physicians and it was my responsibility. To make sure their license you're worth up to date and what we were bringing you news -- To make certain that the appropriate. License you're if they were coming and -- -- eight out of the country. Show anyone who have to do anything. With apple up all arms competency of apps. It for 08. -- -- -- Well if you about all all the times we have to certify a where this where that were not this were not that. You would think that Pamela brown or married when whoever did the interview. Would have been a little more -- While the other thing I was kind of surprised at what -- at this school board does not. Or maybe they do and help Carl Paladino is the only one that actually read it. You know chuckle over there. Their application to make sure their certification isn't there. There. And I agree with the other ladies will call and there are perhaps it would issue and that. You know there seems to be camaraderie. And a connection between. The group. I also don't understand why the venue for the trial is not buffalo the air act occurred in -- Yeah and a buffalo would be liable if indeed there was any judgment against them the attorney said he's filing notices of claim. In the district courts of the women's home states Georgia and Florida right. Now I'm Leo okay thank you would give it extra word to thank you. -- Information. You would think I mean just look at a regular job process. If the if you require certification. It's always checked it's always check to make sure you're not a fraud. But these women. Seem to have a not seem to -- did they had a connection before they got the buffalo. And it seems like. After the first ones got the buffalo the word went out a -- -- and and go have some fun and a might noses in the drop euros can be in the -- to come and well you're on network it. That's determines networking. But meanwhile as the word went out -- how easy buffalo was you're telling me that these people -- pleaded ignorant to all this stuff. If you're -- if you plead ignorant the worst place that -- it is in the educational system. Education fights ignorance and -- of course. You oversee it which is what they've been doing and go less than 50% graduate. As I recall 25%. Of the black male students graduate it's the fourth worst. In the country that's apples to apples oranges to oranges nobody thinks this is a winning. Hand certainly we have some of those schools that they do well in those who want to talk about the commercials but what about the ones that don't do well. What about the absentee is the more about it what do what about getting parents on the ball to show up every once in awhile. An idea at a teacher's conference there's lots of things in this funny money to do it but how much of it is going into the wrong slots. How much of it is actually going into students. And facilities and equipment needed. To pursue a good education. And how much gets sidetracked. So you have these people none of them knew any thing. They all were ignorant of everything. And -- I I can't take that I the thing now that these two women. Would would say oh after after the shameful incidents. I find it just amazing but that's America we're very litigious right now. And they're gonna cry the blows they gonna claim they can't get work because they were fired -- and one other quotes in this article by Sandra -- is that. In the education business if you have fired. They wanted to talk Q that's bull -- me in any business now show me somebody hasn't been fired a show you somebody hasn't been in the business to law. Everybody gets fired all the time for all kinds of reasons some legitimate some not. But to say that because -- long ago here -- remember. -- -- -- Away when they were let go here at the school our way out of its way to say this in no way reflects their abilities or their accomplishments remember that. You remember that I do. It's simply a fact that they weren't certified. So you can't have that which is on the record and have a lawyer claiming that they were so just respected now they can't work anymore we'll be back with more. -- beach company hang in there.

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